Obama, Comey Relied On Discredited Dossier To Obtain FISA Warrant On Trump Campaign

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James Comey, the man who refused to bring charges against Hillary Clinton despite a mountain of concrete evidence that she, and several members of her staff, knowingly violated several federal laws, apparently used the largely discredited "Trump Dossier" to help secure a FISA warrant to secretly monitor Trump's former campaign aide, Carter Page, according to CNN.

Among other things, the dossier alleged that Page met senior Russian officials as an emissary of the Trump campaign, and discussed quid-pro-quo deals relating to sanctions, business opportunities and Russia's interference in the election. Page has denied meeting the officials named in the dossier and says he never cut any political deals with the Kremlin.  Per CNN:

The FBI last year used a dossier of allegations of Russian ties to Donald Trump's campaign as part of the justification to win approval to secretly monitor a Trump associate, according to US officials briefed on the investigation.


The dossier has also been cited by FBI Director James Comey in some of his briefings to members of Congress in recent weeks, as one of the sources of information the bureau has used to bolster its investigation, according to US officials briefed on the probe.


This includes approval from the secret court that oversees the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) to monitor the communications of Carter Page, two of the officials said. Last year, Page was identified by the Trump campaign as an adviser on national security.

According to the Washington Post, the warrant to monitor Page was obtained in the summer of 2016 which indicates that the FBI was in possession of the now-infamous dossier well before President Obama supposedly received his first briefing on the material in December 2016.

Of course, as we reported back in January (see "Here Is The Full 35-Page Report Alleging Trump Was "Cultivated, Supported And Assisted" By Russia") the dossier, compiled by ex-British intelligence official Chris Steele, was almost immediately discredited by the public at large after numerous glaring errors were quickly identified and salicious stories of 'golden showers' and other sexual acts were also dismissed as pure rubbish.

Allegedly the dossier was even available to the Clinton campaign should they have chosen to use it to discredit Trump, but even they were quickly convinced that no one would buy it. 

All of which, once again, brings into question the level of stupidity and/or pure corruption that must have been involved in this process given the shear number of people whose approval was undoubtedly required to authorize the issuance of a FISA warrant that paved the way for Comey and the Obama administration to secretly monitor the Trump campaign.

Meanwhile, Carter Page offered a simple reply to this latest revelation saying that he looks forward to the discovery process and testimony that will come from the lawsuit he plans to file in short order.

"I look forward to the Privacy Act of 1974 lawsuit that I plan to file in response to the civil rights violations by Obama administration appointees last year.  The discovery process will be of great value to the United States, as our nation hears testimony from them under oath and we receive disclosure of the documents which show what exactly was done in 2016."

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junction's picture

Frog march Comey into SuperMax prison for lying and for looking so ugly.

Normalcy Bias's picture

Comey is a lightweight. He couldn't carry Hoover's bustier.

IndyPat's picture

The mascara makes Comey look cheap

Donald Trump's picture
Donald Trump (not verified) IndyPat Apr 18, 2017 9:24 PM

And what if the Kosher Mafia planted that dossier on FBI so later their asset Trump could start to play the victim card and divert public's attention while the tribe takes over the WH?

By now we already know Soros financed Jew-in-law through an Israeli bank. We already know Priebus, Pence and others were brought in by advisers not Trump himself.

We also know Flynn was taken out from the inside. Same as Bannon. He's kept there a bit longer just for show.

Latest years media showed a well grooming of Trump to become popular with certain segments of TV viewers: trailer trash TV: WWE, reality shows.

Could it be that all was a well orchestrated plan, to bring to the throne a NEW DYNASTY? Controlled by the tribe?

The New White House Dynasty: For Confluence of Money and Politics, Look no Further than Ivanka Trump


CryptBrain's picture

ZH... enough with all the SAVAGE articles already.  I know where I can find him if I want him.

bamawatson's picture

......... is a mental disorder

Syrin's picture

Why in the FUCK is Comey still in place and not in prison?!?!

MillionDollarButter's picture

The left is being peeled off, as is the right.  Greatest time to be alive!!!

ThaBigPerm's picture

Discovery goes like this: "We're sorry, but all of the evidence of our wrongdoing is classified..." (repeat ad nauseum)

Deposition goes like this: "I plead the 5th" (repeat ad nauseum)

MillionDollarButter's picture

Assessment is doublespeak for doublespeak.

