Princess Ivanka is "Heartbroken". America Goes To War

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Princess Ivanka is "Heartbroken". America Goes To War

Written by Peter Diekmeyer (CLICK HERE FOR ORIGINAL)



America’s stunning attack on Syria just days after the Trump Administration signaled tolerance for the Assad regime has left global-macro analysts scrambling to grasp the President’s decision making processes.


Reports that Ivanka Trump’s “heartbroken” reaction to a possible chemical weapons attack influenced the impulsive decision suggest a President guided more by emotion than law or rigorous policy analysis.


The extent of the President’s daughter’s role in inspiring an act of war without a formal investigating of the incident, Congressional approval, or United Nation’s sanction calls for a total reappraisal of how the Administration is analyzed.


Because if the Trump children’s influence overrules traditional checks and balances related to war, then it will also be felt in economic, social, and political matters.


America's drift towards monarchy 

Ironically, the best historical model to use when analyzing the Trump Administration may be a monarchical court, in which the relative powers of princes, princesses, and “hired help” (such as senior advisor Steven Bannon) are often opaque.


This may sound like heresy. But there are numerous signs suggest that the United States has been drifting towards de facto monarchy for decades.


This can be seen in strong voter support for both the Bush and Clinton families, pressures on Michelle Obama to run for public office, coupled with a plunge in intergenerational economic mobility and the entrenching establishments of various power elites.


Donald Trump looks to be positioning his family to continue that trend.


The US President has given key policy posts to both Ivanka and his son-in-law Jared Kushner and has positioned US initiatives to funnel cash and free advertising to family holdings (Mar-a-Lago and Trump Tower), run by his sons Eric and Donald Junior.


America isn’t alone in its drift towards monarchy, which for most of recorded human history has been the planet’s natural system of governance.


Canada’s Justin Trudeau is the son of a former head of state, as are Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, Korea’s Kim Jong-Un, and slews of third world leaders.


Prince "Jared the Debtor": key to U.S. monetary policy

If you think of the Trump children and relatives as traditional “princes” and “princesses”, then their interests and possible courses of action become clearer.


The best example relates to Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner, whom, for ease of understanding, we may refer to as “Prince Jared the Debtor” in this article.


Prince Jared comes from the Kushner real estate family, which like most investors in the sector, including King Donald himself, are heavy users of debt financing.


Analysts who take this into consideration, as we did in our Megatrends 2020 article, can easily chart the course forinterest rates: the Trump Administration Federal Reserve appointments will consist entirely of easy money advocates.


The President himself recently confirmed this by uttering favorable comments about Janet Yellen, following harsh condemnation of her policies during the election campaign.


Similar clarity about possible Trump Administration moves can be gained by analyzing the relative positions of the remaining Trump children, Eric, Donald and Tiffany, as well as other family members.


King Donald the Tyrant

On a more sobering note, analyzing the Trump Administration as a monarchy, with Donald Trump as “King”, provides an excellent framework for understanding how foreign powers will react.


James Madison, writing in the Federalist Papers (under the pseudonym Helvetius 1), described a government that initiated acts of war without Congressional approval (as the Trump Administration just did) as a “tyranny.”


Americans will not initially pay attention to this analysis or depiction. But foreign powers will.


The era of hyperpower politics ended last week.


As these words are being typed, any foreign leader with interests that are antithetical to those of King Donald the Tyrant, that has a modicum of common sense, will be seeking a way to get under either the Russian or Chinese nuclear umbrella.


A huge opportunity for the Alt-Fin media

Analyzing the power and influence of the Trump children as well as the President’s brothers, sisters and friends provides stunning opportunities for the Alt-Fin media.


Zero Hedge, USA Watchdog, RealVision, newsletter writers and the like, many of which have been operating “out of the box” for years, are far better prepared to adapt the new environment than legacy analysts.


That’s particularly true of the older Alt-Fin media hacks who followed the Soviet Union during the Cold War, who refined creative techniques for assessing power structures by, for example analyzing the positioning of Politburo members during May Day parades.


Conversely mainstream media, think tanks and private sector forecasters - which assess power structures and economic trends based on title, function and flows - are unlikely to have the flexibility to adjust their perspectives outside their silos.


That said, the following is a useful tool:


Pick the Trump kid, friend, or relative whose motives and actions you want to understand.


Now pronounce their name with their appropriate title next to it.


“Princess Ivanka the Heartbroken.” “Prince Jared the Debtor.” “Princess Tiffany the Wild.” “King Donald the Tyrant.”


Now you get it.



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Princess Ivanka is "Heartbroken". America Goes To War

Written by Peter Diekmeyer (CLICK HERE FOR ORIGINAL)

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LibertyVibe's picture

Stupid, short-sided article. Ivanka and Jared are there to help with the "China" factor. Trump needs China right now, as he is partnering with them and Russia to deal with N. Korea and soon Iran. China is absolutly in love with Ivanka Trump. My guess is that both Jared and Ivanka will move on to other things after this year. They will most likely move to China.

