40% Of Spanish Children Live In Poverty

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Despite a resurging stock market and stabilized bond risk premia (cough Draghi cough), EurActiv reports the proportion of children living below the poverty line in Spain has increased by 9 percentage points between 2008 and 2014, to reach almost 40%.

Spain has the EU’s third highest rate of child poverty, after Romania and Greece. EURACTIV Spain reports. While child poverty in general rose significantly, the sharpest increase (56%) was among households of four people (two adults and two children) living on less than €700 per month, or €8,400 per year.  

Spain has the third widest gap in the EU, behind Latvia and Cyprus, between the levels of social protection offered to children and people over 65. During the crisis, Spain’s oldest citizens were much better protected than its youngest.

According to the Spanish Statistical Office, cited by Unicef, investment in the social protection of families fell by €11.5 billion between 2009 and 2015. Child poverty increased in most developed countries between 2008 and 2014, according to the report, and by two thirds in European countries.

But it's not just children, Spanish poverty rates across the whole nation remain extreme.


Still as long as stocks are stable and bond yields low, Europe is 'fixed'.

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Good thing tapas are cheap...

Haus-Targaryen's picture

No sympathy.  Just like the Greeks, European Unity über alles. 

Food for our kids?  Nahhhhh

Medicine for our elderly?  Nahhhhhh

Maintain our infrastructure?  Nahhhhh

But fuck me sideways and sell my wife into sex-slavery before I give up the blue and yellow flag. 

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you are sooner or later going to have to come to the conclusion that the world is going broke from a certain group of ruthless bankers.

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Donald Trump (not verified) flaminratzazz Apr 21, 2017 4:49 AM

Cheap food and cheap tourist destination. Both Spain and Greece.

What more could we ask for ?

Soon to be cheap tourist sex destination. The Thailand of Europe. 

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I still remember the articles around the 2000s in the middle of the .com bubble on Germany about the rise of the "iberian tiger" and the demise of the German economy. Financial Times, Herald Tribune, Spiegel, the usual suspects. Would be interestig to check what type of propapanda the authors of then are on to right now. Tesla=future of cars? Facebook/Twitter = the future of human interaction? Immigration = salvation of the Western economies from demographic decline?

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As for the headline:  40% Of Spanish Children Live In Poverty

It ain't my problem.  All of the confiscatory taxes in the US that have been collected since LBJ's Great Society have done next to nothing to rid the US of poverty.  Today the definition of US poverty includes a child without a smart phone, etc., etc.

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When you pop that bottle of Dom.......let this haunt your dreams.



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Where are the globalists hippies now who have been screaming - "we ought to help migrant children, after all what kind of monster does not help children". 

I guess native children matter less than muzlim pretend-children.

thisandthat's picture

Ahah yes, "in 2 years we'll overlap Germany!" - not even kidding... they though they were already ahead of Italy (not joking either).

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Cheap food and cheap tourist destination. Both Spain and Greece. What more could we ask for ?
Soon to be cheap tourist sex destination. The Thailand of Europe. 

yeah but who wants to party or have a family vacation surrounded by RAPEFUGEES?

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Well there aren't so many refugees inot Spain as in Greece due to having to travel further. But just wait until the Arab Spring hits Algeria - then you'll see an influx into Spain.

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As it should be. We laid it all out for you in our Talmud. If you are too dumb or too lazy to read it and see what we have in store for you donkey, then you deserve being treated like an animal while we live like lords. You had your chance to end us with Adolf Hilter but you believed the propaganda and fought on our side in WW2. Dumb cattle.


- The Elders of Zion

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so you are blaming that "European Unity" for national social and infrastructure spending?

which, btw, in the case of Spain, is a thing where the Spanish autonomous regions are much more involved?

whereas it's EU funds that support infrastructure spending in Spain?

yeah, right  /S

tell me at least that you are sympathetic for the US youth that was saddled with US Student Debt, whereas many flee that country in order to flee that debt

Haus-Targaryen's picture

I blame the "European Unity" ideal which prohibits Spain from having its own currency. 

Notice here I am not blaming the EU, but rather I am blaming the ideals the Spanish population has towards the EMZ and thus the EU which is causing this, at a national level. 

Reading comprehension is important Ghordo. 

