"Make Trump Furious": Georgia Special Election Voting Begins

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The Democratic Party and the mainstream media have thrown their full force behind the election of a 30-year-old political novice, Jon Ossoff, in a special election being held in Georgia today to fill the vacant Congressional seat of Tom Price who joined the Trump administration as Health and Human Services Secretary.

Ossoff is the lone Democrat running against a field of 17 Republicans so there is little doubt that he'll 'win' today's election.  The question, however, is whether he'll secure the 50% of votes required to avoid a runoff against the Republican front-runner, which looks increasingly likely to be Karen Handel or Bob Gray, in June.  And, with polling data from Emerson showing him at ~43%, not to mention the fact that not a single poll has put him anywhere near the 50% threshold, it's looking like a long shot for Dems.



But, if Ossoff loses it won't be for a lack of trying.  The Democratic candidate raised $8.3 million in Q1 2017 from disaffected Hillary voters which is a fairly staggering number for a first-time candidate running for a seat that will do absolutely nothing to shift the balance of power in the House.  That said, Democrats and the MSM want a referendum vote on Trump and they seem to be willing to spend any amount of money and resources required to get it.  Per The Hill:

The DCCC dispatched eight staffers to Georgia to build out what’s become a field team of more than 70 paid staffers. The House Democrats’ campaign wing has also made a handful of six-figure ad and mail buys looking to drum up turnout and push Ossoff to an outright victory in the primary. Democratic National Committee Chair Tom Perez also recorded a robocall.


Progressive Democrats have backed Ossoff, too. The Progressive Campaign Committee and liberal blog Daily Kos helped to bundle money and rally support, while Democracy for America endorsed him.


“This race is seen as a referendum on two things: one, on how well the Trump presidency is doing and if there are any Republicans upset enough to want to send a message. And two, a referendum on whether the Democratic Party can actually flip some districts,” said Richard Barke, a political science professor at Georgia Tech who lives in the district. “It looks like it’s in play, but the question will be all about who turns out.”

Of course, with a campaign slogan of "Make Trump Furious", it's clear that Democrats are in no way influenced by local issues related to Georgia's 6th Congressional District.  That said, the slogan does seem to be working...


Meanwhile, it has just been revealed that while Ossoff is running for the 6th Congressional District in Georgia, he won't be able to vote for himself as he doesn't even live in the district.  Of course, an equally important question raised by the interview below is, since when does a newbie candidate running in a tiny Georgia congressional district, that will have no impact of the Republican majority in the House, get national airtime on CNN?


In the end, Democrats already seem to realize they're likely to come up short of the 50% threshold so they're seemingly encouraging the proven liberal strategy of voting 'early and often' with the slogan 'Vote Your Ossoff'...very clever except that it may be a bit too soon to be openly encouraging voter fraud...you know, because of that whole Project Veritas thing.

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Common_Cents22's picture

11 republicans in this race?   WTF!!!????  how dumb can they get?   it looks like the liberal will be denied then beat in a runoff but republicans are trying their hardest to let him sneak one

AllTimeWhys's picture

These 'referendum' headlines ar all cut and pasted from what they barked non-stop about Kansas. Don't know how it's going to go down, but i hope he loses so the msm can shove their foot in their mouth again. I never get tired of that.

Laddie's picture

Well the MSM has been, in the past, successful in influencing white voters. However reality is starting to intrude into the typical White's life. Sportsball, Televitz, Movies (KOSHER), Education (sic), and even churchianity are losing their programming power. Reality IS...

Spencer was sucker punched in DC in front of a dozen cops who did NOTHING and the ANTIFA thug got away with it scot free. And even more amazing was MSM Jews were writing about how it is FINE to assault Alt-Right people.

IF you would like a chance to vent some anger and frustration, A good helmet and eye protection is a must:
Fun Days: Richard Spencer and Antifa to be at Auburn University on Tuesday, April 18, 2017!
"Update: The It’s Going Down website has announced that some Black Bloc from Atlanta are coming to Auburn. If you missed all the action in Berkeley, come to Auburn on Tuesday."

JUDGMENT DAY: "The Death of the Left" Berkeley, Ca 15/04/17 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SeEGIXyMqfo
Lord Bear Meets Antifa at the Battle for Berkeley https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4WI0ZBp64pU

TahoeBilly2012's picture

This guy really has the eye of the tiger, maybe he can run in France real quick.

Ramesees's picture

It's a jungle primary in a deep red district, which is why so many Republicans are in.  They see the chance to be a congresscritter for a loooong time.  As long as Ossof doesn't get 50% today, he will lose in the runoff.  

