China Puts Bombers On High Alert "For A Potential North Korea Contingency"

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The US has seen evidence that the Chinese military is preparing "for a potential North Korea contingency", CNN reports citing a US defense official, and adds that Chinese air force land-attack, cruise-missile-capable bombers were put "on high alert" on Wednesday.

The official added that the US has also seen an extraordinary number of Chinese military aircraft being brought up to full readiness through intensified maintenance.

The official said that these recent steps by the Chinese are assessed as part of an effort to "reduce the time to react to a North Korea contingency."

Among the contingency options listed is the "risk of an armed conflict breaking out as tensions on the peninsula have risen in the wake of multiple North Korean missile tests."

There has also been ratcheted up rhetoric from the US and Pyongyang, with the latter's state media warning Thursday that a pre-emptive strike by North Korea would result in the US and South Korea being "completely destroyed in an instant."


Beijing has long been concerned about potential instability in North Korea should the regime in Pyongyang collapse, fearing both an influx of refugees and the potential of reunification under a South Korean government closely allied to the US.

Meanwhile, China remains opposed to the US military's presence in South Korea, protesting the recent US and South Korea decision to begin deploying elements of the THAAD missile defense system.

Given the close economic links between North Korea and China, US military officials have said that Beijing is critical to solving the North Korean situation, with President Donald Trump recently commending Chinese President Xi Jinping for Chinese efforts to curb Pyongyang's activities.

Earlier on Thursday, Nikkei reported that as a form of ratcheting up pressure on North Korea, China may halt crude exports to North Korea should Pyongyang conduct its sixth nuclear test, "signalling a tougher attitude by Beijing."

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Meanwhile, with much confusion over the current whereabouts of the Carl Vinson aircraft carrier, and various other US naval forces around the globe, here is the latest map courtesy of Stratfor.

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Cognitive Dissonance's picture

Yes, but are they Fail Safe?

Haus-Targaryen's picture

Nothing happens.  Typical bullshit for the region. 

Vilfredo Pareto's picture

Most likely.


But Trump is in way over his head.

Bigern's picture

And that is what they want us to think. Nothing to see here. Just a military parade.


The Norks bluster and threaten endlessly, and have, for decades. All bark and no bite. Got it.

However, this is a strategy in itself. It makes their moves impossible to predict, and/or maintain eternal readiness for. Granted, Trump is also good at being unpredictable. In this case, such combinations of players and events are not conducive to the same ole' same ole' saber rattling training missions. The situation in Korea is intolerable, and China is finally coming to grips with the fact. A deal has been made. China will gain on many fronts, for their end of the bargain. North Korea likes the situation they are in, because they know we can't destroy them from the air alone. They want us to land troops in a Korean version of Operation Downfall. They have tunnel networks, that would make an army of goblins jealous. So many surprises that we don't know about, there and planted over here. The cult of personality surrounding Lil' Kim' will follow him off the cliff. At this point, he knows he will die, but wants to be immortalized in legend. This will only be accomplished if he manages to unleash unfathomable damage to the United States in a conflict. The overflow from this rupturing chamber could well ignite surrounding magazines in unlikely ways. There is no telling what hellish biochem agents could be released, in addition to little sunbursts that leave a mark. This cannot be contained once unleashed.

We are in danger sir.


As an aside, this is not all to say we can even avoid it at this point, but to pray for everyone involved, and who will be harmed by this action.

ReZn8r's picture

a high level military source says this has China lit up as never before and the Nork nit wits are itching and frothing at the mouth to pull the trigger. No one has control over the Norks yet.

Like you think, nothing may happen at all a d that is what we all want, but it is really a 50/50 deal and just a fart in the wrong direction could spark this thing. If so then be afraid, find a fucking hole.

BarkingCat's picture

Sorry but that page looks like some alien cryptography.

All I could recognize are the logo icons of FecesBook, Twatter and Google+.

All iconic Russian companies, correct.

mclant004's picture

Anyone else think trump thinks NK is going to be this easy

"its gone"

Whalley World's picture

Fail Safe a movie from the 60's that sends chills for its reality and parallels to today's events.

Gen. Ripper's picture

The bombers reach their Fail Safe in 15 minutes, at which time the enemy radar will begin picking them up. 

