Dollar, Bond Yields Tumble On Pentagon Plans

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Gold is resurging...


and bonds are bid (bond yields tumbling to their lowest since Nov 10th) after reports that The Pentagon is planning to shoot down North Korean missile tests.

Interestingly, there is no safe haven bid for the dollar, which is also tumbling to post-election lows...


Combined with commodities freefall...

it seems like every Trumpflation dream is being shattered.

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Seasmoke's picture

Now you see why the hammer slam. Otherwise, $1300 would have been broken thru.

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Go Pentagon, go GOLD! 

0valueleft's picture

You my friend are correct. This should be obvious to 2 out of every 3 citizens.

LawsofPhysics's picture

Technical analysis in a fucking casino...

Seasmoke is dead on, the "market" is nothing but a policy tool enabled by the Fed that allows the outright theft of labor and real assets!!!

Go ahead and place your bets, but do NOT call this investing, because it isn't.

NoWayJose's picture

When there is global turmoil, the world buys dollars. This looks like someone is setting up suckers into shorting dollars and going long gold. Too many coincidences for me - "nice Yellen", "UK snap election", "Trump and posse speak", "China not currency manipulator", "no tax cuts forever", "suddenly soft data", etc.

None of this is hard data, and it can all be flipped faster than a Goldman client "top pick"

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Silver clubbed about a quarter in minutes.

Another day, another baby seal incident.

Thank goodness Trump has our backs or it would have been bad.

auricle's picture

I'm sure these puppets he wants to put in the SEC and CFTC will be on gold fraud in minutes. Boarder walls, ISIS, lower taxes, sanctuary cities, deregulation, jobs, ACA are window dressing when the source of all our ills is the Federal Reserve. END THE FED TRUMP!

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IT"S ALL A PLOT! Place the ship based laser platfoms off Korea. Fire at missiles. Missiles fail. Increase MIC budget.....hell give missile hacker a raise 'cause you never know...

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Perception is reality.


If people perceive a 'stasis' gold price - it's cool.   Doesn't matter if $200 or $2000/oz.    As long as the rise (if any) is slow.   People will 'acclimate' to the issues surrounding a higher price.    What they cannot acclimate to - and what the Power Structure is deathly afraid of, is a steadily rising price, breaking down the bulwarks of .gov BullShit in the process.   Faith in .gov and confidence in its currency is paramount.

LawsofPhysics's picture

Yes, hence, "full faith and credit"...

nachochan's picture

Banksters made money on the way down and on the way up