China Puts Bombers On High Alert "For A Potential North Korea Contingency"

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The US has seen evidence that the Chinese military is preparing "for a potential North Korea contingency", CNN reports citing a US defense official, and adds that Chinese air force land-attack, cruise-missile-capable bombers were put "on high alert" on Wednesday.

The official added that the US has also seen an extraordinary number of Chinese military aircraft being brought up to full readiness through intensified maintenance.

The official said that these recent steps by the Chinese are assessed as part of an effort to "reduce the time to react to a North Korea contingency."

Among the contingency options listed is the "risk of an armed conflict breaking out as tensions on the peninsula have risen in the wake of multiple North Korean missile tests."

There has also been ratcheted up rhetoric from the US and Pyongyang, with the latter's state media warning Thursday that a pre-emptive strike by North Korea would result in the US and South Korea being "completely destroyed in an instant."


Beijing has long been concerned about potential instability in North Korea should the regime in Pyongyang collapse, fearing both an influx of refugees and the potential of reunification under a South Korean government closely allied to the US.

Meanwhile, China remains opposed to the US military's presence in South Korea, protesting the recent US and South Korea decision to begin deploying elements of the THAAD missile defense system.

Given the close economic links between North Korea and China, US military officials have said that Beijing is critical to solving the North Korean situation, with President Donald Trump recently commending Chinese President Xi Jinping for Chinese efforts to curb Pyongyang's activities.

Earlier on Thursday, Nikkei reported that as a form of ratcheting up pressure on North Korea, China may halt crude exports to North Korea should Pyongyang conduct its sixth nuclear test, "signalling a tougher attitude by Beijing."

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Meanwhile, with much confusion over the current whereabouts of the Carl Vinson aircraft carrier, and various other US naval forces around the globe, here is the latest map courtesy of Stratfor.

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Cognitive Dissonance's picture

Yes, but are they Fail Safe?

Haus-Targaryen's picture

Nothing happens.  Typical bullshit for the region. 

Jäger's picture

It's all about "Saving Face" over there 

Jim Sampson's picture

The only contingency I'm excited for is the Dollar contingency.

Pinto Currency's picture

Is China Using North Korea to Stop Trump's Trade Agenda? Dick Morris

JRobby's picture

"Let's take the world to the brink of nuclear annihilation while simultaneously crashing the world financial systems "

"Capital idea Biggles, I can't believe you didn't come up with it sooner?"

winged's picture

NO WAR will break out there. US Imperial Warmongering is limited these days to getting rid of people Israel doesn't like.

stizazz's picture

"China remains opposed to the US military's presence in South Korea... Given the close economic links between North Korea and China"

No shit.

For Trump to bomb N Korea would be to "bomb China".

No way.

Unless he's suicidal.

NoDebt's picture

Do you think Dear Leader Kim is getting the feeling the sheep has when it and two wolves are deciding what to have for dinner?

US comes up the peninsula, the Chi-coms come down it.  Where they meet they draw a new line.  Everything south of that line is now just "Korea".  Everything north of that line is now just part of China.


serotonindumptruck's picture

Divide the spoils of war? Maybe.

That would still put an American military proxy at China's border.

ThirdWorldDude's picture

Exactly what China desperately wants to avoid.

Pinto Currency's picture


The same STRATFOR identified by Wikileaks e-mails as involved in John Podesta's pizza coded / pedophilia:

Nothing is more reliable to provide untainted intelligence than a company apparently full of pedophiles.

ThirdWorldDude's picture

It's not just the pedophiles, STRATFOR is probably running some of CIA's (SouthEast?) Asian ratlines. We should ask George about it.

The_Juggernaut's picture

Russia is stacking up troops on their NK border, too.  Everyone wants a piece of the action.  Hopefully all Trump wants is to get rid of Kim and the nukes.  China and Russia can split whatever they want.  Maybe throw SKorea some scraps.

Pinto Currency's picture


The same STRATFOR identified by Wikileaks e-mails as involved in John Podesta's pizza coded / pedophilia:

beemasters's picture

For China to relinquish North Korea's fate to the US is like inviting the neocons to their front porch. They need North Korea as an ally, not enemy.

Knobbius's picture

An imaginative and accomodating end-game would look something like this:

1.  Re-unify Korea, a la West - East Germany reunification.  Border at the Yalu River.

2.  New DMZ on the Yalu River, 20 miles deep on either side.  Call it a "friendship" zone.  No heavy weapons in it.

3.  U.S. forces, if even needed, go no further North than Pyongyang, and no heavy weapons.  No US troops anywhere near Yalu.

