Another Flip? Trump Tells Congress Iran Compliant With "Disastrous" Nuclear Deal

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On the heels of an apparant avalanche of flip-flops on campaign comments, President Trump has notified Congress that Iran is complying with the "disastrous... worst deal ever negotiated" 2015 nuclear deal negotiated by former President Obama.

During his campaign, Trump raised the prospect the United States will pull out of the nuclear pact it signed last year with Iran, alienating Washington from its allies and potentially freeing Iran to act on its ambitions.

Trump called the nuclear pact a "disaster" and "the worst deal ever negotiated" during his campaign and said it could lead to a "nuclear holocaust."


In a speech to the pro-Israel lobby group AIPAC in March, Trump declared that his “Number-One priority” would be to “dismantle the disastrous deal with Iran.”

All of which makes it fascinating to note that, as AP reports, the Trump administration has notified Congress that Iran is complying with the terms of the 2015 nuclear deal negotiated by former President Barack Obama, and says the U.S. has extended the sanctions relief given to the Islamic republic in exchange for curbs on its atomic program. The certification of Iran's compliance, which must be sent to Congress every 90 days, is the first issued by the Trump administration.

However, it appears there is movement towards Trump's campaign promises, as U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said late Tuesday that the Trump administration is weighing whether to effectively break the terms of the Iran nuclear deal, while certifying that the Islamic nation is upholding terms of the landmark 2015 agreement. The administration is looking at whether to continue lifting sanctions the Obama administration agreed to under the nuclear deal negotiated by six world powers.

The review was ordered by President Donald Trump, Tillerson said in the letter. He called it an effort "to evaluate whether continuing to lift sanctions would be in U.S. national security interests."

Tillerson said in a letter to House Speaker Paul Ryan that "Iran remains a leading state sponsor of terror through many platforms and methods."

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sincerely_yours's picture

"Iran is complying"

Of course it is. It's not suicidal as Israel portrays them to be.

BullyBearish's picture

 "USA remains THE leading state sponsor of terror through many platforms and methods."


there, fixed it for you...

tmosley's picture

>Trump says Iran not complying

>Iran starts complying

>Trump says Iran complying


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Can we drain the ZH comment section of this perpetual biblicsm/westerndaily spammer and his dozens of <10week old atta-boy supporting accounts.  It's getting difficult to filter through actual comments for ZH readers.

fx's picture

TRump: from draining to drowning in da swamp. From deal-maker to deal-braker in a heartbeat?

ne-tiger's picture

It's hard for the rest world to figure out when we change policy like a monkey

FrozenGoodz's picture

At least he's time to tweet between all the winning ... tax reform? Hello? Is this thing on?


He won't golf or vacay if he wins tho

froze25's picture

This isn't a flip flop, the deal is still terrible, Iran just happens to be following it. Both can be true.

I also want that tax reform to go forward but I doubt the Dems or Rinos will allow it.

AVmaster's picture

Ok, so...


It's a bad deal(for certain interests), like trump said.


But iran is complying with that bad deal...


Soooooo, whats the problem?

Took Red Pill's picture

Give them time. US can only fight so many wars at once. Got to bomb and take over NK and Syria first then take Iran.

AVmaster's picture

WHO has iran attacked since 1920's???


No one... They are all talk and no show, but the gooos have to take words so personal...


But since the creation of israel(by the UK's masterful stupidity), they haven't seen a full decade of peace, at all... period... They act like they got something to prove 24/7 and play the holocaust card on EVERYTHING... It's like having three kids and israel is the youngest one that is nothing but a SPOILED LITTLE BRAT...


Plus whats more, they have tons of cash on hand, but yet we give them BILLIONS.. They are not hurting for money at all...

TheLastTrump's picture

The problem is that you didn't bother to read the entire fucking article like the rest of your bed wetting crew.


So your comment looks like it was produced in the mind of a 6th grader.

War Machine's picture

it's not at all a terrible deal. That's simply the neocon line.

