In "Apparent Sign Of Support" Obama Has Phone Call With Macron Days Ahead Of Election

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In what Reuters has said was "an apparent sign of support just three days before the first round of an uncertain presidential election", French presidential candidate Emmanuel Macron - and the market-friendly candidate preferred by Europe's establishment - spoke with former U.S. president Barack Obama on the phone on Thursday.

Quick to avoid the perception of yet another foreign interference (who can forget Obama's strong condemnation of the Brexit campaign last summer), in a statement from Kevin Lewis, spokesperson to President Barack Obama, he said that "an endorsement was not the purpose of the call, as President Obama is not making any formal endorsement in advance of the run-off election on Sunday." And yet, the optics certainly imply just that.

The full statement below:

"President Obama spoke on the phone to Emmanuel Macron this morning. President Obama appreciated the opportunity to hear from Mr. Macron about his campaign and the important upcoming presidential election in France, a country that President Obama remains deeply committed to as a close ally of the United States, and as a leader on behalf of liberal values in Europe and around the world. An endorsement was not the purpose of the call, as President Obama is not making any formal endorsement in advance of the run-off election on Sunday."

Macron said Obama wanted to exchange views about the French presidential campaign and that the ex-president had stressed how important the relationship between the two countries was.

Macron's party "En Marche!" said in a statement that "Emmanuel Macron warmly thanked Barack Obama for his friendly call."

In a separate statement, Obama's spokesman added: "an endorsement was not the purpose of the call, as President Obama is not making any formal endorsement in advance of the run-off." Macron is the only candidate so far to have said he has talked with Obama, a popular figure in France.

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froze25's picture

So where is Obama these days? Obama to Marcon, "don't worry we got the Pedophile thing under control so far".

froze25's picture

Yes but where, in DC, Epstein's private Island (likely) enjoying 60,000 dollars worth of "Succulent Hot-dogs".

HowdyDoody's picture

Does this constitute 'interfering with the elections in a foreign country'?

silverer's picture

Yes, according to the US election standards set by the Deep State and their shills, the mainstream media.

Looney's picture


And with the first donation from Macron, the 0bama Global Initiative Foundation has taken off.  ;-)


PrayingMantis's picture


... Macron just lost the election ...  ;)


nmewn's picture

He's got Susan Rice setting up French spread sheet and divulging the finer nuances of targeting Russians so his preferred candidate can know what the opposition is up to.

It's the latest thing! 

Make_Mine_A_Double's picture

French kiss of death. It is Obamanation after all so you know it's man to man tongues and a reach around afterwards. 


On the plus side Macron is now officially electorially doomed. 

Volaille de Bresse's picture

"Macron just lost the election"


Alas you're wrong, Obozo still has a HUGE appeal here (at least among the sheeple). But tonite's terrorist attack will boost Marine's ratings.

So all in all it's a tie. If the Muzzie scumbags are to make another attack before Sunday they'll propel Marine into the stratosphere...

DownWithYogaPants's picture

The reverse Midas touch. Everything he touches turns to shit

Richard Chesler's picture

So what does he want, a cookie?

55 men's picture

Like the support he showed the UK people for BREXIT, ya this would be good news for France

Alien 851's picture

No not a cookie, but wants a Participation Trophy.


Son of Loki's picture

When will Comey investigate the Saudi interference in our elections since they gave at least $10 million to Clinton and who knows how much soros gave.

Volaille de Bresse's picture

"So what does he want, a cookie?"


Yup delicately put on the tip of Bathroom Barry's hard cock...

JRobby's picture

"Call from Tahiti for Macron. Paging Macron"

"You can't make this stuff up, I dare you to try"

Vageling's picture

By US playbooks... YES! Sanction Obama! Deny him entry in Europe! Meddeling with elections!

EU: *crickets*

EU lobby shill Ghotdious will provide some written statement any moment now. 

Chuck Walla's picture

"Well, I'll be buggered."  Heard recently in Tahitii.  The Jerry Sandusky of politics is loose again.

Fisherman Blue's picture

He has Reggie up his ass , if that is what you meant.

agstacks's picture

Kiss of Death for Macron. 

Syrin's picture

I hope so.   The Euroweenies love Obama.  Obama does have the Fecal Midas touch, turning everything to shit that he touches.

Son of Loki's picture

Relax, Soweeto was simply asking Macron for some photos of him in a Speedo so he can pin them up next to Reggie's.

Ignatius's picture

Then Macron must be the man-of-the-people, populist outsider, right?

Implied Violins's picture

but but but what if this is reverse double-think and they are trying to actually set up Le Pen to win??

Damn my brain hurts these days...everything is so fucking upside down and gaslit it's hard to see straight.

aliki's picture

sooooo does THIS count as "interferring in the democratic process"???

actually, lets hope obama does for france what he did for the U.K.

skbull44's picture

Considering how most outside the US view American politicians, this could work in Le Pen's favour...

froze25's picture

Don't worry people inside the US feel the same way for the most part. The American MSM dare not show it though.

_ConanTheLibertarian_'s picture


all of them

Byte Me's picture

Au revoir, Macron.

Write your memoires asap.

Peak Finance's picture



hotrod's picture

Recall that the French wanted Obama as their President.

ChemtrailPilot's picture

LOOOOOL if Brexit was any indication this will guarantee Le Pen cruises to victory

Laughinggrizzley's picture

So we know who's the globalist stooge in the French Election...

djsmps's picture

And that, my friends, is why that man should not win.

Seasmoke's picture

Everything Obama touches. Turns to shit. Why do you think the Flies like him so much.

sudzee's picture

Hey Mac should I short the euro? 

Le_Zabroso's picture

The. Kiss. Of. Death.

order66's picture

Obama: You got nothing to worry about. I'm on the motherfucker. Now go back inside and chill them niggaz out and wait for the riggers who should be coming directly.

Macron: Shit negro! That's all you had to say!

Scuba Steve's picture

Macron: Nigga pleaz ... dis homey has da bitchez pimpin foshizzle. Now take your mayberry kracka luvin azz back to Soros and tell tha bitch I want my jack.

inhibi's picture

"Macron: Nigga pleaz ... dis homey has da bitchez pimpin foshizzle. Now take your mayberry kracka luvin azz back to Soros and tell tha bitch I want my jack."

Obama: Nigga SIT YO ASS DOWN. It look like u need a vacation, homie. Say, afta the election why dunt u meet my nigga Reggie? We got 5000 of them hot masseuse Thai boys, mmmm. Ive been sending them Snaps to Soros but he one miserly nigga.

small axe's picture

one world, one party, one ruling class ... how quaint, it's so, so...pre-Revolutionary

south40_dreams's picture

The French are a hopelessly stupid little people doomed to extinction

frontierland's picture

Is that Anti-White Half-Breed Obama "Hacking the French Election"?

hannah's picture

macrone is pro muslim and so is if you are a muslim vote for macrone is the message

GunnyG's picture

The Kenyan cockgobbler just gave the French weasel the kiss of death.