Jubal Early's picture

I wonder when exactly it was that Trump turned on his base.  Was it when he let Comey stay on at FBI to protect all felons, was it when he made Tillerson SoS, or when he select Pence as his running mate?  In any case the Trump turning happened before he even was innaugurated and he will still deny his treachery to the bitter end, even as he throws his main constituency one by one under the bus.

wren's picture

"Hey look, another act of treason. Not that it matters..."

Sanity Bear's picture

Why would they do that when they could simply turn on the orbital mind control lasers?

WarPony's picture

Flat Earth, buster!  It's called GWEN & ELF ... git with the program already /s

Snípéir_Ag_Obair's picture

You are right to use the tactic of hyperbolic mockery.

Jews as a group have very little power, and have never regarded themselves as superior, or others as inferior. It is a religion and culture the hallmark of which is fervent respect for all nations and cultures.

And obviously so, I should say.


I wonder, though, at your selectivity.

When Muslims, or really anyone but Jews are accused (with good or bad evidence) of malevolent influence... you never, ever... ever use your unique and brilliant sarcasm.

Which is confusing because you are Jewish (and Zionist) and as noted your religion and culture is the paragon of universalist ethics and humanism.

Perhaps I've simply missed your defense of other groups, as I have missed your admissions of Israeli crimes and disproportionate Jewish power?

And please don't be upset with me for having, in all statistical likelihood, a higher IQ than do you though a mere 'goy.'

As a Celt, I am European, and as an Ashkenazi 'Jew' - so are you.

The reason the Irish get Tay Sachs, a 'Jewish' (but not really) illness isnt due to Jewish admixture, but because they are genetically, largely of pre-Celtic pre-Indo European stock.

Like the Ashkenazi. The heavier inbreeding amongst your lot has, sadly, made the illness more prevalent, along with the intelligence, greed, dishonest, and egoism.


Sanity Bear's picture

> When Muslims, or really anyone but Jews are accused (with good or bad evidence) of malevolent influence... you never, ever... ever use your unique and brilliant sarcasm.

I know that Muslims by definition want me dead. As I am not suicidal, either personally or part of a suicidal culture, I am not inclined in any way to defend them.

So I have to ask you: Do you not know that Islam wants you dead? If you do know this, why would you defend them in any way?

I encourage you to break out of the bad and erroneous habit of assuming that everyone who fails to adopt certain opinions must be either Zionist, Jewish, or both.

I'm a good example of the "other" that you're missing in the analysis: I'm not even slightly "Zionist" in any real sense. My positions on the issue are derived from an understanding of the principles of sovereignty, and an understanding of the aims and history of Islam.

So, knowing that the Muslims aim to kill anyone who is not one of their own, whether that other is Jewish or not is completely immaterial. Israel is just another nation under assault from Islam, as have been over the centuries every nation within their reach, from France to India. And this is not new at all - Islam has behaved this way since its prophet still disgraced the earth with his footsteps. Go back as far as the Byzantine empire and even they were dealing with the exact same thing.

nmewn's picture

You know whats funny in all this...

WASHINGTON — The F.B.I. director, James B. Comey, asked the Justice Department this weekend to publicly reject President Trump’s assertion that President Barack Obama ordered the tapping of Mr. Trump’s phones, senior American officials said on Sunday. Mr. Comey has argued that the highly charged claim is false and must be corrected, they said, but the department has not released any such statement.

Mr. Comey, who made the request on Saturday after Mr. Trump leveled his allegation on Twitter, has been working to get the Justice Department to knock down the claim because it falsely insinuates that the F.B.I. broke the law, the officials said.

A spokesman for the F.B.I. declined to comment. Sarah Isgur Flores, the spokeswoman for the Justice Department, also declined to comment."

Anybody seeing anything weird with this? ;-)


IndyPat's picture

Outside of Comey wanting someone else to deny something...
And the f.b.i. breaking the law....

No. I see nothing weird at all.

Situation normal.

nmewn's picture

No, the only directly attributable statements of fact in that piece are from Trump & Sarah Isgur Flores.

Everything else is innuendo and hearsay, I mean, besides this...

Senior law enforcement and intelligence officials who worked in the Obama administration have said that there were no secret intelligence warrants regarding Mr. Trump. Asked whether such a warrant existed, James R. Clapper Jr., a former director of national intelligence, said on NBC’s “Meet the Press,” “Not to my knowledge, no.”

“There was no such wiretap activity mounted against the president-elect at the time, as a candidate or against his campaign,” Mr. Clapper added.

