Trump Mulling Reneging on Another Campaign Pledge, Thanks to Ivanka and Jared Kushner

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The global warming activist democrats in Trump's White House, led by Ivanka and Jared Kushner, are trying to convince the President to reneg on yet another campaign pledge, against the advice of Steve Bannon.

According to Bloomberg, a pro Paris bloc in his administration, which targets greenhouse emissions, is recruiting energy companies to lobby the President to remain in the controversial agreement that he specifically said was a waste of money during the campaign.

Liquified natural gas producer, $LNG, is an ardent supporter of the agreement, obvious reasons.

"Domestic energy companies are better positioned to compete globally if the United States remains a party to the Paris agreement," Cheniere wrote. The accord "is a useful instrument for fostering demand for America’s energy resources and supporting the continued growth of American industry."


Additionally, Exxon Mobil, Royal Dutch Shell Plc and BP Plc are pro agreement. This is classic crony capitalism. By erecting environmental obstacles, the above energy giants will, effectivley, create a moat around their businesses. No one actually believes BP or Exxon cares about global warming, right?


Both Steve Bannon and EPA head, Scott Pruitt want out of the agreement. But, since Trump's fashion designer daughter wants to keep her liberal NYC friends, the President is said to be weighing his options.

Trump is nearing a decision on whether he will fulfill repeated pledges to withdraw the U.S. from the accord he previously derided as "bad for U.S. business." The White House postponed a planned Tuesday meeting of senior administration officials, including Pruitt, Tillerson, Kushner and Bannon, to go over the pros and cons of staying in the agreement, according to an aide citing a scheduling conflict.
The administration will decide what to do before late next month, when world leaders gather for the Group of Seven summit in Italy, White House press secretary Sean Spicer said.
Not every energy executive is on board. Coal baron Robert E. Murray has been outspoken in criticizing the deal, arguing it’s "just a way for other countries to get American money."

Sec. of State,  Rex Tillerson, warned that backing out of the deal might cause the eurofags to retaliate by boycotting US businesses.

The Paris agreement, formed under Obama, commits America to cut emissions by 26% by 2025.

"The Paris agreement is designed to undermine American self government over the long term because the whole point of it is to put the United States inside a political pressure cooker" and influence domestic energy policy, said Marlo Lewis, a senior fellow at the Competitive Enterprise Institute. "The coal companies and oil and gas companies that are flirting with the Paris agreement don’t understand the existential threat that they’re buying into.”

We eagerly await the outcome of yet another Bannon v Kushner battle.

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Can we subtract the amounts for labor and regulatory arbitrage?

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Because if you are posting unsubstantiated crap in a blog, such as whatever they are calling Glowbull Warming or the "Sarin Attack" this week, there are people who will flip you on your back and let you bake in the sun.

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I voted for Trump not the daughter and son in law. WTF, keep your promises to us.

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"MIGA! Make Israel Great Again! Vote for me, Ivanka!"

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The future vision of America


100 Trillion dollars


Taxes as social engineering


Debt breeds success




New morality


International trade easily displaces local resources, peoples, and ideas.


Big government is the opportunity of the future helping you manage every major decision in your life.


Watch the debate live on TV


Its your personal responsibility.

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"You're a fool
Of The First Division..."

"Death On Two Legs"

Officially dedicated to the U.S. Government...

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So that's the Paris Treaty suddenly becoming "incredibly useful" then. I suppose it would be worse if his plastic-faced daughter had married a beaner.

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Open borders? Don't worry, they'll get around to it. All electing Trump did was to delay the inevitable gunfire.

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if trump ends up being just another conman then that will put the final nail in the coffin of the concept of representative government and believing anything they say.  this will disinfranchise the last remaining option the silent majority have to take their country back.  after that make sure you're loaded up on guns and butter.

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Are you all that dense? Obviously so. I gave up on that idea years ago. Vote as often as you like, it changes only the faces, not the direction. The US gubmint was captured long ago, and the last person they answer to is you. I can't believe it has taken people this long to grasp whats going on. Are you really ready to risk what it is going to take to get some real change? I doubt it. You still have some shit, and your worried they might take it away if you step out of line. They understand you better than you understand yourself. They know your maybe not asleep as much as you once were, but your still too frightened of losing your material goodies, just for the sake of some petty notion of liberty, privacy and freedom. You deserve the velvet chains that bind you.

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At the time of American revolution and Civil War wast majority of Americans ate the same food, wore the same clothing and listenned to the same music (fiddle).

