Tucker Carlson Takes on Mark Cuban Over H1B Visa Laws

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The minimum wage for H1B visa recipients is $60,000, unchanged from 1989. Let me emphasize that for you. Our government is permitting companies to bring in foreign skilled labor at 1989 wages, completely undercutting the American workforce and driving down wages.

Today President Trump signed an executive order to reform the program.

"Right now, H-1B visas are awarded in a totally random lottery -- and that's wrong," said Trump.

Annually, there is a quota of 85,000 new visas, with 20,000 reserved for master's degree holders. To give you an idea how voracious an appetite American tech firms have for foreign labor, this was the fifth year in a row the cap had been met within 5 days.

The order was seen as a ceremonial media event, having little to no bearing on actual law. In order to effect real change, congress will need to change the law.

Tucker Carlson took on Mark Cuban to discuss the law -- who is supportive of the H1b visas because MUH American exceptionalism and MUH capitalism. While against 'hoarding' visas, Cuban is supportive of the program because it allows American companies to hire skilled labor.

Tucker retorted, 'that's the talking point, and it makes sense [...], but the reality, as you know, is 80% of foreigners admitted under H1b make less than the median income in which the work.  In other words, they're being brought over, not because of their skills, but because they save labor costs. That's a subversion of the idea.'

Cuban's reply was to blame the visa hoarders on causing the problem, saying 'that's wrong, that's not at the core of the H1b visa.'

Then Cuban twisted himself into a pretzel, saying 'But when it comes to competing for the best talent around the world, I'm a big believer in American exceptionalism. I believe we can compete. When we can't get the job, we get smarter. Work harder, get smarter, you'll get it the next time around. I think that's good for everybody.'

WTF? What sort of bullshit was Mark chewing on before spewing out this nonsense? But what about the wage gap, Mark?

Tucker weighed in, 'except in a lot of those cases, we don't get smarter, we get unemployed.' Tucker went on to explain that over 40% of college graduates describe themselves as underemployed. He added, 'so we have a massive labor pool that's educated in our system (Cuban nodding), and yet they're being turned away in favor of people who are being educated abroad. That does not help America in any way.'

(awkward silence, death blow delivered)

The government has an obligation to protect American jobs. By plainly stating that the religion of capitalism can do no wrong and that 'market forces' will lead the path towards utopia is rhetoric. By creating loopholes that lower wages, literally taking away jobs from skilled American labor, is the very definition of abdication of duty, in some cases treasonous.

The biggest H1B visa sponsors are:

Cap Gemini
Tata Consulting
Tech Mahindra
HCL America
Ernst and Young
UST Global
Larsen and Toubro

It's worth noting, many of those companies are consultants, who then used the skilled labor to work on projects on behalf of their fortune 500 clients. In others words, they're merely gatekeepers, obfuscating the true nature of how pervasive this program is in the American workforce.

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And this doesn't even touch on the abject FILTHLY cultural norms these people bring with them.   I know.  I have worked with & around them, been inside their homes, etc.

You can take people out of their piss/fecal infected rivers, but you can't take the river out of them...

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Juban is a jag off

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Interesting list of companies.  I note so many big government, democrat donar's in that group.   You know, the democrat party, party for the 'little' guy, the 'worker's' party.

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Bill Gates started the outsourcing charade 15-20 years ago. Back then, micro$oft was growing exponentially and Gates claimed over and over he couldnt find enough software developers in the US despite the fact that US colleges were graduating >100,000 engineers per year. If Gates wasnt such a disingenuous fucking mook, he would have said... "if I have to hire and pay American engineers, I'll never retire the richest man in the world." 

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 Actually, Digital Equipment Corporation was one of the pioneers of this 'trade' back in the early/mid 80's.   Silicon Valley companies rapidly followed suit - first to local, then out-of-State companies, and not long thereafter, the BIG push to dump the entire domestic factory paradigm overseas to China, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, etc., ensued.  

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Is it possible that Micro$oft has such buggy insecure software because Apu doesn't speak English as his native language. Now multiply that effect by forty years or so.

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Set H1B minimum wage to $400k, all non-complying visas that currently exist must either be brought into compliance or cancelled.  All green cards issued based on H1Bs revoked, cancel all spousal or family-member work visas.  Problem solved.

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thats a good idea. apparently they are  genii that cant be replaced by anyone in 300M population so at least pay them accordingly.

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Put your emotions aside for a moment and think logically just for one second. Even if you do this, you do not solve the problem of illegal aliens sucking money from the tits of social benefits and government handouts.

All you will be doing by immediately killing off the H1B program is that you will be eliminating a source of tax revenues for the govt. And these revenues are much needed, believe me. What you actually need is a gradual phasing out of the H1B program. Very slowly reduce the H1B intake in such a way that the tax revenues from existing visas are not affected and then gradually fill in the void with American workers. 

At the same time, if Donald Trump does not aggressively tackle the illegal immigrant and gang populations then nothing will change. You have MS-13 hacking people to death on Long Island, NY and you people seriously think H1Bs are the major problem, get Real !!!