...we now know thats a lie ;-)

Umh's picture

Clapper only tells te truth in his dreams, make that nightmares.

Carl Spackler's picture

Prove Clapper's knowledge and prison time follows.

greenskeeper carl's picture

I love y'alls enthusiasm but I have long given up on any of them being held accountable for their wrongdoing. All they are going to say is that they 'acted on the best intelligence they had at the time' had to keep America safe blah blah blah. Once again, no one goes to jail.

bigkahuna's picture

If they manage to get one of these kind of "people" perp walked as they should be - the squealing will start and the wheels are coming off - and bodies will hit the floor.

edit: and the sheeple are gonna shit their pants

nmewn's picture

They have to be gotten under oath, in front of a judge/jury or Congress...OUT IN THE OPEN...not behind closed doors for "national security reasons" which is a crock of shit and they know it...two observations on those concepts...

a. Whenever high malfeasance in office is detected (impeachable criminal offenses or simply lying to their peers & us) the guilty run & hide behind "national security". You can usually tell the guilty party along with his/her conspirators by who, sweat dripping from their brow and spittle in the corner of their mouths scream out >NATIONAL SECURITY!!!<...first. 

b. The fake nuuuz media uses a variant of concept "a"...called the "protection of news sources". In this case, they are protecting those who knowingly, with forethought and malice committed felonies but the image (the concept) they are trying to foster in the publics mind and hide behind is, that they are protecting patriots & whistleblowers. As soon as Page & Flynns names were given to the press someone(s) inside government committed felonies. Thats just a plain fact.

And yes, the current state of affairs in this country is as others are saying, the NYT's can openly lie to its readership (and aggressively so) without any fear of government prosecution. So can Clapper to NBC's Chuck Todd, again, without any fear of prosecution, in fact NBC provided the platform and were the willing accomplices/straight men in perpetuating that particular public lie...knowingly so.  

Its only when you get them in front of a judge/jury or Congress are they compelled to tell the truth under threat of prosecution and jail time. 

What we know...

1. We know there were two FISA warrant requests.

2. We know one was refused, almost unheard of in the world of foreign intelligence gathering.

2a. We don't know what was added or subtracted from the first request to allow the second request to be approved and it is here that I suspect other felonies of omission or manufacture were committed by government officials seeking the warrant. 

3. We know intel gathered from those spying operations was disseminated to the press from government officials, felonies.

4. We know the press and former "government officials who wished to remain anonymous" (lol) are now actively obstructing justice. 

5. We know there have been no charges brought against any of the targets of the investigation for which the warrant was approved, whether American or Russian. 

6. We know the DNC refused to allow the FBI access to the servers they said had been "hacked", preferring to pay CrowdStrike to issue a goal seeked report.

7. We know Seth Rich is dead and a quarter of a million dollar reward has gone unclaimed.

8. We know John Podesta is a registered foreign agent, who was the campaign manager for Hillary Clinton, who has and has had past profitable business deals with Russia. 

9. We know Susan Rice took an active interest in being updated on the progress (or lack thereof) of the FISA warrant and the "investigation".

10. Susan Rice sat at Obama's elbow, daily, in the WH, so its inconceivable that he did not know about it and what she was doing.

SeanInNYC's picture

It's against the law to lie to NBC?

Bendromeda Strain's picture

"Prove Clapper's knowledge and prison time follows." Bwahaha! That's rich... good one. OK, I'll go next. Ummm, how about this one?

At the tail end of a rare open session of the Senate Intelligence Committee on March 12, 2013, Sen. Ron Wyden, D-Ore., asked National Intelligence Director James Clapper whether intelligence officials collect data on Americans.

Clapper responded "No, sir," and, "Not wittingly."


nmewn's picture

Thats called perjury.

Fortunately for him, Holder was the head of the "Department of Justice" so no formal charges were ever filed. But what could be expected of the only cabinet level official to be held in contempt of Congress (Holder) in our history?

Of course, its not like he was co-conspirator in some evil mini-genocide perpetuated on Mexican nationals by running guns across the border or anything. The plan worked perfectly, just as they expected it to, the only problem is they got caught doing it ;-)

truthseeker47's picture

ANOTHER lie from Clapper?  I'm shocked!  Shocked, I say.

Offthebeach's picture

Loks like a young Clyde Tolleson. 

Freddie's picture

Both are scum bags.  FBI is like a police state national crime force.  Pizzagate, Jeffrey Epstein, Corzine.  There is no rule of law.

