Russia Reveals First Pics Of Top-Secret Arctic Base Filled With Reindeer-Riding Special Forces

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After an 'icy' (pardon the pun) meeting between Rex Tillerson and Russia Foreign Secretary Sergei Lavrov last week in Moscow, Vladimir Putin has just released the first public photos of a giant, top-secret military base recently built on the arctic island of "Alexandra Land."  According to media reports, the base is believed to be fully-armed with missile systems and nuclear-ready fighter jets.

A virtual tour of the facility can be viewed here.



Per The Sun, Russian economists figure the arctic outpost could hold the key to the Kremlin unearthing almost $25 trillion of oil and gas buried deep beneath the snow.  And with that kind of money on the line, it's only natural that the base would be heavily fortified with nuclear ready fighter jets and reindeer-riding specials forces.

More than 150 troops will be based at the clover-shaped compound - which is decked out in the red, white and blue of the Russian flag.


And more worryingly, Moscow's defence minister Sergei Shoigu confirmed nuke-ready Su-34 fighter jets will be deployed at a nearby air base.



The 150,000 sq ft (14,000 sq m) facility is designed to house 150 personnel, on 18-month tours of duty, and includes living quarters, a cinema, a chapel, a gymnasium, a billiards room and an orangery.


Meanwhile, in a heaping dose of the obvious, Defense Secretary James Mattis confirmed: "Russia is taking aggressive steps to increase its presence there." 


We're still awaiting confirmation of whether the gallons of vodka required daily to operate such a facility will be imported or distilled on the premises.

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" I must break you " 

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> Top Secret

> Here, have some pics

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Pretty sure Vlads hat is photoshopped. It's really a MAGA hat.

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Top secret...and here's the location map too.

Oh, aren't those reindeer cute? Great, RSPCA will come after anyone who dares bomb them.

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Yeah but that Rooski 6-wheeler is bad ass

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By the way. these facilities look pathetic next to the massive facilities on the North Slope/Prudhoe. But I agree, the truck is cool.



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Good to know that the times of the sand nigger pissing oil are comming to extinction.

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"Russia Reveals First Pics Of Top-Secret Arctic Base"

Maybe it's not in that location at all. Probably just misdirection.

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Donald Trump (not verified) sincerely_yours Apr 19, 2017 11:35 PM

Prepare for the dawn of a new NWO. Sand niggers don't have much oil left, nor market and the natural gas from ME will be controlled by Russia-Iran.

The petrodollar will be obsolete in a matter of years, while the CIA/Mossad/Saudi's proxy army is getting desperate to survive:

ISIS Launched Chemical Weapons Attack Against US, Iraqi Troops


ISIS desperation IS a sign that end is near for them.

Trumpo and the neocohens can't save them anymore.

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Those Su34's are kick ass airplanes, but I'm not sure about the camouflage theme in red, white and blue. The white I can understand, but the red and blue?

"We're still awaiting confirmation of whether the gallons of vodka required daily to operate such a facility will be imported or distilled on the premises."

It's probably meant as a joke, but I think it's a common misconception to think that alcohol is 'good against the cold.' It probably comes from that Disney crap where St Bernard's dogs always has a little barrel of rum around it's neck.

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looks like a COD level

Putin is pretty cool though a modern day Theodore Roosevelt

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The Franz Josef region is just a collection of small islands which already has the Nagurskoe border guard outpost which consideted of a large, round main building , a rectangular metal garage-like facility and a small wooden church.  There is no landing runway anywhere remotely near this groupof islands.


If you screw up your career, be assured you will get an 18 month tour of duty here.  Cute reindeer. Are you married?

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Prudhoe r pathetic, just a platform. Ruskies have it solid under, they can go and extend deep under how much their wish

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Fuck the Rothschilds BP oil.

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Oil rig versus cool Russian army base.  Cool army base wins!

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Kamaz trucks are even cooler - check out Paris to Dakar race. Huge trucks about twice the size of garbage trucks tearing across the desert.

The Russians and Putin are cool.  The USA is either ghey pajama boy libtards, dumb rednecks ball fans who worship trayvon thugs and rapists in the NCAA, NFL, NBA or dumb ass jirines who will fight and die for Bibi because Rev. John Hagee tells them so or dual shitizen tribe members like President Kushner-Soros. .

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Reindeer ?!

Who knew Santa was Spetsnaz ?

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Indeed.  Russia has been Christian for 1100 years before the non-Christian Bolsheviks aka Kushners and Nudelmans - murdered 25 million Christian Russians.

I doubt Putin would pawns his kids off to the tribe like someone I know.  Maybe Barron is a still a gentile.

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a greenhouse where orange trees are grown.  :-/

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First time ever !

Yeah, something is rotten in  ...

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Putin coulda deescalated things a little, by putting a nice fuzzy white pom-pom on top of his red hat.

"See, nothing to worry about folks."

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Putin really don't give a fuck, about Mattis, about Mattis' capri wearin' homo corps, or about the u.s. in general... just ask him: "hey Vlad, do you give a fuck?"... "nyet, I no give no fockski, but laugh at men troops wearinsk dress and, how you say, pumps"... "hahahahahaha, nyet, no give fockski"

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I think I thought I saw Rudolph in one of those pics...prolly just a pickled reindeer.

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Remember back in the day, when on Christmas Eve they would show NORAD tracking Santa's sled ?

Well, they weren't kidding.

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Rudolph with your nose so bright, won't you nuke my town tonight !

Outstanding !

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Putin ==Make Russia even greater again

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Does Putin's hat say MAGA, MIGA or MRGA?

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I don't know what to make of this.

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Well, I don't know about you, but I'm really starting to have serious doubts about the whole Santa Klaus thing ..


You show me your tits and I'll show you my penis.

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His name was Robert Paulson.

Bob had bitch tits.

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Russians are the new Scandanavians and The Scandis are the new queer bait homo ISIS cucks!

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you used to be a conservative

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No shit!?

Also, for the love of God and all that is holy, please tell me that the US has it's own reindeer riding special forces ..

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Nope, but we're allies with the Royal Canadien Kilted Yaksman.  

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Expecting invasion from Mars at any moment .. then the shit hits the fan ..

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They'd freeze their balls off.

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They skeet shoot too ?

And by the way trump, who pissed in your cornflakes this morning ?

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"please tell me that the US has it's own reindeer riding special forces .."



it's pulling motherfucker


My ZH persona is a flaming asshole truth teller. In my mind.


If you don't like that or you don't agree, then go fuck yourself. Capisce? bien

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did the doctor drop you on your head, or just slap your mother?

but really, you're just an asshole- a flaming, gay asshole

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Well, at least you got the flaming asshole part correct ..

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