Ex-DEA Spokeswoman: 'Marijuana Is Safe', Kept Illegal Because It's A 'Cash Cow'

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Authored by Alex Thomas via TheAntiMedia.org,

Before the heroin epidemic became a nationwide problem, claiming thousands of lives; Plano, Texas, was already entrenched. And like many of the places caught in the crosshairs of the continuing heroin crisis, Plano is the last place that one would expect to be swept into the opioid tidal wave.

Anti-Media recently interviewed Texas-native Belita Nelson, who has had an interesting few decades.

For six years she termed herself the “chief propagandist” — or spokeswoman — for the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA). Before that, as a Plano mother and teacher, Belita noticed what was happening in her community. She described Plano as an area rivaling Newtown, Connecticut, or Cape Cod — tight-knit regions where tragedy strikes hard and deep.

She explained that [Plano] has the best school districts in the state of Texas…it’s a gated community. And in 1998, for heroin to be that prevalent in the community was stunning. Stunning. We got all the media attention because we were this upscale Texas neighborhood that nobody thought would be inundated with heroin.”


Nelson decided to take action, saying, I decided I’d had it. I was going to organize my community and fight this thing at the grassroots level. But we were never grassroots because the first thing I did was go on the Oprah show for the DEA.”

Belita stresses that she was never officially employed by the DEA but traveled for six years as a sort of unofficial spokeswoman for the agency.  The group recruited her because their goals aligned, and in many ways, she was perfect for the role. She was a mother who had witnessed the toll of heroin first-hand. She was passionate and knew what she was talking about. Belita spoke to schools and parent groups and appeared on television networks.

With the help of a former Dallas Cowboy, she founded the Starfish Foundation to tackle heroin addiction. That organization ran until 2004 when one of the employees pocketed the donation money and left the foundation scrambling in the dark.

In our interview, Belita was hesitant to speak too openly but mentioned that when she first went to work with the DEA (she was contacted and became familiar with agency’s goals), she was told “‘Marijuana is safe, we know it’s safe, but it’s our cash cow and we will never, ever, give it up.’ When the DEA seizes a car or makes a drug bust, it’s likely they’ll find wads of money. They turn in the pot (or other drugs) — and keep the cash. Civil asset forfeiture law essentially gives the police and feds free reign, and they have confiscated billions of dollars from Americans, a majority of whom have not been charged with a crime.

Belita, like many people, posits that the DEA is not willing to give up the long disproven idea that marijuana is a “gateway drug.” Unlike heroin, most people are open to trying marijuana. At high school or college parties, it’s much more likely that a joint is being passed around than a needle. While a joint conjures up images of Bob Weir or SOJA on stage, a needle brings to mind a lifeless Philip Seymour Hoffman or Basquiat.

Belita cut ties with the DEA in 2004 after becoming frustrated with the system and the government’s need to keep marijuana criminalized, despite knowledge that the drug was safe.

While at the Starfish Foundation, Belita heard time and time again the tale of pot-smoking teenagers who were pushed into heroin simply because marijuana carries harsh penalties. And it’s a story that’s been told repeatedly. Today Belita works for the Gridiron Cannabis Foundation,  a nonprofit dedicated to fighting CTE, concussions, Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, Multiple Sclerosis, neuropathy, dementia, chronic in?ammation, Leukemia, and brain and other cancers. But the group’s pockets that only stretch so far.

In contrast, her opposition — and the opposition of anyone fighting the heroin epidemic and hoping to legalize marijuana — are big pharma companies.

Recently, we’ve seen pharma companies hit the grassroots to secure influence. Anti-Media and a number of other news outlets recently reported on an opioid company pumping half a million dollars into Arizona anti-marijuana groups in an effort to keep the plant illegal. These sorts of campaigns do not serve the dead in Plano and the hundreds of thousands around the nation suffering from opioid addiction. Rather, they benefit CEOs and pharmaceutical groups who have invested millions in developing drugs that minimize pain. Unfortunately, they come with a dangerously high likelihood of addiction.

Big pharma corporations see dollar signs in every painkiller that moves across a counter, but some of which could easily be replaced by marijuana, which is increasingly proven to help decrease pain. So the American consumer, from Plano, Texas, to Portland, Maine, is faced with the dilemma — is it better to be a living Bob Weir or a dead Basquiat?