Just off the CRM-114

Plan Attack Profile R - R as in Robert

directaction's picture

Nice work, Trump, you filthy disgusting psychopath. 

FreeShitter's picture

Buy the rumor....sell the death.

GunnyG's picture

This is the end result of decades of pandering to these fucktards in NorK. Trump had nothing to do with it. From Bush 41 to The Kenyan faggot, they've kissed the asses of the NorKs instead of slapping them around through China and Russia as Trump as done. 

Vilfredo Pareto's picture

I haven't seen china's pimphand yet.


I don't think we really know for sure what China is up to.  I doubt they are backing us as Trump claims lol.  They have all options open.

Winston Churchill's picture

Of course we don't.

China must have their agents right in his inner circle, if they wanted him gone, he'd already be dead.

All war is deceit, guarded and surrounded by lies.

BarkingCat's picture

Remind us again what nationality was the man who some 2500 years ago, wrote the best known book on warfare???

simulkra's picture

I imagine thats why Kim had his bro killed, he was the replacement. Seems the Chinese are moving to plan B. Fail to see how nukes and bombers are  ways of dealing with refugees.  2 options: they are threatening to roll in or they are gearing up to stop the US from rolling in. I pick the former, the Kims have been a problem from the start. Main reason they didn't take the Sth during the war was because Kim I didn't follow the Russian battleplan. Then he ignored the Chinese/ CIA intel abt Inchon and got cut of. Dynasty of dickheads.

Winston Churchill's picture

Even if that were the case,the US beating wardrums over Iran now, will cause a major change of

plans.Iran is not negotiable for China at any cost. They might keep kim in power to fuck up US plans on that front.

Iran has always been intergral in the great game, and is a keystone in the new silk road, any attack on Iran will

receive a powewrfull response from China, make no mistake about it,so if Kim can hold off the US the confrontation

can be delayed until the Chinese are fully ready..

directaction's picture

As it should be,
China is only interested in China.

The War Maniac, Trump, is only interested in Wall Street.
Trump is a living nightmare.  

UselessEater's picture

No China is not only interested in China. The Chinese Jews are very interested in....the world.

“During the Ming Dynasty (1368–1644), a Ming emperor conferred seven surnames upon the Jews, by which they are identifiable today: Ai (?), Shi (?), Gao (?), Jin (?), Li (?), Zhang (?), and Zhao (?); sinofications of the original seven Jewish clans’ family names: Ezra, Shimon, Cohen, Gilbert, Levy, Joshua, and Jonathan, respectively. Interestingly, two of these, Jin and Shi, are the equivalent of common Jewish names in the west: Gold and Stone. (See here)

Jews had in fact arrived in India via the Silk Road almost 1000 years ago, well before Marco Polo made his way to the Court of the Grand Cam (Khan) in distant Cathay (China) in the late 13th century. Waves of Jews were to follow them in subsequent centuries until China finally acquired its own thoroughly assimilated Jews, the Kaifeng Jews, indistinguishable from the Chinese. Iraqi Jews, Jews taking flight from Russia, Jews fleeing the Nazis in their tens of thousands, all these came flooding into great melting pot of Shanghai.

There were even high-profile Jews in the Chinese Communist Party, including the American Jew Sidney Rittenberg and the journalist Israel Epstein. (See here)

The shameful opium trade in China, into which the easily corrupted Brits were drawn by Rothschild money, was in fact the brainchild of a British sephardic Jew, Elias David Sassoon. He was joined in this ignoble enterprise by another British Jew, Silas Aaron Hardoon, his partner in the firm E.D. Sassoon & Co.

The origin of the conflict between China and the Rothschild-backed East India Company—i.e., the Jew-ridden nucleus of the British Empire—can  be found in this bland statement about the First Opium War:.....

earleflorida's picture

and the british admiralty under 'jew[?]'churchill enforcing the flow of opium... which btw is how the 'Delano Family' of FDR made their fortune in Hong Kong! 

simulkra's picture

Yes and I think that group of Jewish traders, who worked the silk road, the Rhadanites, morphed into the Templars (in conjunction with elements of the French aristos.

earleflorida's picture

during the russian revolution early feb/mar 1917 when the dual, 'duma and gov't' (separate entities, each with no absolute power over the other?) were in flux without a true political (lenin [zurich], trotski [ny]... etal. were in exile in siberia, or out of the country) leader there was a small contingency **party of mason's elected[?] unbeknowst to the workers, peasants and [grey]soldiers.

