8 Trillion Reasons To 'Support' President Trump

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With 'Never-Trump'-ers still convinced he is Hitler and 'Trump'-ers questioning their reality at his recent flip-floppery, many in the country are asking why should we support this President (even as his approval ratings rise with each warmongering threat). Well there is a simple - and perhaps greedy - reason... the world's debt and equity markets have gained over $8 trillion since his election and a loss of faith now may leave some big holes.

The value of world equity market capitalization and debt values reached a new record high today of $118 trillion.

This is a more than $8 trillion rise since Donald Trump was elected President and unleashed animal spirits around the world. For someone who has yet to actually put any reforms, stimulus, cuts, laws, into practice - not bad going!

The gains are all concentrated in the ever-hopeful global equity markets...

But the value of the world's bonds has recovered all their losses - which perhaps is a worrisome sign.

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Support him, only if he reverses his foreign policy and grows a pair against Kushner.

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first..markets are no way to evaulate a politician..neither obummer or trump.

second , it can all turn on a dime.

end the fed, end the bankers' wars

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This nonsense started on August 15th 1971

  • A total divergence between price and value
  • Fiat money anesthetizes the feeling of "risk" resulting in the misallocation of resources, capital and labour.
  • A few generation later you will have Snowflakes, living in the fairy pixel world where risk and responsibility are old fashioned words that can be bought off in any case.

Am I talking to a wall or what? People look at me with googly eyes when I try to explain this.

This will end. How are we going to explain this shit to our children? 



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"This nonsense started on August 15th 1971"


It's all the continuum of a cycle. 8/15/71 was just a day along the course of the cycle. The accumulation of events before 8/15/71, caused the reaction on 8/15/71.

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So...........paper and bytes? No thanks. FuckTrump

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animal spirits? who writes this shit?

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6 Million reasons

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Unless he stopped uttering nonsense. 

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Where the hell did that money come from?

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Support him? He wants to spend and add more debt. Are you kidding?

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Much of the recent market gain is from the continued printing of money and the hope of better days ahead. Sadly the economy is not doing as well as the stock markets which is where the money flows. The so-called recovery still has never taken hold for much of the world.

Show me the money! Now here is a phrase that gets our attention. Years ago it was etched in our minds when used in the 1996 hit movie, Jerry Maguire. Whether it is the promise of better government or that the economy will soon improve I grow weary and more dubious every time I'm told that positive change is just around the corner.

Sadly, my friends your chances of survival most likely will be greatly improved if you don't hold your breath until the promises of better times arrive. The article below states the time for more proof and fewer promises is long past due.


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Some people never had any faith in him.

According to his assessment , "many things" that Trump "has said about the positions of US generates many question marks." " You said contradictory things, said very disturbing things about Latin America in general and Mexico in particular. He also said contradictory things about the positions of the United States , " said Malcorra, Argentinean Foreign Minister, who days ago met with Mexican Foreign Minister Claudia Ruiz Massieu.

Time for the US to come off the fence and kick that mythical Malvinas fairy tale into touch: Falklands- Never Belonged to Argentina:




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Ergo, Trump is a fucking idiot and sell the market bubble. Release your taxes you lying sack of shit.

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Banker propaganda. Today Fox or some other propaganda mouth was carrying how he is and will be a conservative. A couple of elections are showing slim victories for the Repubs after Paul Ryan's epic fucking of the American people on RINO care and his refusal to even consider tax cuts let alone reforms. "Animal spirits" , it seems would more aptly apply to the masses of Americans already fucked over by this man in his quest to MAGA while paying homage to his GS boardroom buddies. We'll see.

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But tthe polls are up. I swear. I read it in USA Today. 

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Hes lost, how embarrassing for a site that circle jerked over him during the election acting like he wasnt a once-democrat...

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Says the guy who wanted Bernie to win. 

How much are your student loans?  Mine are zero.  I had a full scholarship including housing, meals, books and expenses.

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Web sites can't feel embarrassed.  They can only count clicks and ad revenue.  Trump flip flopping must generate lots of interest.

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Who cares about any of ths shit?

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A lot of credit goes to Trump but I think this action is being manufactured by Wall Street, the FED and the day traders and pension funds BTFD all day long. Trump is convienient.