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You'll get more tax revenue from working Americans then the H1B visa program. Not to mention the add on effects highly paid workers add to their local communities and to the underlying strength they lend to the greater economy. Highly skilled and well paid workers also produce prodigy that tend to get better educations and add strength to the future of America.. Contrast the benefits I just mentioned to unemployed or underemployed Americans and low wage H1B visa holders. The rant about gangs is a non-sequitor.

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There are pleny of AMERICANS to fill the H1B and H1B1 program. Every company that has IT is hiring low-wage foriegners, or outsourcing to the same foriegners which leave American's picking up the scraps. Hell, some companies are outsourcing to Mexico. Most Indian's are taught to lie in the interview about their qulaifications and they do, but they never get fired when they can't do the job because of their low wages. You don't need to gradually phase this out. You need to shut it down immediately.

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So it decreases payroll taxes to replace foreigners being paid 1989 wages that will be remitted to their home countries versus paying Americans 2017 wages that mostly stay here and get taxed in multiple ways.

Look at your palm. Study it carefully.

Now slam your face into your palm until you knock some sense into yourself.

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Free markets require level playing fields ...

UndertheDRADIS's picture

Amen to that. I don't understand why we don't formalize the "Three Worlds" idea further:


  1. First world: Free trade arrangements.
  2. Second world: Heavily taxed.
  3. Third world: Tourism and prostitution.

At this point, we simply define who belongs where. I am still having trouble classifying California.

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Human nature responds to incentives and pain avoidance. The Visa's programs are being leveraged by a few who easily game the system in response to our Government>lobbyist influenced policies which allow this.

Don Treadonme's picture

Human nature responds to incentives and pain avoidance. The Visa's programs are being leveraged by a few who easily game the system in response to our Government>lobbyist influenced policies which allow this.

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What makes it really burn is that maybe half of the Indian H-1Bs are totally worthless.  Apparently lots of American companies are just dying to have crowds of little brown foreigners scurrying around looking busy.  That way American middle managers who are just empty suits, know that nobody below them could possibly really threaten their jobs.  That nothing gets done doesn't seem to matter to anybody.

A few skilled people leak in under the H-1B label, but it's maybe one percent of the crowd, but those are mostly Europeans with maybe a few Chinese.

This is not to say, btw, that many of the Indian H-1Bs are not nice, friendly people.  They often are.  And probably more than grateful to escape India for a few years.  Who knows, under better management they might actually get something done, but good management and H-1B are just never, ever seen together.

UndertheDRADIS's picture

I like Indians. They are usually educated, polite, and already speak English. What's not to like other than the Baal worship? If we bring all of the Christians from India and Pakistan, doesn't everybody wind up happy?

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Yeah, I bet the Indians are grateful to escape India for a few years when you consider 90% of the entire population of that country has never used a toilet before.  And what do they do with the cows that die or the human bodies that don't meet the criteria for burning . . . they throw 'em in the Ganges River!  Can you imagine how that shit-hole of a country smells?

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The consultancies getting these visas is tough. However I personally know a consultant on one of the visas who has skills (3 highly specialized advanced degrees: PhD, MS, MBA and language skills: 5+ languages) that are held by very few people in the US indeed.

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Rosetta Stone can handle the language part. As for the rest, stop providing student aid for four years of hobby degrees.

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Cuban (Chabenisky) is living proof of the immense role of LUCK in the really big fortunes: 1) Lotus then 2) Broadcast.com sold to Yahoo for BILLIONS. Sp how is Yahoo doing these days? Anyone watching Broadcast.com? It NEVER hurts to be in the right place at the right time. Timing is everything.


So here he is pimping the worst excesses of the billionare boys club (BBC), who do not give a rat's ass about pretty much anyone.

Henry Ford understood that your first line of customers are your workers. They have to be able to afford your products or else your brand is simply ephemera.

Is anyone going to look back in admiration at Windows, 50 or 100 years from now? Will Mocrosoft or Yahoo still exist? Doubtful.

UndertheDRADIS's picture

You just reminded me of something. When I was in Ulsan (a wholly-owned subsidiary of Hyundai Corporation), I discovered if someone worked for any Hyundai subsidiary that they were not allowed parking spaces for any other brand of automobile.

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The H1B visa program is preventing the American educational system from self-correcting. If, according to Cuban, American companies would fail if not for H1B employees, then the American educational system is under indictment, rightly so. The solution is to improve education, not import cheap labor educated in other countries with superior education system.

Don't tell me Americans cannot compete on an even playing field.

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And once again, stop providing loans and grants for hobby degrees.

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You  are absolutely correct 100%. H1Bs are preventing a correction in the US educational system. 

It is complete bullshit and bogus argument that American kids cannot do as well as engineers imported from other countries. 

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What am I retarded?  Of course is about competition. Nothing beats cheap talented labor.  How is my small business going to compete with big business ie zirp motherfuckers with pack of lawyers and politicians on their paylist? where is the market economy promise. and equal opportunity for all?  bullshit!


Is not about the talent, talent is plenty and nobody is smarter than two smart. Again this is not about the talent is about the rotten to the bone societal structure and no fucking  H1B genious temp from bangladesh can fix that.