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pherron2's picture

Different strains have varying effects.

G-R-U-N-T's picture

LOL, just another irrational justification to continue comforting yourself so you can continue being under the influence. Who know's, maybe you've been using so long, you have to use it, because you've already destroyed the neurotransmitters in you central nervous system and can no longer produce them naturally, like long time heroin users that burn out their endorphins, when they stop, are highly sensitive to both physical and emotional pain without it, this is why there is such a low recovery rate.

Mighty 30's picture

You sound like a cop that fears losing his ticket quota or deptment worried about losing asset forfeitures. I know people for years that would make your argument as dead as your reasoning. Thing that you put into your body will affect it.. Which does it worse.  I'd rather go with a natural plant that make me hungry than the others that do damage more distinctly and quicker. Or do none at all. But each thing is a lifestyle choice isn't it. But pointing your supercillious finger doesn't make you any wiser than reefermadness you probably still watch on friday nights to keep you safe from the scary world.

G-R-U-N-T's picture

Every time I post the contrary on this issue all the drug addicts come out of the woodwork to deny my opposing opinion and I love it. Why, because I know their (they're, lol) full of shit and they can't win the argument! However, if your one of the 2-5% that are born with a fucked up biochemistry you may need psychoactive drugs to balance your ass out, in which case, that may be justified.


Mighty 30's picture

What business is it of yours? Why do you think you are the saint of sanity? So you hate pot. I hate government disclosure laws that hide the total corruption of this government. We all hate something, but why push so hard against something that has gone on for centuries? Did someone do something to you? Is it your business to tell people they can't relieve stress the way they want to as long as you aren't involved? Why is it your business to act like so tyrant against this non problem? Something like my problem does affect people, a lot of people. Are you pro criminal government? Or liars and anti constitutionalist running the government.. Now I could listen to you complain about that,,, but no, people who smoke pot are just trash to you... lol Who would want to know what you think anyway with your kind and gracious demeanor. 

G-R-U-N-T's picture

Keep in mind, this is 'fight club'.

In answer to your questions: I don't hate pot, indeed it's medicinal, just like all other drugs, if used reasonably. I don't hate the abuser either, as a matter of fact I love them dearly. What I passionately hate is their demoralizing and devaluing behavior. It causes tremendous chaos, not only in their own lives but the lives of others. 

ljag's picture

Who put those Cana receptors in your body? And why are they there?

Archive_file's picture

That's a very good point about the Brits and opium in China. Is it any coincidence that as our economy collapses, marijuana is becoming legal in many states and stores literally sell alcoholic soda ("hard" soda)?

G-R-U-N-T's picture

Indeed, as long as they can keep the populace in a delusional state, detached from reality, they can be controlled. However, the one motivating factor that will make the masses effect change is economic pain and that will eventually come.

Mighty 30's picture

Yeah, what do you do for stress releif, watch porn, use pharmaceuticals, alcohol like most stumbelbums do? Yes pot is safer than all of those. I see arrested developement in your reefer madness BS that has most braindead fooled for years. Did you read this article Einstein? Nothing is that good for you smoking it, by the way is smoking your method of choice...ummmboy that is good for you...If you haven't smoke pot and used it, you have no clue like most finger pointers who rely on government to make them money or give them their saftey net.. The government would never lie to people like yourselves would they Trilby?

G-R-U-N-T's picture

Acutally marijana isn't safer, it's at the top of the list for developmental arrest! As far as stress relief, at the moment, I'm doing it by commenting on this thread.

Mighty 30's picture

Developemental arrest? In what degree? At what age. The same can be said about over use of any altering drug or habit. People tolerate at diffent levels. Not every one who drinks is an alcoholic, correct? So how much worse is smoking pot for a way to recreate or stress relief.. Do you imagine everyone is a potaholic or will get lung cancer at the same rate as tobacco users.  I don't smoke anymore because of all the crap in the air from Chemtrails. Why aren't you bitching about those. They are actually intending to kill people? That is our government.. are you bitching about that for stress relief... why pick on a non problem?

G-R-U-N-T's picture

Usually the emotional arrest stops at the age they started depending on their psychoactive drug. It depresses the limbic system of the brain, one of the sections of our emotional disposition. However, even those that start, say at 30 or 40, can regress if they become addicts.

