Ex-NFL Star Aaron Hernandez Found Dead After Hanging Himself In Prison

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In a tragic development, Aaron Hernandez, the former New England Patriots tight end convicted of murder, was found dead early Wednesday of an apparent suicide inside his cell at a Massachusetts prison, a state correction official said.

Hernandez, 27, had been found not guilty last Friday of a 2012 drive-by shooting in Boston. He was already spending a life sentence without the possibility of parole for a 2015 first-degree murder conviction in the death of Odin Lloyd, a semi-professional football player who had been dating the sister of Hernandez's fiancée. Hernandez appealed that verdict.

Correction officers discovered Hernandez hanged by a bed sheet attached to his cell window at about 3:05 a.m., said Christopher M. Fallon, assistant deputy commissioner of communications for the state Department of Correction. The former football star had attempted to "block his door from the inside by jamming the door with various items," Fallon said in a statement.

"Lifesaving techniques were attempted on Mr. Hernandez and he was transported to UMASS Leominster, where he was pronounced dead at 4:07 a.m. by a physician at the hospital.

"Mr. Hernandez was in a single cell in a general population housing. Mr. Hernandez hanged himself utilizing a bed sheet that he attached to his cell window. Mr. Hernandez also attempted to block his door from the inside by jamming the door with various items.

"The Massachusetts State Police are on scene and the investigation continues. Mr. Hernandez's next of kin have been notified."

As NBC reports, officers attempted life-saving techniques and transported him from the Souza Baranowski Correctional Center in Shirley to a local hospital, but he was declared dead about an hour later.

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nmewn's picture

There is nothing tragic about this. He was a fucking thug.

Haus-Targaryen's picture

Good, he saved the tax payers a ton of cash.  

HockeyFool's picture

SOMEONE saved taxpayers a ton of cash. Did he have the guts to do it? Either way its a happy ending.

AVmaster's picture

Sweet, less wasted oxygen and other resources, good riddance you piece of shit...

Joe Sichs Pach's picture

Didn't the Jets have their eye on this guy?

N2OJoe's picture

What a tragedy, how am I going to sleep tonight?

DownWithYogaPants's picture

He finally did something good for humanity.  He finally did something right.

BTFDemocracy's picture

Why is this ZeroHedge news worthy?

Giant Meteor's picture

It has something to do with team sports .. America's favorite pass time !

MANvsMACHINE's picture

Here's the issue folks. They need to fill that cell with a warm body.

Any takers? If not, they'll just pick someone at random.

Rich Stoehner's picture

I hate football......players.
I hate the prison industrial complex.

The Juggernaut's picture



Blahh blaahh "saving tax payers dollars", "he's a thug".  Too bad people here only see the material/form and fail to see wasted talent in its highest display.  A tragic life of a lost soul.


Donald Trump's picture
Donald Trump (not verified) The Juggernaut Apr 19, 2017 10:40 AM

If you're so fond on NFL players maybe this will cheer you up:

Johnny Manziel’s Future Wife Continues to Send Wedding Signals (NSFW)



That mixed race thug should have learn proper behaviour from the white guy

Blazing in BC's picture

I'd kill myself if she was stalking me to...no wonder these guys get all fucked up

ebworthen's picture

He chose his "tragic" fate by taking someone else's life.

Would you feel this way if he killed your Brother, Son, or Father?

Good riddance.

abyssinian's picture

Very bad day for all the scumbag lawyers.... they just lost their bonus for the year...... 

MalteseFalcon's picture

Hernandez was probably depressed over having been just acquitted of a murder charge.

He had been convicted of another murder, but the evidence seemed to be circumstantial, and might have been overturned on appeal.

Still he had been convicted on a number of violations of MA gun laws.

The thought of Hernandez lining up at tight end in 2020 would be too much for people to bear.

I suppose the commissioner would have stepped in and suspended him.

Anyway, I still expect to see some rapper wearing a "Hernandez 81" jersey in a video.

Giant Meteor's picture

Happy Wife !

Wait, that's another homily and in poor taste ..

Carry on ..

Mr.BlingBling's picture

"Content; we need content! The beast must be fed."

C'mon Tyler, if you feel compelled to cast your net so wide as to replicate Daily Mail stories, why not instead bring back that disgruntled employee who cooperated with the ZH exposé. Say what you will about that disloyal little cokehead, but he PRODUCED!

DeadFred's picture

Perhaps he had dirt on Hillary? We can spin it that way and make it news worthy.

MsCreant's picture
  • If Obama had a son...
  • He had sex with Obama and Mike in the old days in the Chicago "Boystown" district, he should have been killed then. He has been blackmailing Obama for years, thus effectively running the country.
  • He had sex with Hillary (explains the suicide) at a spirit cooking event with the Pedestos.
  • He knows where Obama's real birth certificate is.
  • He was converting to being a Muslim, he has a website where he has been selling snack items from his Alloha Snackbar series. They were going to go public, then this tragedy.
  • He was secretly a banker, he actually died of self inflicted shitgum wounds. The public is NOT being told the truth.
  • He brought down the twin towers.
  • His suicide is a false flag operation conducted with crisis actors, he is still alive and will pop up in other events, later.
Cman5000's picture

Little fluff until WW III.

SoDamnMad's picture

Although apparently dead they still rushed him to a hospital where DOCTORS pronounced him dead.

