"All I Have Is Hunger" - Many Venezuelans Too Weak To Protest Despite Maduro Misery

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While tens of thousands of angry Venezuelans turned out for the 'mother of all protests' yesterday, facing an increasingly hostile military/police state, the numbers could have been significantly larger but for the fact that legions of poor Venezuelans are simply too frail from starvation to protest.

Some say they are intimidated by armed pro-government militias who scour the slums for signs of dissent. Others say they are afraid to lose the few food handouts the cash-strapped government still provides.

“We wear our protest on the inside for the fear of losing our bag of food,” said San Félix resident Luisa Gutiérrez, a single mother of three.

As The Wall Street Journal reports, President Nicolás Maduro has lost support among the legions of poor Venezuelans that once backed the late Hugo Chávez, but they have largely shown little interest in joining the opposition-led protests that have convulsed the country the past three weeks. Many of the impoverished residents of the vast slums that ring Caracas and other major cities are angry about a collapsing economy and food shortages. But Venezuela’s political unrest remains mostly confined to middle-class enclaves, underscoring the struggle the opposition here faces in trying to unseat an increasingly authoritarian government.

“All I have is hunger—I don’t care if the people protest or not,” said laborer Alfonzo Molero in a slum in Venezuela’s second-largest city, Maracaibo. “With what strength will I protest if my stomach is empty since yesterday?”

Until the slums rise up, Mr. Maduro will likely hang on, analysts say...

Almost two-thirds of Venezuela’s poor, as defined by a variety of socioeconomic factors, want Mr. Maduro to leave, up from 40% when he took office in early 2013, according to pollster Delphos.


The lower classes have also been instrumental in giving the opposition alliance a record two-thirds congressional majority in the last electoral contest, held in December 2015. Polls show the poor would hand the government a drubbing in any vote held this year.

Yet that growing disillusionment hasn’t translated into organized protest, said pollster Luis Vicente León.

Without support in the shantytowns, many opposition supporters fear the current protests will end like the previous wave of unrest in 2014, when three months of demonstrations in middle-class neighborhoods left 43 people dead—without achieving any political change. The failure of those protestshas demoralized and fractured the opposition alliance for years.

“For the masses to come out, they need to feel that they are at a point of no return,” said Félix Seijas Jr., director of pollster Delphos. “We’re still some ways away from that.”

Judging by the eating flamingos, suffering with no toilet paper or soap, and martial law controlling and repressing any anti-government sentiment, we suspect the clock is ticking... as the black-market Bolivar shows...

As Bloomberg details, Venezuela’s black market bolivar is trading at a record low of 4,709 per dollar, according to dolartoday.com, after at least two people were killed when security forces confronted protests against Nicolas Maduro’s increasingly-dictatorial regime with bullets and tear gas. Its weakness is a measure of both the shortage of dollars in the country, and the desperation of Venezuelans to buy food, medicine and other basics, most of which are imported. The official exchange rate is still fixed at around 10, while the legal market-based rate has been allowed to devalue at a controlled pace to 714 per dollar, a 5.8 percent devaluation this year compared with 33 percent on the black market.

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whensteamedapumpkinwillfart's picture

coming soon - to a neigbourhood near you!

The Merovingian's picture

Not if the MSM has anything to say about it.

Socialism at its finest ladies and gentlemen.

Haus-Targaryen's picture

Did you vote for the Socialists?  If yes, then you deserve to starve. 

We all should develop this mentality with our countrymen.  It will make our lives that much easier going forward. 

aurum4040's picture

But.. but.. lets get rid of Assad right? And turn a blind eye to the real issues in countries like Venezuela. Using neocon logic, we should have bombed them and installed a new leader while Chavez was in there. Then again, Israel is nowhere near Venezuela so, theres nothing to see here. 

rmopf2010's picture

Pope Francis silence towards Venezuelan people is overwelming, but what to expect from a comunist pope.


We Miss you John Paul II

HowdyDoody's picture

It has an oil industry not run by by US corporations. Well, there's your problem. I bet the place even has a US Embassy. Guaranteed regime-change territory.






new game's picture

never to weak to pull a trigger, oh if only they had guns to take back their lives from this communist dictator.

hmmmm. wake the fuk up people...

