Distracted Nation - What's More Troubling?

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SmilinJoeFizzion's picture

what a way to spend your life starring at a 3 inch screen all fucking day. More fresh air for me-

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*Apple researchers see your comment, try to put a fresh-air-dispenser on the next iPhone*

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Most troubling is the fact that 5G is underway with no health impact statements AT ALL.  Cancer, anyone?

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Most disturbing is network news tsk-tsk'ing FB for running it for two hours, while showing the same cursed video over and over and over without for a moment providing ANY hint they understand they're worse than FB for doing it.


J S Bach's picture

"Social Media" is in truth about as anti-social as it gets.  I couldn't tell you what a tweet is nor have I ever had the slightest itch to make a FaceBook page.  Inane voyeurism is all it is.

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You have to see "Disconnect" the movie. Fantastic movie to show just how "disconnected" our social media has made us. Look for it.

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Where voyeurism and exhibitionism meet.

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It's an artificial version of Legion, the hive mind, they no longer need to preform the secret rites and Rogering ceremony to capture and fracture ones mind, these idiots do it all voluntarily.

Hitlery_4_Dictator's picture

I'm 39 and have never, will never own a "smart" phone....

logicalman's picture

A few years ago someone asked me for my cell number.

'I'll have a cell number when I'm in one, not before'

Took a couple of seconds to register!


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I'm 49 and don't own a cell phone. not even a trac phone. REPORT: John Brennan Colluded With Foreign Spies to Falsify Trump-Russia Connections


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I was the same until this past January and found out that my 8 year old fliptop phone wouldn't work in Canada. My father had recently died so activated his smartphone for the trip. Still using it but almost strictly the phone feature.

logicalman's picture

S - surveillance

M - marketed

A - as

R - revolutionary

T - technology


HardAssets's picture

Well maybe an EMP attack wouldn't be All bad

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I agree that people should get out more, but our environment has been taken over by the automobile and the noise they make, making enjoying the outdoors a little nerve racking. I know we want to look down at people looking down at their 3 in screens, but have you seen how much real-estate is devoted to automobiles: roads, highways, parking lots, gas stations, service stations, garages, parking garages, car dealerships, factories that make and assemble automobiles, the DMV. Pedestrians get to enjoy walking next to cars on the sidewalk and the occasional park. The average car is parked 97% of the time. My guess is that people probably stare at their screens 97% of the time. We really don't realize how sick we've become.

LawsofPhysics's picture

Stupid is as stupid does, let evolution work people and thin the fucking herd already!

BigFatUglyBubble's picture

People are so overly-immersed in media, real and fake melds into a grey area.  They cannot tell the difference anymore.

serotonindumptruck's picture

I walk into my local grocery store while open-carrying a Sig Sauer P226.

Most everyone else is open-carrying those ridiculous cell phones in special impact-resistant plastic.

I smile and ignore their expressions of shock and outrage.

Chupacabra-322's picture

Own one. Awesome Pistol built on the 1911 platform.

Master Blaster Appendix holster @ alexandryandesigns.com

moorewasthebestbond's picture

Sigtards = even worse than Glocktards

Hitlery_4_Dictator's picture

What do you say about people who like and own both brands? 

serotonindumptruck's picture


Glock has failed every field test which requires the magazine to drop free (and hit the ground) upon depressing the magazine release.

The Glock polymer frame simply can't tolerate extreme heat generated from continuous fire.

That's why most State Troopers and Federal agencies award Sig Sauer the contract.

Trucker Glock's picture


Let me guess, Walther PPK fan?  "License to kill...or be killed."

HardAssets's picture

I was in one of the chain drugstores last summer when a young guy walked in with a holstered 686 .357 Mag revolver. I struck up a conversation with him & asked if he was ever hassled about open carry. He said, no - no one ever notices it. Everyone was looking at their cellphones, attending to kids, daydreaming, etc.

serotonindumptruck's picture

I think it depends on what type of community you live in.

I've never had the cops called on me for open carrying, however the 911 dispatcher most likely has final say on any law enforcement response.

I've been traffic stopped a couple of times while having concealed carry, although nothing came of it.

Me: "I have a Concealed Weapons Permit and I have a concealed weapon."

Officer: "Okay, just leave it where it is and we won't have a problem."


Dilluminati's picture

leave your guns at home johnny cash

I considered the permit and then thought, if things are getting iffy I'd be home


serotonindumptruck's picture

I'm always armed if I have any say in the matter.

I avoid and resist doing business with those places/businesses that prohibit concealed carry.

1.21 jigawatts's picture

Those watching dindu nuffin.

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What is so shocking?  This is what America is all about.  Violence and media.  Our government blows the shit out of a hospital, some goats, or a few old airplanes and immediately releases cool videos for wannabe soldiers to jerk off to.  Millions watch that without questioning, without caring about the victims or without even knowing WHERE THE FUCK the missiles or bombs even fell!

So, sure.  Get all moral about some fuckhead taking the logical step (so often predicted in novels, tv and movies) and blame what is obviously supposed to be some left-wing hipster or his ilk.  Because no right-wing, gun-toting American would ever share images or stories about violence without reporting it.

