President Trump Is The Worst Possible Thing For Putin: "You Just Don't Know What To Expect From Him"

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Authored by Mac Slavo via,

Whether you’re talking about politics, war, or economics, you will find no shortage of commentary from people who claim to be giving you sound advice, but are really just telling you what you want to hear. Or worse, their opinions are based on what they so desperately hope to be true. That’s why the best prognosticators are the people who aren’t infected with wishful thinking. They’re able to confront the truth, no matter how painful that truth is. One of these rare individuals is Marin Katusa, a hedge fund manager who predicted in 2011 that the price of gold and oil would soon crash, despite the jeers of just about everyone else in the investing community. He’s also the author of the bestselling book, “The Colder War,” which vividly explains Putin’s rise to power and his nation’s domination of the energy sector.

In the following interview with Future Money Trends, Katusa not only details his expectations for a variety of market sectors like gold mining and energy, but explains exactly why, contrary to what most observers believed before the election, Trump and Putin are likely to clash in the near future; a scenario which could lead to serious geopolitical and economic consequences.

You don’t know what to expect with Trump… And from an Art of War standpoint that is the worst possible thing for someone like Putin, who is very pragmatic, to deal with someone like trump… because you don’t know what to expect.

Watch the full interview with Marin Katusa:

(Watch At Youtube)

While Katusa is certainly no slouch when it comes to geopolitics, his analysis really shines when he talks about the state of the precious metal markets. He has a deep understanding of what assets like gold are for, and the market forces that drive its price.

I do believe that we’re just in the first couple of innings of a major, major gold run… I can’t emphasize this enough, gold is wealth insurance.


You have a house, you have a family, you have home insurance. I don’t understand why banks, pension funds, and all these different sovereign wealth funds—and I consult with a lot of wealthy wealthy people, and they go ‘wow we never thought of it that way.’


All gold is, is an insurance on your wealth. It has been for thousands of years. Its a truism. It’s just truth…

You’ve probably heard similar interpretations of gold’s place in the economy. In fact, most investors understand that gold can be a safe haven asset. But only someone like Marin Katusa can eloquently explain why it’s a safe haven asset, and how its price could explode during the next financial crisis.

You see, what most people don’t realize is that the financial community has almost no exposure to gold. In fact, many of the wealthiest people in the world don’t really take it seriously, even though its price continues to rise every time a crisis strikes. Now imagine what would happen if the biggest financial players were spooked by a major shock to the global economy. If only a tiny fraction of their wealth went towards gold, there would be unprecedented effects:

…People with money haven’t even started with this. Look at the pension funds. Did you know that for like the last 70 years that you could track this, they’re at their all time low for their exposure in gold? Pension funds, the sovereign wealth funds, we’re talking like less than .2% of their funds are allocated to gold and the gold sector.


So that’s going to change Dan. When it’s at the all time low you know it can’t get much lower than .2%. So if it even gets to .3%, that’s a 50% increase to a very very small sector. Remember, Apple could buy up every gold mining producer, mid-tier, and exploration development company in the world, and it wouldn’t even matter to their cash position. It’s a very very small sector and I think we’re in the very early days. I think it’s going to be great.

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Son of Captain Nemo's picture

Yeah. It feels like 1992 and Boris Yeltsin ALL OVER AGAIN!...

Only this time in Washington D.C. AND NOT Moscow!!!

The_Juggernaut's picture

Putin's not bright enough to play poker? It's not Trump's fault.

winged's picture

Anyone can see through Trump. These people did before he got elected.

Donald Trump's picture
Donald Trump (not verified) winged Apr 19, 2017 6:03 PM

Worse not ONY for Putin, for us americans also.

Does he think the Presidency is some sort of faggy, jumping all over the place jewish dance, or what's with all the flipping and flopping?

By the look of it he's pretty capable of turning us back into atomic dust

Will You Turn Away Family, Friends and Neighbors at Your Door When America’s Day of Disaster Arrives?


Fuck this kike serving Face Dancer !

TheLastTrump's picture

WTF/over, SPAMMER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

TheLastTrump's picture

Media Memes, Media Narratives


They always told us the truth before, SURELY they're telling us the truth NOW.

tmosley's picture

>Putin doesn't know what to expect from Trump

BS. He knows perfectly well that if he is friendly towards Trump and the US, that Trump will be the best friend that he ever had, but if he is antagonistic towards him or America, then he will be the worst enemy he has ever had. Only there does unpredictability truly come into play.

froze25's picture

Well said. Pretty much sums it up.

Snípéir_Ag_Obair's picture

When will you get off Trump's dick, you unremitting faggot?

TheLastTrump's picture

When will you get off the ad hominem, attack the man strategy and move on to more rewarding strategies like picking up a baseball bat and bashing tmosely's face in?


Because I'll be waiting for you you mental midget motherfucker.

monk27's picture

Worst thing for Trump would be to become some sort of Clown of the Jungle:


Vageling's picture

"the best friend that he ever had"

Put the bong down. You think he's looking for a "friend"? Do you realize what image the US has? 

