Police Officer, Kalashinikov-Yielding Shooter Killed In Paris "Terrorist" Attack; ISIS Claims Responsibility

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  • One police officer has been killed in a shooting on the Champs Elysees in Paris
  • The shooting suspect, who was armed with a Kalashnikov rifle, has been shot dea
  • An arrest warrant has been issued for the second suspect who arrived from Belgium by train
  • One shooter has been identified as 39-year-old Karim Cheurfi (aka Abu Yusuf al-Baljik) who was living in a suburb east of Paris
  • ISIS has claimed the attack and has identified the attacker as Abu Yusuf al-Beljiki
  • A 'War weapon' was used in attack
  • Central Paris remains on in lockdown
  • Attack comes three days before presidential election

* * *

Update 14 The Associated Press reports that French police have surrounded and searched the family home of Karim Cheurfi (aka Abu Yusuf al-Baljik), a 39-year-old with a police record, in relation to today's attack.  Cheurfi's home is located in the town of Chelles.



Karim Cheurfi, now known as Abu Yusuf al-Baljiki, was convicted of shooting at police officers in 2001, L’Express reports. He was sentenced to 20 years in prison in 2003, but that term was reduced to 15 years in 2005, the newspaper reports.

According to a 2001 report from Le Parisien, Cheurfi, then 23, stole a gun from a police officer and shot him three times, in the lung, leg and foot. He also fired at other officers.

* * *

Update 13: French BFM TV reports that the attacker had boasted of wanting to kill police on the Telegram messaging service.

Meanwhile, Francois Fillon has called for this Sunday's presidential election first round to be suspended following the Paris attack. 

* * *

Update 12: Through its news agency Amaq, ISIS has claimed the attack on French police in #Paris France, and has identified the attacker as Belgian Abu Yusuf al-Beljiki

* * *

Update 11: A witness quoted by the Telegraph said he saw the gunman fire six times and then hide behind a truck. “He fired at the police and then he crouched behind the lorry. Then he got up and ran and was shot by the police.”

Forensics officers in white boiler suits with hoods were deployed on the Champs-Elysées.

Meanwhile, President Hollande said: “We are convinced the motive is likely to be terrorism." Both Marine Le Pen and Francois Fillon have cancelled campaign trips tomorrow.

* * *

Update 10: According to a French government spokesman the Paris assailant used a "war weapon" to fire on officers, previously identified as a Kalashnikov rifle.

Cyril, 40, a witness, said: “I was on the corner beside Marks and Spencer and Zara, waiting in my car for a friend, 10 or 15 metres from a police van. I saw a man all in black approaching the van as if he was asking for information, and he took out a Kalashnikov and fired, with his right hand.”

He added: “I started my car and pushed three or four other cars so I could do a U-turn. I’m totally certain he meant to kill the police. He was wearing a big black quileted coat and had hidden the gun under it.”

Update 9: The French police have issued an arrest warrant for a second suspect in Paris shooting who arrived from Belgium by train, Reuters reports.

* * *

Update 8: In conflicting reports, the French Interior Ministry now says that no other terror events occured, adds that a second policeman was not killed and that the gundman has not been "precisely identified". Additionally, police have reportedly stated that the dead attacker appeared to be alone.

* * *

Update 7: A police helicopter is said to be patrolling the area of the shooting. A police source said it was equipped with a huge searchlight to help track down any attackers that might be on the run.

* * *

Update 6: A bomb disposal team is checking the attacker's vehicle according to the French Interior Ministry. Meanwhile, security forces are searching the home of the dead gunman in the east of Paris.

* * *

Update 5: French anti-terrorist prosecutors have opened an investigation, confirming that the motive is believed to have been terrorism, and the attacker was known to the intelligence services, security sources said. They added that he had been flagged as a serious threat to national security.

Meanwhile, Reuters reports that the second policeman injured in shooting has died of his wounds, police sources told Reuters.

President Hollande has called an emergency security meeting. Bernard Cazeneuve, the prime minister, has joined President Hollande at the Elysée Palace for the meeting.

* * *

Update 4: French BFM TV reports that at least one assailant was known to French authorities.

* * *

Update 3: BREAKING - Shots fired at new location near Champs Elysees Avenue in Paris: police source. Meanwhile, FranceTV Info reports that there were several assailants in the original shooting, some of whom were still at large.

* * *

Update 2:  An Interior Ministry spokesman says on BFM TV that officers were deliberately targeted in Paris shooting.

