Hundreds Of U.S. Marines Headed To Afghanistan

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Authored by Jason Ditz via,

With the US seeking to slow the mounting losses by the Afghan military in the southern Helmand Province, the Pentagon has announced a deployment of roughly 300 US Marines to the province, with the fighters expected to arrive by the end of the month.

The deployment marks the largest single deployment of US Marines in occupied Afghanistan since 2014, which reflects the Afghan military’s growing woes in combat. These troops will join smaller numbers the US had already deployed into the area, who were nominally “advisers.”

And while officially, the new Marines are also “advise-and-assist” troops that are being sent in a non-combat role, Col. Matthew Reid confirmed that the Marines are always deployed “with a combat mindset.” Given how poorly the Afghan military has done on its own, it wouldn’t be surprising to find the Marines in combat situations.

Large numbers of US and British soldiers were deployed in Helmand earlier in the war, but officials had withdrawn them largely in the transition away from direct combat missions. Since then, Helmand has been among the major targets of the Taliban, and they’ve captured large portions of the province.

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Democracy building one bullet at a time...

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Just peachy keen neato what the fuck me with somebody else's nightmare.

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Can we see a map with opium fields superimposed over the map where the heaviest fighting is taking place?

knukles's picture

Hellmland Province.
That's where the Brits originally were dug in, who we booted out so that "we" control the now at record levels opium production.
Fuck Yeah! 

I mentioned to a bitching left and right about Trump non-stop acquaintance the other day that he should be ELATED with Trump, because he's implementing Hillary's (NWO Establishment) foreign adventures!
What's not to like?

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The reason the Marines are first to be deployed ...

   ... perhaps the US Mil might have different interpretation for intel commands ...

... Air Force, Army, Navy and Marines might not understand the same intel language ... take the simple command ... "secure the building!"

The Army will post guards around the building ... Navy will turn off the lights and shut the doors ... Air Force will take out a 5-year lease with an option to buy ... and the Marines will kill everyone inside and set up headquarters ... and that's why the Marines call first dibs to any invasion ... ;)


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The opium harvest just ended, and the product has just been processed and packaged. Now all we need are some tough guys with guns to guard the shipments. What a coincidence.

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Drug running is the US 3 letter agencie's main business. 

Armed Forces are the global Pig Police.

Everything else is a giant lie.

Bankers win, every time.

Banks are giant money laundering machines.

Old old story....

from 4 years ago....

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They hate us for our Freedom!.....or Freedumb?

PrayingMantis's picture


... seriously, folks, the reason why Marines are STILL in Afghanistan is "Poppy" (no, not GHWBush :) ... and one of its derivatives is opium, heroin, metamphetamine, MDMA, etc. and this >>> Morphine <<< (named after Morpheus, the Greek-god of dreams) ...

... if you get past the "military solutions narrative", these drugs-reasoning narrative can be found at the bottom of the melting Afghanistan iceberg ... and when you're a Marine, you might only see the tip of the iceberg ... unless you are a sub marine, you might see the bottom of the iceberg as well < nevermind :>

... The Russians previously tried to control the supply of morphine when they invaded Afghanistan ... subsequently, they gave up when the Russians (at that time) were yet no match to the power of the US coalition ...

... Russia switched their morphine supply orders to their BRICS partner China ...

There are two places that could supply a commercial quantity of Morphine ... one is Afghanistan, which most of you would know and the other one is in China, which in the past was a regular money-maker during the Vietnam War drug-smuggling operation (conducted by you-know-who) from the "Golden Triangle" region over the Detian Waterfalls border area and into Vietnam ... one of the hidden reasons why the Hanoi Songbird and the US Mil was "fighting" a "war" in Vietnam.

... however, that lucrative US drug-smuggling operation abruptly stopped when the US Mil "left" Vietnam ...

Part of my research on the subject for one of my books led me to this area ...

