New York Towns, Cities Follow AG's Order To Ignore Sessions, Adopt Illegal Alien Sanctuary Laws

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Via Judicial Watch,

Weeks after the chief law enforcement official in New York State issued “legal guidance” to help municipalities provide sanctuary for illegal immigrants, nearly a dozen have followed through with the attorney general’s order to skirt federal law. The goal, according to New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman, is to provide local governments with a tool to “protect their immigrant communities, regardless of new federal enforcement practices.” Those that have followed Schneiderman’s directive range from sleepy towns like Newburgh to larger cities such as Rochester as well as Albany, the state capital.

Schneiderman issued the decree in response to the Trump administration’s proposed immigration enforcement policies. The document states that its purpose it to describe the legal landscape governing the participation of local authorities in immigration enforcement and to “assist local authorities that wish to become sanctuary jurisdictions by offering model language that can be used to enact local laws or policies that limit participation in immigration enforcement activities.” Utilizing so-called “model language” has become a key tool for sanctuary cities, counties and states that want to avoid losing federal funds under new Trump administration measures that punish local governments for not cooperating with federal authorities. Just last month Judicial Watch reported on a California town that found a creative way to implement a stealth sanctuary policy with “model language” that avoids using certain trigger words.

New York stands out because it’s the only state in which the top law enforcement authority, a veteran elected official, is actively encouraging and assisting local governments to violate the law. Some have faced resistance from citizens, though the majority have passed stealth sanctuary measures with little opposition since Schneiderman launched his campaign to protect illegal aliens in the Empire State. In the upscale town of Irvington, situated about 20 miles from Manhattan, the Board of Trustees issued a Statement of Tolerance days after the 2016 presidential election to guarantee that people of all races, religions, orientations and countries of origin are safe within its boundaries. “It seems there are many in our nation who are not currently feeling welcome nor safe,” the statement reads. “We want everyone to know that the Irvington Board of Trustees will never tolerate discrimination of any kind in our Village.” The city lists a phone number of the local police and encourage anyone who witnesses “any form of discrimination or intimidation” to call immediately.

Last month Irvington unanimously passed a resolution making it a sanctuary city and lawmakers credit the attorney general’s legal guidance. Now the mayor and several trustees are used as propaganda by the attorney general’s office to promote more illegal alien sanctuaries in the state. In a statement issued by the attorney general, Irvington Mayor Brian Smith says this: “We relied on the guidance of the AG’s office in crafting the wording of the resolution, which has the complete support of our police department. Irvington proudly stands as the first Westchester municipality to pass such a resolution and looks forward to having others step forward.” Under the new measure, which reportedly will soon be adapted by other communities in the county, Irvington will not honor detainer requests from federal immigration enforcement agencies.

One Irvington resident who continues challenging the sanctuary measure is an attorney who argues that the village is protecting criminals and endangering the lives of citizens. Her name is Lauri Regan and she reminds Irvington lawmakers in writing about a recent Maryland case in which two illegal immigrants raped a 14-year-old girl in a high school bathroom. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) had issued a detainer for one of the rapists but, because Montgomery County offers illegal immigrants sanctuary, it was ignored. Regan fears the same will occur in her hometown of Irvington. In one electronic mail Irvington Mayor Brian Smith tells Regan that he fails to see a link between the Maryland case and the new Irvington policy and in another he writes that “we do not want undocumented immigrants to fear interacting with our police department.”

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Remember this next time NY needs a bailout.

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Trump will flip. Make flipper great again, MFGA.

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Trump has taken a lot of shit from the Libtards and, after his Flip-Flopping Rampage, from his supporters, but… How did Mike Pence manage to slide under everybody’s radar? This must be corrected! NOW!  ;-)

Mike Pence, just like all Vice Presidents in recent history, is destined to fuck up.

I don’t see him fighting with a non-existent TV-anchor, re-inventing the Internet, shooting a lawyer in the face, or outdumbing Biden.

Somehow, I only see him either pulling a school shooting or traveling to Syria and joining ISIS.  ;-)


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Dear President Trump,

I do not believe you need to reform Obamacare to find the money you seek for tax cuts.  I believe I have found an even larger source of spending cuts you could tap to pay for them.

- NoDebt


ParkAveFlasher's picture

In all fairness, those nice lawns up in Westchester aren't going to manicure themselves.

AndSoItBegins's picture

Exactly my thought. The good people in wealthy enclaves are panicked about loosing their gardeners, maids and nannies. They shroud their motivation in words like safe and protect and antidiscrimination, but what they truly mean is they like their underclass serfs and want to keep them.

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Arrest and frog walk this attorney general of New York.


