"All I Have Is Hunger" - Many Venezuelans Too Weak To Protest Despite Maduro Misery

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While tens of thousands of angry Venezuelans turned out for the 'mother of all protests' yesterday, facing an increasingly hostile military/police state, the numbers could have been significantly larger but for the fact that legions of poor Venezuelans are simply too frail from starvation to protest.

Some say they are intimidated by armed pro-government militias who scour the slums for signs of dissent. Others say they are afraid to lose the few food handouts the cash-strapped government still provides.

“We wear our protest on the inside for the fear of losing our bag of food,” said San Félix resident Luisa Gutiérrez, a single mother of three.

As The Wall Street Journal reports, President Nicolás Maduro has lost support among the legions of poor Venezuelans that once backed the late Hugo Chávez, but they have largely shown little interest in joining the opposition-led protests that have convulsed the country the past three weeks. Many of the impoverished residents of the vast slums that ring Caracas and other major cities are angry about a collapsing economy and food shortages. But Venezuela’s political unrest remains mostly confined to middle-class enclaves, underscoring the struggle the opposition here faces in trying to unseat an increasingly authoritarian government.

“All I have is hunger—I don’t care if the people protest or not,” said laborer Alfonzo Molero in a slum in Venezuela’s second-largest city, Maracaibo. “With what strength will I protest if my stomach is empty since yesterday?”

Until the slums rise up, Mr. Maduro will likely hang on, analysts say...

Almost two-thirds of Venezuela’s poor, as defined by a variety of socioeconomic factors, want Mr. Maduro to leave, up from 40% when he took office in early 2013, according to pollster Delphos.


The lower classes have also been instrumental in giving the opposition alliance a record two-thirds congressional majority in the last electoral contest, held in December 2015. Polls show the poor would hand the government a drubbing in any vote held this year.

Yet that growing disillusionment hasn’t translated into organized protest, said pollster Luis Vicente León.

Without support in the shantytowns, many opposition supporters fear the current protests will end like the previous wave of unrest in 2014, when three months of demonstrations in middle-class neighborhoods left 43 people dead—without achieving any political change. The failure of those protestshas demoralized and fractured the opposition alliance for years.

“For the masses to come out, they need to feel that they are at a point of no return,” said Félix Seijas Jr., director of pollster Delphos. “We’re still some ways away from that.”

Judging by the eating flamingos, suffering with no toilet paper or soap, and martial law controlling and repressing any anti-government sentiment, we suspect the clock is ticking... as the black-market Bolivar shows...

As Bloomberg details, Venezuela’s black market bolivar is trading at a record low of 4,709 per dollar, according to dolartoday.com, after at least two people were killed when security forces confronted protests against Nicolas Maduro’s increasingly-dictatorial regime with bullets and tear gas. Its weakness is a measure of both the shortage of dollars in the country, and the desperation of Venezuelans to buy food, medicine and other basics, most of which are imported. The official exchange rate is still fixed at around 10, while the legal market-based rate has been allowed to devalue at a controlled pace to 714 per dollar, a 5.8 percent devaluation this year compared with 33 percent on the black market.

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silverer's picture

They all left some months back, when they still had paper to print the passports.

Ajas's picture

That they call  their currency "Bolivar" is so sadly ironic. The man who bore that name was fighting for the exact opposite of what Venezuela is. At the very minimum, his advice would be - - 

"Revolt NOW, fuckers!!"

Benjamin123's picture

You mean Bolivar the freemason landowner elite educated in London that fought with expeditionary British battalions against the spanish empire? Oh it was all for freedom, right.

HRH Feant's picture
HRH Feant (not verified) Apr 21, 2017 2:39 AM

Shocking. How will the starving masses of the lower class rise up?

They cannot. That would mean cutting off the hand that feeds them. Holy fuck this shit in Venezuela gets deeper with each passing day.

They need to start handing out seeds and free dirt. Seriously. And pigeon chicks that people can grow on balconies and roof tops.

If anyone in the USSA thinks we are above this BS, think again. This is the end goal for the globablists: the rich on top and the poor on the bottom, being fucked, hard, without lube.