... The area north of the Jìngxi hamlet near China's border with Vietnam is chock full of illicit drug production. This area mimics the best climate for opium poppy cultivation, the area known as the Golden Triangle. Geographically, the Golden Triangle refers to the delta between the Mekong River and the Mae Sai River. That new area near Jìngxi, with a humid climate and protection of a low-level mountain range, has been notorious for drug trafficking since the Vietnam War when the locals used to engage in weapons smuggling across the border near the Detian Waterfalls. Now, according to the United Nations Office for Drug Control and Crime Prevention, the area boasts 200,000 hectares of poppy-growing field with an opium output of 1,260 tons. By the way, a hectare is equivalent to 10,000 square meters or 107,639 square feet. Now, you can appreciate the vastness of these plantations. Moreover, beside the traditional drugs they manufacture — opium, heroin, morphine, and codeine, they also deal in new drugs such as methamphetamine — mainly amphetamine and Methylenedioxymethamphetamine or MDMA.

The importance of morphine ...

first, the "legal" clinical uses of morphine include:
• Pain relief after surgery
• Pain relief after major trauma or injury except head injuries
• Pain relief in advanced cancers with terminal cancer pain

Morphine is sold clinically under brand names MSiR®, MS-Contin®, Roxanol®, RMS®, Kadian® and oramorph SR®."

Lately, there's a lot of shortage of morphine in the US due to under-supply, or more precisely, supply-control by the Taliban and other anti-US folks in Afghanistan ... and the US (probably due to geo-political tensions) could not meet its demands from "other" sources and when there's low supply, clinical/hospital surgeries and pain treatments are either cancelled or postponed indefinitely ...

... clinical reason for the Shortage [of Morphine]
•Astramorph injection has been unavailable since 2012. Fresenius Kabi changed manufacturing sites and cannot estimate if Astramorph will return.
•Pfizer states the shortage is due to manufacturing delays. Pfizer discontinued morphine ADD-Vantage vials in January 2017.
•West-Ward launched several new morphine sulfate products in late-September 2015. They are not actively marketing the 15 mg/mL 1 mL vials or the 8 mg/mL 1 mL vials (NDC 00641-6075-25). They are still marketing the 8 mg/mL 1 mL vials with NDC 00641-6126-25.

source >>>

... and here >>> "Drug Shortages Persist in U.S., Harming Care" >>>

... and here as well, >>> "US drug shortages leave dying patients without medicine" >>>

... and as recently as Oct 2016, >>> "Who Is Responsible For The 10-Month Morphine Shortage? - A recently resolved shortage of morphine sulfate injection has left drug manufacturers and the DEA playing the blame game." >>>

... so why is this comment even posted here and what does any of these have to do with the US Marines being deployed to Afghanistan (perhaps during the Poppy harvest season)?

... well the article never mentioned that the Marines are in Afghanistan "possibly to protect" (my thoughts) the regular supply of morphine, codeine (and, if you believe ... the "" "might be" involved with the very profitable "fast-and-furious-drug-running-importation-into-the-US program" ... with these items: opium, heroin, metamphetamine, MDMA, etc.) ...

... and having the necessary Morphine, the Marines would directly protect the on-going regular supply for the (((Red Shield)))-owned big-pharma, health care providers, big hospitals and anything owned by (((them))) that has something or anything to do with the supply of pain-killers so they could go on, and on, and on ...



GadExp's picture

With the US seeking to slow the mounting losses by the Afghan military in the southern Helmand Province....


by increasing the losses suffered by the US military.

TahoeBilly2012's picture

Has anyone heard any update in like the last say 15 years as why we are still "in" Afghanistan? I lost the plot. Are there still 9-11 terrorists there? Why are we helping ISIS in Syria and fighting them in Afghanistan, just one official communique would suffice.

Chupacabra-322's picture


911 False Flag

Arm, fund & train Al CIA da / I CIA SIS terror organizations.

Wash, rinse & repeat.


Phoney War on Terror, Police Surveillance State, Loss of Freedom / Liberty.

US Petro Dollar Vassel State Hegemony.

Bastiat's picture

Most 9-11 terrorists are still at large . . . just not in Afganistan.

beemasters's picture

Yes. Cheney and friends are still out and about.

dark_matter's picture

You obviously don't own Halliburton stock.

Helix6's picture

You ask a lot of questions...

wchild's picture

Like I said just yesterday, it's like a big f**king fairy tale - I'm so taken back by being so duped YET AGAIN...   I am so thoroughly disgusted with the entire system I'm beyond exhausted.  I am digging in for self, (family and friends) preservation stackin and prepping for a complete breakdown of the entire social “order” …  WTF is a man to do, the Deep State appears to have total control and we ain’t in the Club…  

BullyBearish's picture

imagine if one day they threw a party and nobody came...