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I think these cities are asking for a few extra ICE employees.... Oh, and they're saying they don't need federal $'s.

How will Democrats ever get elected without their voting base...?

Once the illegal immigrants are purged, then we should see more true elections. It will take a while, but we should start to see communities coming back to reality.


“we do not want undocumented immigrants to fear interacting with our police department.”

So they do not want criminals to fear interacting with their police department. Should we treat every criminal with a FTA (Failure to Appear) charge this same way? Hey, they could be reporting crimes too but are afraid of the police. Everyone with a warrant for their arrest should be able to work with the police and not have to fear being arrested...


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NY also has tons of businesses that have illegals using stolen SS#'s working in manufacturing. The owners know they are fake socials because the names they work under are clearly not the names they go by. But they do nothing and hide behind "hey they gave us a SS#". Arrest of these "officials" needs to start. They are in open rebellion and engaging in criminal behavior by encouraging it.

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Texas and other states that are working hard to abolish criminal infested sanctuary cities should run TV ads aimed at illegals instructing them to go to California or NYS.

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Once the illegal immigrants are purged, then we should see more true elections. It will take a while, but we should start to see communities coming back to reality.


Stop believing in demoncracy.  Democracy allowed the immigrant invaders in the first place.  Did you get to vote on the 1965 immigration act?  Women vote for government as daddy, especially as soon as they get a divorce.  Minorites vote their ethnic interest.  Jews vote for their in-group.  Snowflake women vote for big daddy government prior to marriage.

Democracy in the U.S. has devolved to a racial headcount.  It is too late now, the population is too far gone since 1965 immigration act.  

Also, the deep illuminist state likes to snare politicians in sex scandals, or get some dirt on them.  Nearly all politicians are controlled.

Put a fork in it.  Democracy cannot work with a mixed non-homogenous population.  Democracy cannot work with unmarried women voters. Democracy cannot work when a certain ((group)) is present, to then undermine every institution, till they get in control, and then it is mind control 24 x 7. Democracy cannot work when it is minority tyranny.

How much evidence does it take to prove that democracy is sham, the worst form of government? 


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I am in Texas watching the flood of illegal imigration for the past several years.  Tell me one good reason why I should consider my state united with the state of New York as in United States.  If there is no rule of law in America does America still exist?

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What if he told the town we will no longer tax cigarettes in this province? Tanks and guns with arrest warrants is what would happen.

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Yes! "panicked about losing their gardeners, maids and nannies, etc."  indeed that is a really great point, but there's even more...the ponzi monetary system must have new debt serfs.  Fresh blood...and meat for a debt-as-money system armed with a printing press and desperate to take on any debt whatever to forestall the bankster horror of deflation, which ultimately cannot be avoided without some great conflict coming as a result.

Death of the debt-money ponzi: No additional debt...means there is no money creation to keep it going.  It's that simple.

And lastly, there are those who indeed must realize further waves of easily or ill-gotten voters to continue their money-power scams, which are consorted through the thoughtful efforts of useful idiots within our political class.

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Big Tech on the West Coast is worried about losing all the cheap labor also. They may have to hire Americans for a change and pay a decent wage.

Those tech CEOs may be forced to cut their salaries from $45 million/year to $40 million.


shamus001's picture


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Pence is ESTABLISHMENT RINO. That is why he is there.
The illusion is that Whites can vote their way out of their demise. No, only the STREETS will allow that and make that possible.

There Will Be Blood: Left Prepares For War After Berkeley Beat Down: “Combat Training, Better Equipment, Guns…”

During the Seattle Mardis Gras riots, Kris Kime went to the aid of a white girl who was being beaten and stomped by a pack of male and female blacks. There were also LATINOS doing the same to the Seattle whites. The police STOOD DOWN, did NOTHING. Kris Kime was hit in the head by a black male with a skateboard. Kris Kime died.
ANTIFA wants Whites DEAD, and the POLICE are still STANDING DOWN. Let a white man wield a skateboard or a dowel stick and the cops SWARM him:
COPS JUST STAND AND WATCH while Trump supporters are pummeled but arrest, violently, Based Stickman who was defending Trump supporters... March 4, 2017

Berkeley Apr-15-2017 Trump supporter in helmet attacked with skateboard

Watch how the Berkeley cops 2017-04-15 IMMEDIATELY move to save Asian ANTIFA female
Yet they NEVER came to the aid of the Whites who were demonstrating for FREE SPEECH (MAGA)

'IMMIGRANT PRIVILEGE' DRIVES CHILD RAPE EPIDEMIC March 8, 2017 Muslims drive it in Europe, Hispanics drive it in America.