Fuck you.

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Stephens = Mucker = Stand on Zanzibar Nation

Expat's picture

I have no fucking clue what that means.

exi1ed0ne's picture

This is exactly the same as driving by a car wreck, seeing a mugging across the street, or video of some stranger getting the shit kicked out of him for offering to help pay for a meal.  That's how we are wired.  You can't waste mental energy for every bad thing that happens to people outside the 200 or so people you have capacity to give a shit about.  You'd go crazy.

This should not be new or suprising behavior, and is most certanly not an artifact of social media.

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Look at the herd animals. They all run when a preditor attacks but once the preditor gets one of the herd, the rest of them just go back to grazing because they know they are not involved.

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biker (not verified) Apr 19, 2017 5:25 PM

A nation would require at least a 51% majority to agree to be a nation.

Datasets display a participation rate of less than 30%

SmilinJoeFizzion's picture

I see people at rock concerts and other venues that spend the entire time filming themselves attending these events. Not once actually watching the event. Its a fucking sickness

Skateboarder's picture

Recently I saw a great sunset on top of a small hill in a town full of rocks and boulders. The setting sunlight brings out amazing shades in the rock.

At least 15-20 other people there. I was the only one looking at the sun and the rocks; everyone else was filming it on their phones.

Moments like those, where I know the people have drank the koolaid and gone mad.

Salsa Verde's picture

A 2 week blackout and the bipedal screen moths will be utterly insane and eating each other.

WorkingPoor's picture


I watched this travesty through the good offices of Youtube. It's hard to believe the Grosvenors, or whomever is running the National Geographic Society these days, allowed this damnfool thing to run under their label. Far too full of holes, far too optimistic.

Out here, in Vegas, the casinos will run for a while, as they have their own inhouse generators. Whether they would stay open or not ... I couldn't rightly say. Damn well the real luxurious ones would shut down their high end stuff and get the big spender customers out safely.

Cash would be king for a bit. ATMs are probably designed to lock down when there is a power outage. Credit would be a laugh. The main body of folks that would profit from such an improbably optimistic fairytale as this would be, IMO, the prepper community, and not in bucks. Such a lightweight version of national SHTF would be a helluva dry run.

Such a load of ... cotton-candy as this was, I'd expect that just after power gets back on, either a back-to-business as Sheeple-normal, or a major swerve to more conservative living, for a short time anyway.

We could only HOPE that this light and frivolous brush with disaster was what we were gonna get.

It isn't.

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Why is ZeroHedge site hosted on an open unsecured server? It is strange and hypercritical at best for ZH and ZH readers to post and read information and stories about net security, hacking and cyber crime (which is included on this site from time to time).

There is no reason that ZH cant run a secure server -- Everyone need ask why they don't.  It certainly is not a cost or maintenance issue.



Insecure password warning in Firefox


Firefox will display a lock icon with red strike-through in the address bar when a login page you’re viewing does not have a secure connection. This is to inform you that if you enter your password it could be stolen by eavesdroppers and attackers.

What can I do if a login page is insecure?

If a login page for your favorite site is insecure, you can try and see if a secure version of the page exists by typing https:// before the url in the location bar. You can also try to contact the web administrator for the site and ask them to secure their connection.

Not recommended: You can also continue to log in to the website even if the connection is insecure, but do so at your own risk. If you do go this route, try to use a unique password or a password that you don’t also use for other important sites. About insecure pages

Pages that need to transmit private information, such as credit cards, personal information and passwords, need to have a secure connection to help prevent attackers from stealing your information. (Tip: A secure connection will have "HTTPS" in the address bar, along with a green lock icon.)

Pages that don’t transmit any private information can have an unencrypted connection (HTTP). It is not advised to enter private information, such as passwords, on a web page that shows HTTP in the address bar. The information you enter can be stolen over this insecure connection.

Note for developers

For developers looking to learn more about this warning, please see this page. The page explains when and why Firefox shows this warning, and will also provide some details on how to fix the issue. For more information, see this blog post and this Site Compatibility document.

exi1ed0ne's picture

LOL.  You think you're secure because your browser decides for you what root certificates are trustworthy?  That Gov't can't get the private key to root certificates from the providers?  That they can't get the substance of the content after it has been unencyrypted on the server OR client side?

Security isn't an end state.  Its a way to shift risk through time - AKA slow down an attacker.  In a few years the encrypted stream will be able to be cracked easily due to increases in computing power - not to mention the holy shit scary abilities of quantum computing has on encryption. 

That little green lock icon is nothing more than feel good security.

JB Say's picture

Most people have always been complete morons. Social media just shines a light on them.

Giant Meteor's picture

A Clockwork Orange.

Members of my immediate surroundings often ask excitedly, "heh did you see ...?

If it bleeds it leads, same as it ever was, except now with new and improved special effects. Real time even! Hell if I know what to make of it ..


prymythirdeye's picture

Neither one troubles me because that "facebook shooting" was fake as shit.  The video edit happens as the shooter(video, that is) is spinning around.  Old man conveniently has the bag over his face.  Excessive amount of wrong colored blood for that quick after.