50,000 People Per Year Are Hospitalized From Police Injuries

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The level that things have reached on every front is outrageous, exclaims SHTFplan.com's Mac Slavo, and it isn’t just police, the entire system is out of control.

Hospitals kill at least 100,000 patients per year due; the monetary system is a spreading virus and a fraud. No transaction in society represents what it seems on face value; it is discounted, it is corruption.


How much farther can things deteriorate before they collapse? We have only history to guide us, and time to wait. Be ready for what is coming, and stay vigilant.

Study: Police-Inflicted Injuries Send More Than 50,000 To Emergency Rooms EVERY YEAR

Authored by Lily Dane via The Daily Sheeple,

A new study published by JAMA Surgery found that from 2006 to 2012, there were approximately 51,000 emergency department visits per year for patients injured by law enforcement in the United States, with this number stable over this time period.

From the press release:

During this time period, there were 355,677 ED visits for injuries by law enforcement, and frequencies did not increase over time. Of these visits, 0.3 percent (n = 1,202) resulted in death. More than 80 percent of patients were men, and the average age of patients was 32 years. Most lived in zip codes with median household income less than the national average, and 81 percent lived in urban areas. Injuries by law enforcement were more common in the South and West and less common in the Northeast and Midwest. Most injuries by law enforcement resulted from being struck, with gunshot and stab wounds accounting for fewer than seven percent. Most injuries were minor. Medically identified substance abuse was common in patients injured by police, as was mental illness.

The most common cause of injury was “being struck by or against” which accounted for approximately 77 percent of the ER visits.

Lead study author Dr. Elinore Kaufman, a surgical resident at New York-Presbyterian Hospital Weill Cornell Medical Center in New York City, told Live Science that mental illness was common, affecting 20 percent of people injured. She added that the study’s estimate of 51,000 emergency room visits per year does not include deaths that occur at crime scenes or people who are injured but do not seek medical attention.

Of the findings, the study authors wrote,

While public attention has surged in recent years, we found these frequencies [approximately 51,000 ED visits per year] to be stable over 7 years, indicating that this has been a longer-term phenomenon.


While it is impossible to classify how many of these injuries are avoidable, these data can serve as a baseline to evaluate the outcomes of national and regional efforts to reduce law enforcement-related injury.

According to The Counted, a database maintained by The Guardian, 1,146 people were killed by police in the US in 2015, and 1,092 lost their lives to law enforcement in 2016.

The Washington Post maintains a database called Fatal Force that tracks police shootings. So far in 2017, according to the database, 295 people have been fatally shot by police in the US.

A website called Killed By Police lists people who have been killed by police by all means, including gunshot, taser, restraint/physical force, chemical, vehicle, and “other.” The site is updated regularly, and as of the time of this writing, 343 deaths by law enforcement are documented.

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And the entire planet is injured by our satanic occult leaders.

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that's nothing.  negroes kill/injure many times that amount.  the real terrists

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Muh police brutality. Wer muh settlement?!

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Brave policemen from the USA shooting unarmed in the back is generally a common phenomenon.

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Last few days i have looked out my window at work and have seen huge...bigger than a garbage truck...military blacked out police vehicle going somewhere with one ford explorer with lights following it. It was bigger than 6-8 explorers.  7:30 am. No emergency.

Wtf. That vehicle does NOT belong outside a combat zone in a legit war.


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They're going for coffee and donuts. Taking turns driving the "Big Twuck".....getting their rocks off.

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With the rapid militarization of our domestic police force, that 50,000 number will soon seem like the good old days.

"Donald Trump signs executive order giving police more powers

At the formal ceremony to appoint Jeff Sessions as Attorney General, the President outlined the new mandate that Mr Sessions would have, including tackling crime, drug cartels and terrorism.

He insisted that the US faced the “threat of rising crime” and that “things will get better very soon”.

“I am directing the Department of Justice to reduce crimes and crimes of violence against law enforcement officers,” he said.

“It’s a shame, what has been happening to our great, our truly great, law enforcement officers. That is going to stop today.”

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Cut the bullshit. 

Inner city niggs/spics/muzzies are feral animals that cannot live in a civilized society.  Send them back the fuck where they came from or build gas chambers.  Only then the cops can ratchet down the violence.