4.  Put together massive aid and reunification package for Korea.  Probably going to cost 500 billion dollars.

5.  Demobilization plan for NK and SK soldiers.  Unified Korea needs 400,000 strong military, not 1.7 million (the current combined total)

6.  Once plans are well underway, American soldiers depart Korea.  A Unified Korea shouldn't need them, China doesn't want them there.


This would take 4-5 years to execute, and of course presumes the fall of the current NORK government.  This is the sort of carrot I would be dangling in front of Xi if I were the Orange-Faced One.


SDShack's picture

Your theory could be right, but I have said for years that NKorea is just a pawn of China in the bigger game, and the real goal is Taiwan. China wants Taiwan just like it got Hong Kong. Hong Kong had all the British trade contacts that allowed China to vastly expand it's export market, and Taiwan is like Hong Kong 2.0. China will gladly ratchet up tensions with NKorea in a grand bargain with the West to eventually demilitarize, and even possibly re-unify the Korean penninsula if the West stops supporting Taiwan. I can even see Trump signing on to this bargain, and tout it as an example of his Art of the Deal.

Gen. Ripper's picture

South Korea wants nothing to do with the Nork rubbish, and why would they? Uneducated, malnourished, destitute zombies. S Korea wants to keep their Samsung $.

PrayingMantis's picture


... "China remains opposed to the US military's presence in South Korea... Given the close economic links between North Korea and China"


... by the way, if you still believe America's military superiority, you might be very dejected with these items ... this comment might not be for you (fair warning) ...


... just a friendly reminder to the Citrus-haired Casa Blanca bully ... and perhaps direct everyone's attention to the following items (in Case China protects North Korea):

“The stolen U.S. secrets have helped the PRC fabricate and successfully test modern strategic thermonuclear weapons.”
(“U.S. National Security and Military/Commercial Concerns with the People’s Republic of China” known as “The Cox Report,” Vol. 1, pg. 60)
“The stolen information includes classified information on seven U.S. thermonuclear warheads … The stolen U.S. nuclear secrets give the PRC design information on thermonuclear weapons on a par with our own”
(“The Cox Report,” Overview, pg. i, ii)

“A scientist suspected of spying for China improperly transferred huge amounts of secret data from a computer system at a government laboratory, compromising virtually every nuclear weapon in the United States arsenal, government and lab officials say.”
(Cited in James Risen and Jeff Garth, New York Times, April 27, 1999)

>>> source:>>>

... or here >>> "Chinese Spy Scandal in U.S. Nuclear Lab / Bomb-making secrets stolen at Los Alamos, officials say" >>>  ...

... or here >>> "Officials Describe Loss of Nuclear Secrets at Los Alamos" >>>

... or here, and still appears they had no clue ... >>> "BREACH AT LOS ALAMOS: A special report.; China Stole Nuclear Secrets For Bombs, U.S. Aides Say" >>>

... here's more >>>

... "China shoots down satellite, drawing protests worldwide - Surprise test sets scene for possible space arms race"


... the report partly says,

"The Chinese military used a ground-based missile to hit and destroy one of its aging satellites orbiting more than 500 miles in space last week -- a high-stakes test demonstrating China's ability to target regions of space that are home to US spy satellites and space-based missile defense systems."

... continued here >>> "The United States military is especially dependent on satellites for navigation, communications, and missile guidance."

... and here >>> "Officials who have been briefed on the test said the Chinese ballistic missile reached as high as some US spy satellites are positioned. Other satellites positioned at the same altitude are part of the missile defense network the US military is assembling. Sources said a hit-to-destroy ballistic missile could knock out any satellites at that low orbit."

... and the US says, ""The US believes China's development and testing of such weapons is inconsistent with the spirit of cooperation that both countries aspire to in the civil space area," National Security Council spokesman Gordon Johndroe said yesterday. "We and other countries have expressed our concern regarding this action to the Chinese.""

... now, I suspect many US Mil "secrets" (including space satellite frequencies and deployments) are sitting somewhere in China which might explain why China "sent a message" they could shoot down space-satellites using a ground-based missile which potentially could knock out all US telecommunications, ship-to-shore comms, Internet, ATMs, Global financing, SWIFT, etc. and anything that travels through satellite comms


... the CNN report forgot China has "these" and other items in their military posession and could potentially unleash them along with that bomber ...


... so, this is just a rhetorical question and need not be answered .....

who needs all these US-made-old-and-non-precise-23/59-laughable Tom Cruise missiles fired from old and slow-moving aircraft carriers and some gravity-propelled MOABs when all the Chinese had to do is shoot down US-based satellites and they go "blind" ...

... IMO, it would be game over ...