Iran has agreed to things the US, UK, and Israel never would.

It isn't diverting uranium, or trying to build a nuke.

What happens is Israel uses its US puppets to keep moving the goalposts, for example the post-deal UNSC resolution that in practice provides neocons and their dupes with talking points to say that Iran violated 'the deal' (not the deal, a UN resolution of vague wording... but I suppose Iran does not enjoy Israel's privilege of routinely ignoring precisely worded resolutions and being punished with billions more in taxpayers' money)... because they tested a conventional ballistic missile that 'could' deliver a 'nuclear weapon.'

Meanwhile, Israel has Nuke ICBMs that can reach all of Europe and, probably the US, refuses inspections, and unlike Iran is a state sponsor of terrorism.

You don't have to like the mullahs or think Iran 'should' be able to have nukes to understand that, if anything, Iran gave up and agreed to a great deal simply to maintain a civilian nuclear tech program.

Look further into the deal and be as skeptical of neocon agitprop on Iran as much as on Syria and Russia.

Iran supports Palestine and Lebanon (and no, Hez. is not a 'terrorist' group, although they are not choirboys either) has lots of oil and gold and its own central bank.

The propaganda on Iran is, mostly, just that.

veritas semper vinces's picture

Isnt that the inconvenient truth,the real one? Especially about Israhell?

BobEore's picture

Actually. the ROW is considerably more tuned in to what's going on inside this administration than the great majority of Merikans are.

They've been advised. by the real "deal maker" & power broker these days, to stand by and watch... what happens... as a new, muscular Sraeli foreign policy gets enacted by the im{POTUS}whom they staged a successful coup d'etat against, couple of weeks back.

Iran, for instance, is standing by, on watch for what they have been promised will be the first signs - and fruits - of the deal the sionists have offered them... to sign on to the emerging Moscow-tel aviv energy cartel as a junior "partner/caddy." Srael very much likes to effectively demonstrate it's power in this way - it never fails to astonish even seasoned observers of the diplomatic wars, to see the control Srael promised it exercises over potentates of all stripes - was no bullshit at all. It's how they got Moscow onside for this cartel deal in the first place - promising to deliver Ankara's abject apology for the shoot down last year - in return for Moscow agreeing to stream the sionist's Meditteranean gas into a captive European market. Presto!

Now they dangle the Drumpf in front of whoever they wish to induce cooperation in. The racket never changes. This is no 'flip-flop' unfortunately - far better if it were!

This is real power politics in action. Dance puppets, dance!

TheLastTrump's picture

WOW how did you extrapolate all that from this article?


Did you or any of you PUSSIES actually finish reading it?


Do you or any of your fellow traveler PUSSIES ever think a thought that Dvaid Brock didn't tell you to think?



Max Hunter's picture

One could hardly ignore the fact that with or without this Iran thing, Trump has done a 180 on a big chunk of policy (promises) his base elected him on.

new game's picture

he pulled his finger out of ass and tested the wind...

TheLastTrump's picture

Did your owner lube your sock before you began masturbating, lefty?

Max Hunter's picture

Probably the most intelligent, well thought out, detailed, informative response to the accusation that Trump may not be honoring his campaign promises.. Well done, sir. You can expect a credit to your account via the deep state payroll.. 

TheLastTrump's picture

Right. Whenever I find one of you assholes pushing media memes or narratives I KNOW what you are. Either a deliberate lying fuck shill OR a useful idiot boob.


Pick one bitch.



It's too early to know what Trump is planning about ANYTHING, especially with all the smoke & mirrors from the lying bloodstained media and its fellow traveler internet leftist shills LIKE YOU.


Max Hunter's picture

Leftist? LMAO.. dude.. I don't post here often, but I've been commenting for pushing 8 years.. Not a single comment can be seen as leftist.. Trump is far more left than I am.. 

cheech_wizard's picture

Russians piss in your Wheaties this morning?

