In a Police State, Be Careful Trying to Sell Souvenirs

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Via The Daily Bell

You know what a good use of law enforcement resources is? Detaining old women for attempting to sell moon rocks and space shuttle pieces.

Of course, NASA is one of the many federal agencies with their own police force. One thing they decided to use this police force for was setting up a sting to catch a woman selling a piece of a space shuttle and moon rock she had received from her deceased husband.

NASA claims ownership over all space shuttle pieces, and therefore assumed the woman was selling stolen federal property. But her husband used to be an engineer for NASA and had received the space souvenirs from his employers.

NASA didn’t have to work hard to catch this 75-year-old widow. She contacted them! But rather than politely inform the woman what she was doing may be illegal, agents set up a sting to meet the woman in a parking lot and exchange the contraband.

Six armed agents detained her for two hours in the busy parking lot, during which time she wet her pants, presumably because she was afraid.

NASA declined to press charges; they are so forgiving. The woman was selling the items in an attempt to raise money for the medical car for her sick son, who has since died.

Her youngest daughter also died, and Joann took responsibility for her grandchildren.

She decided to try to sell the paperweights and contacted auction houses without success. She finally emailed NASA for help in finding a buyer for what she called “rare Apollo 11 space artifacts.” She explained how her late husband had received them.

An appeals court will allow the woman to sue NASA. Because of sovereign immunity, the government can actually decide whether or not to allow people to sue them.

Of course what will likely happen is she will waste money and time in court, and still not get justice for the way she was treated.

This just makes you wonder what is going on in the minds of these government agents. Who was seriously concerned about specs of a space shuttle and moon rock trying to be sold? Who thought it was appropriate to pursue a sting of a woman who contacted them!

This is what happens in bureaucracy. There is no sanity, no thinking feeling human being behind the actions of government. And if they will do something like this automatically, it makes you wonder just what else they will do, how far they will go to do their duty to enforce the laws of the United States government.

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Space may indeed be fake.  Look up flat earth and look at the evidence.

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It's always tempting to mock the flat-earhers, probably because that represents a step backwards from what we know today. Is the moon flat too? Is the Earth set on pillars?

Nevertheless, there is this Cliff High fellow who, while not being a flat earther, claims that if you go into space it is impossible to see the sun or the stars. He seems intelligent, but he may very well be a nutter. He does make a very interesting point that the earth and planets trail the sun in space making corkscrew orbits and therefore do not really go around the sun.

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it's really as simple as realizing what living on the edge of a spinning water ball 1040mph would be like -

We would feel 1MPH - we would really feel 5MPH.

it's such a preposterous scam that shows just how successful hypnosis / mind Kontrol is. the fact that this scam goes back longer than we have been alive gives it that "appeal to authority" that human consciousness needs to give it a sense of correctness, damn the obviousness of the fraud from day one though.

also, water never curves, and would never retain itself on a ridiculously fast spinning ball in a vacuum of space - ! yet all the while allowing flat planes of earth to have peaceful environments on it for eons.

once you let go of the hypnotic trance you'll have a great big belly laugh - like the ones the fellows in that picture we see frequently here on zh with early Reagan crew with the caption that "when everything they believe is false, we will have succeeded" ....

Here is a quick list of thinkers who provided the obvious proofs back in our great grandparents days - which obliged the zio-vatican warmongerers to distract the populace - BECAUSE they are attached to the Big LIe. Just like the 911 FF designers & actuators will never come right out and admit it to us in writing, they're like - if they're dumb enough to believe the official story then too bad for them. ...

post civil war to wwI : (free pdfs from

Kings Dethroned

Gleason -

Terra Firma

Zetetic Cosmogony

constant warmongering and distractions. same as it ever was.

it would behoove many here to take a break from zh and go to youtube and actually learn about how we all were lied - about the most elemental aspet of our existence - our HOME.

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What a fucking shocking state of affairs? Who the hell inside the USSA, allowed these laws and powers to be passed? A nation gets the politicians and police they deserve. Fuck the USSA.

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Here's something to ponder. Yesterday I was just thinking about bidets and how they don't seem to be used anymore. I kept that thought to myself and never said anything about bidets outloud. Today, for the first time ever, I saw an ad for a new kind of bidet called the Toto bidet. This ad happened when I went to google finance to check the exchange value of the dollar.