Paul Morphy's picture

Interesting analysis, Sprott.

Even some of Trump's very vocal supporters like Alex Jones were initially distraught at the news of the Syrian attack. Two issues, Trump acted unilaterally by not getting Congressional approval and secondlyby doing what he did, he reneged on his election promises. Since the attack, the line being fed is that rump is playing 4D Chess. 

As with every politician, judge them not by what they say but by what they do.

gm_general's picture

Its kind of as if Trump was replaced by a Deep State LMD (Life Model Duplicate) from Agents of SHIELD lately - every day he seems to backtrack on some declaration that was right in the first place. He exclaims in a befuddled way - "Sure I said X, but now indeed I believe -X is true).

IranContra's picture

If you believe that Trump would hurl missiles because of someone's feelings, then I'v got a bridge to sell you.

The missile strike was a timely message to Iran and Putin, and it was "well received."

Fireman's picture

USSA is trapped in a princess s#it sandwich with no way out; two spoiled "exceptional" princesses will dictate the future of this country in collapse mode. The Hubble critter aka Chelsea Klingon for the libtard losers and princess Ivanka of the "babies, beautiful babies" that daddy murders in Syria. Either way this is going to end very very badly.

aloha_snakbar's picture

I wonder why her hair is not orange? Maybe an orange bush?

Hikikomori's picture

It's clear Trump is a virulent misogynist - his daughter is close to him, and he actually listens to her!

hound dog vigilante's picture


So the bogus 'chemical attack' false flag worked like a charm...


Want to start a war?  just fabricate some footage of fake dead kids in the street... all the E! Netowrk ding-a-lings start wailing & blubbering... easy peasy.


Trump better get his head out of his ass or he's in for a rude awakening in 2020.  No way he carries another election if he continues acting like a pro-NATO warmongering MIC waterboy.

Lucky Leprachaun's picture

Just like that photo of the drowned kid on the beach (the kid was moved several times for the ideal shot) was used to open Europe's doors to every Asian and African who showed up.

Beans's picture

And boy oh boy did they SHOW UP...

Posa's picture

It ain't over until Barron weighs in...

Mustafa Kemal's picture

Barron Trump for President!

williambanzai7's picture

This UN and Congress you speak of, what are those?

Global Douche's picture

Good point, WB7! After all, isn't the US reducing or cutting off their share of $$ to the UN?

Congress? That's another tricky group of swamp creatures. The young-uns are still learning how to survive there from their aging fart colleagues.

Caleb Abell's picture

“King Donald the Tyrant.”

Based on last week's Syrian fiasco, it would be more accurate to say "Donald the Court Jester."

ToSoft4Truth's picture

Trump is a bully. This is what 'the base' appeals too. 


Trump and remaining Trumpeters know, unlike 'the kid' or his first wife, Russia hits back.  

fishpoem's picture

In my lifetime, I've watched the United States of America, step by step, become a vassal state of Israel. The election of the Trump/Kushner cabal seals it. Regretably, we've all become too politically correct to talk about it openly, nonetheless to do anything about it. Endless war crimes - like the pointless attack on Syria - are designed to keep Muslim populations divided and constantly fearful. Future historians will not be kind to us.

UndertheDRADIS's picture

Like I say, "It all ends in gunfire."

ToSoft4Truth's picture

Ivanka Trump has a bloody good thing going with her Invaka branded sanitary pads moving like hot cakes in China. 

shutterbug's picture

Grab her by the pussy Trump so we can kick you out of the W.H. and have some peace again...

Trump and all other politicians fooled us ... again.

When do people stop "believing" in false words????

UndertheDRADIS's picture

Trump didn't actually grab anyone by the pussy. He was making fun of starfuckers. Turn off CNN. It's starting to melt your mind.

Testudo321's picture

So if USA goes to war when she is heartbroken what happens if she feels butthurt?

DYS's picture

We should be fine unless she feels "under appreciated".

UndertheDRADIS's picture

I wonder if Daddy let her hold onto the guy with the nuclear code computer.

Duc888's picture




Back here on planet Earth what really happened was Trump listened to Co-President Kushner and lobbed a few over at an airfeild.

You see Judas Prebius and Kushner have been having a bit of a blockade at WHO gets to Trump as well as what INFO gets to Trump...

When someone backdoored the info to Trump that he was risking losing his base by ramping up the Syria fiasco... he quickly told both Mattis and Mcmaster "no troops on the ground" in Syria, "no escalation".


....and that's how it stands today.

Bastiat's picture

I wonder how long before he realizes he was fed fake intelligence and conned into a war crime in Syria?