Azannoth's picture

Socialism is a Death Spiral

Davidduke2000's picture

That is what saved the Cubans from the arrogant us who still until today has sanctions and a blockade on Cuba for no reason other than bullying. 

BarkingCat's picture

Only US has sanctions.

Nobody else gives a fuck.

Cuba is fucked up because that is what collectivist/statist systems do.

e-recep's picture

At least half of the population in Venezuela still thinks that socialism works. They are uncurable idiots.

Davidduke2000's picture

it is more the us bullying than socialism . countries are free to choose their leaders and political system , the us chose dictatorship by the deep state  that castrate the president regardless who he is, this is the reason no women get elected , as women cannot be castrated. 

Benjamin123's picture

Far less choosing of leaders than before.

The last 3 "elections" in Venezuela have been anomalous:

-Congress election: It was months ago, the government refused to accept the results in all states (despite the fact that the government itself was counting the votes) and some state representatives were not sworn in. The congress as a whole was sworn in with some missing seats. The courts eventually declared it was not a legal congress for not having all of its members... and Maduro finally abolished it.

-State Governors election: Was supposed to be last year, it never happened.

-Presidential referendum: The venezuelan constitution grants citizens the right to call for a recall referendum after the 3rd year of a presidential mandate. Hugo Chavez won it once, back in his day. Maduro plainly stated it was not going to happen this time, since all referendums are optional and not really mandatory.

silverer's picture

The best way to defeat socialism is to die from it.

Cloud9.5's picture

How many of that half work for government?

trumpala's picture

Another dirty US imperialist war against a Latin America country. Socialism must fall by all means for the sake of the US corporate mafia. Maduro resist, he will pay the price.

East Indian's picture

Hand over all your oil deposits to the American companies, Venezuelans, and all this misery will stop in a fortnight. They will take over anyway. Why starve yourself to death?

Oldwood's picture

They can't?. They already gave them away to China as collateral on loans.

kurzdump's picture

Looks like the sheeple will be starving to death silently at home when the SHTF.

Azannoth's picture

You can't eat Socialism!

AlbertthePudding's picture

Is this a propaganda piece..whatever is happening in Venezuela you can bet was engineered by the Deep State to the North.

radio man's picture

What good is a protest without a second amendment? 

moorewasthebestbond's picture

White folks don't "riot" per se.


They take aim.

Davidduke2000's picture

these amendments are only in the us constitution and are still not respected by the us government. they do not exist anywhere else, they are plugs for the leaking constitution like amendment 19 that gave women the right to vote 144 years after the constitution was written. 

orangegeek's picture

deliberate failure for the purpose of genocide


nice world we live in

Davidduke2000's picture

The photos we see are a us propaganda . there are over 30 million people living in venezuela , most of them are living well, but like Brazil there are very poor areas with uneducated people some are like in the us are homeless and some like in the us eat dog food and some like in the us live under bridges and some like in the us starve.

venezuela has been like Cuba under sanctions and a successive coups by the cia  since Chavez moved the country to the left and insulted the us king george by calling him a donkey " you are a donkey Mr. danger", however Chavez won until his death and was succeeded by maduro



and since it became the us policy to spread propaganda like it always did in Latin america and a financial war exactly like the us did in cuba for over 60 years for no apparent reason other than bullying. 


Common_Cents22's picture

you should go there then.  i have friends who have family there.   it's bad.

Benjamin123's picture

Eating dog food is stupid meme that never made any sense. A bag of beans is cheaper than a bag of dry dog food of equal weight.

pocomotion's picture

Not of equal weight when the food shelves are empty but the animal shelves have some still setting there.  Yum -- is when you are super starving.

saldulilem's picture

Qu'ils mangent de la brioche

Davidduke2000's picture

They do but the us media only report the crap.

I have never seen any of these pictures anywhere else in the world.

silverer's picture

Those are the ones everyone pointed to six months ago when they were 150 pounds and said "they don't look hungry to me". Well, guess what?

zeroboris's picture

So the Venezuelan Maidan has failed despite of standard tricks like girls in front of armor vehicles and "snipers". Today we're told why.