I doubt that Cuban is lying, he is just pure retarded, and can not see the real problem. That freaks me out way more than any H1B competition. It tells a lot about ways how this society works. And the fact that faggot dork Cuban is on of the top, tells me this society is doomed for failure.

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Mark Cuban luckiest survivor of .com era. Really just an ignorant little prig. Why do people give him air time?

flea's picture

Hard to believe the cap is 85,000. If you go to Freddie Mac in McLean VA, you'd think you were in Calcutta or Bombay. Seems like FM has hired 85,000 themselves - stuffing them into conference rooms, their permanent desks a chair at the conference room table. Building open space across entire floors with long tables and benches for their indentured (hand-cuffed) servants. Tell me there are no American college grads that can do that work.

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That's because the H1B is just the tip of the iceberg.

On top of those, an additional 20,000 are given to foreign workers with advanced degrees. In addition to those, an uncapped number of visas can be used by universities and non-profit research facilities.

And H-1Bs aren’t the only visas the tech industry relies on.

  • L-1 visas allow companies to bring overseas employees to work temporarily in the U.S.
  • F-1 visas let foreign students study here and become eligible to work in their field for up to 29 months without a work permit.
  • J-1 visas go to visitors such as scholars or students from designated countries.

While J-1 visas are capped by sponsoring organization, L-1 and F-1 visas aren’t capped at all. 

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Attracting skilled intelligent and educated people to become citizens is a GOOD thing. On the other hand where I am we seem to have a constant inflow of Third World illiterates. Sharing a bathroom with Haitians and Central Americans. Blech. Scarred for life. Sucking up the brainpower of the world is a good thing if they are becoming citizens. Having a revolving door so megacorps can pay wages that would make a store clerk look prosperous is not good at all.

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OPT for new grads as "interns".  US citizen new grads can't even get interviews.

barysenter's picture

You lost me at "our government". The regime is ZOG.

 A noose for Mark Cuban. Right after Herr Gruber.

UndertheDRADIS's picture

Can't someone charge Gruber with simple fraud? We have the gain motive and proof of deception.

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I know for a fact a lot of those sponsors are moving on to robotics eliminating the "people problem" entirely except for the most thorny of issues which, if they keep proceeding along these lines, will be hiring a private army to get the armed protestors of their front lawn.

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Everyone is missing the dirty little secret. All these "consultant" companies bring in these programmers and actually may pay them $80k per year. Then they turn around and assign them to their nice little government contracts and bill them out to the government at $160k per year. 100% profit on labor. Tens of thousands working on contracts in EVERY federal agency. Nice gig.

AlbertthePudding's picture

Its not a 100% markup - more likely 200% and, if it is the government who is the client, and the contract is let by a friendly government procurement guy, the markup could be 600%. Look at what happened in Iraq where the govt was being charged $35 for drycleaning a pair of pants. Trump has alrady questioned defence spending and an absence of negotiation on contracts. notably air force but in particular secret space and other hideden technology prpgrams. Further nothing about the $2trillion missing in Defence finances which Rumsfeld pre 911 was going on about. That we guess is now up around $5 trillion - all missing, all black and all completely off the record. No more call girls built into the markup I imagine but there is much more to all this than just a few hookers and some blow.

UndertheDRADIS's picture

It's hard to Martinize when someone is trying to shoot at you.

SillySalesmanQuestion's picture

Sounds disturbingly familiar, like the foreign nationals, hired to be Congressional aides, at three times the going salary...

William Foster's picture

Here is a website that you can enter company names, and see how many H1-B motherfuckers have been let in:


Oh yeah, fuck you Chabenisky.


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The H-1B visas are small change in comparison to the 1 Million immigrants we legally allow in each year under the 1965 immigration act. Mostly from 3rd. world countries uneducated,unskilled totally fucking useless who immediately go on social welfare. When they become citizens they all vote Democrat. This is a fucking disgrace and the reason why our country has changed so much over the past 50 years. Our politicans are useless morons.

eaglewing's picture

The H-1B visas are small change in comparison to the 1 Million immigrants we legally allow in each year under the 1965 immigration act. Mostly from 3rd. world countries uneducated,unskilled totally fucking useless who immediately go on social welfare. When they become citizens they all vote Democrat. This is a fucking disgrace and the reason why our country has changed so much over the past 50 years. Our politicans are useless morons.

Dickweed Wang's picture

Who are the morons that keep voting in the useless moron politicians?

UndertheDRADIS's picture

Aforementioned Democrats. It is so bad that they control half of the Republican politicians, too. Pay attention to the nice man before posting.

NurseRatched's picture

You can say that again.

At least with H1-Bs we get economic producers. With the illegals, we get parasitic economic consumers.

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Cuban just got lucky in the dot com boom.  He won the lottery and thinks he's a genius. He's just an a-hole. But since he's a Saturday person, the media pay attention to the ass clown.

StagStopa's picture

Trf, what's with the non stop sucking of Carlsons cock? Fuckin creepy. 


AlbertthePudding's picture

Is this just a morbid interest or something more?

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People like Tuck. He's one of the few on teevee that give good interviews.