Another tragic feature is they create, what's called an 'addict personality', psychopathic in nature (examine the characteristics of a psychopath and compare it to the behavior of an addict, they're close to a perfect match), which is often defiant and grandiose. The defiance and grandiose part resides in the unconscious part of the mind. Most of the time it undermines the conscious mind and the addict continues to use regardless of the consequences. The demoralizing part of the disease, ie. the crazy ass things done under the influence, creates guilt and shame because it is contrary to the users normal inner moral code. They continue to use to suppress their conscious because they can't live with the guilt and shame sober without recovery and structure. This is an interesting phenomena because war veterans in WW1 and WW11 compromised their inner value moral code (post trauma) by their acts in war, so a whole new level of psychiatric treatment needed to be developed, called clinical psychology to help them deal with such traumatizing psychological effects. The drug addict is only different in this respect, they do it to themselves for various reasons, could be predisposition, hereditary in nature, sometimes ethnicity plays a role, also the psychological imprinting of parents that are addicts themselves, downloading that behavior to their children (family part of the disease), it's chronic, biogenetic, etc..It's a morbid process often ends in insanity or death.

We are seeing a wave of drug addiction in this nation, Trump is right to facilitate the treatment of addicts, especially the youth, they're getting clobberd with heroin, meth and marijana for one specific purpose, TO FEEL GOOD, but in the end, for the addict, it does nothing but increase both psychological and emotional pain and many pay the price of their very lives.

A rope leash's picture

If you have never smoked weed, shut up and try it. You will see that it isn't worth fighting.


If you have never had a shitty night's sleep full of crazy dreams because you ran out of pot, shut up. It's an addiction for some folks, and they are not going to quit. Life sucks without it.


The marketers are taking over weed. Some of the edibles are packaged too much like candy. I wish it didn't have to be that way, but the corporations can't resist, I am sure.

Mighty 30's picture

The actual problem with weed today is the fact that smoking it regularly combined with the Strontium 90 and aluminal and Barium particles we all have to breath, thanks to the climate flagellant chemtrail providers is causing a clogged bong syndrome. It will help with depopulation... But then have to deal with life with some seditive I guess. Don't like the phama route since it gets you to your end even faster and alcohol is just a solid winner for law enforcement on every side of that one. So pick your poisons boys, we aren't getting out of here alive anyway.

Gophamet's picture

Well said, just continue to  elect the same type of political self servicing cuckolds who have little concern for anything other than advancing their fuckery!

MaxThrust's picture

If it comes from a plant, it should be legal.

flaminratzazz's picture

Exactly, if you can grow it and make it and it comes directly from nature, freedom suggests you should be able to own it.

Nuclear reactions? Human Chimeras?? opium? heroin?

Cobalt Bombs..

I don't know.. slippery subject..

MK13's picture

Digitalis boys. Hit it up once for me and will see what that does to notion that organic green stuff is all good for you. And that one hit will drop pot usage in this country!!

desertboy's picture

Whatever damage marijuana could possibly do, the enforcement of marijuana as an illegal substance does 100X more damage.  Unfortunately, this country is too full of half-literate, mouth-breathing, hick-ass fuktards to correct the situation much more quickly.  

Mighty 30's picture

You sound so intelligent with your point being lost with high school ignorant vocabulary. Who wants to be a high school ignoramus all their lives, you apparently. Your point is valid without your colorful big hick 10th grade lack of imagination. Pillock.

Radical Marijuana's picture

Nothing new to me in that article, except for the individual making the statement:

Ex-DEA Spokeswoman: 'Marijuana Is Safe', Kept Illegal Because It's A 'Cash Cow'



The Science behind the DEA's Long War on Marijuana

By Laura Banks, May 14, 2016.