Secret of today's control (they know you better than you do) is diversity of life styles, interests and so many diferrent stages of life (aka: "What do you mean to protest ? Tomorrow is my big break-through-dream-meeting that I was waiting for years !"), life long toll to aquire what one has which is, in case of Americans, a lot etc...etc...

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I see you are a long time ZHr. 

Yes, people can be dense. Unless you were born 'aware', you too went through an enlightening process. Like anything on this floating blue orb in a third rate galaxy, it's a process. It's actually more remarkable that anyone finds their way out of the morass considering the conditioning and lies they are subject to by entrenched clever interests starting the day they were born and not ending until the day they die. I'm not intending to be critical, but what notions did you have bouncing around in your head say 20 years ago that you held as sacrosanct facts that you have modified or abandoned? And some people are just by nature's accident not that smart. Empathy is valuable. There are lots of good folks out there looking for mentors and examples of the humane life. Count your good fortune, good genes, good family and friends. Some do not have any of these things.

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that could be said again. and again,...

always some hope, on the slope of hope.

better to turn downhill and catch some air and enjoy the gravity of the situation, lol..

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Yes indeed.  It is the only reason I bothered to vote for the piece of shit!  We need more people to wake up to the facts!  None of our "representatives" gives two shits about the citizens of this country.  They exist to line their grubby pockets with paper promises!  Every last one of them!

Term limits, take the paper promises out of the equation and make being a representative a part time gig not a lifetime!

Enough venting for one day.  Time to jump back on the hamster wheel.

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crap...........i'm low on butter


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"crap...........i'm low on butter"

Not sure if goats milk is rich enough to produce butter, but they're a lot easier to keep and the cheeze is good enough.

Otherwise, 1 milk cow will do on 1 acre with pasture feed, 2 acres to rotate with a garden every other year. 4 acres if you til with a 2-team mules. A 2 mule (trained to til) team can cost up to $15K - cross trained to ride is good also, they tend to be more sure footed on trails.

Don't trust me on this, I ain't no landlubber - look it up on the the YouTubes, while it's still working.

The point is, I'm still stacking and getting the boat ready - Trump may not be able to stop the financial Tsunami started years ago.

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It comes in a can if you like.

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Red Feather Canned Butter. Tastes really good. Lasts a few years if stored in a cool place. You can freeze it for even longer storage.

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Funnily enough, that's the bright side of things.

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Agreed.  Vote "No Confidence". 

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You really gonna wait another four years and vote???????

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I'm a Trumpster, but seems like he's really working to be one and done.

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At least he repealed Obamacare.

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"At least he repealed Obamacare."

And normalized relationship with Russia.

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And gave us middle class a YUUUUGE tax break.  I hear he's about to audit the fed, too!  What a fabulous president!

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And best of all, he Locked Her Up!

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And don't forget the Trumpster drained the swamp.

nyuk nyuk nyuk.

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We got 1 - we got a Constitutional Supreme Court Judge, I hope.

Being in CA, keeping our firearms is almost impossible.

So MAYBE, maybe, with this judge, we get to keep our iron sights - maybe not scoped, maybe not anything over 1,200 fps, who knows.

But maybe we get to keep our bb guns and bows & arrows for another 3 years.

Who cares, in another 4 years, after my daughter graduates (or I'm dead), I'm outta this commie state.

But for the other 48 (forget about HI), may you guys can thank the Donald for that 1 thing.

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How mant Protestants on the SC now?

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don't forget about that beautiful wall !!

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This whole piece is speculation.

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Imagine , a real American leader like Eisenhower, Jefferson or Lincoln listening and caving in to every second whim of their daughters or sons. The Donald's hands may not be small. But his resolve seems to be, unfortunately. Looks like the USA is governed now by a girl who is fond of Killary and a guy who is servant to Bibi. And a daddy who is obedient to both of them. I am starting to wonder if this ridiculous trumvirate was really the superior choice to Killary.

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To be king you need to be able to kill your own children if need be.  Heavy is the crown and all that.  I thought Trump was that guy...

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Lincoln was a tyrant piece of shit.  Andrew Jackson was much better.  Kushner and Ivanka need to go.

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Yup. And if Rump flips on this....

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That'll be easy. Have Ivanka show him a picture of a baby polar bear clinging to a melting iceberg.


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The true resolve of Trump will be after the first mass shooting that occurs and how quickly, if at all, he flips on gun control. I'm still waiting for gun free zones on bases and schools to be eradicated. I'm pretty sure he mentioned he would override that on day one...