Teja's picture

So it seems Putin did not think too much if it would be a good idea to push Trump into the White House.

It may be easy to start a conspiracy these days, if you have got some spare money and ressources, but the more chaotic the world becomes, the less predictable the results. Brexit will be another good example, although the Russians were not involved in that one afaik.

We see history as a logical sequence of decisions made by various sides, but if you try to move your viewpoint to the past, eg to 1913 or 1932, it is clear that politicians or voters at the time would not have understood what happens as a consequence of their decisions. What remains is the gut feeling of people with a clear vision at the time, regarding certain erratic politicians proposing to make their nations great again, which proved correct in the end.

Unluckily, my gut feeling is not making me very confident regarding the erratic politicians of our time.

Freddie's picture

Pres. Jareed Kushner-Soros-Bibi nd Ivanka Nudelman.

Put Barron Trump and Melina in charge.  I think they are still goys.

Putin and the Russians will be fine.   America is still a corrupt Lois Lerner, Corzine, Jeffrey Epstein, PizzaGate shithold.

TheLastTrump's picture

Nazi motherfuckers....we're going to have to waste you again....

Victor von Doom's picture

So you're volunteering for service on the front line on this one then?

stizazz's picture

"You don’t know what to expect with Trump"

Really? Is that a joke?

Trump is a narcissist. Anyone knows what to expect from a narcissist. Let alone Putin.

richsob's picture

Putin's a polished thug.  Trump is a narcissist who practices nepotism.  Shit.  I voted for Trump and I also had some hope that Putin would be just the guy to cut a deal with the U.S. that helps everyone.  But things are looking pretty shaky now.  I still can't figure out who benefits if there are umpteen dead Russians, Americans, Chinese, Israelis, Koreans, Japanese, Arabs, Persians, Europeans, etc., etc.  Trump and Putin (along with Xi) have the fate of the world in their hands.  Sure wish I had more confidence it was going to somehow work itself out without a war.

TheLastTrump's picture

Nepotism? Who the FUCK else can the man trust, hmmmmm? You don't know what you're talking about.

Art Van Delay's picture

STFU you noob and move back to 4chan.

You're getting lost in the arguments here

TheLastTrump's picture

Mr Van Delay Industries deigns to speak to the plebe. Sweet.


Listen up you counterfeit clothier, the fact that you rate me as a 4channer is a heavy compliment to me. But I won't give you the credit.


How about you go fuck yourself? After you prove that I'm lost in the arguments here, because you haven't done a very good job of it YET.

Snípéir_Ag_Obair's picture

Best not to feed this troll, bro.

And he's way too obtuse and unfunny to be anything but a trollfag on 4chan.

Best to talk 'about' but not 'to' Ziotrolls especially, although poking them can be funny short term...

I bet this iran contra last trump.... etc kid (jewish, 19/20 at most, glasses, bad skin, sexually deviant, obese, family history of depression, schizophrenia, borderline personality w/ delusions of grandeur, sub-average verbal IQ...

(thats a rough sketch - its probably pretty accurate)

Anyway I bet he is responsible for 4chan's most unfortunate recent explosion of tranny/trap porn threads.

I am, or was, a /pol/ regular, and most or many of the smartfags went elsewhere after the Pepe/Kekistani stuff resulted in an invasion of SJW and Zio trolls.

Oh I left out that he doesnt have many friends and watches a shit load of fantasy/scifi and/or cartoons. probably a drawfag.

He also can't come up with a witty rejoinder to all this.


TheLastTrump's picture

You're correct. You have me stumped. There's no way to respond to an ending line like that without appearing stupid in the original posters mind. Which I care entirely FUCKTWAT nothing about. lol


4Chan- you listening? hmmmmmmmm? You helped Trump win. I thank you for that. Already did. "Intrinsic."



>>>>>"He also can't come up with a witty rejoinder to all this.


Insurrector's picture

I think Trump took the Murdoch example for nepotism.

Snípéir_Ag_Obair's picture

Cui bono?

Follow the money.

Dead Israelis?

Not President Kushner's plan, but it would be a good thing.

Israelis have grown accustomed to sitting on lawn chairs cheering the bombing of residential apartment buildings.

They need to be given a bloody nose, and soon, or things will get out of hand.

Israel's leadership and growing ultranationalist fundamentalists want to finish ethnically cleansing Palestine, want Lebanon to the Litani, more of Syria - and they want Americans to do the heavy lifting.

Short of the Israeli left or the sensible folks in the spook/intel agencies, Netanyahu (or someone worse) will use false flags, mass murder of civilians and use the ZOG to pour US troops into Iran and Syraq...

these crazy fucks want to rebuild the Temple (nevermind that the remains of the second temple is the remains of a Roman fortress expanded by Herod and that its not in the same place as the pile of sticks that was the first, nevermind the absence of any credible evidence for David or Solomon or any sort of powerful Hebrew-only ethnic kingdom... or that the Ashkenazi have ery little connection to the people who lived there 200 years ago) which means war with the Islamopsychos.

America should get out of MENA entirely.

They can kill each other all they like.

The only real prophecies are of the self-fulfilling kid.