Snowflakes need to try living in a few "no go" zones before mouthing off.  I'll take the cops over the animals any day.

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For context, look at the stats for the number of people killed by surgical errors and wrong prescriptions.

Should doctors and pharmacists wear cameras and be monitored? Who watches them?

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Garbage libtard study. Arrested libtards who don't want to go to pen claim injury - which forces cops to clear them through ER before taking them where they belong. There is nothing wrong with 90% of arrested tards - just ask ER physicians.

False study to claim 'police brutality' - when actual police presence is needed.

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There remains still.

Such a place.

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I always like how whenever people go on about stuff like this they never differeniate between innocent victims and those who deserve a beating or being shot. 

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So how come your not in a wheel chair?

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I am still waiting for MSM to show a photo of the cop that beat and dragged the little aisan down the aisle of United.

I have no idea why main stream left wing media is hiding his photo and identity. My guess is he is NOT a white cop or they'd have his photo plastered all over every libtard newpapers and web site and be trashing his history and family right now.

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NOT me...facts are available...if one removes blinders...

A small-town mayor whose dogs were killed in a drug raid was cleared of any wrongdoing after police had been reluctant to rule out his involvement in drug smuggling or apologize for the violent incident.

Police now believe the drug delivery was part of a scheme that sent packages to the homes of unsuspecting recipients. The packages would then be picked up by someone else shortly after delivery. Two suspects have been arrested in the case.


DING, DONG...Avon calling days are long gone!

Government needs you to pay taxes's picture

That's better than SWATTING!  Someone you dont like too much?  Send a crack 6-pack to 'em in the mail, track the package, make sure they are there when it is delivered, then call the cops to administer the coup de grace!

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Treat law enforcement like you would The Gestapo.

Avoid contact at all costs, however if you are forced to interact with the police, be calm, be extremely polite, and whatever you do, don't piss them off.

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Why would I fear the Gestapo? I'm not a commie jewish faggot.

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Got money in the bank don't you?
What do you think they're after, justice and shit?
Don't be a rube.

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"I'm not a commie jewish faggot."

Then why do you call yourself Comrade SmackDaddy Jerry Sanduskywitz?

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You're right of course. Don't worry. Tell the next one you see to go fuck himself. You'll be fine.

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Good lord, you retards just all piled on because muh Gestaphow is da ebil!!!!


Didn't even bother reading or trying to comprehend what he said.

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yea ... 50,000 innocent 'lil snowflakes just walking around minding their own biz

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Yeah these cops need new MRAPs and the latest military equipment to protect themselves. Sarc/

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Averaged to 136 a day.

Suggest 1 per lage city per day.

Definitely stay away from the C opps, but that number is not ouside any normal violent social mileau.

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Just go to an AntiFa riot. The thugs dressed in costumes won't lay a finger on you. 

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The real mystery here is why there aren't more ambushes of cops. Respect for the law has to work both ways. In this country it certainly doesn't. 

Bwana's picture

There were a lot in the 70s but it did not work out for the ambushers.

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Run for Your Life: The American Police State Is Coming to Get You
By John W. Whitehead - April 19, 2017


HIGHEST QUALITY Once more the Sith shall rule the galaxy Darth Sidious Palpatine
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m3sxDlDxzac (0:15)

"Once more the Sith shall rule the galaxy and we shall have peace."

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The data is meaningless without a count of how many police arrests are made each year and how many of those injuries came about by violent resisting of arrest, and  also how many police are hospitalised because of assault.  Try arresting a person on ICE.

A count of 50,000 sounds about right to me. I f there are 2million arrests made every year, there will be a signicant number of violent resisters. And the problem with the US is that everybody can have a hand gun, so if you are a cop you don't get to play wait and see.

besnook's picture

in terms of mortality and injury a cop's job only reaches the top twenty dangerous jobs because of car accident so cops beat the shit out of a lot of people without injury to themselves.

as far as your data set one only has to know that resisting arrest also includes punching the suspect out because the threshold for "assault" on a police officer can be for as little as name calling and gives the officer the right to protect himself by beating the suspect.

the only way to measure these stats is to compare them to law enforcement in other 1st world western countries where the most glaring discrepancy is in the number of incarcerated citizens but i bet there are a lot less injured perps per interaction than in the usa.

this problem clearly points to method of policing issues.

facingfacts 2016's picture

3991 arrests/100,000 My math is poor but that comes to 13,000,000 arrests/year. Injuries requiring the ER are .00397% of arrest. Sounds low to me.