Little angel Serenity Reedy raped and murdered by illegal Mexican invader SHE WAS A 9-month old BABY! A Washington state White woman had this BEAST as her boyfriend!!!

KEPR News story from Richland WA Video

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When he starts enforcing the law, and Trump expresses his appreciation for that, the peanut gallery will say that Trump flipped.

The conformation bias around here is absolutely off the fucking charts.

junction's picture

That bailout in 1975 was the result of Chase's David Rockefeller withdrawing an offer to roll over New York City's $700 million in short term municipal bonds.  As a result, thousands of cops got laid off, crime spiked and David's friends, including the bizarre Felix Rohatyn, ruled the city along with the Mafia.  

A. Boaty's picture

You got that right, except there was no bailout from the Feds, viz. the Daily News headline at the time:

[President] Ford to New York: Drop Dead

onasip123's picture

Arrest that man and lock him away.

E.F. Mutton's picture

Let them "Virtue Signal" from the Federal Pen.  While they get traded for mackerel and smokes.

City_Of_Champyinz's picture

And cut the fucking federal funding from all these fucking liberal douchebag towns immediately.

Shadow1275's picture

Amazing, I've never seen so many Leftists so Passionate about State Law Rights and the Constitution


Hope for the future? I won't cross my fingers yet.

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The Bolsheviks obey the law only when it suits them.

Cut any federal funds them receive if possible. Let they float along alone on their unlawful actions with no support from Amerian taxpayers. Even better, broadcast where these safe spaces are for the gangsters so they relocate there to New York from my area.

Then it's a "win-win": New York gets all the criminals and my area (where the laws are enforced) becomes safer.

25or6to4's picture

Indeed, liberals certainly love legislating unconstitutional restrictions on the second admendment rights of its residents.

post turtle saver's picture

before you know it they'll start buying firearms to protect their rights... oh wait, that's already happening...

lew1024's picture

This is local nullfication of state and federal laws. Patriots should support it as a necessary step in the devolution from mega-government to Constitutional government.

And then also vote against the taxes for most everything.

SilverRhino's picture

While I support nullification for unjust and unconstitutional laws, prevention of the United States from invasion is about as clearly an enumerated power and duty of the federal government as it gets.  


aliens is here's picture

Why can't the AG have them arrested? Clearly, they are aiding the illegals and comitted crimes. If I don't pay my tickets I can be arrested so why not the scum bag politicans.

Lumberjack's picture

Let them do it. Then sanctuary cities/towns or even states are on the table for deplorables and similar minded folks.

Squid Viscous's picture

throw DiBlasio's crack-whore-gold-teefed-nappy-hair wife in the slammer first, maybe he will change his mind 

jerseychris's picture

Doubt dat, she so fugly he be glad she be gon.

TheLastTrump's picture

Consequences, they need to see them.

847328_3527's picture

Sessions was blocked on getting some of his 93 local attorneys in place. he should get a few dozen into the districts this week and we should start seeing some cation and law enforcement after 8 years of anti-American, middle class hatetred subversion by the lefties.

ChemtrailPilot's picture

Fantastic! Hardcore shitlibs have picked "protecting criminal illegal aliens from the law" as the hill they want to die on. Good luck with that stance in the midterms, retards!

alangreedspank's picture

Watch them flip back to hardcore pro-borders if, someday, illegals with MAGA hats invade.

laomei's picture

time to put the kikes in camps again.  history repeats

post turtle saver's picture

natural gas is cheap, we may as well fire up the ovens too

Squid Viscous's picture

a bullet in the skull is cheaper, like they did to 40 million christians in USSR

lew1024's picture

It is never time to put anyone in camps. WTF variety of freedom do you have if you have camps for any dissenters?

Freedom means free speech and free actions to the point that you affect someone else and they object. Everyone must be free, or the dynamics of human societies mean none will be in short order. You can't have Freedom for just one segment of society.

Exactly what our problems are now, and how we got here.

Muroluvmi's picture

I escaped NY years ago. I got tired of working to provide lavish salaries and pensions for the "public servants". Hope the state goes full retard and the whole state becomes a sanctuary. Let them see how much they can squeeze out of third worlders for their "heroic" service to the public.

skinwalker's picture

I spent the first 23 years of my life in buffalo and got out as soon as I could.

Compared to nys, Florida is a libertarian utopia.

skeelos's picture

I would certainly donate to a gofundme to bus illegals to every sanctuary city in NY or any sanctuary city in the US for that matter.

Being Free's picture


Look it up Eric.

Gen. Ripper's picture

All illegals - immediately report to NY