The Shafer Commission found in 1972 that cannabis was as safe as alcohol, and recommended ending prohibition in favor of a public health approach. But by then the Federal Bureau of Narcotics had been removed from the Treasury Department and merged into the U.S. Department of Justice—where Nixon’s ally, Attorney General John Mitchell, placed cannabis in Schedule I in 1972; that same year he resigned to head Nixon’s re-election committee. (He later stood trial in 1974 over the Watergate scandal and served 19 months of a prison sentence for conspiracy, perjury and obstruction of justice.] “You want to know what this was really all about?” Nixon aid John Ehrlichman told journalist Dan Baum in 1994, according to an article published in Harper’s Magazine in 2016. “The Nixon campaign in 1968, and the Nixon White House after that, had two enemies: the antiwar left and black people. You understand what I’m saying? We knew we couldn’t make it illegal to be either against the war or black, but by getting the public to associate the hippies with marijuana and blacks with heroin, and then criminalizing both heavily, we could disrupt those communities. We could arrest their leaders, raid their homes, break up their meetings and vilify them night after night on the evening news. Did we know we were lying about the drugs? Of course we did.”

The international bankers effectively control almost all countries in the world. In particular, the international bankers control the USA, and have been using the powers of the government of the USA to advance their global agenda. Everything that the War On Drugs did benefits the international bankers, both coming and going, around and around. In particular, the banksters were able to skim the cream of the profits from making drugs illegal.

After studying these matters for several decades, I have gradually developed political science theories to account for how and why governments are the biggest forms of organized crime, which are dominated by the best organized gangsters, which are currently the banksters. Natural selection pressures have driven the development of artificial selection systems to become as dishonest as possible. Furthermore, exponentially advancing technologies are enabling those artificial selection systems to become exponentially more dishonest.

There is almost nothing but the central core of triumphant organized crime, which has become banker dominated governments, surrounded by layers of various controlled "opposition" groups, that stay inside the same frame of reference. In my opinion, the authors associated with TheAntiMedia.org are manifestations of that kind of controlled "opposition." My view is that the articles from TheAntiMedia.org regarding the War On Drugs, that have been republished on Zero Hedge, were typical kinds of superficially correct analysis, which I describe as reactionary revolutionaries writing for mainstream morons.

After life exists, then the death controls direct the evolution of that life. In the case of human beings and civilization, those natural selection pressures have driven the death control systems to become most socially successful by becoming as deceitful and treacherous as possible. Hence, it has been rather routine for wars to be started and escalated by staging various false flag attacks. Indeed, the drug demonization in order to promote the War On Drugs manifested its most extreme example in transforming hemp, the best plant for food, fiber, fun and medicine, into becoming "marijuana which is almost as bad as murder." One could regard pot prohibition as a single simple symbol of a false flag attack, whose blowbacks were deliberately designed features. The War On Drugs was intended to provide excuses to build a fascist police state, in order to protect and advance the runaway fascist plutocracy juggernaut that the international bankers made and maintained. (That "plutocracy's" greatest achievement is the debt slavery system, where "wealth" can be created out of nothing as debts, while governments enforce those frauds by private banks.)

Deeper analysis should focus on the issues that there must be some death control systems. The existing systems developed through the history of successful warfare based on being able to back up deceits with destruction, that then enabled the history of successful finance based upon being able to enforce frauds. Meanwhile, the about exponentially advancing physical science and technology has been primarily channeled through those historically established systems to enable about exponentially increasing fraudulence.

The almost total dominance of civilization by integrated systems of legalized lies backed by legalized violence tends to have no publicly significant opposition, other than various kinds of controlled "opposition," which stay within the same overall frame of reference that was originally made and maintained by the biggest and best organized gangs. The controlled "opposition" to the War On Drugs is only belatedly coming to terms with the maximizing maliciousness which was actually behind that War, such that it did NOT "fail" to do what it was deliberately designed to actually do.

Indeed, the dominate natural languages and philosophy of science were the biggest bullies' bullshit, which has become the banksters' bullshit. One of the relatively trivial aspects of that, although symbolically significant, as the most starkly simple, was the criminalization of cannabis. However, there are no publicly significant groups who campaigned against that in ways which promoted proposals which were consistent with a deeper analysis of artificial selection systems, as driven by natural selection pressures. Many do enough research to start seriously asking "why," but almost nobody goes through the deeper layers of analysis in order to provide better answers to that question.

The general problem with those who engage in superficial analyses of the War On Drugs, etc., is that they tend to never face the facts that there must be some death control systems, with the murder systems as the most extreme forms of those. Therefore, the silly, superficial "solutions" offered by the controlled "opposition" groups are bogus, to the degree that they do not propose and promote any better death control systems.