Bigern's picture

Now please cross reference this with how many police officers are treated for duty related injuries.

We can't have context without some context. There are always bad cops, always have been. General disregard for orderly behavior is commonplace these days. Disintegration of the civil society is occurring in real time. People attack police officers, resist arrest, and get beaten as a result. BLM has poured kerosene onto the smolder. Many well intentioned cops become hardened when they see media, mayors, and chiefs selling them out. Actions have consequences. Now everyone suffers. Completely innocent people are pulled over and threatened, internally searched, harassed, and killed by skittish or hardcore officers. The real suffering is only beginning. Mad Max patrols are on the way.

Posa's picture

Bad. But still and all every year 4,000+ black men and boys are murdered... by other black men and boys. Spike Lee tried to address this incredible tragedy in "Chi-raq"... the police shoot and kill about 100 Af-Ams a year... probably most are "justified" ...

homebody's picture

Zero - tell the whole story.  This stinks a lot.    

Handful of Dust's picture
Murderous Antifa attacker and coward identified, Charges filed. Evidence provided. Thanks 4chan!


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God Bless 4Chan for identifying Professor Eric Clanton of SFSU as the cock sucking low life Commie scumbag.

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The primary role of the police is to maintain wealth distribution and class relations.

For those who care, see- Our Enemies in Blue: Police and Power in America by Kristian Williams  

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I am thankful there is a war on drugs, imagine if that killer plant we call weed was everywhere forcing cops to beat the shit out of people to stock the for profit prison system, no worries Jeff Sessions is on the case.

Happy 420 you illegal crazy gorilla glue smoking non violent intellectual thinking types that ruin our society by not conforming and violating the rule of law? by using a medicine of the earth to heal all types of aliments including curing you of the insanity that has become our civilization. 

*puffs* to the insanity...

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police are state sanctioned crime syndicates. people must stop paying taxes to support these criminals. city councils and bolshevist police chiefs are the cause of the problem and both groups need to be taken down.

cabuzz23's picture

And when after the Baltimore riots, the police pulled back and crime dramatically increased !!

cabuzz23's picture

The report should have been more detailed. It gives the impression that police just assault people without just cause. That is very irresponsible !!
How many of those injuries occured during the commission of a crime !!

Ajax-1's picture

God Bless 4Chan for identifying Professor Eric Clanton as the cock sucking low life Commie scumbag.

cabuzz23's picture

Community groups all over the country should begin to change the culture in the inner cities, where most of the crime occurs. These young females need to be taught how to raise a responsible child. Most of the problems of drug use, gang membership, and violent crime are due to this problem. Who is raising these kids, the ones always in trouble, older gang members!
Next these same groups should force change in the schools to teach these kids critical thinking skills, etc .
And the juvenile justice system protects more young thugs than it helps, and the older gang members understand this. That system should be scrapped, judges do have their own descetion .

Bwana's picture

"These young females need to be taught how to raise a responsible child." completely misses the point. There is no reason a young unmarried female should have a child out of wedlock other than rape. Young females know what causes pregnancy before they are old enough to get pregnant. There are so many ways to prevent pregnancy now if they were just used the majority of street thugs could be eliminated. The acceptance of the words, baby daddy, rather than, responsible husband, should not be accepted. Baby daddy is an expression of a total failure of society to maintain the family as it has been since time began and which is necessary to raise children which will become upstanding adults.

cabuzz23's picture

You do know that 70% of violent crimes are committed by repeat offenders. Those are people thaat are the victims, and not all areother criminals !!

Conax's picture

"law enforcement-related injury"

Remember Peace Officers?  Officer Friendly? Andy and Barney?

They were common in the old days. We had local deputies that wouldn't take any crap, but called you Mr. --------- and were not raging and scared all the time. You usually got warned about minor traffic infractions and whatnot. The next time he saw you roll that stop sign, you got the ticket.

These new model troopers can be unpredictable. One shouting Don't Move!! as his partner is yelling Get Out of the Car, mother f***er! Whatchagonnadoo?

Once these new ones raise their voice or toss some obscenities around, that's your ass.