Facebook Killer Shoots Himself In Pennsylvania After Police Chase

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The manhunt for Facebook killer Steve Stephens is over in what is may be the most fitting end.

Steve Stephens, the suspect in the Cleveland, Ohio, Facebook killing, shot and killed himself after a brief police pursuit in Erie County, Pennsylvania, this morning, the Pennsylvania State Police said.

Stephens was found dead of self-inflicted gunshot wound in white Ford Fusion on Buffalo Road,. State police had been following the car as it was headed west into the city of Erie. Yesterday, there were reports that Stephens was spotted in Philadelphia’s Fairmount Park area, but police said the reports were unsubstantiated.

Authorities had issued a warrant for Stephens’ arrest, and offered up to $50,000 for information leading to his capture.

According to GoErie.com, Erie police have confirmed the suicide in Erie on Tuesday of Steve Stephens, the Cleveland resident suspected of fatally shooting a Cleveland man on Sunday and posting video of the slaying on Facebook.

Stephens died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound while driving a white Ford Fusion near Buffalo Road and Downing Avenue around 11:10 a.m., police said.


State police were following the car as it headed west into Erie, according to dispatchers.


The car, pointed west, is stopped in the westbound lane of Buffalo Road, across from the former Burton Elementary School, 1660 Buffalo Road. Police are blocking off the entire school grounds. Erie police are also at the scene.

As shown in the clip below, Erie police are at the scene, with Erie County Coroner Lyell Cook and the FBI and Erie County District Attorney Jack Daneri. Erie Mayor Joe Sinnott said early Tuesday afternoon that he did not have much information about the incident, but he expected to be briefed later in the day by Police Chief Don Dacus. “Obviously when you’ve got a fugitive out there, you’re pleased to see it come to some quick resolution,” Sinnott said.

An aggravated murder warrant was issued for Stephens' arrest early Monday because police believed he may have fled Ohio.

Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf tweeted his thanks to the Pennsylvania State Police for their vigilance.

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E.F. Mutton's picture

Well, that was Mighty White of him.

Boris Alatovkrap's picture

Is it okay for ask him to post video?

phatfawzi's picture

we should ban facebook or at least pass some kind of common sense reform. 

J Jason Djfmam's picture

It's where you go to post your hate murder videos.

ParkAveFlasher's picture

Amish don't post on Facebook.  Fake news.

Dickweed Wang's picture

What is facebook?


Billy-Ray from Kentucky: "I'll take web sites for $200 Alex"

Alex: "It is by far the most fucked up, Tribe owned, intrusive, CIA sponsored web site on the internet."

Citizen_x's picture

What is facebook?


Good question !



Why is it that someone(s) wants us distracted ?  We can handle the truth, if it will ever be told.




jeffglobal's picture

Shut up thinking person.  Just swallow the coolaid and do what your told. 

Giant Meteor's picture

Twitter with an attitude ...

Oh and games ..

I think

seek's picture

It's a web site run by the CIA, NSA, and various other three-letter agencies to gather intelligence on the approxmately 7 billion known enemies of the US government.

Black Helicopterz's picture

It would be okay if it didn't look as fake as the first videos. I can't believe people still believe this stuff is real.

WVHillbilly's picture

Typical coward, shoot an innocent unarmed man, and then Off himself when confronted by someone that isn't unarmed.


I'm sure the libs will fail to understand again....

erkme73's picture

Fitting end either way, but I do not buy the police account of hostage/standoff deaths any more.  Buddy of mine is retired detective who worked a shooting/standoff a few years back.  News account were self-inflicted, but he said it most certainly was not.  Cleaner ending when they can blame it on the perp.

This was the offial ending in the paper:

"He set the hostage free just after 7:30 p.m. Then police fired tear gas and used explosive charges to blow holes in the building. Carr shot himself in the head. Officers stormed through the wreckage and found him near the cash register, behind a wall of bulletproof plastic, his body covered in dust."



AVmaster's picture

As long as we don't have to waste a shitton of non-existant taxpayer dollars feeding and housing this piece of shit for the rest of his life...

WVHillbilly's picture

Yep, either way is fine with me.  If only it could have been slower and more painful....

Canadian Dirtlump's picture

The Libs have already failed to understand - note 1 prominent black lives matters leader tweeting about food and drink, while another tweeted about how this could invite white supremacists to commit random violence against blacks.


Another thought. This guy posted numerous videos and in one he details where some of his other apparent victims were. Specific street intersections and descriptions of abandoned houses. I'll be interested to see whether or not this is reported on by the media or invstigated, or whether or not this is squashed.


At face value this provides 2 take aways to me:

1) This is yet another example of the hair trigger situation regarding mental health the social engineers have baked into modern western society.

