US Macro Data Crashes Most In 7 Years - What Happens Next?

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The last week or so has seen both 'hard' real economic data and 'soft' survey data disappoint notably.


This has sent the Citi Macro Surprise Index plunging to 5-month lows with its biggest drop since 2010.


The question is - what happens to the stock market next?

Of course this is no surprise to bond traders...

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Buy the dip to new all time highs. Feds got our backs. QE4ever.

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The PPT has been alerted an dispatched to push 'THE BUTTON' to fix the issues.

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Reality is coming now suckers..

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What happens next? What always happens next?

BTFD to the moon, bitchez!

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Don't you guys get tired of saying this every day? I know I get tired of reading it.

NugginFuts's picture

I'm more tired of it being true.

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9 weeks is a short attention span. need meds?

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good for another +300 points on standard and poor people index.

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Dow 30K.. and get somebody to fix that chart, will ya?

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Now that the political accounting isn't needed to make Obammy look good. The real data is creeping out.

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What happens next you say how about WW3 starting up in Asia and DOW 30,000; S&P 500 4,000; Nasdaq 8,000. Dont forget 30 trillion in debt. I thought that was obvious

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Yep, the grifters in society will continue to print themselves as much free money (ZIRP/NIRP) as they can and keep buying real assets and the real products of everyone else's labor for as long as you keep accepting that fiat.

"Full faith and credit"

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Sometimes it's difficult to remember that when you have all the money of every kind that exists; along with virtually all hard assets, money becomes of less interest to you. There's little you can buy when you have already bought everything.

I believe the Barons/globalists at the top of the food chain are more focused upon taking full possession of their Kingdom [NWO] and liquidating [in every way] the rabble who inhabit it. We'll see...

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DJIA green by close.

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Now yall getting the picture here, ZHers.

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"US Macro Data Crashes Most In 7 Years - What Happens Next?"

The market sets new record highs ?

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Pump and dump, every other class of investment has been systematically ruined.


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This time there will be blood.

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Olive Oyl was a dancer,

At a Weimar cabaret.

It was called, "Die Spinach Tin."

Her sad life abbreviated,

Too thin to last.

No medical insurance.

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In the absence of a mechanism for TRUE PRICE DISCOVERY...

absolutely nothing happens.

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the bond market at large, which must deal with reality, is sending a clear message to the Fed. your data doesn't add up, and we dare you to raise rates. No growth as for as the financial eye can see. Much more QE coming.

LawsofPhysics's picture

The problem being that more QE only benefits a relative few.  Such "let the majority eat cake" monetary, social, political, and economic experiments have been tried before.  This one will end no differently.

Dewey Cheatum and Howe's picture

Agreed. All so called stimulus programs have 1 basic common theme. Debase the currency that you and i hold. its been a while since Janet and Stanley have mentioned anything about the abysmal savings of Americans. Hmm...

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QE is fueling the concentration or wealth.

Connected, buy a company or buy all the stock back in your company.

Borrow for effectively zero and loan to T-bills at 3%

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HFT still exists? IEX should have made HFT obsolete, but it looks like force of habit and misplaced loyalty compel traders to leave money on the table. Route trades thru IEX to avoid the HFT ripoff.

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  1. 50% Housing bubble
  2. $1.3 Trillion Student Loan Bubble
  3. $1.2 Trillion Auto Loan bubble
  4. $10 Trillion Obama Loan bubble
  5. $800 Billion Trade Deficit
  6. 22.8% Unemployment Rate Shadowstats
  7. 40% Unemployment rate David Stockman
  8. 5% Official Unemployment Rate
  9. 1 Million Illegals added every year
  10. 1 Million Green Cards added every year
  11. 1 Million various work visas added every year.
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The market can't go down.