Facebook Killer Shoots Himself In Pennsylvania After Police Chase

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The manhunt for Facebook killer Steve Stephens is over in what is may be the most fitting end.

Steve Stephens, the suspect in the Cleveland, Ohio, Facebook killing, shot and killed himself after a brief police pursuit in Erie County, Pennsylvania, this morning, the Pennsylvania State Police said.

Stephens was found dead of self-inflicted gunshot wound in white Ford Fusion on Buffalo Road,. State police had been following the car as it was headed west into the city of Erie. Yesterday, there were reports that Stephens was spotted in Philadelphia’s Fairmount Park area, but police said the reports were unsubstantiated.

Authorities had issued a warrant for Stephens’ arrest, and offered up to $50,000 for information leading to his capture.

According to GoErie.com, Erie police have confirmed the suicide in Erie on Tuesday of Steve Stephens, the Cleveland resident suspected of fatally shooting a Cleveland man on Sunday and posting video of the slaying on Facebook.

Stephens died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound while driving a white Ford Fusion near Buffalo Road and Downing Avenue around 11:10 a.m., police said.


State police were following the car as it headed west into Erie, according to dispatchers.


The car, pointed west, is stopped in the westbound lane of Buffalo Road, across from the former Burton Elementary School, 1660 Buffalo Road. Police are blocking off the entire school grounds. Erie police are also at the scene.

As shown in the clip below, Erie police are at the scene, with Erie County Coroner Lyell Cook and the FBI and Erie County District Attorney Jack Daneri. Erie Mayor Joe Sinnott said early Tuesday afternoon that he did not have much information about the incident, but he expected to be briefed later in the day by Police Chief Don Dacus. “Obviously when you’ve got a fugitive out there, you’re pleased to see it come to some quick resolution,” Sinnott said.

An aggravated murder warrant was issued for Stephens' arrest early Monday because police believed he may have fled Ohio.

Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf tweeted his thanks to the Pennsylvania State Police for their vigilance.

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E.F. Mutton's picture

Well, that was Mighty White of him.

Boris Alatovkrap's picture

Is it okay for ask him to post video?

Jäger's picture

So- not a hate crime when a colored targets a white? 

imaginalis's picture

Why didn't the tool do this in the first place?

manofthenorth's picture

I just love a happy ending.

If Obama had a son.........

JRobby's picture

Some good news in a sea of shit....How unusual?

Dick Gazinia's picture

1 down


42,899,999 to go

Keyser's picture

Does anyone else find it ironic that this guy worked as a manager in a mental health facility? 

lil dirtball's picture

Not ironic at all when you consider that the NDAA of 2013 makes legal the creation and dissemination of propaganda for use on the domestic population.

This 'shooter' story is just as fake as all the others. Go look at the video where he 'shoots' the old man and you can see a stripe on the ground where the 'blood' shows up, before he does his little spin-around (WTF?). It might even be a sound activated dye pack, WTF knows ... but it's there.

It's all bullshit.


... continual crisis ...

"You live in a theme park." - Joe Walsh

Dame Ednas Possum's picture

Dead men don't talk. 

I only saw the headlines on ZH and the small number of pictures... each of which looked like he was in a Gap Jeans commercial. 

Good to see the authorities motivated society with a life-changing $50,000.  A hell of a motivation there huh? 

NoDebt's picture

I had no idea ZeroHedge had a youetube channel until now.


Luc X. Ifer's picture

I hate it when these coward mofo's chose to exit the mayhem they created and leave the easy way instead of facing the consequences of their doings and take fairly the social vitriol.

Implied Violins's picture

It bothers me that they always go murder-suicide. Why not mix it up a bit and go suicide-murder once in a while?

svayambhu108's picture

Facebook killer sounds like he is about to kill facebook.

Why did hi5 and myspace closed their bussines?
Didn't manage to get money from the See Eye A.

Chupacabra-322's picture

@ Lil,

Another thought. This guy posted numerous videos and in one he details where some of his other apparent victims were. Specific street intersections and descriptions of abandoned houses. I'll be interested to see whether or not this is reported on by the media or invstigated, or whether or not this is squashed.

At face value this provides 3 take aways to me:

1) This is yet another example of the hair trigger situation regarding mental health the social engineers have baked into modern western society.

2) In the event of a national societal disruption or emergency ( be it economic, cyber, power, Terrorism, war ) you can doubtlessly add a couple of zeros onto people like this going out on the prowl - and to be honest, I have little doubt it isn't at least foreseen by our overlords.


3) Perhas some type of Deep State "Parallel Construction" BETA Test PsyOp.


#Vault 7.

bilbert's picture

Nope - ever date a girl who was a Psych major in college??

lil dirtball's picture

Some more 'disturbing' irony:


The irony here is that they linked it to the economy (first time I've seen it):

"This increase is likely a lasting after-effect of the Great Recession that began in late 2007 — a stress-filled time that caused long-term emotional damage to many Americans, Weissman suggested."