Ghordius's picture

 nothing prohibits the Spanish People to change their mind and push for politics to exit the eurozone, or the EU

explain to me if Poland is better off then Spain. the first has it's national currency, the second is in a monetary alliance called eurozone

all this has very little to do with reading comprehension. you constantly mix up the EU27 with the EUR19, for arguments that are neither here nor there. you would think that the difference of eight countries would be enough to have a decent, factual debate

now, where is your sympathy for those US Student Debt... Refugees in Europe? you are one, aren't you? are you fleeing the EUR or are you fleeing the USD, or none of such?

Haus-Targaryen's picture

Sure, the Spanish can change their mind and it was why I mock them and have so little sympathy for them.  They can change their mind, but choose not to.  Morons. 

They have massive economic and social problems which directly stem from using a currency which is too strong for the economy. 

Why do they use this currency?  Because "European Unity", among other reasons. 

I can distinguish perfectly between the EMZ and EU -- however when it comes to their existence they are tied at the hip.  Kill one, you automatically kill the other. You would think this kind of pragmatism would influence the debate and thought process on your end a little -- but no, it doesn't. You treat these two distinct entities as separate when discussing each one of them as a going concern.  Hate to brake it to you Ghordo, if the EMZ dies it wipes out the EU in its current constellation at the same time. 

Who has higher labor force participation rate ... Poland, lower unemployment ... Poland, fewer children in poverty ... Poland, fewer elderly being food insecure ... Poland, higher literacy rates ... Poland.  Is Poland some grand utopia?  Nope.  I am sure the Polish ZH readers can attest to the problems there.  However, the problems there are less, shall we say, dire than the problems in Spain. 

Why would I sympathize with US student loan debt refugees in Europe? They made the smart decision to leave and not pay anything on them, biding their time waiting for the thing to implode on itself.  

Ghordius's picture

"Why do they use this currency (the EUR)?  Because "European Unity", among other reasons."

well, no. the main reason for using the EUR goes back to the European Exchange Mechanism (ERM)

and the ERM's "reason to be" was... tah, dah... the Mighty Dollar, the Fiat Global Currency

cue in Soros kicking the shit out of the GBP (with unexplained billions at a time when billions were a lot of money) to kick the GBP out of the ERM, and cue in the British Tabloid press scaring the Brits out of any such thing

no fiat dollar, no monetary history from 1946 to August 15th, 1971 and later... no ERM and no EUR

the EUR is a response. a consequence. (your very emigration to flee USD debt is a response, a consequence, too)

to that very problem: "What to do with the Mighty Dollar"

which, famously, was put this way: "The Dollar is Our Currency... And Your Problem"

just look at the spat that China has with the Dollar, with Russia cuing in

Haus-Targaryen's picture

Are you familiar with the term:

"The cure is worse than the disease"

Applicable here.  

Ghordius's picture

the other cure would be gold. and no, it's not an option at the moment (cue in Soros-like "interventions")

in both cases, be it the EUR or gold, the real problem is always the same: balance that budget

if you don't, if you exceed every sanity and spend like there is no tomorrow... that "tomorrow" eventally brings consequences

the same with credit. cue in your US Student Debt

nope. if you bring arguments against the EUR which would be the same if it was gold, i.e. "deficits don't matter", then you are arguing like Dr. Krugman and his cargo cult

credit expansion has to match the expansion of the economy... as much as the expansion of credit in other countries

if you don't... foreigners start to buy up everything you see around, with foreign credit (see China vs US, currently)

the "cure" has a name, in this Currency War: Price Stability

Your Apocalypse Fantasies are nothing else then a Dr. Krugman "Please, Mars, Attack Us And Destroy Every Window Factory In Sight" writ large, very large

meanwhile, we in Europe have to produce and export... just to get access to resources like oil, remember?

I Repeat: Have That World War.... somewhere else. We staged two of them, enough is enough

cheka's picture

eur is nothing more than frn in drag.  see trillions in bailouts and swaps by frbny as proof that eur is no 'competitor', but a franchise

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"Spain’s oldest citizens were much better protected than its youngest."

Boomers are a voting block about 35% of population in most western countries all is made in their favour.

When wefare state was instated, health care was not so advanced. At that time there was no economic problem because what you've paid in social security taxes was enough for your life span.

What you have now is people who paid to the state 35 years 13% of their income to social security and receive from the state 25 years 100%

Plain and simple math, Boomers are getting pensions they haven't paid for them.


East Indian's picture

"When wefare state was instated, health care was not so advanced"

It is not the advanced technology that made health costs prohibitvely high; it is the financialization of the whole economy, whereby you pay interest in terms of your hard work for the money some banker has conjured out of thin air...