UndertheDRADIS's picture

I don't think Trump is going to go on TV and say, "Oops, our bad" after dumping 30 tons of munitions on an airfield. If he did, the next sentences would be something along the lines of, "My son-in-law has announced his resignation to spend more time with his family."

Duc888's picture



He already figured that out, hence no escalation in Syria.

Laddie's picture

I no longer think that Trump is a "good guy" this post is a tiny bit of the reason why:

When Netanyahu visited Trump – immediately after he got elected – he stayed at the house of Ivanka and Kushner..!!

–When Netanyahu slept at the Kushners — media tales of Trump’s Jewish confidants–

Netanyahu has long been a friend of the Kushners, and particularly Jared’s dad, Charles Kushner, a major donor to pro-Israel and Jewish causes. One time, Kantor reports – she doesn’t specify when – Jared gave up his bed and moved to the basement so Netanyahu could spend the night at their home in Livingston, New Jersey.

Politico and The Washington Post also shared inside reporting about Kushner and his wife, Ivanka Trump, and the Times joined the Post in fleshing out the profile of Stephen Miller, President Donald Trump’s senior adviser and frequent opening act.

* Jared’s dad still looms large in his life. As close as he is to Ivanka’s dad, Jared remains his own father’s son. Charles Kushner joined the meeting in September of Netanyahu, Trump and Jared Kushner, the Times reported.

Lucky Leprachaun's picture

" Jared’s dad, Charles Kushner, a major donor to pro-Israel and Jewish causes.." And a major crook as well, serving time in a Federal slammer.

biker's picture
biker (not verified) Apr 19, 2017 12:31 PM

First 100days:
Trump has targeted and KILLED
beautiful children in five countries.

And made threats to murder millions more.


fleur de lis's picture

Ivanka is in over her head but she is still smarter than Jared.

One or both of them will make a faux pas that will cost them.

Whatever else about them they are not swamp dwellers by nature, and the murky depths of the swamp hide malevolent creatures that never show themselves but send out malefactors to destroy what hampers their plans.

Ivanka should familiarize herself with the murder of Officer Terry Yeakey if she wants an idea of what kind of psychopaths live in the neighborhood.


rphb's picture

America could do worse then to have the Trump dynasty as the royal house and princess Ivanka as the hairess apperent

artichoke's picture

Trump's a good man.

Ivanka, I have doubts about.  She talked about family friendly policies to help people have their own children, when campaigning.  Now what I hear from her is about the gender wage gap, and supposedly this although I am not at all sure she's the reason here.

It's OK to have doubts about Ivanka.  She just started.  In 4 years we'll have a much better idea.

Billy the Poet's picture

the hairess apperent

So when the estate is divided she gets the squirrel?

A. Boaty's picture

"...James Madison, writing in the Federalist Papers (under the pseudonym Helvetius 1), described a government that initiated acts of war without Congressional approval (as the Trump Administration just did) as a “tyranny.”..."

Congress hasn't declared war since 1941.

Caleb Abell's picture

"Congress hasn't declared war since 1941."

Shame on you, your comment libels the Noble Patriots who walk the sacred halls of the Capital Building.

We've never stopped being at war since 1941, so your suggestion that congress shirked their duty must be wrong.  I'm sure they made formal declarations of war every time we attacked someone (usually every other Tuesday, and never on Saturday because it's Shabbat).  We just need to find where we stored them ... the pantry, perhaps.

Jubal Early's picture

And that is what the "greatest generation" handed over to the boomers:  a tyranny.  Of course the tyranny started a lot earlier.

Sandmann's picture

Canada’s Justin Trudeau is the son of a former head of state, as are Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, Korea’s Kim Jong-Un, and slews of third world leaders.

 Did you forget the recently impeached President Park of Korea ? 

artichoke's picture

Yeah, but Justin Trudeau's father was the head of state of Cuba, not Canada.

Global Douche's picture

So THAT'S why Canada has the finest cigars outside the Caribbean!

silvermail's picture

We must immediately reward Trump, the Nobel Peace Prize! Or is it still early, because Trump still does not deserve a Nobel Peace Prize?

In any case, we must do it urgently, until our world has disappeared in nuclear fire!

oncemore's picture

Nobel Peace Prize is reserved for chocolate leaders only.

See Soetoro, Arafat, Mandella, Desmond Tutu, Anwar Sadat.

oncemore's picture

Nobel Peace Prize is reserved for chocolate leaders only.

See Soetoro, Arafat, Mandella, Desmond Tutu, Anwar Sadat.

bardot63's picture

Better her than Chelsea Hubbel.

Billy the Poet's picture

I know that I'd rather get killed because of Ivanka's whims instead of Chelsea's.

Bastiat's picture

She's now complicit in a war crime for the attack on Syria based on fake intelligence.  Welcome to dark side Ivanka.  Pretty is as pretty does.