George Soros Accused Of "Puppeteering" Government In New Lawsuit

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When an investment asset has potential to deliver returns for 100 years, the competition to be the sole owner can be intense. Such is the case with mining rights to the Simandou iron ore deposit in the West African nation of Guinea, where George Soros is involved in one of several lawsuits over the past few years. The dispute is aggressive, with Soros being called out as anti-Israeli in the suit, which dredges up well-worn charges the former hedge fund managers engages in a global conspiracy to manipulate numerous governments. The feud with Israeli mining magnate Beny Steinmetz dates back to 1998 and involves charges of manipulation and bribery.

From court document

BSGR Lawsuits fight against a “racketeer billionaire” who “puppeteered” government

The cost to develop Simandou is estimated at $20 billion, according to a Bloomberg report, and is estimated to have enough iron ore to deliver returns through the next generation and beyond. The fight brought by BSG Resources Ltd. (BSGR) involves some of the most successful billionaires and mining companies in the world.

BSGR filed suit against Soros and his Open Society Foundations in court Friday, opening the document by claiming Soros is a “racketeer billionaire” who “acts in utter disregard for the rule of law” while he “epitomizes” the well-worn phrase “power tends to corrupt; absolute power corrupts absolutely.”

The suit claims Soros and “his minions” used “fraud, illegality, defamation and criminal misconduct” to besmirch BSGR’s reputation, which led to them losing the contract to develop the mine in the Simandou mountain range.

Steinmetz and BSGR lost rights to develop the mine when the Guinean government ruled they obtained permits by paying million in bribes, including to the wife of the former President. They claim the government based the ruling on false reports spread by Soros and his affiliates, including the “Soros-funded law firm of DLA Piper.”

BSGR claims that Soros “threatened extortion” of their firm and through “his controlled entities puppeteered the government of Guinea, misled other elected officials and governmental entities including President Obama.”


The complaint said that “Soros’s hatred of plaintiffs did not stop in Guinea.” The inflammatory language extended to acquisitions that Soros was involved in anti-Semitism.  “To Soros, Steinmetz’s success, as well as his active, passionate promotion of Israeli life, business and culture are anathemas. Soros is also well known for his long-standing animus toward the state of Israel.”

The lawsuit played into a well-worn conspiracy theory that Soros fabricated and spread lies, infiltrated other venues and governments, including in the United States, Switzerland, and Israel.”

George Soros Bad blood with Steinmetz goes back to 1998

The animus between the two billionaires and his BSGR mining concern date back to 1998 with a dispute over a Russian venture. But it is not just Soros that Steinmetz and BSGR have tangled with.

Rio Tinto Group sued Steinmetz and BSGR of conspiring with Vale SA to steal the rights to the deposit, but that suit was thrown out of New York federal court in 2015. In December Rio Tinto announced it had told Guinea law enforcement agencies that BSGR had paid $10.5 million to a friend of Guinea’s president, resulting in a BSGR lawsuit.

George Soros is a frequent target of political vitriol. In November, 2016 he was accused of backing violent protests against US President Donald Trump, a charge the New York-based hedge fund manager exclusively refuted in ValueWalk. He has long been linked to left-leaning causes around the world. George Soros gained fame by shorting the British pound with Stanley Druckenmiller and is credited with being one of the few hedge fund managers to fight a central bank and profit.

See the full lawsuit below:

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This fucking gargoyle needs to die.

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Fucking Joominati cockroach

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Soros is simply suffering from a Lead deficiency.

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(servant) What is on the agenda for today sir? (soros) Evil, fetch me my cane! (servant) Excellent choice your malevolence.

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I hope somebody finally gets this asshole.  A world without Soros would be a good start.   Then go after his bosses.

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The Guineas have got this game rigged.

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"Fooled Obama"?  Braack was paid millions by Herr OberDooshFurher Soros to be "Fooled". 

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Fuk dat fossilized klingon wrinkly faced progressive liberal democrap turd.  Sandpaper his skin off & bury the turd in salt then divide all his money between tax paying US citizens. And fukda gubmint too.

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Would it really be that hard to pay a servant to slip hemlock in his drink?

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Soros does pick corrupt politicians to bribe. It's too bad he's so driven by greed, as it's hard to see that he'll have much of a legacy to toot about after he dies. The probate will likely be interesting to watch.

junction's picture

George Soros in his golden years is still trying to get even more gold, by hook or crook.

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I wonder if the Zec was based on him.."we take what can be taken"

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He's allegedly pissing off governments all over the world. Yet those pissed off killers never once send some special forces to collect Soros' head.

Something is wrong with that narrative.