Technology tends to get cheaper in a growing economy. It is not happening in healthcare. Why?

rmopf2010's picture

Because Pharma like any company was ment to earn profits to their owners/stock holders

Generics Meds was a bad ideia in the long run, went meds patents wore off another Pharma company could produce the medication that another one invested large amounts of money.

Though Generics Meds were a great ideia at the beginning.

What happens now is that Pharm companys invest large amounts of money most of them it has no come back. So When they make a revolutionaire medication they must inflate the price away because they know after some years someone is going to make money in your Intelectual Property.

That is why new Hepatites C new medication costs 40,000€ treatment/patiente.

Offthebeach's picture

They're not poor, hungry.  They are avant guard ,heroic and model citizens in the soon to be EU cean, green, thin and low energy future.  Plus they have time to be poets too.  

thisandthat's picture

Your comment is a testimony to your wisdom; you should take a leaf out of the Dear Leader's book and lead the EU on the path towards Eternal Heavenly Glory...

To Hell In A Handbasket's picture

Can't you see who is saying no to all these things? Can't you see who is gutting us from the inside out? Can't you see who has a monopoly on printing money? Irrespective of a socialist economy, or a frugal free market/capitalist economy, the same death awaits us all. The symptoms merely show up in the socialist economies first. Remember the Goodfellas? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3XGAmPRxV48

It's the same raping from the inside out game, but with different play schemes/excuses, depending on the country.  I recently came back from the DR Congo and there is no welfare system. In fact the banks don't even fucking lend to the locals unless wealthy(micro-financing is the name of the game down there at rates over 100%). All the banks in the Congo basically do is accept local deposits via the Central African Franc*CAF*controlled by the French and run from Paris, foreign reserves via ex-pats sending money to their families and charged extortionate money transfers from the likes of Western Union et al. The scam works 3 ways and goes like this.

  1. A country which is socialist. Nirvana comes when you cut public spending in half and go to a free market economy.
  2. A country which has a welfare state and capitalism. Nirvana comes when you end the welfare state(not the warfare state) end worker protection rights, deregulate the markets and financial sector, because red tape and regulations are bad for business and stifle growth.
  3. A country that has no welfare state and very little regulation on the environment, worker rights, business practices and finance. Nirvana comes when you cut education spending, health care and infrastructure in our latest IMF report in how to stimulate growth. You must allow companies to pay NO TAX, as the tax not paid will be reinvested and thus provide more jobs. Austerity is good, even though research proves overwhelmingly, austerity shrinks the economy, but who cares about our bogus economic models anyway? FUCK YOU PAY ME!

Really? Seriously? Who the fuck believes their economic bullshit anymore? For the record, who did the Spanish tax payer bail out from bankruptcy, due to their profligacy, mismanagement and reckless speculation? And the rigged game for the chosen ones goes deeper than you think.

HenryKissingerChurchill's picture

Food for our kids?  Nahhhhh

Medicine for our elderly?  Nahhhhhh

Maintain our infrastructure?  Nahhhhh

matching video here: (cool toons) https://youtu.be/N7P2ExRF3GQ


CYBERTOOTH's picture

I don't think the kids got to vote.

NaturalOnly's picture

The Spanish are in control of their government about as much as we are. Why blame the people?

We voted against war in election after election, did it work?

Joe A's picture

Tapas are overrated and not cheap at all.

Juliette's picture

They are the cheapest food you can buy anywhere in western Europe, and they are great and varied. Anything from olives and cheese to hamburgers and whole warm meals.

moorewasthebestbond's picture

Typical post imperial society.


The old withering plants get all the water and fertilizer instead of the seedlings.

RibbitFreedom's picture

Moore was an awesome Bond. You are correct there as well.

new game's picture

start by blaming psychopatic politicians, religious leaders and bankers for all this strife on planet earth.

then put the burden on individuals for not putting up a fight for their liberty. Then step back and ask why do people do this to themselves.

living beyond their means-debt.

vote for these liar fuks-same crap run by deep state entities.

and believe crap to be true...

humans are mostly just plain dumb, lacking critical thinking skills and easily led / controlled. like cattle as in chattel...

mily's picture

Depends how you define poverty these days, i.e is poverty only one xbox at home?

flaminratzazz's picture

damn it.. I am one xbox below that! I must be totally fvkin broke and don't know it.

localstorm's picture

> investment in the social protection of families fell by €11.5 billion between 2009 and 2015.

I love how any spending is called investment.