* * *

Update: A robbery apparently took place at same time as shooting

Pierre-Henry Brandet, the interior ministry spokesman, said one police officer was killed and two seriously wounded. “The attacker was shot dead by police and the area remains cordoned off,” Mr Brandet said.

A car stopped near a police van before the attack and was found abandoned. It was suspected that the gunman used it to reach the scene of the attack.

Mr Brandet said a robbery may have been carried out at the same time as the attack. It was unclear if the two were linked.


* * *

With just days until the first round of the French presidential election, one policeman was killed and another wounded in a shooting incident on the historic Champs-Elysees in Paris.

The shootout took place around 21:00 (local time) near the Franklin D. Roosevelt metro station in the 8th district of the French capital, in front of a Marks and Spencer store, French RTL TV and BFM TV reported.

The who fired on police on the Champs-Elysees shopping boulevard just days ahead of France's presidential election has been killed, the source said. A police source also said there had been two assailants, and a witness told Reuters that one man got out of a car at the scene and began shooting with a Kalashinkov machine gun.

Police state there were at least two people involved in the shooting, one of them has been killed. One of the suspects got out of a car and began shooting "with a Kalashnikov", hitting a policeman, an eyewitness has told Reuters.

The officer killed was apparently in a car stopped at a red light.

Yvan Assioma of the police union Alliance said:

The exact circumstances are still unclear but I can confirm the tragic death of one of our colleagues. Our thoughts are very much with the family. One or several attackers have been shot dead by the police. Some officers were hit but the bullets were stopped by their bulletproof vests, but two were hit.

French police say shooting in the Champs-Elysees area of Paris in which one police officer has been killed was probably "a terrorist act"

French TV channel BFM broadcast footage of the Arc de Triomphe monument and top half of the Champs Elysees packed with police vans, lights flashing and heavily armed police shutting the area down after what was described by one journalist as a major exchange of fire nears a Marks and Spencers store.

The incident came as French voters prepared go to the polls on Sunday in the most tightly-contested presidential election in living memory.

France has lived under a state of emergency since 2015 and has suffered a spate of Islamist militant attacks that have killed more than 230 people in the past two years.

As Reuters adds, earlier this week, two men were arrested in Marseille whom police said had been planning an attack ahead of the election.

A machine gun, two hand guns and three kilos of TATP explosive were among the weapons found at a flat in the southern city along with jihadist propaganda materials according to the Paris prosecutor.


Live Feeds:


  * * *

The French police have told the local population to avoid the area of the Champs Elysees which is on lock down, while social media add that riot police has been dispatched.

According to subsequent news reports the shooter, who was allegedly armed with a Kalashnikov, has been killed.

Police said that the shooting was probably a "terrorist act"

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It is not who is right or wrong that is important, but rather the fact that we are arguing...





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Very gracious of you, Sir.

It's quite easy to resort to ad hominem attacks when we find disagreement with our fellow man/woman.

It is much more preferable to honestly and intellectually debate the issues and hopefully arrive at an eventual agreement or consensus.

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I hate it when Mom and Dad fight...it makes it so much less peaceful down here in the basement...

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Can't we all just get along bitchez?

Practice the Aloha...

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What arguments? You just prove everyday here that you are stupid and have no clue about how the world works. What else does anyone need to know? 

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I'm having a hard time believing that you're actually educated.


If you were, you wouldn't be saying stuff like that.


Goebbels was refering to the Jewish stretegy of propaganda, not his own when speaking about the "Big Lie". It's the same group of people that we see running the media today that use that strategy. 

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Hitler reportedly kept a copy of The Prince by Niccolo Machiavelli on his bedside nightstand.

Machiavellian politics are absolutley ruthless and without moral conscience.

Take no prisoners and expect no mercy.

Repeat the Lie often enough and eventually it becomes the Truth.

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If it were cajuns outta ft polk, I'd tell ya to put your ass in the wind and run for it.

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But Rachel Madcow and Chuck Tott just said, "Europe has no immigrant problems."

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   I posted to show the hearing bs

   some interests in oklahoma, but we are cutting back

   real cowboy few but good and reliable

   cajuns wreck machines, trucks, even rigs...get others hurt 

   told of two OK truck companies opened branch LA and nearly go busted

   only crazy does not make a warrior





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Ummm, you mean "some" people in Oklahoma. Not the same.

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CNN and NYT are doing everythnig possible to avoid this islamic terrorist attack story.

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      what is cambodia to do with this?

      too many minds here cannot hold a subject



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There aren't that many minds here.