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I'm not interested in economic dogma and propaganda. the system is dead and the last morsels are being picked over.  Support Trump that lying, fake conservative sack of shit? And yes, I did call it from the very beginning. Kushner as his right hand man, influenced by the keeping a low-profile neocons? The game is over and prepare accordingly.

All those on Capitol Hill and the Pentagon, who wish war on Russia and Syria. They are the enemy, especially the dual-citizens from "the country you cannot name, unless you wish to be labelled an anti-Semite" This article is a fucking joke, with not an ounce of truth in it. You cannot polish a turd.

Giant Meteor's picture

Well technically you can polish a turd, but sadly the result is always the same, a turd ..

Now you can probably have better luck shellacking, or shylocking a turd. That seems to yield fantastic results!

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ZH writers,  I suggest you unfuck yourself asap.  Decent articles are becoming more and more rare with each passing day.  Disappointing to say the least.

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US debt discussions will take the forefront of the world media and markets for the rest of the year, starting next week. This will likely hammer the dollar more, thanks to landmines left by Obama and Boehner. Fears of an actual US default will become real. That will only spook the market more.

The Feces is hitting the wind machine. Eventually that machine will grind to a halt. I personally think the FED wants to run this Kabuki theater as long as it can before a huge reset many call "the largest legal transfer of wealth in human history."

Plan accordingly. You cannot say you were "surprised."

Just sayin'

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"Fears of an actual US default"


Nobody will care about paying anything back on the other side of WW3.  While the ships move forward to the Orient. 

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Maybe Trumpy will send us $1,000 Tax Rebate Checks from the 2020 claim?

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the casino is winning..place your bets ..well some of us remember 2008..

it will take 2 yrs and tax reform and slow down in immigration deluting wages

before the USA economy benefits..buying at some time in the next 18 months if the market corrects will be sweet...but ,if Trump cannot get healthcare and taxes done..

all the markets are going to pay a big price.. Paul Ryan must be removed, if not all the needed change will be snuffed out by the GOPe..

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I love all of the snotty comments on here. All you fucking whiney pussies bitching about war, the fed an bla bla bla. One thing is for certain with Trump and the rest of the world knows it, he is not going to sit back and wait for war to come to our shores in the US. The world is a nasty place and the only reason we who live in the civilized world are free is because we have people who are tough as nails and not afraid to go into shitholes and take the fight to the cretins who like to drive busses into our school playgrounds and shopping center sidewalks. There is optimism because when those assholes are cowering in their caves our western societies can function and prosper. As for the market.....I remember whe it hit 1,000 and freaks like you were all forecasting the end of the world. You were wrong then and you are wrong now. Stop biting your fucking nails and live a little.

ronaldwilsonreagan's picture

If that is your point of view one should point out Hillary was going to do all the same shit.

hestroy's picture

LOL!!! You are a really funny guy. Totaly brainless.

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Support him...WTF.. I supported him during the election and voted for him. He betrayed us. He sold out to the deep state and the neocons. Notice how ALL of the media attacks against Trump have STOPPED!!!

Now he is a puppet of the neocons and George Soros!  

Never ending wars, regime changes, color revolutions and the world's policeman make us great!

Make the Neocons Great Again!

Fuck him!


nevertheless's picture

it is my belief this was the plan all along, just like obama, these guys are heavily managed, controlled, and they know how to play the American people. Get the American people believing, then have that which we placed our faith turn around and betray us...


let the demoralization of America continue...

Mike Masr's picture

I agree. The president is nothing but the puppet stooge, public face for the unelected deep state cabal that truly runs everything. This mighty Oz kabuki theatric about the President needs to be perpetuated to keep the American people believing that their vote really means something.

GotAFriendInBen's picture

So how do we cash out?


ronaldwilsonreagan's picture

Did Trump Win th eelection? I had my eyes closed and from the sound of it it seemed like Hillary one :)

sheikurbootie's picture

The Dems are already realizing he's won reelection even with 89% of MSM news articles being against Trump. 

Trump will win again in 2020.

The liberals have no platform.  RESIST isn't a plan, it's a verb.  Wearing a vagina hat isn't even resisting, it's acting like a fool.  Liberals are led by idiots behaving like spoiled children. 