JRobby's picture


CNN propaganda piece (preceeded by a Spanish Language Samsung Galaxy Ad (my experience))

The similarities in vocal cadence and phrasing to Obama is quite striking.

"place yer bets!"

new game's picture

are we at zh still thinking voting matters? lol

some will never learn.

2 party tyranny

deep state controlled...


(walking away in disgust)

Nobody For President's picture

There, there...

I understand, new game.

PT's picture

Almost makes sense but not quite.

On the one hand, plenty of people are now pissed off with Trump.  On the other hand, they are pissed off because he adopted Hillary's policies.

AVmaster's picture

mmm... no...


If someone attempts to "sucker punch" me, they are gonna end up with a bad case of lead poisoning....


No shit man, I CC no matter where the hell I am, "protests" or not, I will open fire when threated by a bunch of punks...


1 in the air followed by 2 in the skull if they decide to stick around for the party...

ejmoosa's picture

It's an open race.  All contenders welcome.   Once you win, it's just about yours for life, so you can see the attraction.

floomby's picture

A party line republican is still absolutely preferable to a Democrat in this environment where the democratic party has gone so far to the left so quickly.

The republicans are far less likely to get business and the government tangled up together. Just look at who is in favor of the Paris climate agreement - Exxon, Shell... this is the classic problem regulations keeping out small comption, skewing the market to favor the big business. Another example - the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau - forces small banks to merge with bigger banks with exorbitant regulatory requirements thereby creating benefiting larger banks. The number of new banks that are being opened since its inception 7 years ago is averaging just 3 per year, down from around 100 per year. I used to wonder, Why are so many CEOs disproportionately liberal doners? This is the reason.

Raffie's picture

Calif are all/almost Demoncrates, so....................

The deep state really hates President Trump. Never seen such a movement against a President before.

Insurrector's picture

And we've never seen a bowel movement like Trumpy before.

Darktarra's picture

Everyone wants power!  When the ship is sinking you want the authority to control the lifeboats! 

Squid Viscous's picture

Jew vs, Jew, in Georgia, of all places... game set and (((match)))

Arrowflinger's picture

No problems. Karen Handel will easily defeat him in a runoff, as will any of the other GOP candidates.

Lumberjack's picture
UnitedHealth Profits Rise as it Exits Health-Care Exchanges




The company said last year that it would pull out of nearly all of the Affordable Care Act's individual exchanges. 

About 12.2 million Americans signed up for health insurance through the Affordable Care Act's exchange marketplaces by the Jan. 31 open-enrollment deadline, short of the 13.8 million-person projection made by the Obama administration last October. 

The Minnetonka, Minn.-based company reported net income of $2.17 billion, or $2.23 a share, compared with $1.61 billion, or $1.67, a year before. Excluding certain items, UnitedHealth earned an adjusted $2.37 a share, compared with $1.81 a year ago. 

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UnitedHealthcare's withdrawal from Affordable Care Act individual markets and a 2017 health insurance tax deferral reduced consolidated revenues by about $1.6 billion and lowered the growth rate by 4.1%, the company said. 

The report comes weeks after House Republicans didn't pass their long-promised health-care bill despite days of personal lobbying by the president and Speaker Paul Ryan.



Lumberjack's picture
Ballooning bills: More U.S. hospitals pushing patients to pay before care




Henry County is one of hundreds of U.S. hospitals trying to cope with an unexpected consequence of the Affordable Care Act of 2010, known as Obamacare: millions more Americans have health insurance, but it requires them to spend thousands of dollars before their insurer kicks in a dime.

Since U.S. hospitals do not want to end up footing the bill, they are now experimenting with pre-payment strategies for patients, with a growing number requiring payment before scheduled care and offering no interest loans, according to interviews with more than two dozen hospitals, doctors, patients, lenders and healthcare experts. 

“Most patients are appreciative that we’re telling them up front,” said David Muhs, chief financial officer for the Henry County hospital, which provides a discount for early payment. The discussion leads some patients to skip care, others to delay it or use a no interest loans available through the hospital, he said. 

The ACA extended insurance to 20 million Americans, which initially helped hospitals begin to shrink debt from uninsured patients who could not pay their medical bills. But more and more, people in Obamacare plans or in employer-based health plans are choosing insurance that features low monthly payments. The trade-off is high out of pocket costs when they need care. (For a graphic, click tmsnrt.rs/2oCzePS)

If President Donald Trump dismantles Obamacare as promised, these plans won't disappear. Republicans also believe high-deductible plans curb spending, and Americans faced with medical costs that rise faster than inflation and wages will look for premiums they can afford. 