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I see no evidence of that.  More likely staged to promote Islam.

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This is what happens when you dont allow to have a pipeline through your country from Qatar & Saudi Arabia to Turkey into Europe to fuck Putin over.

We have to bomb folks.

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Totally respect what you're saying...but Muslims themselves are slaughtering each other...Sunni vs. Shiite...they are generally animals.  Yes...American military involvement is stupid...but...sad pictures of dead Muzzies is equally stupid...Muslims are human detritus.....always have been!

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Sunni and Shiite have been killing each other longer than any current western European Country has existed for.

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Yes but it's 'Yielding Kalashinikovs'  whatever that is.  It must be a higher yield than bonds.

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En Francais: cause et effet

Perhaps my favourite movie line of all time is spoken by Esther (Israeli actress Haya Harareet) in the 1959 version of "Ben Hur":

"Blood begets more blood as dog begets dog ... violence breeds violence as the vulture breeds the vulture."

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ironic as Passover celebrates murder of innocent children, Purim celebrates murder of innocent Persians, and Hannukah, a minor holiday ratched up to compete with Christmas celebrates the murder of Greeks snd Hellenized (civilized) Jews.

Ironic as Esther's yahweh and judaism was fond of genocide.



That aside, the REAL issue here is that Europe has not learned to be multicultural.



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Good post.

His name was Dr. William Pierce.

He was the author of The Turner Diaries. (A possible future for North America)

Snípéir_Ag_Obair's picture

Good ol' Ziohedge - formerly a financial blog:

suspicious of the MSM on Russia.

All in on Iran.

Every incident involving a muzzie goes to the top of the page.

Murders by IDF "soldiers" and attacks on Christians and Palestinian infants by Jewish Fundamentalists...



Never covered.


Nor is the significant evidence of Israeli support for Al Nusra and ISIS.

Don't worry though - when fundamentalist, batshit Jews have hundreds of nukes and ICBMs that can hit all of Europe, it is 'antisemitic' to worry, right?

Wasnt muzzies who helped drag the US into WW1, and Iraq, and wasnt Muslims who tried to sink the USS Liberty.

And it wasnt muzzies who murdered 3,000 Americans on 9/11.


Meanwhile the US and Israel have killed around 1.5 million muslims since 9/11, many or most civilian, many dying when schools or hospitals were bombed.

And yet creative minds who write some variant of 'religion of peace' never regard the **far** greater death toll engendered by Zionist Jews and Christians as a moral indictment of Jews and Christians.

Cute. Just like the widespread use of terror attacks by Jews in the 20s, 30s, and 40sz When Jewish Supremacists do it, its simply 'defined out' of something evil.





Maybe killing tens of thousands of women and children and bombing hospitals and weddings and UN posts in non-defensive wars for Israeli lebensraum and gas transit routes is *partly* responsible for 'Muslim' terror?

Nah, can't be that. Why would it be that??

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All headlines (Joo media) are of Joo-created distractions to misdirect the goyim. At the top of all corrupt and destructive institutions sit (((Joos))).

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Is it ok if I Have no shits to be given for either crew?

Beaks and/or muzzies...fuck em. Proper.

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I'd love for the major powers to agree to just sit back and let the Semites off each other.


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Yeah, Joos are all about themselves> i wonder if that is a direct consequence of being surrounded by muzzies on all sides? But of course, it could also be that your favorite buds are just part of a fascist ideology bent on destroying western cultures. Nah, its the religion of peace and everyone knows the Koran isn't translated properly, so that couldn't possibly be it, could it? Well, best hug a Muslim today so you can feel so much better about your own mortality. 

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Hitler (peace be upon him) offered them Madagascar, but noooo...

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First of all - why are the poor innocent Israelis 'surrounded'?

Oh - because they deliberately used terrorism and ethnic cleansing to create an ethnostate.



Second: Jews have been all about themselves as you put it for thousands of years - embracing violent, racist, genocidal, arrogant mythos: AS REFLECTED IN THEIR OWN 'HOLY' BOOKS:


And using usury as a fascist weapon against non-Jews?

- that is quite explicitly in the Torah:

* http://jewishracism.blogspot.com/2009/01/jewish-problem-part-3-jews-in-b...



But you probably have all sorts of excuses for the naked racism in your tribe's mythology, right? Jooooos never did nothin to no one, it was always just 'joo hate' by those cattle, I mean goyim, right?