Let's see if some 3 letter agency goes after Soros for election meddling or sedition.


nevertheless's picture

"The Dems are already realizing he's won reelection even with 89% of MSM news articles being against Trump", talk about fake news and repeating the MSM narrative lie.


Who told you the media was anti trump, the media?


You idiots who buy into these media contrived narratives, in the face of reality are pawns in a war against America.


What dirt did the media come up with on trump, his connections to the Jewish gambling mafia, or his use of public funds for personal profit, NO, their big attack on trump was calling him a "racist". And while trump is many things, I don't see him as a racist, nor is building a wall racist, and that is the point. The media attacks were meant to drive the right wing voters to support trump against the OVER OBVIOUS contrived "attacks" upon trump, and like rats in a maze many fell for it. 


The public, both right and left, anyone who still buys into the lie that there is a difference between right and left, democrat and republican, are those who fall for this obvious manipulation. 


Once they put you (or more accurately, you put yourself into one of the two boxes) into one of those two boxes, they work to have you fight the other side. I listen to Rush Limbaugh, and laugh as he talks about the dems "at war with trump", now there may be some dems especially in leadership attacking trump, but they too are part of the machine of manipulation, they attack trump because they are most certainly part of the narrative, our congress is nothing but whores, who will do anything to stay in office. THE ONLY THING THEY ALL AGREE ON IS WARS AND MONEY FOR ISREAL!


Even now that same media paint trump's actions as different from obama, even has he follows nearly the same trajectory, albeit even more hawkish/zionist, the exact opposite of the reason many voted for him.












natashav's picture

I couldn't agree with you more.

I admit it, I was fooled.

I never believed Trump was the golden calf,

I was always suspect,

waiting for the other shoe to drop,

but I was fooled into believing he couldn't be worse than Hillary.

Trump may be an even bigger criminal than Hillary.


I will say, I do thank Trump's election/selection for WAKING ME UP.

Before Trump channeled George W. Bush for his Tomahawk surprise,

there was still a part of me that hoped

he was real, even though many red flags

had emerged already that Trump was a puppet.

After that blatant deception.

Trump's role as a mere puppet of a corrupt system

became crystal clear.


There is no right/left two party system.

There is a one party system.

It's called the Anglo-Zion Ruling Class.

Daniel Estulin and Santos Bonacci unmask the true rulers for anyone interested.


I used to listen to Rush Limbaugh.

I laugh now too when I listen.

It's all nonsense.


People like Rush, whether he initially realized it or not,

are servants of the Anglo-Zion Rulers.

They keep the serfs and slaves divided up into two camps

and indoctrinate them into believing the enemy is right or left.


Until and unless citizens of the world realize we are all mere slaves,

of a system where government and courts DO NOT REPRESENT US,

the sick corrupt wheel will keep on turning,  and we will continue to suffer.


It is possible for citizens of the world to wake up and change things,

but it's not going to happen through voting, elections, protests or lawsuits in 

a system built by THEM.


The elite has secret societies for a reason.

Our fellow serfs and slaves should take a note from their playbook

and make plans behind closed doors, and not on the web

for all the AI bots owned by elites to see and snuff out.


bobsmith5's picture

They aren't liberals.  They are socialist/communist/fascist.  Thomas Jefferson was the father of liberalism as expressed in the Bill of Rights.  Stop using their perverted vocabulary to describe them.  The word liberal comes from the word liberty.  The communist/socialist/fascist left hates liberty.  We cannot beat them until we take back the language.  

Arresting Soros for treason is a good beginning since he started his career as a Nazi fascist collaborator.  He is not a liberal.  He advocates big authoritarian style government.

Wahooo's picture

You mean support the crooked bankers.

bobsmith5's picture

Yes, crooked bankers and their crooked fraudulent monetary system which has been set up to fail.  Failure is baked into the cake and cannot be stopped.  The 8 trillion that the Trump election has added to this corrupt system is only temporary.  The underlying and intrinsic risk are systemic and cannot be undone.  Eventually this lie and fraud most people call money will come to an end.  It is essentially all worthless paper.  It is only a matter of time until the world's masses discover this absolute fact.

PhiBetaZappa's picture

Would I be supporting his latest flip or flop. 

Xena fobe's picture

Trump = Hillary.  We would have seen the same market moves under Clinton.