Max Hunter's picture

The truth is, I don't blame Trump.. Actually, I'm kind of scared that the deep state was able to gain control of him so quickly.  Makes me think there are threats I don't know about and somehow his flip flopping is a sign of desperation rather than strategic blunders. I can't listen to SM for 2 hours.. so I won't comment on the video.

tmosley's picture

Stefan breaks down every argument that has been put forth by those who are now "off the Trump train". You can listen to it over the course of a few days as I did.

If you won't listen, then you are willfully ignorant. Don't be willfully ignorant.

TheLastTrump's picture

The tmose kicking ass & taking leftist scalps. Hope it hurt bitches.

drendebe10's picture

Chump is a blathering idiot sell out flim flam man.

Zip_the_Zap's picture

Let us look: We have had a retard, a negro activist and now a bottle nose dolphin (from the 1964 TV series "Flipper") as president. I prey, during the next circus farce, we elect the first pole dancer, with beautiful breasts, as our next screwer-in-cheif.

veritas semper vinces's picture

No,Iran was complying from the very begining,Jewmerica was not

TheLastTrump's picture

Iran seeking chaos to bring the RETURN OF THE MAHDI is the leading cause of problems in the middle east today.

Jein's picture

I may have to abandon this site because of this stupid spammer bitch with 30 accounts. Thelasttrump is another from the same guy. This is fucking ridiculous 

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How can you tell that someone has more than one ZH account ? I'm not a tech geek, and really would like to know.


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It's the M.O., nothing technical really.

07564111's picture

That Iran is upholding it's end of the bargain is true of course, but this statement is about the inability of the US to do anything about it even if Iran were not.

TheLastTrump's picture



but that won't stop all the leftist shills from saying something Trump negative


or the Russian/Syrian/Iranian/Hizbullah shills from saying Iran positives, America/Trump negatives


may fuck be upon you all




>>> "The certification of Iran's compliance, which must be sent to Congress every 90 days, is the first issued by the Trump administration."


(see, they either do this or tackle eliminating the bogus Obamanation Muslim loving Mahdi loving deal right now while they're dealing with more important issues like...nuclear war with the norks)

Giant Meteor's picture

I believe the proper insult is "may fuck all be upon you .." and you could have included something about goats and camels ..

A sentiment I personally do not share, just a stickler on middle kingdom insult etiquette ..

Have a nice day ! :)


TheLastTrump's picture

No that's not the proper insult phrasing, unless you grew up in Tehran or Romania.


I do use some shorthand at times which can be confusing, but not this time- that's exactly how it's supposed to t roll.

07564111's picture

LoL, are you related to the short fingered strumpet ?

AttilaTheGun's picture

No one is afraid of Iran nuking Israel. Everyoen is afraid of Iran actaully acquiring nuclear missiles and thus becoming the indispensible regional power, triggering a nuclear arms race in the fucking MIDDLE EAST of all places.


Add on to that all the terrorism. What happens if a regime like Iran in 1979 gets a hold of say Saudi Arabia after Saudi Arabia has acquired nuclear missiles? The Iranian insurgency that took over the government in 1979 was a designated terror organization then and conducted several terror attacks since. What happens if an even worse group gets in power in Saudi Arabia with nukes?


Pakistan should be an immense precursor. What happens if the Taliban get a hold of Pakistan? 9/11? More like 24/7 m8

07564111's picture

"No one is afraid of Iran nuking Israel."

Yep, but the tests in February/March of the latest Iranian missiles with the potential to take out Riyadh made for some raised eyebrows. No Riyadh = No Petro$ ;D

I do very much doubt that the US is willing to test the resolve of Tehran on this :D :D

detached.amusement's picture

delusional comment of the day, that's on par with the last trump's postings

HardAssets's picture

Given the two faced nature of government today, the Iranians probably should be very worried. This may be a signal that an attack on them is being prepared right now.

Giant Meteor's picture

That of course is the other consideration. And likely, as to the other quoted material, is only a matter of time. Frankly the delay of game should be welcomed news. I mean, it's not like there is anything else going on ..