The trend is expected to accelerate this year because unpaid bills are creating massive bad debt for even the most prestigious medical centers. U.S. hospitals had nearly $36 billion in uncompensated care costs in 2015, according to the industry’s largest trade group, a figure that is largely made up of unpaid patient bills.

Harry Paranockus's picture

My son-in-law had to pay $1500 up front to the hospital and $1300 up front to the surgeon for a hernia operation.

Arrowflinger's picture

Then, after your insuror pays them, they try to KEEP the double payment.



spastic_colon's picture

so the dems want to show how democratic they are by undoing a democratic vote?

tmosley's picture

More liberal delusions to end in tears.

I've honestly never seen a group of human beings so fundamentally incapable of learning a single, simple lesson.


nmewn's picture

But the skinny little, arugula eating, latte sipping, pajamas bois have traded in their warm jammies for the really kewl Soros black ninja Antifa costumes!

So there is that!  ;-)

cheech_wizard's picture

Thank you for making my Monday morning...

Standard Disclaimer: After an all too short vacation, it's back to the somewhat daily grind... Side note: The problem with owning wooded acreage is it is a non-stop game of pick-up sticks for adults.

nmewn's picture

I hear ya, I destroyed my blades last weekend...sounded like the power line crew was out there mulching limbs...lol.

No car dings or broken windows tho so, success  ;-)

Nobody For President's picture

Yep. We had, along with a shitpot of rain (Hooray!) a few really, really high wind storms across the ridge. Building burn piles like crazy for May, when maybe the rain will finally let down.

Mind you, after four year of drought, I ain't complaining about the rain...

And nmewn, thanks for adding to my vocabulary - being a country boy and all, I get behind:


Boi (plural: bois) is a term used within LGBT and butch and femme communities to refer to a person's sexual and/or gender identities.

ejmoosa's picture

I live in the sixth district.  Of course the media says it is close.  They have sold a helluva lot more advertising with that premise.  I just went past three polling places...no Osoff supporters to be seen.


onewayticket2's picture

silly rabbit.  his "supporters" are dead or currently running around the local dog park.

ejmoosa's picture

Well, I've never seen that many signs in my neighborhood of 650 homes as I have seen for this race.  And I am one that has had the HOA contact me for too many signs during previous elections.

it's good to see the interest, but the most important race is our City Council race to fill BOb Gray's vacated seat.  

trillion_dollar_deficit's picture

Agreed. The signage has definitely been unbelievably strong this year. 

BeepBeepRichie's picture

Theres no dog parks in the 6th district. Just equestrian

Lockesmith's picture

I'm sure there will be many horses' asses voting communist

Madcow's picture

Anyone who listens to this interview will conclude that Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama will end up in prison.




BeepBeepRichie's picture

The 6th district is where all the wealthy repubs live in Atlanta. He has zero chance

Jdhank's picture

It's Atlanta.  HIs chances are directly related to the ethnic make-up of this district.  The darker it is, the better his chances.


trillion_dollar_deficit's picture

This is my home district. Ossoff isnt getting the 50% needed to win outright. And in the runoff, there's no way the Dems are going to pour another $8mm+ into this race. They gambled that they could drag this done-nothing poser across the 50% finish line. Its today or never for him. I'm sure they'll claim a moral victory though. 

He doesnt even live in the district anyway. 

ejmoosa's picture

They'll pour the money in.  It's not out of their own pockets!  But you are right on the final outcome.  One on one, Ossoff wis gonna wilt.

Mike in GA's picture

Vote Sanity.  PissOssoff.

ejmoosa's picture

Damn, that is good.  We need to use that in the runoff.  Can I use it?

SMC's picture

Dem voters rise from the grave to vote. Lol

Occams_Razor_Trader's picture

Didn't they make a Yuge deal of Trump's kids not being able to vote for their Dad in the primaries?


Blankenstein's picture

So that link said he is a 30 year old multimillionaire.  How?  He worked for 5 years as a national security staffer for Hank "Guam will tip over" Johnson and then this:

"Since 2013, he has been managing partner and CEO of Insight TWI, a small business which produces investigations targeting corrupt officials and organized crime for international news organizations "



Insurrector's picture

No wonder Trump does not like him . . .

What about Baku?

all-priced-in's picture

This is a preview to the next POTUS election -


We will have conservative 3RD party candidates coming out of the woodwork -


Liberals will get behind on candidate - most likely a combo ticket with a woman and a minority - and they will be offering maximum free shit to everyone (except the rich)



exi1ed0ne's picture

No free shit for the rich?  Don't make me laugh.  The middle is squeezed from both ends.

mary mary's picture

Maximum free sh*t to everyone, except the middle class.  SOMEBODY has to pay.