In order to better understand War On Drugs, one should better understand warfare in general. However, thousands of years of the history of successful warfare based on deceits and treacheries, (which included the ways that the DEA became about 10 billion dollars per year of backing up more or less legalized lies with more or less legalized violence), tends to make it politically impossible for the controlled "opposition" to those activities thinking through the necessites for some death control systems. Instead, the overwhelmingly dominate themes of Globalized Neolithic Civilization continue to be excessively successful organized crime, manifesting runaway criminal insanities, because there is practically no genuine opposition, because there is pretty well never any better understanding of the deeper reasons for how and why warfare existed, and developed militarism as the supreme ideology, since that was the ideology of the murder systems.

The overall political economy is based on combined money/murder systems, whereby public governments enforce frauds by private banks, and the big corporations that have grown up around those big banks. By and large, there is nothing which is publicly significant surrounding those systems than various kinds of controlled "opposition," which continue to almost totally take for granted thinking and communicating through the dominate natural languages and philosophy of science, which amounts to staying inside the same frame of reference originally set up by those supposed to be "opposed."

The War On Drugs has generated an accumulation of apparent anomalies, which tend to be presented by various sorts of superficial analyses as becoming that the War On Drugs is a "Failure." In that context, the series of articles republished on Zero Hedge from TheAntiMedia.org make the two typical errors due to their only engaging in superficially correct analysis. The first error is to not recognize the ways in which the murder systems' successfulness was based on maximizing maliciousness. The second error is to not recognize that there must necessarily be some murder systems.

I recommend series of intellectual scientific revolutions and profound paradigm shifts in the ways that the death control systems are perceived. From that follows radically different ways of looking at warfare in general, from which follows radically different ways of looking as the War On Drugs as an example which particularly flourished during the 20th Century.

I have been working on developing those paradigm shifts for several decades, and continue to do so ... although there appears to be no practical point in doing so for the foreseeable finite future of Globalized Neolithic Civilization, which apparently has already become too terminally sick and insane to recover ... While there are plenty of creative alternatives which are theoretically possible, it seems politically impossible to stop the vicious spirals of the funding of the political processes from continuing to drive various enforced frauds to become exponentially more fraudulent.

E.g., watch ~the first half of this:


Habitat Crisis | Dr. A. Dunning

The Canadian marijuana "legalization" story is demonstrating the ways in which such "legalization" is too little, too late, and too trivial to matter much anymore, because of the ways that there are NOT more radical hemp truths, but rather, continuing compromises with the same old huge lies, i.e., Pot Prohibition Version 2.0, based on Reefer Madness Version 2.0. More importantly, the dismal failures to engage in deeper analysis of the War On Drugs, done within the overall context of Warfare In General, does not result in the kinds of deeper sets of genuine solutions which would be theoretically necessary to make enough of real difference.

In the 21st Century, the War On Drugs has segued into the War On Terror, while that War On Terror has become many orders of magnitude worse! Meanwhile, the underlying patterns of social facts continued: governments were the biggest forms of terrorism, dominated by the best organized terrorists (i.e., banksters as financial terrorists), while their only publicly significant "opposition" was controlled to continue to stay within the same frame of reference, and so, continue to make the same series of errors, which manifest as superficially correct analysis, followed by bogus "solutions," which are similarly superficial. Hence, "we" collectively tend to be still running in the same old rat race, stuck in the same old Rat Trap ... EXCEPT for the degree to which prodigious progress in physical science is enabling the building of bigger and better rat traps for "us ..."

pherron2's picture

Hey, its still 420, smoke em if you got em.

uhland62's picture

Corporations, including big pharma, control quite enough but they were/are after an even bigger power grab through trying to establish the TPP/TTIP umbrella.If you think big pharma is bad, just look at the structures of that power network. 

Fight these whenever their ugly heads pop up again. They have big pockets, the power grabbers, so there will be a lull when you think they have been defeated but then they come up a gain and must be hit on the head once more.  