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+1 Grumbleduke. my prejudice/theory is that he was always an "asset" of an intelligence service, or even a consortium of intelligence agencies from several countries

and that whiff, that stench... was already in my nose when he trashed the British Pound out of the European Exchange Rates Mechanism, and that was in the 80's

and nobody ever had an explanation from where he got those billions to bet against the GBP. in the eighty's, billions were truly serious money, and he made a cool one just from that deal. right/s

it looked too neat in the UK's case. it looks too neat in this Guinea case. it looks too neat in Hungary's case against his university (seriously? while his former student/protege is keeping quiet about it? pull that other one, it has bells on)

everytime he gets trouble with a government, which is practically every five minutes... I start to be very suspicious if even half of the story is true

that "man" is a bit like an iceberg. you don't see 90% of it

BorisTheBlade's picture

Operating with intelligence services has its perks as in having protection. It may have a downside when they are tying loose ends in case the cover of 'the asset' is blown. And Soros's cover is nearly blown as nobody's essentially buying into benevolent billionaire philanthropy story any longer.

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Hint: druckenmiller made more in the deal than soros. Because $. And there are always more in the shadows, whether one is fixated on Soros, Mercer, some Rothschild or other, etc. it's the nature of finance, nature of politics, sadly nature of humans.

GreatUncle's picture

More like he owns them in some way ...

To the comment the 90% you don't see Ghordius ...

What you do see is "only the 10% of his worth" the rest hidden away from prying eyes so he retains his position.

If anything the only reason he came out of retirement was to ensure he maintained his position at the trough and feeding if the global / national economies collapsed. To not be visible at this time is like an elite crawling out of a fantastic bunker to world devastation and wonder why the natives would turn on you.

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Make him flip on his owners, the Rothschild 

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Make him flip on his owners, the Rothschild

Soros is just a Rothschild minion, let that sink in.

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How can I position to lead that jury?

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never say jury nullification on or near any communications or listening device. ;)

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"Can't we just drone him?"  ;-)

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Blood NOT Necessarily THICKER than WATER when two Heb(s) go after the only thing that "matters"!

Either it's a well crafted PR stunt by Langley on behalf of their patron Saint? Or an "il"-legitimate unorthodox "maneuver" by the Prince of PAIN himself Mr. USAID to extort money out of a business that is lucrative that he wants!

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Actually this is exactly what I have been describing in Guinea for years around here, since back when the comments section was better investment of time...

But DGSE assets and the remnants of the Foccart Network were involved in the massacre at football stadium that preceded the coup that benefited Soros (Thanks Sacrilege for losing that comment too...).  As to how and why the FBI and CIA chose to help and allocate resources to pursue Conté's wife and Steinmetz's lackey when they normally wouldn't... Soros probably asked Shillary to have someone (who normally wouldn't) take his call...


Son of Captain Nemo's picture

Thanks UR

Excellent response and information on your knowledge.

Urban Redneck's picture

Thanks, sorry I am in a grumpier than usual mood today.  My original comment from 2013  is below (when the FBI/CIA/State asked the Swiss to initially raid Steinmetz's office).  The red berets who comitted the massacre at the stadium were trained and equipped by DGSE, who wasn't happy when Camara launched his coup, so he "had to go" too, and one them put a bullet in him and sent of to Senegal for medicaltreatment.  Oligarchs and their pet governments don't just topple governments, in this case they're also cuplable for mass rape and murder of innocent civilians.

Man Who Was Thursday's picture

You were one of my favorite posters, too bad we've lost many good posters. The comments section is very shitty these last few years, everyone's racing to be first post with collective jokes/memes.

Thank you for the info, always worth a serious read.

Sanity Bear's picture

Ever since ZH turned into a dumpster fire of unaccountable hysteria, the only value left here is in humor.

That and the Jew-obsession crowd were the twin tools used to neuter what was once a vibrant and important source of information.

The new Ultimate Zero Hedge Joke: Yo mama's so fat, the Baltic Dry Index doubled when she took an overseas vacation to Mac Salvo's doomsday bunker using Simon Black's passports.

Bill of Rights's picture

Just figuring this out huh?

Chupacabra-322's picture

Bottom line:

Sorros needs to be dealt with Extreme Prejudice.

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Oh please this is Zerotards favorite empty suit. Soros is as meaningless as the next billionaire they are all buying government. Trump is owned by Billionaire Robert Mercer but I don't hear any of you fucktards complaining about the fact.  Breightbart News would not even exist without the Mercers. Trump can't even take a shit without getting permission from the Mercers. If George Soros is so fucking powerful how did Hillary Lose? the Voters you say ? Hah voters don't count unless their votes come with a several million dollar donation.

