A Quarter Of Millennials Living At Home Neither Work Nor Study

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At one point in time in America, living at home with mom and dad after crossing out of your teenage years and into your 20s was embarrassing and something that was generally avoided at all costs.  And while hard times come and go, 20-somethings who were forced back into their parents' care worked their tails off until they could save up enough money to once again regain their freedom.

But, these days millennials seem to be embracing the free room and board provided by their parents.  According to a new study from the Census Bureau, roughly one-third of all millennials live at home with their parents and one-fourth of them can't be bothered with enrolling in school or finding a job.

According to the following chart from Bloomberg, there are 2.2 million millennials who live at home with mom but neither attend classes nor have a job.  Of those, 40% of them are already in their 30's, they're predominantly white and have a high school diploma of less.


And since they're not employed, it's only logical that 90% of the millennials living at home last year are still there this year. 

"Almost 9 in 10 young people who were living in their parents’ home a year ago are still living there today, making it the most stable living arrangement for young adults," the report said. "In 2005, the majority of young people lived independently in their own household (either alone, with a spouse, or an unmarried partner), which was the predominant living arrangement in 35 states. By 2015—just a decade later—only six states had a majority of young people living independently."

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So they're not feeding the beast. Oh, damn.

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I expect they would, if given a chance.  The problem is that workers are no longer needed in a highly financialized society.

Another reason why this is going up is the cost of home care for the elderly and the inability of Boomers to actually retire.  This might not be a problem if older people were to give up their current jobs for the next generation, but a lot of these Baby Boomer jobs are not being refilled after the person retires.  In a lot of cases, the job duties (if there are any) are split among the remaining workforce.

We are in a downward spiral and our leadership doesn't care that the Titanic is going down so long as they get first class seats.

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My generation is a fucking joke...

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Did that chick say she quit her IT job to be a competitive pole-dancer? 

There's a metaphor there somewhere.  

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Most young girls these days are a total waste. They don't study, they don't work, they live with their moms or off their sugar daddies. Pointless generation.

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Don't knock young women... they've never been so easy to get into the sack. I haven't fucked anybody above the age of 30 since I got divorced, and I'm no spring chicken.

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Glad I grew up when I did.  Sounds like being young nowadays basically just sucks.  

Mostly I'm just glad I grew up before everybody had a camera in their cell phone.  That could have been some really nasty incriminating evidence I would have been hard pressed to explain.


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Life can be hard for young people. I was kicked out of the house at the tender young age of 36.

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This all sounds like priveledge to me.  Some sjw group should protest their existence.

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Donald Trump (not verified) RAT005 Apr 20, 2017 10:56 PM

Are they too ugly to marry? They could do it and live off their spouses.

Like this UFC retired hottie will do:

Ronda Rousey Announces Engagement to Fellow UFC Fighter (NSFW)


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I'm just wondering, doesn't being a part of Antifa count as study or work?

How bout on-line gaming or porn?  ;-)

Creative_Destruct's picture

Well, if competitive skank dancing and circus arts counts, Antifa, gaming and porn certainly do too.

If the young "lady" and her peers saved the thousands they spend on tats and Starbucks per year, they'd have no worries.

JuliaS's picture

When I was going though high school, many of my classmates had a plan - to graduate and marry a rich guy.

Most are wrapping up their 2nd or 3rd divorce right about now.

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I know two elderly Black Widows who've taken that to the next level. One psychopath in her 80s has pulled it off twice. Basically, they orchestrate circumstances that erode and eventually jeopardize an old man's health while posing as sweet, innocent caregivers, and then walk away with his house and savings when he dies under seemingly innnocent circumstances.

There is a subspecies -- adroit, deceitful, manipulative and patient -- that searches constantly for new avenues to exploit others at every opportunity and stage of life. If you're of sound mind and don't have a will already, get one.

True Blue's picture

Studying to become a cunning linguist. Full time student.

BandGap's picture

The door didn't hit me in the ass getting out of the house when I was 18.

None of my kids live at home except those in HS/MS.

And "give up our jobs"? WTF, I get 4-5 calls a week for new work, there are jobs if you got the right degree and worked to make yourself better. I will never have to retire because there are few replacements out here.

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Mine either after I got that draft notice,greetings.