Mighty 30's picture

Here is a thought,,why don't most of you anti pot people mind your own business because most of you have far bigger problems than being hypocrites on life style choices. You live and have lived around pot smokers all your lives and don't even know it. Because they don't cause a lot of problems and aren't hurting anyone but themselves, except when people like your hypocritical selves make them a problem for money gleaning purposes. Just like the article says. Take the mote out of your own eye first.

bigrooster's picture

Ah the DNA.  Another unless fed government agency wasting our tax dollars filled with worthless pieces of shit worse than the drug addicts they are "protecting" us from.

pparalegal's picture

Big pharma is just a side bet. Government (and the majority who find careers there) is in the business of managing the cash cow herd and growing ever larger, so we need a "war on" whatever increases the bureaucracy.  It is a beautiful system with endless dividends. What is never asked or answered is why people turn to gangs, alcohol, heroin, marijuana, Xanax and all those mother's little helpers.

Juliette's picture

You can grow your own cannabis. No $$$ needed there, if it was legal. it is weed. It grows like crazy.

Boygoy's picture

It's retarded to call it safe. Marijuana dulls the wit and softens one's grit. An entire generation of Americans who should be fighting to guard what their forefathers built--and which is being fucking stolen from them--are sliding into the velvet green abyss of marijuana.

flaminratzazz's picture

America is lost, being stoned eases the pain of reality.

Dave Whiteman's picture

america was lost when government was allowed into education

Juliette's picture

Cannabis is the greatest drug on Earth. I got joint pain from arthritis and at times it makes my life completely miserable, but smoking Cannabis blows the pain totally away, like no other painkiller can do. I smoke the weed pure, if and when I do it, and it only takes some 5-15 minutes after smoking the joint until all pain is gone. The effect lasts several hours at 100% and then it goes down over the next 24 hours.


Cannabis. Gold. Food. Water. 4x4 Cars. Weapons. That is all you need to survive, bitches!!!

Dave Whiteman's picture



take w/ b6 and vit c and small amt of carbs


it is a potent anti-depressant

MK13's picture

Wow, I forgot everyone needs an antidepressant nowadays. That's what we all need to feel alright in America huh?

VWAndy's picture

 The whole government thinks of all of it as a cash cow. FFS!

cluelessminion's picture

For decades marijuana was demonized and lumped in with cocaine, heroin, lsd, etc. -- much stronger and with more potential for damage.  It was done because it was what the gov't wanted.  Now for some reason we're finding out that its not so bad after all and that we were duped for all these years.  Opinions are changing -- pot is going mainstream.  The people who were most supportive of the war on drugs, the generations prior to the boomers are pretty much out of the picture. 


Nothing is done by accident.  We were manipulated into believing that pot, pot smokers and sellers were bad.  And thousands of lives were destroyed because of that.  Now we're being told it's perfectly safe and that it's a miracle drug that can eliminate pain and cure cancer.  So now the young people (and old) can get high legally (or at least not criminally) with no fear of being arrested.  Even in conservative Ohio, you have to have almost a quarter pound of it to be in danger of going to jail for possesion.  TPTB want us high enough to not be bothered by our deteriorating way of life, too stoned to notice that we're fighting wars over things that really, kind of don't make sense.  I'm in my 50's and it's still the Middle East on the evening news.  The novel 1984 is coming true.


Last of the Middle Class's picture

methinks there is a snowflake or two amongst us with all this talk of how safe cannabis is. It is the ultimate snowflake drug. You become so dim witted the only way you can communicate is in one line texts and you become certain one of them will save our country and our political system. It's that simple!!! Duh

kidbroge's picture

What a dick. You must be a friend of Bill O'Reilly.

MK13's picture

Whining about being a dick on zerohedhe is like whining about being a man. Caitlyn Jenner, is that you?

kidbroge's picture

I call a spade a spade and if the shoe fits wear it. Light up my friend, try it you'll like it. It may also help you write more creative and less sophomoric posts.

Captaincath's picture

It's disconcerting to see how people feel free to pick and chose which liberties should be stripped away from the citizens of this country based on feelings and not facts. So uptight about upholding constitutional rights for themselves, but eager to take others as though they will not be affected by these decisions at some future date. This is Ignorance plain and simple by the people, and greed plain and simple by the government.

YHWH is greater's picture

People who say pot is a soft drug that leads to hard drugs forget that 99 of pot smokers smoked cigarettes before smoking their first joint.