Do these 'stories' go hand-in-hand? Only the controllers know for sure.

Blue Snowflake's picture

Weissman? .... ? ... ?


Sounds like a goy.

Kidrobot's picture

Having worked for a gov't funded mental health agency, not really.  

inhibi's picture

Irony is the new normal and has been for quite some time.

I mean, look at the SEC chairmen of the past: ex-banker. ex-hedge fund manager, ex-banker etc.

Look at the current head of the EPA: ex-Big Oil.

Everything is in a way ironic. The very means of placing .01% of the ppopulation in control WITHOUT RESPONSIBILITY is ironic, dont you think? Humans themselves are ironic! Fallable, egotistical primates that think they are better than most 99% of things on Earth, when they are birthed by Earth is ironic in a sad depressing sort of way. Veneration of political leaders, actors, reality stars, sports stars, models, etc. is also ironic as they are usually the ones that deserve the least amount of veneration (as opposed to doctors, engineers, scientists, fire fighters, police, farmers, i.e. the ones that actually do the work that keeps civilization running).

Joe Davola's picture

Musta been searching for the former location of Sam Jethroe's bar.  Sure, everybody knows #42, but #5 Red Sox - forgotten.  Guess being second gets you nowhere.

rent slave's picture

Pumpsie Green was the first black player on the Sox.Jethroe was on the Braves.

Joe Davola's picture

Damn MLB letting teams move just to confuse me!

Giant Meteor's picture

See, sometimes things really do work out.

Always look on the bright side of life !

Ignatius's picture

My question is, can we get a photo of him with a bullet in his head suitable for framing?

If I don't see clear EVIDENCE that he's the guy and that he's dead, then it's just another story replete with cheers for the "brave" Erie police who apparently had their work done for them (shot himself) and found him dead.

Emmanuel Goldstein is dead.  Long live Emmanuel Goldstein.

Jäger's picture

The only way I see the Keystone Cops recognizing this guy is if he was in the booth next to them at Dunkin Donuts.

Longarm's picture

Ain't that the truth and I wouldn't be surprised if he commited suicide by shooting himself twice in the back of his head.

Consuelo's picture



Gawd if I see that stupid, overused word again ('Brave') I'm gonna toss...   The Farce of 09/11/2001 is as strong as ever with us it seems.   In essence, if you don a .gov uniform and manage to make it to work on time - you're 'brave'...

Ignatius's picture

You normally only get that appellation if you've survived the Boston Trouser Bombs.

nmewn's picture

BlackLivesMatter is planning a major protest over cops nationwide targeting this young man  ;-)

847328_3527's picture

With AA priority everything and 100% free shit -- housing, food, cell phone, school, school lunches, health acre, and on and on --- hard to beleive any black would off themselves.

It's amazing how low IQ despite free everything staring them in the face.

nmewn's picture

I would just like to point out that, if we go back to one of this "poor targeted black mans" original posts you will notice he's sitting in the PASSENGER SEAT of the Ford Fusion while it's MOVING/BEING DRIVEN. 

Meaning, he has an accomplice or at least someone who knew what he was doing as he was admitting he was killing people in that vid.

On your marks...get set...GO!  ;-) 

Ignatius's picture

Thanks, nmewn, you're making my point from above (proof/evidence).

I haven't seen that video you describe as I haven't followed this one closely.


laser's picture

I wondered about that too.

hannah's picture

the video is flipped 'horizontally'....if there was some text on a billboard you would see it is flipped.



also this was the same situation in the hillary passed out video. they flipped it and it looked like another shot but it was the same shot just flipped.....

Hopeless for Change's picture

That camera in the front of phones for "selfies" flips things backwards.

hannah's picture

camera in front...? what camera...ooooh you mean phones have cameras now....i jest cause i still use a dumb phone

ZeroLounger's picture

Now that you mention it, I recall reading somewhere recently that black females have an EXTREMELY low suicide rate.  Very high self-esteem, I guess. Comes with the low IQ.

Twee Surgeon's picture

For Sale. Ford Fusion. Runs great. There are a few stains on the interior and a small hole in the roof that can be fixed with bondo.

A great daily driver at a great price ! Call Joy or Maggie at .....

vulcanraven's picture

"YOU'RE THE MOTHERFUCKER WHO SHOULD BE ON BRAIN DETAIL! We're fuckin' switchin'! I'm washin' the windows, and you're pickin' up this nigger's skull!"

TwelveOhOne's picture

That's some really good coffee.

Bastiat's picture

Did you see a sign out front . . .

pods's picture

Pretty please, clean the fuckin car.

hedgeless_horseman's picture



We be using Car Tape!, da best tape fo yo car. 

Official sponsor of Black Jeopardy.