CNONC's picture

How many satellites make up the GPS?  Do you think there is no redundancy?  Do you think holes in the system cannot be patched locally?  The US military has major problems, and warfare against a peer would reveal some ugly truths about the corruption, careerism, and politically motivated procurement and design of weapon systems, but underestimating the vast offensive power that it can project is an error. 

The military satellite systems are fairly robust and designed to function during large scale warfare.  How well they perform is an open question with an answer the US may not want to hear.  But they have thought through the scenarios.  The civilian and commercial systems are less robust, and how they fare during a war is what scares me. 

PrayingMantis's picture



... I appreciate your concern @CNONC, and you could be right that the US had placed certain redundancies on their satellite defense structure ... however, I'd rather err on the what information is available rather than a what-if scenario that China might not hold the aces up its sleeves. The links I sourced are true and reliable sources and based on facts and nothing to do with emotion ... the only effort I placed on a 'what-if' scenario is found at the end of my comment above where a rhetorical query doesn't need to be answered.

Here are other "facts" we have to address since we're having a discussion:

1. Iranians plucked a "stealth" drone from the sky under the noses of the Nevada operators (flying via satellite controls) which now forms part of Iran's own military arsenal after reverse-engineering the "secrets" and of course, sharing same with China and Russia.

>>> "Iran seizes a U.S. Stealth Drone by taking over controls. Maybe… And what about that Predator virus?" >>> >>> "Iran says it built copy of captured U.S. drone" >>>

>>> "Iran claims its copy of US drone has taken flight" >>>  ...

... how were the Iranians able to correctly "guess" the "satellite" frequencies of those "stealth" flying objects to take control of it and grab it from the sky?  The Nevada operators didn't even know they had no longer any control until after Iran announced that they had it (which initially the US Mil. tried to downplay the Iranian excitement).

... Was there any redundancies placed after this incident to curtail further "stealth drone robberies" by those anti-US forces?  If so, why were stealth drone activities drastically pared down?

... Was it China who supplied the satellite drone frequencies to Iran from their "stash" of US military secrets pilfered from Los Alamos labs?

 ... or was it Russia, who has a joint Research & Development program-sharing project with Boeing (who has US Air Force contracts to build military "objects") and based in the City of Moscow, Russia.

2.  The top-of-the-line Aegis radar system was virtually compromised by a lone older Sukoi jamming it to blindness only to turn-tail towards Romania (refer: USS Donald Cook) ... and with allegedly half the crew wanted to bail out of their naval employment.

... did China supply the top-secret Aegis radar satellite frequencies to Russia or did Russia gave them to China?

... let's not forget either that both China and Russia share a common border with North Korea ... and they wouldn't want any THAAD missile next door to counter Russia's proven Kaliber pin-point accurate missiles ( when 30 Israeli, Foreign Intelligence Officers Killed in Russia's Caliber Missile Attack in Aleppo without so much a squeak from either the MSM or the US Mil?

Having a US THAAD missile next door is akin to having a vicious pit bull on the other side of the fence ...

... the world has changed since the empire "thought" nothing could stop them from invading and killing the innocents of other countries (check out Yemen with virtually no news because it's their Saudi friend doing the atrocities) ... until some countries have had enough and had subsequently banded together, calling themselves BRICS (which incidentally, controls half of the world's economy) ... and they had been sharing military "secrets" if you connect the dots of outright failures by the US military.

And if that's not enough to control the empire (whether it be (((Red Shield))) or Deep State-sponsored), Russia  had announced on March 2017 they already had a (((Red Shield))) owned/controlled "SWIFT (Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication)" alternative ready and  threatening to get out of the global financial system ( and along  with China and the rest of the BRICS community.  They will soon (as they had been piece-meal announcng) drop back into a gold-based standard and that would spell doom for the default US $ fiat currency.

... after all, it boils down to NATO vs BRICS ...


ThirdWorldDude's picture

"The high rate of testing is an indication the program is a military priority and is progressing toward deployment."

That's all one needs to know...

Stuck on Zero's picture

North Korea is missing out on a supeb strategy. They should tell the world that if they are attacked by the U.S. they will blow up Beijing.

SWRichmond's picture

Wouldn't it be interesting if this whole thing was a ploy by Russia and China to pull the US Pacific fleet into range so it could be destroyed?  Like getting invited to show up at Pearl Harbor?

CNONC's picture

The NK missle and nuclear programs are closely tied to the Iranian programs.  I suspect the bulk of the technical expertise is Iranian.  So don't assume Israel does not have an interest.

liverdiefree's picture

You're absolutely correct. We 1% of the world's population control everyone else since everyone else is so effing stupid. Congrats for figuring it out. You might try eating fish. It's supposed to be good for the brain. Make that LOTS of fish.

earleflorida's picture

never trust a word, dick morris says! 

