Syria Moves Most Of Its Combat Planes Next To Russian Base For Protection

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The enemy of my enemy has safe air bases.

In a move which either suggests that i) Syria is preparing for more US attacks, ii) really likes Russians, or iii) is simply doing the logical thing, CNN reports that the Syrian government has moved most of its combat planes to a base located in close proximity to the Russian air base in Syria to protect them from potential US strikes. The movement of the aircraft to the air base at Bassel Al-Assad International Airport began shortly after the US's April 6 Tomahawk cruise missile strike on Sharat air base, which destroyed some 24 Syrian warplanes.

After the move, the majority of Syria's operation airforce will be located next to Russia's Khmeimim Air Base, where the majority of Russian air forces helping ally Syrian President Bashar al-Assad's regime are based, in Latakia, Syria.

The Khmeimim base, along with a naval facility in Tartus, is one of the two of the primary Russian military installations in Syria, and has in the past been shown to be protected by one or more Russian anti-aircraft missile installations.

While the motive behind the move is obvious, CNN nonetheless points it out:"The regime in Damascus may be calculating that the US would be more reluctant to strike in close proximity to the Russian troops and their anti-aircraft systems."

Two weeks ago, the US warned Moscow via a pre-established channel in advance of its April 6 cruise missile strike in order to prevent any Russian casualties. So with Russian military assets clearly on the "do not target" list, it was only logical that Assad would do everything to move as many of his own assets as close to the Russian air base as possible.

It was unclear what the current state is of the transported Syrian airplanes. Shortly after the April 6 strike, US defense officials said that the its retaliatory strike incapacitated some 20% of the regime's operational fixed-wing aircraft, making the preservation of the remaining planes of the utmost importance to Damascus.

"The Syrian Air Force is not in good shape. It's been worn down by years of combat plus some ... significant maintenance problems," Secretary of Defense Gen. James Mattis told reporters at the Pentagon.
The US has not ruled out additional strikes against the regime should it opt to use chemical weapons in the future. "The Syrian regime should think long and hard before it again acts so recklessly in violation of international law against the use of chemical weapons," Mattis said, later adding: "If they use chemical weapons, they are going to pay a very, very stiff price."

Unless, of course, as Oliver Stone most recently suggested, it wasn't Syria using chemical weapons and instead the attack was as Putin said last week, a false flag. Which begs the question: should another "chemical attack" or "false flag" take place, will the US dare to target Syrian assets in dangerous proximity to the Russian base, or will it simply decide to aim for Assad's palace. After all, by now it is clear to most that the US goal, from the beginning, has been regime change.

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Okay, WW3 all set to go. 


Bomb the living rat fuck out of the base, and blame it on the Russians.

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If the nuclear war comes, it'll invariably come in the middle of the night. We'll all wake up one day to find ourselves living in the post atomic horror.

Still, not the end of the world though. Humanity will survive, history will start over, and maybe next time we'll get it right.

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"should another 'chemical attack' or 'false flag' take place, will the US dare to target Syrian assets in dangerous proximity to the Russian base, or will it simply decide to aim for Assad's palace."

Trick question? Both would pose no problem to the neocons and Deep State (Trump included). It's a question of how to sell it in a more palatable form to the public.

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Threaten isis with Obamacare. They'll run for the hills!

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what impact will this move have on the petrodollar club's ability to plant chemical weapons on Syrian planes?

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I think the Russians are doing a little Clint know, 'Make my Day!!'

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unless you are in Canada  or Latin America you won't wake up.

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"We'll all wake up...."

Umm, no. Most of us won't. We can only hope Mother Nature chooses dolphins as the next dominant species.

skinwalker's picture

Nonsense. Direct causualities due to blast and radiation will not likely exceed 500 million.

Perhaps an additional few billion will perish from secondary effects, but the bulk of humanity will survive the initial event itself.

This idea that a nuclear war is the end of everything needs to be put to rest. Mankind will survive. We'll just lose a few millennia of progress. Hardly the end of the world.

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Actually the end of the world is teetering by a thread in Fuckushima and the odds of disaster increase by the minute.

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Now that is a thought only a globalist could love. Theory is the world is screwed from our Japanese pals so who cares about a little nuclear fallout? The elite all know this show is coming to a hard close sooner rather than later and in the meantime Laissez les bons temps rouler!

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I edited your comment and cut out a lot of noise and made it funny.  Hope you don't mind

"Direct causualities due to blast and radiation will not likely exceed 500 million. Perhaps an additional few billion will perish from secondary effects, we'll just lose a few millennia of progress. Hardly the end of the world."

edit: btw I understand your point and I think it is valid.

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Everyone in the big cities will die. New York, LA, SF, Houston, Chicago, Atlanta, Seattle, ... all wiped out. Only if you live in a small village in the middle of nowhere you stand a chance of surviving. Modern nukes are not like the Hiroshima bomb anymore, but thousands of times more powerful.

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You know - I get the feeling we may have done that before - say 100-200,000 years ago.

What is in Antartica exactly that everyone is so interested in?

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Has this planet seen nuclear war before? I find it likely.

Consider that the great pyramid is almost 68,000 years old, which should give you a clue as to the age of humanity.