Ghordius's picture

true, technically he is just an oligarch like many others, nowadays

but... no, nearly all oligarchs have somewhere some entrenched core business, with moats and all that, and they have to stay put like Smaug on his treasure, or the trove is empty. it's a characteristic of oligarchs

not so Soros. he does not need "moats". he does not need to cater for a government, to keep those moats filled

so no, I still suspect he is not an oligarch. he is a tentacle of something bigger then that

(yes, that's me, G. who spends a lot of words here about the lack of evidence a "global conspiracy", usually)

Kat Daddy's picture

I suspect Soros is Rothschild's agent in the USA.  He brokers the sale of assets to Rothschild Investments, like Ukrainian oligarch Poroshenko's candy businesses.  Neither give a rat's ass about Israel, or the Jews there, who are there only to give a toehold in the ME to the Anglo-American interests (like Genie Energy), keep the Suez Canal open, and protect oil investments in Baku.  Their sole motivation is money and the power it brings.

GreatUncle's picture

Agree with you on the "he is a tentacle of something bigger then that" Ghordius.

The question you need to ponder is who are the others.

vegas's picture

If this thing ever gets to the discovery phase, the entertainment value alone will be golden. All you ever needed to know about scumbag Soros is his involvement with the Nazi's in helping exterminate Jews to save his own skin. Good luck in hell George.

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A corrupt Joo "Businessman" suing a corrupt Joo Billionaire. Grab the popcorn.

adr's picture

If I was president there would be a lot of billionaires who would suddenly have accidents. 

Actually they'd be picked up by special forces and go full Law Abiding Citizen on them. When they beg for death, the torture only intensifies. There is no torture ever devised that is cruel enough for Soros and the Rothschild demons. His life deserves to be extended for 1000 years so that his torture and excruciation can last the millenium it will take to undo the damage he and his ilk have caused in less than 100.

Every honest citizen of the world deserves to shove a knife into the wretched man. 

Bastiat's picture

I think if you were president you'd find that you don't control the people that engineer the "accidents."  If you work for them, like, perhaps the Clintons, accidents happen to your benefit. 

HenryKissingerChurchill's picture

If I was president there would be a lot of billionaires who would suddenly have accidents.

presidents DO HAVE accidents, like that JFK rookie.

0hedgehog's picture

Calling out Soros for the scumbag that he is........finally!


This man has been the "run the world" intermediary for quite a while now. It's good we are finally noticing him hiding in the shadows.

frontierland's picture

Soros is in the hotseat all over the globe.  Russia booted his NGO's, Hungary is perusing international crime violations.

Too bad the US doesn't have the balls to take him down, he may pull the Anti-White Oligarchy that backs him and a chunk of the global econmy with him.

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Can't we drone this guy?

withglee's picture

When you get two tribe members fighting each other in the open, it always gets complicated ... and usually entertaining.

rejected's picture

“acts in utter disregard for the rule of law” while he “epitomizes” the well-worn phrase “power tends to corrupt; absolute power corrupts absolutely."

Thought he was describing the US government for a second.

To Hell In A Handbasket's picture

Benny Steinmetz vs Soros. Jew vs Jew. lol Both of these Jewish bastards corrupted(which wasn't very hard) the Guinea government. The story of the Simandou iron ore deal, is one for the ages. Put it this way, what Steinmetz bought it for and for how much he flipped it for, days later, then repurchased at a later date, then flipped it for again, is testament to the corruption and absolute stupidity of these Guinean Africans. To cut a long story short, Steinmetz got access to the dying Guinea leader at the time on his death bed and made him sign the contracts.

Despite the protestations of Guinean cabinet ministers and the opposition, some how the case could not be dealt with by the Guinea courts, but in the USSA. lol The Simandou mine has been flipped about 6 times, with the Guinea government having virtually no say in proceedings and who it goes to, because of the handy work of Israel and the U.S state department backing the plunder and the corruption of local officials via economic hitmen.

I recently came back from the Congo and the true destroyers of Africa and those bleeding her dry of rare earth metals and other minerals are the JEWS, the evidence is everywhere and is beyond refute when you speak and engage in polite conversation with diplomatic placements in Kinshasa. Some of the stories I was told, made my jaw drop. Africa is the culmination of fascism imposed abroad. It is foreign states and their corporations working as one to extract.  

orangegeek's picture

Terrorism financing network you say???  Hmmm, soros would never do that.


Lawsuits will be piling up on old georgie - nigga ain't around to block anymore.

UnschooledAustrianEconomist's picture

Still alive, that bastard!?

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Once a Nazi, always a Nazi