Multi's picture

Don't delude yourself, yes Socialism plays a big part here...  but the root of all this lays on RACE!!!

Look through all South America (well, and to be honest, now North America too) and the more the Indians (i.e. brown people) there are, the shittier the living conditions.


Donald Trump's picture
Donald Trump (not verified) Multi Apr 21, 2017 5:47 AM

But, but, we all evolved from monkeys.

Seems that some monkeys were more retarded that others.

nmewn's picture

I don't know about all that but I do know the people of the lower classes have been getting fucked over for centuries down there. 

If it's not the Spanish & Portugese coming through and slaughtering them wholesale and shipping their stuff back to europe, its US corps making deals and paying off our officials to install dictators or "benevolent-socialist-Chavez/Maduro-types giving them" bread crumbs while they open up another foreign bank account.

Oldwood's picture

This is why we should fear the "grand reset". We would like to think things would bottom out and then reset, rebound, have the epiphany of reality that dependency is DEATH, but instead what we see is a slow grind of poverty. People indoctrinated and addicted to dependency have not the tools of self sufficiency much less self defense, and definitely not assertion or resistance.

Ultimately this is about submission, absolute and unflinching.....The exact same thing North Korea has worked hard to achieve. How long before they start their nuclear program?

nmewn's picture

There's a lot of wisdom packed in that comment. 

I'll just add most of the problems in this world are directly attributable the general populations desire for a "strong man" or a group of "strong men" to lead them,  take care of them, nurture them. 

Apparently the useful idiots who advocate for this  (instead of the rule of law...not "men") are not aware these men have self interest just like ALL men.

Not to be overly cynical but...there are very few angels in this world and the sooner everyone recognizes that basic fact the better off everyone will be.

Benjamin123's picture

There was far less slaughtering and a lot more converting and marrying in South America than in North America. Thus the continent is mestizo, while North America is Injunfrei.

autofixer's picture

Generally, in Norte America (minus Mexico), settlers came with families in search of religious freedom.  In Sur/Sul America, single settlers came in search of El Dorodo.  That my amigos is the difference in thought and identity that carries through until today. 

Benjamin123's picture

True that most spanish settlers were single men, and quite often swarthy araboids from Andalucia (Al-Andalus)/Canary islands.

nmewn's picture

If you will notice my comment had less to do with ethnicity/ race and more to do with people's inherent greed and the ways they cloak that greed.

But if you're sitting around thinking the Spanish didn't kill the hell out of "Indians" in the SW long before there even was a USA you are mistaken. 

Benjamin123's picture

There was less killing. Its a matter of degrees. The spaniards loved their missionaries and the saving of souls..

Lyman54's picture

The native population of Canada and the US was a hell of a lot less than central and South America. The population of the plains Indians was static until the arival of the horse.

Even today you can go weeks without seeing a single person in northern Canada if you are out in the bush.

Benjamin123's picture

Maybe in Canada, but not in south america except for some unique regions such as central Mexico. Practically all indians lived in the stone age and numbered but a few millions.

nmewn's picture

Well,  I guess it's all a matter of degrees and opinion. The Spanish & Portuguese crown had no right to do what they did to them any more than the "Union" armies but these are things governments do, which was in my point about "strong men" and the momentary self gratification of the masses in promoting them and their behavior. 

But it's good to know we've all evolved now  ;-)

fattail's picture

Something I saw one ZH:  There are many problems in this world, but after three days without food there is only one.

In the good news column: Obesity, Diabetes, Dementia, and Alzheimers is all trending down in venezuela.

Please don't wake Francis up.  He will just complain about how there aren't enough venezuelans in the US.

BarkingCat's picture

You can go a lot longer without food than without water.

Dancing Disraeli's picture

I've gone on 30 day juice/water fasts before.  You definitely can go for long periods without food.  It does make one increasingly weak and light-headed over time, though.