Weak characters who lack will power, and self control will indulge in any ecxess, just look at those 300 LBS binge eaters.

The majority of pot bashers die from tobacco and / or alcohol related diseases.

Good for them.

Smart pot smokers gave up drinking and tobacco, and enjoy a safer high, and a longer live, plus save lots of money by growing their own "organic" pain relief.

Dickweed Wang's picture

In the 1930's right after prohibition ended guess who it was that were behind the "Marijuana Tax Act" that essentially made pot illegal n the USA?  The liquor, wine and beer industries - that's who.  And now today in addition to the same old culprits behind keeping pot illegal at the federal level we have big pharma in the game as well.  Legalization at the state level is gaining support throughout the USA and it's only a matter of time before enough states legalize it for recreational purposes that will end up making the federal laws moot. 

When you consider the negative impact that pot has versus alcohol has on society it is amazing that pot is illegal and booze isn't - I mean how many people have you heard of that have beaten their wives or kids, or have gone out and killed someone driving their cars after using pot?  How many have done those things after getting shit faced on booze?  I rest my case . .  .

Helix6's picture

I believe the operative phrase here is "Tell us something we don't already know."

numapepi's picture

This article starts to address the real problem, the scourge of drugs in our culture, and in doing so it serves us all.

Rather than focus on red herrings like gate way drugs, civil asset forfeiture, etc... The problem how to stop the scourge of drugs is twofold.

First it is a cultural problem, rooted in our hedonistic, immediate gratification, alienating and shallow culture. Each generation rebels in it's own way. That rebellion has been ratcheting up for generations to the point the cutting edge, if you will, is not even heroin but sex change. Our culture has become toxic to our kids, teaching them they have no stake in society, alienating them just when it should be embracing them and creating a sense of hopelessness.

Fix the culture, (get rid of cultural Marxism), and the drug problem will largely solve itself.

The second part is the vast amounts of money that reside in the drug business. People here have talked about big pharma, the inherent pernicious conflicts of interests that run throughout the war on drugs, even the drug kingpins themselves, align against solving this seemingly intractable dilemma. Billions of dollars are at stake if the scourge of drugs were ever stopped... saving countless children's lives, adding trillions to the economy, people who would have been a drag become pullers instead, drastically lower crime rate and the unknowable additions to or store of knowledge people would contribute... were the problem of drugs solved.

Get the money out of keeping drugs a problem and much of the drug problem will collapse of it's own weight.

gdpetti's picture

Drugs aren't the problem, if it was, alchol would still be illegal.... making them illegal encourages all the problems that surround them... which our corrupt system feeds off of... this is how the system works... central banks and all their friends help the money/grease move around and keep the wheels of state sponsored corruption going strong.. the empire has to continue to expand or it loses momentum and starts to collapse, same with our stock/bond markets... same with religions based in lies, same with all businesses that pretend to be something they aren't.... mini or maxi empires are all the same... ours has reached maximum expansion and the 'correction' to the expansion has already set in.... we can 'extend and pretend' only so much longer before the engineered collapse signal is sent and the 'rug is pulled out'.

Drugs aren't any different... 'gateway' is used not just to other forms of this drug, but to all 'drugs' of the empire... be it govt/military/intel/banking/religion/science/ etc.... that is what they are a gateway to... to corruption.. to the 'club' and all its members that choose to participate in these activities... that's what that recent interview was about...

Ronald Bernard High Finance Shocking Revelations (Dutch with Subtitles)


This is how they suck you in.... just pick your drug of choice... is it sex? violence? theft? start small and the addiction sets in and your appetite grows... like any empire, until you reach your limit and you collapse.... the smart ones learn to keep switching to a new drug... a more powerful one... and the biggest drug is POWER over others.... which leads you further down the rabbit hole... the dark one... not the one that leads you out of this Cave of Plato's reckoning.


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A lot of people seem to think that everyone who smokes marijuana is a "stoner". These are obviously misinformed people. Not everyone who drinks is a drunk, not everyone who eats junk food is morbidly obese and not everyone who smokes weed is a lay-about, lazy stoner. Some people are capable of being smart about when and how they get high. Just like most people don't drink at work or on the road, most reasonable people would not be getting high at work or on the road either. There will always be people that overdo it with any drug.