This sort of thing happens all the time, often with ZH where the ads will often correspond with something I said in conversation the previous day. But this is the first time I have seen an ad that corresponds with something I thought about but didn't say. Yes, I know that the most likely reason is coincidence. But come on, bidets??

Has technology advanced to the point where they can read your thoughts? I wouldn't, in any event, be surprised.

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bidet's are slowly but surely making a comeback.

but seriously, you're noticing the fabric of the synchronistic matrix ... take it in stride and you can meditate ... focus ... and have a regular synchronistic life all the time.

dr bruce lipton has some youtube vids about how thoughts do affect the outside physical world -

it would be so nice if we could keep advancing in this tech future without the constant military threat environment

the more of us with these thoughts can make it happen.

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Are you using ad block? Do you use a mac?

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Did you search for bidets or look at bidets on any websites prior to reaching Zerohedge? If so cookies decided you needed to see more bidets on ZH.

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No, nothing at all. I thought about bidets because I was getting low on toilet paper. That's all.

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Are you shocked by the idea of sovereign immunity?  Imagine a viscious, murderous thug holding a pistol to your head while you say, "Can we play fair about this matter?"

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Meanwhile the State Dept under Hillary is breaking into lawyers offices... and nobody cares.

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Cousins of the TSA (motto: harassing the elderly, terrorizing children and confiscating toothpaste with gusto).

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There are lots of people in government , at all llevels, who have little to do. I doubt that the NASA police force has much to do. It's not like rockets and spacecraft are targeted by thieves. So when an opportunity to actually do something, anything, comes along these "agents" jump on it. We see it on a local level when 3 cop cars show up for a traffic stop in a quiet suburb. 

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At one time the Ten Commandments were all the laws we needed, now we have a gazillion laws and we all break a few every day.

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Come on! Get real! There were way to many laws in the Ten Commandments. That one about honoring your father and your mother--have you seen most fathers and mothes? No wonder their children don't honor them, nor should they. That other one about not coveting your neighbor's wife's ass. That's been pretty much a dead issue for several millennia. And that other one about defending the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic? Wow! who's paid any attention to that. So there's three of the Ten Commandments that are just taking up space in the law library.

How about Macon's Commandment? Have a good heart! That's the trailhead to the path of righteousness. All those other "laws" are just someone with a gun to your head demanding your wallet, your body or your soul.

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I saw this story in the (mainstream) news, and grumbled under my breath about the government being out of control.  I'm glad someone else noticed, and feels the same way.

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Tom, had you really expected that out of seven or so billion people on the earth, you were going to be the only person to notice this lawbreaking? Wow! Hubris on ham!

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NASA: brrring.. briingg-   Yeah?

Mom: <Souvenirs, blah blah...>

NASA: We're very interested in all Apollo materials, how much would you take for them, ma'am?

I bet the price would have been less than the cost of the investigation, raid, and lawyers. And Grandma wouldn't pee her pants in terror.



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Anyone caught trying to sell family souveniers will be considered a terrorist and raped in prison.


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Turns out,

All these Mutha Fuck'n Criminal Fraud UNITED STATES, CORP. INC. Agencies have Private Mercenaries.

Lawlessness Illegitimate Scum Fucks them all.


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She got us here.  She probably wrote her Congress Critter and encouraged him to pass the Immigration and Nationality Act of 1965, in 1965.



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Since the Apollo never went to the moon, and the Space Shuttle is a scam, she could be prosecuted for fraud. The objects must be fakes.

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I'm still waiting for Jenny McCarthy's panties to go on sale on Ebay. That's not illegal, is it? her bicycle sat sold last year for $12,000.


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I'm scared that you know this ^^^

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We never went to the moon

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They sent unmanned vehicles into moon orbit but never with humans on board.

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Riiiight, because the government would NEVER risk astronauts' long-term health resulting from a quick passage through the Van Allen Belts, in exchange for an immediate propaganda victory.

Never, ever, EVER!

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So how controlled was the media , and our mortal enemies the commies didnt say a peep, so rethink your ideas

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By the way troll, you forgot to use your second account when you argued against your own first post.

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how far they will go to do their duty to enforce the laws of the United States government.

Apparently not so far as the nearest Home Depot parking lot. Ole!

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Well, we ask for it and we going to get it too.