WTFUD's picture

Yeah, while we're well past caring about even dat!

lucitanian's picture

(possibly) A discussion between Xi and Trump in Florida:

Xi : I'll give Un an offer he can't refuse, and you take your missiles out of the South and leave the Islands in the South China Sea to us.

Trump : That sounds like a deal.

Vilfredo Pareto's picture

Most likely.


But Trump is in way over his head.

Bigern's picture

And that is what they want us to think. Nothing to see here. Just a military parade.


The Norks bluster and threaten endlessly, and have, for decades. All bark and no bite. Got it.

However, this is a strategy in itself. It makes their moves impossible to predict, and/or maintain eternal readiness for. Granted, Trump is also good at being unpredictable. In this case, such combinations of players and events are not conducive to the same ole' same ole' saber rattling training missions. The situation in Korea is intolerable, and China is finally coming to grips with the fact. A deal has been made. China will gain on many fronts, for their end of the bargain. North Korea likes the situation they are in, because they know we can't destroy them from the air alone. They want us to land troops in a Korean version of Operation Downfall. They have tunnel networks, that would make an army of goblins jealous. So many surprises that we don't know about, there and planted over here. The cult of personality surrounding Lil' Kim' will follow him off the cliff. At this point, he knows he will die, but wants to be immortalized in legend. This will only be accomplished if he manages to unleash unfathomable damage to the United States in a conflict. The overflow from this rupturing chamber could well ignite surrounding magazines in unlikely ways. There is no telling what hellish biochem agents could be released, in addition to little sunbursts that leave a mark. This cannot be contained once unleashed.

We are in danger sir.


As an aside, this is not all to say we can even avoid it at this point, but to pray for everyone involved, and who will be harmed by this action.

ReZn8r's picture

a high level military source says this has China lit up as never before and the Nork nit wits are itching and frothing at the mouth to pull the trigger. No one has control over the Norks yet.

Like you think, nothing may happen at all a d that is what we all want, but it is really a 50/50 deal and just a fart in the wrong direction could spark this thing. If so then be afraid, find a fucking hole.

BarkingCat's picture

Sorry but that page looks like some alien cryptography.

All I could recognize are the logo icons of FecesBook, Twatter and Google+.

All iconic Russian companies, correct.

mclant004's picture

Anyone else think trump thinks NK is going to be this easy

"its gone"

Whalley World's picture

Fail Safe a movie from the 60's that sends chills for its reality and parallels to today's events.

Gen. Ripper's picture

The bombers reach their Fail Safe in 15 minutes, at which time the enemy radar will begin picking them up. 

Just off the CRM-114

Plan Attack Profile R - R as in Robert

directaction's picture

Nice work, Trump, you filthy disgusting psychopath. 

FreeShitter's picture

Buy the rumor....sell the death.

Jäger's picture

He is going to ban Chinese steel so the Trumptards are back on board the Trump Train again

BandGap's picture

It's Chinese "steel" because it really isn't steel.


earleflorida's picture

so what?

the chinese will just increase their munitions production by 1000`fold, and manufacture 10's moar millions rifles for the new 100 million auxillary standby army--- thus  having 'state-of-the-art' u.s. knock-off armaments labelled 'made-in-ussa'... manufatured in china!?!

we steel you blind...[?]

GunnyG's picture

This is the end result of decades of pandering to these fucktards in NorK. Trump had nothing to do with it. From Bush 41 to The Kenyan faggot, they've kissed the asses of the NorKs instead of slapping them around through China and Russia as Trump as done. 

Vilfredo Pareto's picture

I haven't seen china's pimphand yet.


I don't think we really know for sure what China is up to.  I doubt they are backing us as Trump claims lol.  They have all options open.

Winston Churchill's picture

Of course we don't.

China must have their agents right in his inner circle, if they wanted him gone, he'd already be dead.

All war is deceit, guarded and surrounded by lies.

BarkingCat's picture

Remind us again what nationality was the man who some 2500 years ago, wrote the best known book on warfare???

simulkra's picture

I imagine thats why Kim had his bro killed, he was the replacement. Seems the Chinese are moving to plan B. Fail to see how nukes and bombers are  ways of dealing with refugees.  2 options: they are threatening to roll in or they are gearing up to stop the US from rolling in. I pick the former, the Kims have been a problem from the start. Main reason they didn't take the Sth during the war was because Kim I didn't follow the Russian battleplan. Then he ignored the Chinese/ CIA intel abt Inchon and got cut of. Dynasty of dickheads.