2) In the event of a national societal disruption or emergency ( be it economic, cyber, power, war ) you can doubtlessly add a couple of zeros onto people like this going out on the prowl - and to be honest, I have little doubt it isn't at least foreseen by our overlords.

WillyGroper's picture

at least 26 dipshits that think hollyweird blood is real.

you folks been duped.


City_Of_Champyinz's picture

I hope this coward is burning like a torch.  What a piece of shit.

hannah's picture

we have affirmative action killers these days.he claimed he killed 13-15 other people..? looks like he didnt but hey lets give him more points just like he would get on an SAT score.....

jeffglobal's picture

Don't jump to conclusions.  Whenever the "terrorist" "kills" himself or is killed, no one can ask him/her what really happened.  I don't trust any reports I myself don't have eyes on.  Nor should you.  This could just be some race baiting to start a civil war to get the whites angry because angering the blacks hasn't worked to get their welfare asses off the couch.  WE DON'T KNOW.  We've been played for fools so long, you need to be very careful about any info now.


Do you know Pennsylvannia has the 2nd largest satanist community in the US?  Not La Meurta either, whitie version... Don't jump to conclusions, ever,  anymore.  Idk, why do you think you do?

MAAAHM's picture

Read into anything much?

Citizen_x's picture


Joe Pa knew how ungodly pennsylvania is.  Many here know what's going on.  If everybody keeps mentioning it to the easily gullible, slowly things will change.  It is only a matter of time before they see POTUS as just Eddie Haskell with a cheezy, comb-over.

CompassionateConservative's picture

Ok, I get it.  You're a fucking RACIST.  The truth is yet another black man is dead because of racism.  He wouldn't have killed himself if he wasn't being pursued by the racist KKK infested police departments.  Donald tRump has blood on his hands yet again.  Steve Stephens was FRAMED and the poor old black man was brutally gunned down by a rabid white male NRA nutjob with a high powered ASSAULT WEAPON and they framed this completely innocent black man like they always do.  He ain't even did nothing!  


MAAAHM's picture

Oh man! There goes my 50k!!

jcaz's picture

Didn't post it to his Facebook?  Pussy....

Lastline's picture

He should have done it live on Fuckfacebook

Sky flyer's picture

Great news. Fuck this worthless POS. After seeing the video he posted of killing the elderly man, may he rot in hell.

Renov8's picture

Fn pussy.  How fitting....oh and fuck facebook!

mrdenis's picture

Is this the white guy with dark skin ....

E.F. Mutton's picture

Yes.  Also, a Syrian Passport, an AR-15 and some unpasteurized whole milk from an Amish Farm were found in his trunk.

Truly an Evil Man.


2_legs_bahhhhhd's picture

Lol....it was the pasteurized milk that sent him over the edge.

WillyGroper's picture


musta been the enzymes.

Global Douche's picture

And if he had any butter or cheese, Wisconsin or Missouri always protect their own! Likely, that's where some of their state's unused bullets went to.

Laddie's picture

The MSM does NOT touch Black/Brown/Yellow on White crime.
The AMBER ALERT, for example, stems from a Thai illegal alien who murdered little Amber, then years later he raped and murdered a little Russian girl, about 7, in Washington State.


FACEBOOK 'Hunt & Kill White Women' Post Not Hate Speech?

Facebook’s Sheryl Sandberg and Jewish Ethnic Networking

http://newnation.org/ http://www.illegalaliencrimereport.com/

Whites are IN a race war...it is just that the Media Bosses don't want you to know that...
The Race War of Black Against White
by Paul Sheehan 20 May 1995 The Sydney Morning Herald (Australia)

B1G mNy's picture

Nobody saw that coming! /Sarc

post turtle saver's picture

well, that explains that... good riddance and it's too bad he took someone with him...

soulcalibur's picture

Looks like all the tax payer money needed to convict this guy won't be needed.


Last of the Middle Class's picture

What have we come to with this entitlement bullshit. Fuck up your life and shoot an innocent bystander for revenge. For some reason this story has shaken me to the core. I just can't believe there are people in our society who think like that. Our poor society.

soulcalibur's picture

Looks like all the tax payer money needed to convict this guy won't be needed.


TwelveOhOne's picture

Neat, haven't seen this before -- a double-post, with someone else's post in between them!  They say, timing is everything... :)

HowdyDoody's picture

Now all we need is someone to triple post with two different intervening posts.

holgerdanske's picture

Another load of trash disposed.

Won't be missed.

Berspankme's picture

Steve is a pussy. Wish they could tie him to a car bumper and drag him down I90

chrsn's picture

Oh come on!  After that murder spree, you don't even want to go down in a blaze of glory?