Last of the Middle Class's picture

Well, shutting down the GM plant wasn't exactly a stroke of genius. Firearms and seeds. Grow your own shit and shoot anybody who comes near it. Certainly looks like the US is headed that direction with brain dead liberals in charge.

buzzsaw99's picture

of course she has three kids. of course she does. the only real question is why not eight or ten? there's still time so maybe she'll get there eventually. either that or her ebt maxes out at three.

Colonel's picture

Time for some fuck socialism Victory gardens.

Martian Moon's picture

Venezuela has an average IQ of 84, not coming back

At 84 a person can either be a thief, or a government "worker", that's it

Sizzurp's picture

Socialist Politicians are perfectly happy to run their countries into the ground so long as they get to stay in control. Maduro is no different than Sanders or Hillary. Total scum.

aliens is here's picture

They weren't complaining while times are good so why now? They should have see it coming.

pocomotion's picture

When Chavez was still breathing he demanded Venezuelan gold back from NY.  That started the feud...  They got the gold back but had to use it to pay DOWN an IMF hook-yah loan.  No win situation when up against the money changers.

bshirley1968's picture

People, we all know socialism is bad, but you are over simplifying this and THAT is why the banksters stay in control and get away with what they do.

Socialism works........as long as you don't piss off the NY bankster sydicate.  How does an opec member with the world's second largest proven oil reserve have its currency collapse like this and it's economy become 3rd world over night?   By pissing off NY bankster cartel, because you sided with Russia against US hegemony.  Iran, Russia, and Venezuela make their own opec. 

Who controls the value of the bolivar?  NY banksters.  Banksters load up on Venezuelan assets (stocks, etc.) with fair priced bolivar, then crash it's value to the dollar and pick the country's bones for pennies on the dollar.

As long as you can print, and NY money changers give the nod to the world community that your currency is "acceptable" at a certain level, then you can run a serf building socialist economy until the cows come home.  When the money changers turn on you, you're in trouble.

Let's not be naive.  What's going on in Venezuela goes way beyond their government construct or philosophy.  Hell, how is it any different than what is going on in the US?  This is an economic war being waged at the currency level by money changers.  Why do you think Russia,  China,  and Iran are buying up gold hand over fist?  Russian isn't going to ever get caught like that again, hence their low debt ratio, and THAT is why the war drums are being beat against Mr. Putin.

So people, drop the "Their socialist!" rant.  This goes way beyond that.  Others have correctly pointed out how easily this could happen in the US as well.  THE ONLY DIFFERENCE is the value of our currency, and if you think the people that control that value give a shit about you or this country, then you are a fool. We are just the favored team for now, the way Britain was in the 19th century. 

Benjamin123's picture

I challenge your assertion that NY bankers control the value of the Bolivar. How that does even work? The government of Venezuela is in full control of its printing press.

bshirley1968's picture


When Venezuela goes onto the world market to buy wheat, steel, or other materials and supplies, who determines how much steel they can buy using bolivars?  When the go to Alcoa to buy aluminum with their bolivars, who tells Alcoa how much their bolivars are worth......in dollars?   When you look at a Forex trading platform, what currency are all others valued against that matters?  Check CNBC and see when the say the yen, pound, euro, etc. went up or down.........up or down in relation to what?  The dollar.   Who controls the value of the dollar?  NY banksters.

Money changing is an old game.  When I can get everyone else to value your money based on its worth to my money, I own your ass.

The dollar represents 85% of the world's currency market, and you think Venezuela has any say over its currency value?  How precious.

Benjamin123's picture

Except venezuelans dont actually buy steel or wheat with bolivars, they use dollars. There is no exchange. They have dollars and use them directly. Bolivars are monopoly money worthless outside of Venezuela and no venezuelan has ever expected to offer bolivars to a foreigner and not be laughed at. 

What you just wrote, about venezuelans going to markets with wheelbarrows of bolivars to bid for wheat while getting told how much those bolivars are worth, that does not happen. You are imagining things. Venezuelans pay for imports with dollars, just like every other country that runs internally with monopoly money (varios types of pesos, dinars, etc).

bshirley1968's picture

Hey, goober-boy!  Question!  Where do they get them there dollars they are using?

OOOHHHH!  That's right!  They borrow them.  At what rate?  Determined by whom?  With what does it get paid back?