HRClinton's picture

This will continue, until they've depleted the Courage gene pool from the Flyover states. 

Then nobody is left to resist the NWO domestically with arms, youth, skill and courage. When will these hope, hype, corn and porn fed goyim fools ever learn?

Pretty obvious, really.

Vageling's picture

Funny you say that. When I read that Islamic State bullshit magazine Dabir (which convenient comes in... English!) They're always spouting this line: "A bullet a day keeps the kuffar (infidel) away"

Sounds familiar, doesn't it?

Secret Weapon's picture

Aparently we learned nothing from our Viet Nam adventures.  Oh well, just a little more meat for the MIC grinders. Seriously, wouldn't these troops be better used on our own southern border? 

Blankone's picture

By we do you mean the people who keep volunteering to act as mercenaries? Or the Vietnam generation who failed to educate their kids and grandkids who now join? Or those who call the soldiers hero's for killing those who are not a threat.

Son of Loki's picture

<< Aparently we learned nothing from our Viet Nam adventures.>>



We learn how to enrich the MIC folks 100 fold while soaking the foreign soil with American lives.

Cornfedbloodstool's picture

No no, they are a "Global Force For Good".

BigFatUglyBubble's picture

Sorry, but these guys are dumb.  If they swear to uphold the constitution, they should be storming the Eccles Building, not Afghanistan.

NugginFuts's picture

Intelligence isn't a requirement for blind loyalty. 

researchfix's picture

And massive immigration pulls down the IQ even more.

Son of Loki's picture

... and the inbreeding..... don't forget the inbreeding.

researchfix's picture

That´s the problem of the 1 %

HRClinton's picture

Ever heard of the saying "A 100% patriot is a 100% fool and tool"?

The Flyover states love to produce Patriots that are useful tools to the owners and rulers of the State. It's the endless supply of corn and canned Hope that ensures it.

Helix6's picture

I didn't vote for either of them.  You'd have had to be delusional to think they weren't going to go there.

williambanzai7's picture

Here we go round the mulberry bush...

Son of Captain Nemo's picture

To inspect the results of their MOAB no doubt!

What a WINNER!

Son of Captain Nemo's picture


I hope they all get fucking ambushed and snuffed for "who they are", just like these assholes deserve(!

About the only thing we have left is "MOAB(s)" to threaten everyone else with given OUR RESULTS in the last half century?...

I just can't wait till we turn up the volume "to 11" in Syria or somewhere in "Baltic State" land!

We're so ripe for the ultimate ass kicking we deserve!

NoDebt's picture

They call it the "Graveyard Of Empires" for a good reason.  And there we are, right in the middle of it.

knukles's picture

But but but ....  but but ....
We're exceptional!

Son of Loki's picture

At least Trump got Obamacare repealed so Americans can have some decent insurance.....

...oh, wait a seocnd.....

CheapBastard's picture

Trump, McShame, Cornyn, Pelosi and the others are too busy lining their pockets with MIC money to be bothered helping America's middle class.

Troy Ounce's picture



Yes, yes, you're exeptional. Now give dad a kiss and go to bed. Don't forget to pee. Mommy will be with you in 5 minutes to read a story. Off you go now.

Robert Trip's picture

This strategy has been working well for 15 years.

Keep it up.

We have the finest planners and military minds in the world.

15 years to beat down 1000 goat herders who are just trying to protect their country from us.

Trump is a wash-out.

CheapBastard's picture

Each American mercenary carries $140,000 worth of equipment and hates every minute he is there in a foreign, strange land ... while the average local goat herder wears $5 worth of rags, $400 AK yet posseses a golden will to protect his home land from the foreign invaders and will die to the finish.


NAVIGATOR0832's picture

Sounds like the Viet Cong.  

HRClinton's picture

Not just yet. President Thump will "Turn it up to 11".

That'll teach them to mess with the Negotiator and Strategist in Chief.


doomchild's picture

shit, shit, this is just fucking shit. an endless streaming flow of fucking filth and shit...

Troy Ounce's picture


Next thing is another 911 but then bigger 

Can you imagine the profits Holywood is going to make from the movies!!

GDP sky high! And the rebuilding costs!!



Ricki13th's picture

Moar war to prop up the dying petrodollar. 

Hillarys Server's picture

They propped the poppy fields back up real quick, so the petrodollar should be easy-peasy.