Haus-Targaryen's picture

Unless spending is AG and AU related, then its called "hoarding." 

thisandthat's picture

Well, everything you do with money, short of literally burning it, is an investment - whether it's a sound, "roi-positiv" investment it's another story... - either way, it's people's money being used by people to ("alledgedly") improve people's living standards, so yeah, that's an investment - or spending, whatever you call it; it's the result that matter...

BritBob's picture

And as a distraction ploy the Spanish government pulls the Gibraltar excuse out of the hat.

But it don't wash anymore.

And they even use their King!

Spanish king uses UN address to demand Britain return Gibraltar

(RT 22 Sep, 2016 ).


Gibraltar - Some Relevant International Law: https://www.academia.edu/10575180/Gibraltar_-_Some_Relevant_Internationa...


Perhaps he should have stayed at home.

thisandthat's picture

Fuck off with your gibraltar spamming, asshole; here's all you need to know about your fucking gibraltar:

“the instruction from senior partners in London was to direct the really, really dodgy business away from Jersey to Gibraltar…[we] regarded Gibraltar as totally subprime. This was where you put the real monkey business."



Oh, yeah, also this:

As Richard Murphy of Tax Research UK has pointed out, Gibraltar “is funded by its activity as a tax haven and center for offshore gambling. The first activity is intent on undermining the global economy and the legitimate tax revenues of democratically elected governments. The other is wedded to destroying individual lives. Quite emphatically, this is a place that is dedicated to undermining well-being." It is time it was closed down.


CHX13's picture

Just like the "axis of evil" has been moved to Syria, the Greek-Syndrom has steadily spread eastward and is now plaguing both Italy and Spain, either of which alone being too big to bail out. Needless to say that "saved" Greek once again needs a cash-infusion very soon or else... But I am confident, that Draghi will do "whatever it takes" just to keep the madness going for another round of insanity.

Jambo Mambo Bill's picture

But EU needs more muslim migrants of course...


Why not deport the Southern Europeans to the middle east to be slavered so there is more space for the 'poor' migrant families of only military age males...

Good job EU and Neocons ! Well done ! Reduce the overall IQ of the Western civilization to at least half, they will be all 'good obedient' citizens soon, we can see already the wonder future you are creating!

Overdrawn's picture

They can't deport the Europeans, they are needed to work and pay taxes to pay for the lifestyle these migrants are being given for free.

HenryKissingerChurchill's picture

They can't deport the Europeans, they are needed to work and pay taxes to pay for the lifestyle these migrants are being given for free.

and the EUROcrat drunk psycopath lobbyst Kommisars need to have their wines and audis, too

Ghordius's picture

the EU is currently literally bribing the Turkish government to keep millions in Turkey

and... it is a cheap move in practically every sense

Infinite QE's picture

Why not just start killing the Muslim invaders? Seriously. There is no "fixing" or "integrating" them. They are coming there as invaders to kill or convert. Do it now before they breed there way to dominance.

Ghordius's picture

because it's expensive

never mind that we live on the same Greater Landmass

fact is that if we start killing Muslims because they are Muslims, we engage in a religious war with one billion humans that are actually quite peaceful versus Christianity/Europe, and are mostly - when at war - busy killing each other

do you really think that Putin would be happy with us? he has even a majority Muslim Russian Republic to care for, Tatarstan

meanwhile, neither Christianity nor the White Race are really at risk, except in the mind of some that never look at numbers. but your proposal would put them at risk

nope. that idea of a Full Religious War can only be entertained on a different World (the New World), far from the realities of the Greater Landmass, with a dozen SuperCarrier BattleGroups and two oceans of distance

90% of Europeans live in Europe, and they make up 90% of the population of Europe

don't project your fantasies on our realities. one of them, btw, is that we have to import oil, and for that we have to produce and export something... to those who have oil. who are those oil-rich countries? do they have other customers, like China?

Infinite QE's picture

But cheap in the long run compared to the current policy of doing nothing but encourage the invasion. That is the official policy of the EU, is it not?

As regards to them being peaceful in comparison to Christians, I know of no Christian groups running around choppng off the heads of non-believers. Perhaps though, it will be necessary to establish one in the model of the Templars or other groups to be man enough to handle the invasion as the men of Europe seem to have been fully neutered.

Ghordius's picture

the response to your comment is actually nothing else then the begin of the thread:

"the EU is currently literally bribing the Turkish government to keep millions in Turkey

and... it is a cheap move in practically every sense "

so, what is the official policy of the EU again? what is the EU doing? showing EU funds up the Great Turk's "Golden Gate", for example

and this without going into the fact that immigration is a national affair, in the EU countries