John Law Lives's picture

Same here.  I burned rubber leaving the driveway when I moved out at age 18.

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None of my kids live at home except those in HS/MS.

Hopefully you're raising those kids with the same values and understanding about what to expect when they're 18 too.  That's one of the biggest problems with kids now--it isn't just the crappy job market.  As you say, you get calls for new work all the time.  I've been retired and/or out of the workforce by choice for years and I'm still contacted regularly to pick up contracts.  Same with other friends with specialized skills.  All of us are baby boomers.  It isn't that kids can't do what we did, nobody wants to hire them because of a general lack of work ethic--not all, but enough not to take the chance.  There's also a lack of dedication and maturity.  

Today's 20 year olds are much less mature than 20 year olds in the 1950s, 60s, 70s and even the 1980s.  Who is to blame for that?  We can point a lot of fingers and narrow it down to women in the workplace and a lot of sexist stuff, but there were still a lot of two parent households in this country for the last couple decades.  Let's just say that parents in general let their kids down by not preparing them properly to stand on their own two feet.  

When kids were allowed to run all over parents and teachers instead of being properly disciplined, when kids were given everything they wanted instead of working towards goals and learning that everything isn't just handed to them, when parents did everything for their kids rather than making the kids do their own schoolwork or projects, when parents fought their kids battles for them, when parents bent over backwards trying to be their kids' friends instead of theirguardians and parents, all these things set up the scenario for leaving those kids to fail because they don't have the foundation or skills needed to thrive and survive as adults in the real world.  We're left with a bunch of idle snowflakes living in mom and dad's basement with mom and dad unable to evict them for fear their little babies will end up homeless and hungry.  Who's to blame?  Mom and dad.  

If Little Snowflake was forced to fend for him/herself, with half a brain and some ingenuity, he/she will find a paying job and will be just fine in time.  Throw them out on the mountainside and if they make it through the night, they'll survive.  If not, too bad.  Time for some tough love.

Henry Chinaski's picture

Yep. The parents are the problem. The dysfunctional children are the symptom.

chiquita's picture

Most young girls these days are a total waste. 


I'm not disagreeing with your statement; however, if you look at the chart, young guys out number young girls living at home.  Seems they're the bigger slackers.  Or maybe the girls are better at getting someone other than Mom and Dad to take them in?

Spungo's picture

Things are not yet bad enough for young men to be gay for pay

HardAssets's picture

Unfortunately, multiple generations have failed. They paid more attention to making money than real education and Liberty.

And now their off-spring will pay.

The parents of these kids wasted their money sending jr off to get brainwashed and dumbed down even further. But those parents were also dumbed down.

Killtruck's picture

Look at all those starry-eyed dreamers...reality means nothing. Follow your passions, little babies. Pay no mind to reality. 

Miskondukt's picture

They are following their passions...to do NOTHING!

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The Federal Reserve, and central banks in general, have reallocated purchasing power from capital (the source of young people's wages) into assets (the things the old and the rich own). It is completely natural that young people would seek to utilize that purchasing power via free/cheap room and board from Mom and Dad, who were able to buy those homes, get those high paying jobs, and accumulate those stocks and bonds back when all those things were cheap and easy to to acquire.

This is what a stolen future looks like. Young people can't build anything anymore. The best they can hope to do is hold on to what their parents had after they die. A single, very small step away from feudalism. Laborers tied to the land. Except they have no jobs.

general ambivalent's picture

and that will be sold off because ma and pa want a secure future in the 'care home'.

post turtle saver's picture

let's remember we're talking about the average boomers here... sell off what, exactly? what they have has already been mortgaged and HELOCed into oblivion... don't forget the ones that made a deal with the tax agent to forego property tax payments in retirement, with the understanding that the tax office would get what was due when they shed their mortal coil, either with a bill or by taking over the property...

gonna be a LOT of millenials out there expecting the boomer die-off to give them their jump start, only to find out it's already been accounted for and then some...

Burnbright's picture

You are exactly correct, another reason this generation is screwed. Nothing will be passed on to us. Shit just look at reversible mortgages. 


Burnbright's picture

And this is why I love tmosley, 100% correct.