And every racist, supremacist statement in the Talmud is a mistranslation by 'antisemites,' right? it's so 'antisemitic' to view calls for genocide or claims about ontological supremacy in jewish writings negatively, right?

Nice use of fascism- it's not technically correct or anything, and literally descriptive* of Jewish embrace of usury, but the neat thing about claiming a supreme being made your ethnic cult special is YOUR murder and lies and hate... why, that's sacred! Doing g0d's work!

Kicked out of dozens of countries, with the same complaints, by vastly different cultures across hundreds of years, but this isnt a ause for reflection or introspection. Joos are Chosen after all... so the reason why people didnt like jews was they were 'antisemites'... meaning people who didnt like jews.

That's one of them tautological sticky wickets - a polemical circle jerk resulting from refusing to consider that maybe, just maybe, all these different cultures had the same negative view because Jews acted in accordance with their religious texts.

Which advised Jews to treat non jews as subhumans to be fleeced.

Ovadia Yosef was not some fringe nut. He was CHIEF RABBI.

And he was only being honest, as an adherent of Jewish mythology - non jews born to serve jews, he said.

Half of Israel turned out for his funeral. The Israel that bulldozes native homes and crops and scarcely punishes settlers or soldiers who murder Palestinians in cold blood - even when caught doing so on video.

Then theres the IDF chief rabbi who saud that its okay for jews to rape gentile women during war - because jewish "law" so provides.


In summary: you, like Jews generally are excellent at being ourraged at the speck of dust in others eyes while not seeing the plank of wood in your own.

As for morality - I suspect yours is more Moses than Christ.

Big difference was their stance on genocide and murdering children.

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The Muslims.  Wake up.


Oh, you meant that as sarcasm?  Then wake the fuck up.

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      Who are they?

      witness those of depraved indifference:


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More likely that the Paris shooters are of Moroccan or Algerian (North Africa) descent, not Syrians (Middle-East). Would that fit your theory just the same?

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I've told my wife the same. That if jack booted thugs representing the US regime ever harm my children, it's mother fucking game on. To quote Celente, "When People Lose Everything, They Have Nothing Left To Lose, And They Lose It”

My children are my everything, nothing else in the world matters to me. NOTHING.

I'm shocked that there isn't WAY MOAR suicide bombers pouring out of the middle east. Guess these fathers didn't love their children enough to avenge them. :(


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I think I would want to shot my local ISIS rep. 

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The muzloids have been terrorizing for 1400 years, against other muzloids, Buddhists, Christians, Zoroastrians, Jews, animistic Africans, everyone. Muzloids, terrorizing since day 1.

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Oh come on, what are you Al Jazeera? Stop trying to blame the white man for everything. Fuck CNN.

Day of the rope NOW!

Happy Hitler Day! Adolf Hitler was a hero and he did nothing wrong. Dailystormer.com

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Hedgeless there is a dimension to what you're saying that is true... but on the whole it is not true... terrorists want to kill every Western American b/c they are infidels in the eyes of their religious texts... please read the koran to educate yourself on this deeply ideological issue - if your thesis were 1% right, then why are other muslims the #1 target of terrorists? Please look at the daily attack websites that update terror attacks.... 99.9999999% of them are in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Nigeria, Egypt, Libya, Somalia, Cameroon, Sudan.... and the victims are 99/100 times are other muslims.

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mmmmmmm lefty progressives who think everything is a zero sum game for 1000???????

The French have much to apologise for....but their body count overseas isn't one of those things....

There is much wrong in the world but if you are trying to equate/conflate the two then you are the delusional one.



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LoL! There are no signs in Europe my friend. It's regulated very strictly. But as all regulations. Sounds nice on paper. AK? Go to Ukraine for example. What regulation? FFS, even teens in Europe get their hands on it. But the fronting of la-la-land, eh?

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I'll put the over/under on the number of times the MSM says the phrase "Russian-made Kalashinikov" at 100, and I'll definitely take the over on this one.

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Read comments on news websites with neutered Western populations - UK, Australia, Canada, Sweden, etc, etc - - you will undoubtedly read the blame placed on guns rather than the minds of the killers.

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There are more full automatic Kalashnikovs in France than in the US. They come through Marseilles from the ME and N. Africa and then are sold off to...

all that can afford.

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Maybe Barkey called in the hit ealier with that phone call.

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<--Religion of peace

<--Religion of pieces

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'Vive le Socialisme!' - shit, I just had a fat-brain-fart ... mixed with mental diarrhea ...