*kerensky is a name they all were familiar with and he was voted unamimously the leader of both the 'Duma' and the 'New Soviet (council) Government'. he, kerenski now was as powerful as Tsar Nicholas II (wife and family/ Rasputin was already murdered)) soon to meet his fate when he arrives in Nevsky Prospekt outside Petrograd (St. Petersburg).

Kerenski (*classic phoney [reagan actor/half-ass lawyer] and opportunist at 35 yrs. old) was a russian** 'MASON', as was Lvov, Nekrasov, Tereshehenko, Konovlov and Guchkov (members elected on a voice vote)... and on Mar. 2, 1917 Kerenski becomes 'Minister of Justice' of the fledgling 'Soviet Government and 'DUMA'!?!

Captaincath's picture

That's right , no one knows anything for sure, except that the world economy is collapsing and all of the world leaders are preparing to hold hands together and jump off the bridge together into a new world order. This will happen only after much war and suffering.....and it only gets worse from there. Then Jesus will come as He promised.

stitch-rock's picture

If one removes ones head from ones ass, seeing clearly
becomes much easier.

rejected's picture

Believe it or not but there are a couple, three more presidents involved here.

richsob's picture

Would love to see the Russian fans on this website's reaction and hysteria if it was Ukraine threatening to nuke Russia, talking shit and just generally begging for a war.  I have to believe it would be a whole lot different than all the negative comments being directed at the U.S. when it's North Korea acting the way they are.

BarkingCat's picture

Ukraine borders Russia.

Does North Korea border the USA??


Try again.

Farqued Up's picture

They haven't just kissed their asses they have bribed them to be good boys and girls. They (NK) are behaving exactly as blackmailers and every US admin has behaved like the snivelling little pussies that they are. Make that snivelling little satanist, homosexual, girly pussies of which none ever served in the military and I would venture never been in a bona fide street fight. They shell out every time the little clone growls, they should have killed the little dumpy mofo moons ago.

SmilinJoeFizzion's picture

That bomber looks a bit flimsy

BigFatUglyBubble's picture

China can make good stuff, walmart specifically asks for the flimsy stuff.

If you are interested research the war boats the ancient chinese used to make, they were like floating fortresses

Raffie's picture

Wonder what kind of snacks they offer on their flight and mini bottles of booze.

Scuba Steve's picture

... and god damn, if they ask you to step off of flight because of over-bookings, you might want to.

assistedliving's picture

my PM p/f telling me otherwise

silverer's picture

" extraordinary number of Chinese military aircraft being brought up to full readiness..."

Hey, the US can't even do that!

Seasmoke's picture

Looks like Gold and Silver are the only ones afraid of North Korea. Ridiculous.

PUNE's picture

Strange stuff in gold.

GotAFriendInBen's picture

Mkt says, "Did someone say 'higher' "?

skinwalker's picture

China may have the manpower and borrowing capacity to take NK in a land war.

The us certainly does not. Where would we get 1,000,000 guys and $7 trillion?

Vilfredo Pareto's picture

Surely nobody thinks China would even consider going to war against north Korea do they?


Not unless we promise to leave the peninsula, which we should after reunification.  Mission accomplished, right?


But that ain't gonna happen lol

logicalman's picture

The Chinese government does not want US government to have any real estate that close to its borders.

I think this is more of a warning to US gov than old Kimmie. If he goes there will be a power vacuum and the Chinese gov wants to be there to fill it, rather than have US get the foothold.


johand inmywallet's picture

You have a 403B or 401K?

There's 90 million+ unemployed/ underemployed.

Just sayin!

rejected's picture

He means 1 million out of the 90 million that are fit enough to run 10 yards with a M16.

serotonindumptruck's picture

Millenials would blow multiple ass-gaskets and come completely unhinged if DC reinstituted the draft and forced them to go to war, even if incentives were offered in return for active duty service such as student loan forgiveness.

If DC thinks they can impose a military draft, there will be a violent, bloody revolution before tomorrow morning.

Scuba Steve's picture

Ba Da Bing - Magic cash register that prints ... Boom & trillion at your feet beeotch !

cougar_w's picture

China would occupy NK specifically to prevent unification.