Mementoil's picture

Afghanistan is nowhere near Israel as well.
This hasn't prevented the US from conducting its longest ever war there, hasn't it?
Logic fail...

poetic justice's picture

Just mucho Opium Poppies that's all....

aurum4040's picture

Re: your post. I seriously doubt the vote/election was legitimate. Home of the smartmatic should be a giveway. And perhaps this as well.



We voted AGAIST a lot of things here in the US (milatary in Syrian, stronger pot laws, ) but we still getting them. At least the SCOTUS came through.

Leveraged Algorithm's picture

Let us send them some snow flakes to explain to them how good they have it - especially the California Berkeley crowd and their professors.  Just for a month...

Buck Johnson's picture

This will come to the US also, and it will be horrible.


The Merovingian's picture

There is no stopping it now!

are we there yet's picture

Let them eat Maduro cake.

VWAndy's picture

 They should have started bartering as soon as the scales started being used to wieght the money. A food barter based economy should be popping up if its not blocked. Though Im fairly certain it cant be stopped for long.

dark fiber's picture

Cry me a river.  They voted for socialism, let them eat socialism.

aurum4040's picture

Did you count the votes? No. Who did? Rigged? Perhaps. 

Benjamin123's picture

The last 3 elections in Venezuela were cancelled one way or another. 

For instance in the congressional election some races were left open... no candidate was ever declared winner. It was not even a dispute regarding vote fraud, it was just not done. The congress was forced to be sworn in with missing seats and later abolished by decree since "it was illegal for missing some representatives".

The election for mayors and state governors was supposed to be last year. It did not happen... Election day came but no election happened at all.

Last year there was also a coming recall vote against Maduro, a right plainly stated in the Venezuelan constitution, but Maduro said no, that recall votes were not mandatory and just suggestions from the constitution. The idea for recall votes was a Chavez idea, and he won them twice.

However they did vote for Maduro, and for Chavez, back when there were elections. The thing is that the Chavez people used to love elections and democracy and was having little votes all the time when they were popular in the early years but they are hated now and no longer like to do elections.

Lore's picture

Some of the commentary seems to assume at least tacitly that the squalor being reported is predominantly NEW squalor, but look at old coverage online or talk with people who've been there over the years, and you realize that the imbalances, while growing, have existed and been enabled for some time. 

Feel sympathy for the chumps, but recognize them for chumps. The Venezuelan electorate got sucked in by the usual bullshit message of Hope And Change.  Sure, it came packaged in Socialist vestments, but the formula is the same everywhere. 

If they're searching for the root of the problem, they should try following the DEBT. That's good advice for everybody. 

francis scott falseflag's picture


Socialist.   Shmocialist.  

Will Venezuela ally itself with Russia or the West?

It's as simple as that.


Davidduke2000's picture

Venezuela is in China's camp, China is building venezuela's infrastructures and that is pissing off the us. 

francis scott falseflag's picture


Oh, there's a difference between Russia's camp and China's camp?

I better put in a call to the New York Times immediately.

Thanks for the intel, pal.

francis scott falseflag's picture


When you have the largest proven reserves of oil on the planet, you can call yourselves 'allies.'


Or anything else you like.

Adahy's picture

Should've learned more about wild edibles, farming, and hunting.
Tons of flora and fauna there and a loooooong grow season.  Best of luck.

lakecity55's picture

They need to hunt some fat, delicious government officials.


Dancing Disraeli's picture

Wonder if they allow people to own bows and arrows?  I believe guns are out.

flaminratzazz's picture

no need to be a prepper, trust the gov they will save you..

fvk me this story is sad.

Davidduke2000's picture

the sad part is you still do not recongnise propaganda. if the story  sound too to real it is not. look around you in the 250 years old usa and you do not see these stories in all the states ?  with over 50 million people on food stamps??? with over 95 million people out of the labour force ?? while the entire population of venezuela is 30 million. 

Remember these photos as they  could be you once the pension funds are depleted on the stock market gambled away by crooks and encouraged by the government. 

Benjamin123's picture

There are no food stamps in Venezuela. 

turnball the banker's picture
turnball the banker (not verified) Apr 21, 2017 2:29 AM

Thought they had beautiful women

Azannoth's picture

You can eat pussy all you want, but that won't help to fill your belly