Which means a total war assault on Damascus before very long...

for Greater Ersatz Israel.

TheLastTrump's picture

Transferred from an above post because IT SEEMED APPROPRIATE


"Fuck your bullshit lol. Fuck your new meme.


Where did this FUCKING NARRATIVE COME FROM. On your fucking WHITEBOARD TODAY you fucking lame ass motherfucking piece of shit."


Fuck ALL you Nazi motherfuckers. All y'all little poseurs.


All this shit will end in blood. That's the whole fucking pointless point of YOUR bullshit. Destruct instead of CONSTRUCT.


Construction is hard, yo. Destruction is easy.

TheLastTrump's picture


Insurrector's picture

I use a phrase similar to your last line -

"Easier to critique than create."  If you have kids, you know they first learn to break things before they can fix them.

Freddie's picture

Construction is hard?

LOL! As your hero Larry Silverstien would say "pull it"










Freddie's picture

Putin is a blue eyed Christian.  He and I are in the same tribe.  You are a sloped eyed gook.

Trump-Kushner-Soros is a NWo dual shitizen LLC.

TheLastTrump's picture

Fuck your bullshit lol. Fuck your new meme.


Where did this FUCKING NARRATIVE COME FROM. On your fucking WHITEBOARD TODAY you fucking lame ass motherfucking piece of shit.

Insurrector's picture

Damn Last Trump, you can dish some mean capital letter burn.

I sort of imagine you poking a fat finger in Freddie's startled face.

richsob's picture

Uh, Dude, I'm a blue eyed Christian too.  Calm down OK?  And no, I didn't down vote you.

Freddie's picture

I will buy you some kimchee and a Korean beer.

richsob's picture

Can't stand kimchee and don't drink alcohol.  How about some ribs and diet coke?  I'll return the favor with a shrimp dinner for you.  Deal?  :)

froze25's picture

Saudis have a ton to gain from Russian oil no longer available 

Bingo Hammer's picture

You lost me at Putin's a polished thug.....the rest of it not so bad

Victor von Doom's picture

Jews. The zio jews that dodge the war themselves benefit. Same as always.

TheLastTrump's picture


Our narcissist can kick your narcissist'sssss ass.
Art Van Delay's picture

Don't underestimate PUTIN.

Trump is a snotty punk compared to the chess master. Putin will demoted Trump to the lowest common denominator and treat him as enemy. Basically he was doing it already, even when Trump was praising him last year. That guy has black belt in KGB martial arts not in kissing kike ass like flipper here. 

TheLastTrump's picture

First off, I like Vlad & Russiya. And, you're right, DO NOT underestimate Putin or anyone else leading Russia.


Now, the rest of that was laughable fucking garbage. Leftist shillage du jour, poorly communicated.


Putin is a martial artist? Yeah, he probably could do that 70 year old president, sure.


But he looked fucking ridiculous riding that horse barechested....hilarious. Like 2 WWE wrestling guys taking center stage. :)





"Don't underestimate PUTIN.

Trump is a snotty punk compared to the chess master. Putin will demoted Trump to the lowest common denominator and treat him as enemy. Basically he was doing it already, even when Trump was praising him last year. That guy has black belt in KGB martial arts not in kissing kike ass like flipper here. "

Insurrector's picture

Putin is not afraid to show his man boobs.

Thank god for all of us that Don at least has more class than Vlad.

Freddie's picture

Trump sold his kids to the tribe and Kushner-Soros runs the show.

I like Melana and Barron - I think they are still goys. Melania should be eastern Orthodox. 

Putin and Assad are far more literate than 99% of the criminals in ConGress.  Trump is smart but Kushner-Soros run the show.

TheLastTrump's picture

Yeah, right. You're a fucking Nazi asshat.


Fuck your "Tribe" codeword. Jews he said Joos.


So Soros is running Trumps presidency now, eh? Got any PROOF? No- you don't. pfft wtf am I doing here


Freddie's picture

Putin and Russia are sitting on the largest gold reserves in the world.  This is gold in the vault plus much more in the ground. The largest mineral reserves in the world. Possibly the largest oil and gas reserves in the world.

Go look at the Gazprom pipeline network.  It is astonishing.  It connects all of Asia and Europe.  This pipeline network and the Silk Road rail line plus Russian anti-ship, anti-aircraft and anti-ICBM missiles make the US Navy pretty useless.

USA weaponary is designed to steal the most money from taxpayers with H1B indian programmers.  F-35 software is shit and still not done.  The Russians have arguably the best programmers in the world and they are not Trayvon fan bys like white American hi hop NCAA loving males.

What does the USA have $20+ trillion of debt to a private illegal bank. A society where white males cheer on Trayvon NCAA, NFL,NBA rapists and thugs.   You have a president run by Kushner-Soros-Nudelman.  Put Barron and Melania in charge as they have not been sold to the tribe yet as far as I know. 

$20 trillion in debt and worthless FRN notes plus an empty Fort Knox versus the largest gold reserves.

President Kushner-Soros-Bibi-Nudelman.

Insurrector's picture

Venezuela has the largest oil reserve in the world.