At Sandy Hook, none of the kids made it out of the school. The FD triage sheets had no blood on them, no medivacs came in and landed, and no ambulances made it down the hill past the barrcade of police cars blocking the road. Just saying.

lil dirtball's picture

> none of the kids

Maybe it was all just a hoax/PsyOp?

Hernandez either bought his way out, a la Ken Lay, or he's now in the witness protection program ... but he ain't dead.

Jus' sayin'.

HarryKallahan's picture

This saved MA a boatload of money.  He could have been in that prison for 50 years.

HarryKallahan's picture

Mass. requires a big investigation at the scene of a death, so the game is to move the stiff by ambulance to the hospital where they then, finally, die.  Now the warden can claim Hernandez didn't die in his prison.

JRobby's picture

Money, Drugs,  Guns. Growing up with a gang mentality.

Thanks LBJ/  CIA! Great Fucking Society! 

MrBoompi's picture

They would have had to outbid the Cowboys.

OCnStiggs's picture

Ahhh but, he was a thug making millions which makes him an idol to a large part of this disaffected and ignorant society.

That our society idolizes these criminals is telling. A friend of mine flew for major league basketball charters back before the teams could afford their own airliners. He said a NBA team official told him, "If it weren't for the game of professional basketball, most of these guys would be in prison."

Just sayin'

Joe Sichs Pach's picture

Tell the truth, did he really say these "guys"?

Giant Meteor's picture

It's entirely possible he said, dose guy's ..

Krungle's picture

Your notion that people idolize thuggish athletes is dated. If you look at the top 25 selling NFL jerseys (we'll use that as a proxy for popularity), Tom Brady is #1, a bunch of boyscoutish white QBs are in the top 25, and I'm not aware of any of the black athletes in the top 25 being in any legal trouble. Look at the top NBA jersey sellers--again, not a single guy who could be characterized as a 'thug.' The behavior you are referring to was during the 70s and 80s (e.g. the cocaine years). The athletes portraying a 'street' image were a thing of the 90s and early 2000s. It hasn't been that way for at least a decade, and American's have largely stopped being enthralled by such behavior in their athletes. There was, in fact, a recent article on ESPN about how NBA players are so damn professional now on the road that there is basically no more home court advantage in the NBA. This is because guys have stopped partying, they prioritize sleep and eating right, and if they're banging ho's on the road it's a quickie Tinder hookup (w/condoms) and they send the bitch packing so they can sleep. It's just a very different world than it used to be (this is also why athletes are not going broke like they used to after their playing careers). 

Football is something of a different beast insofar as bad behavior is encouraged from at least high school and on. Football players in America are coddled and shielded from the consequences of their behavior whenever possible, and promoted for maximum aggression. So I wouldn't go so far as to say football players are behaving well all the time--but most football players are disposable, relatively few guys have long careers. Also, it doesn't help that the sport causes brain damage, and that the brain damage often causes more violent and unpredictable behavior. I mean why are we surprised that we select for the biggest, strongest most aggressive athletes and then beat their brains into mush and they do bad stuff? If Americans embraced soccer like a civilized nation this wouldn't be an issue. 

In any event, Hernandez's attorneys should have really argued brain damage because what kind of genius gives up $20 million in salary to kill some guy? 

stocktivity's picture

I'd say the guilt of being found innocent last week was too much. It's amazing what high priced scumbag lawyers can do in a court room.

FORD_FIESTA's picture

The lawyers should have hung with him........and O.J.'s lawyers should have been popped the day after the verdict.

MsCreant's picture

Would we have the Kardashians without the OJ trial? That alone should make OJ do the right thing.

Hey OJ, you got the balls this guy has? 

bobdog54's picture

Just the fact that this is seen as a "newsworthy tragedy " defines our society....

HarryKallahan's picture

It's big news in Boston.  This clown threw away a $40 million contract playing for the Patriots, just so he could hang with trash from the hood.

MalteseFalcon's picture

Since he was "the hood" no matter how much money he made, he was going to remain "in the hood".

MsCreant's picture

He definitely "hung" with the trash.

Dunno, I joke, but there really is a lot wrong with the prison system. What to replace it with is the problem, so this is what we do.


Libertine's picture

He is the current record-holder in the slowest murder-suicide ever

Laddie's picture

Now, now. Just because he was a member of a Latino Street Gang in Connecticut, just because he did this or that, he wasn't a thug, he was a VICTIM, of White Privilege, White Supremacy, and all of that.
As George W. Bush and Karl Rove told us, Latinos are NATURAL CONSERVATIVES.
They are the future, they and the Asians that are the fastest growing demographic in America.

Chinese Colonisers and the General Election AUDIO

NeedleDickTheBugFucker's picture

Give your life meaning - become a statistic.

onewayticket2's picture

wonder if he killed himself the way Vince Foster "killed himself"

detached.amusement's picture

but he didnt have 2 bullet holes in his neck

chubakka's picture

Why was he found not guilty?  Juries now are worthless.  

HarryKallahan's picture

The witnesses were all complete scumbags, just like Hernandez.  It's tough for a jury to find someone guilty, even when they know he did it, when the evidence list is so poor.  Remember, the DA office is also full of scumbags trying to build up a resume.

MalteseFalcon's picture

"Why was he found not guilty?"

State didn't prove their case, despite their best efforts to do so.