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Herodotus, the Inventory Stela, the graffiti discovered by Colonel Howard Vyse ("followers of Khufu", "gang of Khufu" etc), extensive radiocarbon datings from 1949, 1984, 1994, and 2010, and the four shafts, all show that the Great Pyramid and other Old Kingdom pyramids were built around 2600 - 2500 BC.

The four shafts were oriented towards Orion, Sirius, Alpha Draconis, and Kochab, in the 26th century BC, the exact time the Giza plateau was built:

  • Orion was associated with Osiris.
  • Sirius was associated with Isis.
  • Alpha Draconis was the pole star at the time (now Polaris), and
  • Kochab was another bright star used for navigation.

It took 50 years of trial and error to build the first successful pyramid, the 62 meter stepped Pyramid of Djoser, around 2610 BC. The next (the Pyramid of Meidum) collapsed at 65 meters, around 2600 BC, during which time the Bent Pyramid (101M) was finished, followed by The Red Pyramid (105M) around 2590 BC. Construction on The Great Pyramid started shortly after.

The weathering of the Sphinx is equally easy to debunk...

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There are melted glass shards  in INdia and aorund likely from advanced warefare such as described in the ancient sanscrit indian texts

Soundgardener's picture

The story of Atlantis is based on a single source: Plato, who was told a story by Criticias, whose great-grantdather originally heard the tale from Dropidas, who claimed to have been told by Solon, a ruler of Athens, who was informed about Atlantis by an Eqyptian priest on a visit to Egypt. The priest located Atlantis in front of the Strait of Gibraltar, and said it was the size of a small continent. Earthquakes and tsunamis swallowed Atlantis, and apparently the Atlantic Ocean  in front of the Strait of Gibraltar is impossible to navigate due to the remnants of Atlantis...blah blah blah.

Atlantis didnt exist, and couldn't possibly have existed, unless Velikovsky's Earth Crust Displacement / Pole Shift Theory were true, which it isn't. It was developed in the 50s, before the plate tectonics theory (thoroughly verified) was introduced. We also know that never in the last billion years has there been a rapid and catastrophic pole shift, only various degrees of polar wander, always taking place over millions of years.

Sorry, not trying to piss on your chips or anything, but Atlantis was one of many stories told by an Eqyptian priest to a Greek ruler (Solon) in a display—typical for  the time—of strenuous ass-tonguing, which went down rather well with Solon. In fact it's possibly the most successful tongue-ass in history, given we're still talking about it now, thousands of years later (Atlantis, I mean; not Solon's asshole ;)

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If nuclear war comes you are not waking up to anything. Hello?

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You´ll rather wake on the other side.

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Says the warmongering dumbfuck!


MOAB the living tweedle out of 'em, Marmalade Jesus !

Then, the military industrial complex overlords might let you live.  

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nice move...  go Assad!

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biker (not verified) Apr 19, 2017 7:15 PM

Here come the doomsday joory cult
with the ducked-taped cube
on their bobbing head

~planet earth freakshow

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"significant maintenance problems"

move the planes to where the maintenance guys are

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6 mig 23 were destroyed and were immediatly replace by much newer planes. the move of the planes is smart because trump would not dare fire on the Russians, if he knows what's good for him and his cunt ry 

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Time for some S-400 action.

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The Russians doesnt even need to get to that they have sophisticated electronic warfare deployed in Syria already.

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destroyed 24 planes?? lol

23 missiles made it and destroyed 24 planes, that is quite funny.


full video what really happened  at the airfield.

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That is a really informative news report.  I watched the whole thing from the beginning.  6 minutes well spent.  We are being fed nothing but lies in the west.

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The US navy put the miss in their missiles.

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Not so much if all you have is 30.

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      Aftermath inspection at Shayrat Airstrip;

      this is extended video Anna News

Davidduke2000's picture

you posted the same video and the same size.

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Putin is an expert in false flags.

All those bombings on his own people making it appear it was Chechnyans. 

Thus allowing him to go in to Chechnya.

Then become the Russian hero.

Ya, he knows all about false flags, the father of them.

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Sssssh . Investigation still ongoing .

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Another nice one from Colbert Report...

The Syria Strikes: A Conspiracy Theory

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bush was trying for a long time to set fire to the Russian federation, Putin showed him how to win wars, he destroyed the jihadists in Chechnya, and destroyed the Georgian army in a couple of days.

Putin is the most trusted leader in the world , while the american leaders are the most hated even in israel. 

Thinkpad's picture

Putang is one evil dude and the world knows it. Your BS pro Putang propaganda just got exposed over on Reuters exclusive scurry along asshole you've been exposed.

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False Flags are pretty damn old in the annals of shitty humanity.

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Those people must not believe in God though. If there is a God, He's going to kick their ass.

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      littering the site again?

      you know nothing about Chechnya

      Kadyrov explains:


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THEY are rounded up in the dead of night by gangs of burly and bearded mercenaries, taken from their beds or nabbed in raids on secretive underground gay social clubs.

Phones are searched and other suspected homosexuals are hunted down, with some of them used in entrapment-style sting operations to find more and more of the so-called ‘depraved’.

These captured men — at least 100 of them so far, but probably more — are taken to old military or police buildings which have been described as “modern day concentration camps” by human rights groups.



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Trump is the father of bullshits. Real bullshits.

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Surgical spider drones. 

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Good move! What took them so long???...

Go ahead Bi Bi and President "Chocolate layer cake" HIT 'EM NOW MOFOs!!!