These secret FISA courts need to be shut down. Such anti-Constitutional BS.

Chupacabra-322's picture

@ Freddie,

Worth repeating:

"There is no rule of Law."

Open, in your Face, Criminality & Lawlessness.


We're Lawless.

We have been for quite some time. In the past, their Criminality was "Hidden in plain view."

Now it's out in the open, in your face Criminality & Lawlessness. Complete debachary.

The bar & precedent has been set so high among these (War) Criminals & Pure Evil Psychopaths, I doubt we will ever see another person arrested in our lifetime.

Zero_Ledge's picture

Apparently, CNN and Washington Post are now credible sources.

If this was an anti-Trump story instead, what do you think the chances are that the entire comment section would be about "CNN fake news" and "WaPo lies" ?

Just sayin'


Donald Trump's picture
Donald Trump (not verified) Zero_Ledge Apr 18, 2017 9:36 PM

Is even more troubling that CNN and WaPo are PRO TRUMP now.


IndyPat's picture

Fickle Fake news will be over it soon.

The real fun is when the players behind this dossier are exposed.
McCain was just the pollinator for it. Shopping it to anyone who'd read it.
He's not the only one with his fingerprints on it.

Carl Spackler's picture

Pollinator is a well chosen word.

Nice shot, sir!

Carl Spackler's picture

Pollinator is a well chosen word.

Nice shot, sir!

francis_the_wonder_hamster's picture

Not disagreeing with your point, but the MSM does cover inconvenient stories just often enough to give the appearance of credibility to the non-skeptical eye.

It was the NYT, after all, that broke the Clinton Cash story.  Of course, I don't think they ever followed up on it or mentioned it even once during the actual campaign, but they did break the story with a pretty well written piece.

Koba the Dread's picture

Subtle, Mr. Bias, subtle! Thanks for the laugh.

Bendromeda Strain's picture

Agreed - that's some top shelf snark there. I'm gonna rip that off like Liz Warren.

jeffglobal's picture

FBI directors can be hung for treason still right?  Swing, lurch, swing.  WOW.  What US government servant isn't a criminal or traitor?  Is there ONE PERSON?

drendebe10's picture

Wutta big fukn disappointment that giant turd comeover is.

HRClinton's picture

Donald, Comey is a hack who screwed both of us.

Fire Comey! 

aurum4040's picture

Comey and Loretta Obama et al saved HRC. In fact, Comey is still preventing a HRC indictment for numerous felonies involving many national security issues, some of those involving Russia. And then theres election rigging, voter fraud, violence incitement, pay to play with the CF, SUPER PAC violations, arms transfers to ISIS, 6 billion USD missing from the State Department, Benghazi, and God knows what else. And yet, because of Hillary Podesta DNC the MSM and everyone else involved, our country has been wasting countless hours, millions if not billions of dollars, and the minds of ignorant Dems and other Americans via propaganda all while trying to invoke WW3 w Russia. Again all because HRC is a treasonous felon. Comey did not screw HRC, he screwed the American people, there children, and his own children. Thats alot of fuckin. Comey should be in Guantanamo Bay. 

baghead's picture

good point,how about this..

Laptop stolen from Secret Service.Contains Clinton investigation files (??)

CIA dirctor Mike Pompeo slams wikileaks,calls them a state actor,etc..

Trump says comey protected Hillary from prosecution..


Wikileaks is about to release incriminating clinton investigation files,MSM blames the stolen laptop.the files were leaked from FBI whitehats ordered to sit on it.

greenskeeper carl's picture

The incitement to violence thing is something I'd like to see revisited. Did those people not admit to that in those undercover videos? Why hasn't anyone indicted them yet? In about 2 years or so, they are going to start again with the same underhanded tactics they used last time if isn't made clear that this kind of behavior is no longer tolerated.

aurum4040's picture

Bob Creamer and Scott Foval point blank admitted inciting violence, voter fraud, money laundering and were ordered to do it by HRC. Donald Duck Donald Trump? - HRC order. And hell, to push it a little further, they've (Dem operatives) been "rigging elections for 50 years". They haven't been indicted because the system is rigged. Comey has the power to make it happen. But when you sell out to the Clinton's, you better get a set of knee pads cuz your either gonna be sucking HRC's dick or getting ass plowed by it for the rest of your life as you repeatedly do nothing about Johnny and Tony P and many others play Comet Ping Pong with a 6 year olds nuts while drinking blood cum smoothies. What a sick fucking world it is.