Is World War The Twisted Cure For A Doomed Economy? "Signals for War Are Fiscal"

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Authored by Mac Slavo via,

The march to war is deafening.

But the reasons for it go beyond the elements of military conflict and political intrigue.

Underlying it all, the reasons are economic.

With a nothing-doing economy that has long dragged on the American soul, there is a growing temptation to wipe the slate clean, and launch a wider war – all with the wider aim of igniting a new economic engine.

Theoretically, the economy would spruce up on the same gin that fueled WWII – and not only delivered a victory, but solidified America a prosperous superpower while vanquishing the Great Depression.

The thought is twisted, and perhaps more and more likely everyday. Something like economic gains off of spilling blood – true military industrial complex stuff.

I hope they know what there doing, and that the rest of the country can maintain a strong moral fiber, because if that scenario is green-lighted, things could get pretty grim, pretty quick.

The constant Greg Hunter of speaks with economist Martin Armstrong, who sees war coming as a result of the bad economy:

Former hedge fund manager Martin Armstrong, who is an expert on economic and political cycles, says, “You have to understand what makes war even take place? It does not unfold when everybody is fat and happy. Simple as that. You turn the economy down, and that’s when you get war. It’s the way politics works.”

Martin Armstrong-Economic Downturn Will Take World to War

Startlingly, there were reports (albeit unconfirmed) in the foreign press back in 2008 – in the immediate wake of the economic crisis – that the RAND Corporation was suggesting that a new world war could be started in order to jump start and revive the economy.

It named Russia, China, Iran or another Middle Eastern country and/or North Korea as potential opponents, though the latter was considered too small time for a real economic boost.

Nine years after that crisis, the economy has not recovered, and remains in the doldrums, it seems that the option for further has gone full-blown.

As Paul Watson and Yihan Dai wrote back in 2008:

According to reports out of top Chinese mainstream news outlets, the RAND Corporation recently presented a shocking proposal to the Pentagon in which it lobbied for a war to be started with a major foreign power in an attempt to stimulate the American economy and prevent a recession.


China’s biggest media outlet,, speculated that the target of the new war would probably be China or Russia, but that it could also be Iran or another middle eastern country. Japan was also mentioned as a potential target for the reason that Japan holds the most U.S. debt.


North Korea was considered as a target but ruled out because the scale of such a war would not be large enough for RAND’s requirements.




One would hope that good people, or at least sane people who don’t wish to start a global nuclear war, will oppose the RAND proposal, such as top the military generals who threatened to quit if Bush ordered an attack on Iran. Admiral William Fallon, the head of US Central Command, quit in March last year as a result of his opposition to Bush administration policy on Iran.

Now that we are seeing a plan long in action playing out, there’s a good chance that our time is up.

Do you think that Wall Street has already planned the after party?

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HRClinton's picture

Just STFU and BTFD.

Shemp 4 Victory's picture

If war is what it takes to cure our sick economy, it's better to just let the patient die.

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Donald Trump (not verified) Shemp 4 Victory Apr 19, 2017 9:55 PM

Follow the kikesters' movements and you will have your answer.

Whatever play will benefit the new crypto-zionists will be obliged happily by the big orange puppet

Jared Kushner: The Kosher Mafia Gangster Within the Trump White House

john doeberg's picture

OY VEY ! The sheeple are awakening.  

Neah, don't worry, InfoWars and Alex Jones will have a meltdown before accepting the truth. And without infowars, sheeple still asleep.

They can't read and understand, they only like it when someone is yelling at them.


NidStyles's picture

War is the ultimate Jew bail-out. When all of their other schemes start failing they advocate, kvetch and demand that the goyim go to war against each other so they don't get caught holding the empty satchel

alt right dude's picture

The kikery is strong in this one.


Did Mossad activated their shills to play down the Trump & Kushner long con?


NidStyles's picture

Didn't you hear, my comment was bigoted. Great, that tells me they haven't a real rebuttal, just a pejorative.


Here's another "bigoted" comment. Jews are not to be trusted.

winged's picture

The world war will start in the Middle East. IsraHell is already getting ready.

stizazz's picture

It was supposed to tee off with Obama bombing Iran. Then he went and made a deal with them.

When Trump breaks that deal, know it's about to start.

HedgeJunkie's picture

" hope they know what there doing, and that the rest of the country can maintain a strong moral fiber..."

Give it up, we lose before we start.

Twee Surgeon's picture

Perhaps we could get the bodies of the several thousand on Earth that commit suicide every day and the 30,000 children on Earth that die from Starvation or infection (Or so I'm told.) and just Fed Ex the Corpses out to Bumfuck, Egypt.

Helicopter delivery them on to the Pyramid of Corpses next to the IMF Holiday Inn for bankers. Sahara Branch.

They would have their bodies and everyone is happy. Even the grateful dead.

Four chan's picture

every war a (((bankers))) war

Max Hunter's picture

I think we know what this means... Plan accordingly..

ShortBusCrewChief's picture

So upsetting reading about anti-Semitism...
It's really out of Mein Kampfort zone...
Anne Frankly,it makes me fuhrerious....

dark pools of soros's picture

Pansy mommy boy kike blower comment

besnook's picture

there are no safe places here. put on your gatorhide and leave your feelings at the door.

07564111's picture

Here's another ;)

There will not be a living tribe member left on planet earth after the next war.

Freddie's picture

Jared Kushner amd his vile family do business with Soros.

Is Barron Trump the only Trump that is not tribe?