Wheelbarrows?  Dude, I am talking about the goobermint, not individuals.  NY Banksters tell the Venezuelan goobermint what their borrowing rate for dollar is, and the Venezuelan goobermint tells the Venezuelan people what their bolivars are worth.

Bottom line, you are an IDIOT if you think there is a country in this world that we don't control the value of their currency.  I don't care what it is or how much they print.

You want an example.....you small thinking dickhead?

JAPAN!  They have "printed" the shit out of the Yen.  They are in the quadrillions.  So why are they still a major player on the economic seen?  They have ZERO natural resources, they have debt like nobody else, and they are as socialist as hell.  So why are they an economic player that is doing "just fine", while Venezuela is in the crapper?

I'll tell you why.  Because they are just another vassal of the US.  They are complicit with the agenda of the NY banksters.  They get the "nod" when it comes to world trade.  They survive in their current clusterfucked condition because we have given them the stamp of approval.

So take you dumb, naive, or complicit ass somewhere else with that weak argument.


Benjamin123's picture

They dont have to borrow. They export oil and get paid in dollars. The last country that lend to them was China.

And they pay china back in oil. If they were to borrow from a NY bank they would pay in dollars, and those dollars would come from sales of oil. Loans are not a sustainable source of cash.

Ultimately all of their dollars come from selling oil and all of their bolivars from their own presses. And no NY bank sets the exchange rate to bolivars. You cant just mentally jump from "NY bank sets interest rates on loans" to "NY bankers set exchange rates of bolivars" without anything in between.

As for Japan, they are mostly fucked as it is but not as much as Venezuela. All those quadrilions you speak of have actually sparked mad inflation in all the things that "do not count for inflation" such as housing. If housing is included, then there is massive inflation in Japan and the japanese are getting poorer since they cant afford housing and really, everything is expensive in Japan. Food as well. But they are nowhere as bad as Venezuela because venezuela has increased their money supply by a factor of 1 million in the last 30 years.

Has japan increased its money supply by a factor of 1 million in 30 years?

Iconoclast421's picture

So for $212 I can buy 1 million bolivars?

Benjamin123's picture

Yes, but that million is only worth $212 and it will have an actual equivalent purchasing power lower than in the US. Everything is expensive in Venezuela. An exception may be real estate, apartment prices are sort of low because so many are trying to sell their house, but for good reason.

You can also get good deals for Aleppo real estate.

Crash Overide's picture

So Russia is stealing all their food?

francis scott falseflag's picture


Too weak to protest?  

If the West is upset because Venezuela is headed in the direction of

Syria/Iraq/Libya because of Washington's deadly machinations,

boo double hoo.


Whatever is the matter with Venezuela's economy can be laid at the doorstep

of the US and their Venezuelan Oligarch allies.

Who have sabotaged it ever, since Hugo Chavez came to office in 1999. 





gdpetti's picture

Which is why we cancered him for this regime change... but Maduro wasn't prepped for this role as presidente... he simply doesn't have what it takes.. and Capriles doesn't either, but MMr. C does have the clothes for puppet con man that we love to setup, especially in our Latin zone. He's so similar to the others in Brazil and Argentina, all up on charges of corruption... Mr. C is a regular visitor to the States to meet his handlers... so no secret.. yet it is interesting that this site seems ignorant of Mr. C's tendencies and supporters, yet they weekly run one of these reports of the troubles in the nation... yet never a word why, as if the govt controls everything... that simply isn't and never has been the case... same here in the States... the govt doesn't really run the show, they are merely actors up on stage, hired to play their roles, same as all of our puppet rulers... which we seem to want to replace every so often when our designs for global chaos come into their territory.

So, why no stories from the other side of this equation? Who is pushing this dope for this site, and why? There must be a personal reason for this continual practice... same situation has been in play for the US govt since we played our game down there with our man Castro... who turned out not to be 'our man'. Oops, the Agency screwed that one up... Diem? remember that F'up? Should I go on?

Someone on staff is either personally pissed with the govt of Venezuela that took over from our previous guys or they are being paid off, right? I doubt they are this ignorant... though it is interesting to watch this situation occur, same with our markets.. same situation everywhere...