Wahooo's picture

The patient died a long time ago. This is a dead frankenstein they're trying to revive.

political_proxy's picture

The only assured winners in every war past, present and future are the Banksters. Lending money to both sides, with virtually zero risk of bodily harm...doesn't get much better than that for demonic profiteering.

doctor10's picture

WW is the last resort of an oligarchy out of minds and out of ideas-and having to stare down a phalanx of bankers

doctor10's picture

There is more than adequate opportunity to build homes, power plants, roads , hospitals and farms for one another and our children and grandchildren on into the future and make a comfortable living-one generation preparing for the next.

There is little room in this world any longer for the rent-seeking behavior the sociopathic bankers employ their psychopuppy warriors to impose upon the rest of the world

IridiumRebel's picture

Prepare bitchez. This debt ponzi has run its course.

ebworthen's picture

Agree.  How else will they "pay" for this?

Money is free, lives and labor aren't - that is why you have the above.

Freddie's picture

F the Rothschild Fed Debt run by co Fed Head who ran the Bank of Isrihell.

Putin and Russia are supposedly sitting on 10 times the reported gold reserves plus probably 40 million new reserves mined each year.

Laughing.Man's picture

Wall Street may have planned the after party but they won't be around to attend if a war is started against China and Russia.

Kenny Drebson's picture

creating a war is the only way the US can restructure their debt... besides the fake economy isn't even driven by the middle class.  its the 1% creating fake wealth while flooding western nations w/ an endless supply of 3rd world migrants the government will spend on to stimulate their own economies.

the elite have learned from previous crashes and kept this fake economy going for as long as possible, but its gonna need a reset.... soon.

07564111's picture

The war option will do them little good.

It's impossible to restructure debt when the country will be incapable of functioning due to it's almost total destruction.

lntr's picture

War may be the impetus to cause the sell off and bear market that ZH and a lot of readers on ZH have been looking for. I have been following shepwave for a few months now on the recommendation of ZH and I have to admit I did not think it was possible for an analsyt to be so precise. 

 This is what they shared earlier on their blog at



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jasony's picture

Their calls lately have been over the top amazing.

Chipped ham's picture

What about Larry Wave or Curley Wave? Shep was my favorite wave tho.  Fo sho.

Stan Your Man's picture

Their market calls are untouchable by any other analyst. The only problem is that most of the traders who used to populate the Zh pages are now broke and have gone away. 

Dr.Carl's picture

Good analysts but most of the investors are no longer here. 

2_legs_bahhhhhd's picture

So why are you guys here? Trolling for new customers, or trying to get the broke ones back?

LyLo's picture

No; many of us are still investors.  Hell, since they got rid of pensions, what do you think anyone with any retirement plan technically is?

That said, most of us already were tricked long ago into any dumb clicks you were going to get from us, you dirty fucking spammer.  Shep is not good analysis, and you're one of their many bullshit alt accounts.

besnook's picture

war is the answer....when you have a trillion dollar army.

Troy Ounce's picture


You can easily bring a multi Trillion US$ army to their knees begging for mercy by a few guys with box cutters @ US$ 8.89 each.

NoPension's picture

I remember the event well.

I do not remember the US military on their knees begging for mercy.

Quite the contrary, as a matter of fact.

Troy Ounce's picture


Bombing a few countries as well as every desert and rock in it is a clear indication of going mental and wanting to be taken out of your misery.


besnook's picture

those boxcutters they probably paid a few hundred dollars apiece for returned trillions of dollars in revenue. i think nopension isn't deceived by who is winning the war so far as a result of those boxcutters. it's all about the flow of dough.

DaveA's picture

It's all part of the Hayekian cycle:

(1) A Party gets voted into power by promising a Plan to fix some pressing social problem, ignoring the fact that if said problem could be solved by majority opinion, the majority would have already solved it.

(2) Representing a diverse coalition of interest groups, Party members cannot agree on a simple, specific Plan, so they cobble together a Rube Goldberg monstrosity with just the right mix of hokum and magic pixie dust to appease all factions.

(3) This Plan is put into action and quickly falls apart. Saboteurs of the opposing party must be blamed, and decisive executive action must be taken to save the Plan. Each fix exposes more flaws, so the Plan now changes unpredictably from day to day.

(4) WAR!!! We must defeat this other country! The enemy leaders also welcome war as a distraction from their own failed Plans.

(5) The war ends, and the vanquished leaders are hanged while the victors wave to vast cheering crowds. The old, failed Plans are forgotten, and it’s time for a new Plan to rebuild the country. Back to stage (1).

Chipped ham's picture

Worse yet...The Overton Window moves further apocalyptic. Back to Stage 1A+ the movement. 

brushhog's picture

Yeah back in 1920 that wa the cycle. But this is a different era, war between major powers means extinction of life on earth. So, despite the saber rattling and tough talk, there will be no major war.

MalteseFalcon's picture

My 1970s college economics textbook, written by a famous Keynesian economist, stated that the spending required for WWII revived America's economy and ended the great depression.

I have come to disagree with this point of view.

America recovered, stayed recovered, and took a preeminent position in the whole world, because the US came out of WWII intact and no one else did.

WWI turned out the same way, although to a lesser degree.

As a result of both wars the US collected a vast pile of physical gold as well

What are the odds of America coming out of WWIII intact?

Not likely.

Need to smash up  someone else's productive assets while protecting ours.

Who has vast industry, but cannot harm us?

Freddie's picture

The USA or really the scum elites have stole all the easy gold that is probably easy - Ukraine, Libya, Iraq.  No more easy drunks left to roll.