The dollar as a fiat currency reduces the value of labor and increases the value of assets at labors expense. What do the old have? Assets! What do the young have? Labor!

That's why we're screwed.

K_BX's picture

exactly! where shall those poor souls get the wealth from to buy all the overpriced shit? you can only sell to someone who can afford to buy

TAALR Swift's picture

Rewards dictate behaviors.  Applies to explicit, implicit, overt and hidden rewards.

If you want to change the behaviors, change the rewards.

thebigunit's picture

Good grief.  So you think the lazy worthless blobs sitting in Barcoloungers watchig big screen TV's are revolutionists fighting societal oppression.  It doesn't take that much to be a hero these days.

So they're not feeding the beast.

crossroaddemon's picture

Regardless of their motivations, I'd rather they be doing literally anything other than contribuing their labor to the enrichment of he parasite class.

thebigunit's picture

Here's a dirty little secret I'll share with you:

I'm a member of the producer class that produces the food and big screen TV's that the SJW's consume.

When I produce some food, I secretly keep some extra for myself.  The SJW's don't know this.

JuliaS's picture

By not not working, yet living at someone else's expense they are enriching the banking cartel just as much, only in accordance with their Marxist beliefs, they're gifting other people's labor and savings to the ruling class. Their protest amounts to forcing someone else to work on their behalf.

So, who's are the parasites here?

peippe's picture

let's be honest:  'tax donkey' is the only occupation nowadays

might as well sit it out.

Riga's picture

Most I know of have debilitating mental illness. I'm sympathetic. If it weren't for cod liver oil, I'd still be having emotional spikes, too. 

Besides the liberal culture, a lot of them have been malaffected by food, and probably vaccines, fluoride, and being on screens when they should be asleep. 

I recently realized raw milk was good for me and pasteurized milk was causing problems, and I had been drinking milk every day. 

conspicio's picture

I had to scroll a lot to see this today. Apparently 420 isn't as subversive as it used to be now that you can 419, 421, 313, 1022 etc... Of course, you could always take it to the next level and just start an opiod habit or mainline heroine. Well, at least that's what the cool kids are doin these days.

GunnerySgtHartman's picture

I know a guy who fits this to a T.  His parents gave him literally everything when he was a kid.  He went off to college at age 18, all expenses paid, and washed out less than a year in despite having the brains to succeed; he said he couldn't handle the "emotional strain" of college - no kidding.  Moved back in with his parents and he's never worked a day since.  He's in his 30s now and he's totally worthless.  Sits around all day and does nothing.  His parents have never forced him to get a job, either, so they have to share in the blame.

I know another kid who failed out of college as a senior.  So what did he decide to do?  Get married without having a job.  His wife supports both of them through several part-time jobs.  He refuses to find a full-time job because he now thinks he wants to be a preacher.  Yeah, right.  Just admit that you're lazy, you mooch.  He's another one who was given everything.

I am SO GLAD my parents taught me the value of work - although I detest supporting these lazy bums.  Can't imagine sitting around all day and mooching off of other people.

chiquita's picture

Gee, I wonder if they have these "problems" in third world countries or in the countries where there are active skirmishes like Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan...  You never hear about anyone complaining about how the snowflakes are moving home live with mom and dad in Somalia or Ethiopia, you know?  Where people have real problems, this sort of thing just doesn't happen.

inhibi's picture

"sitting around all day and mooching off of other people" is literally the modus operandi of most every (Baby Boomer) upper tier management. Except they call sitting around all day 'meetings', and mooching off of other people 'managing'.

I currently own a business, but I was working 8 to 6pm in the Auto industry as a design engineer for 4 years. Even though I made $80k/year, I was stuck living in a $2k/month apt, driving 2-3 hour commutes to work in a leased car (barely saved any money), and hating every minute of it. The companies have all downsized, and now they expect the 2 Millenial's they hired to work the jobs of the 10 they lost. My dept back in the 90's was apparently 3x the size that it is now, yet we had WAY more customers and projects than back then. My Millenial buddy that worked in the aftermarket dept was hired to replace the SEVEN people they laid off in 2007.

So fuck you Baby Boomers. Fuck you for sending jobs overseas to make a quick buck and crapifying everything, and fuck you if you think we will take your shitty jobs with shitty pay & 0 benefits & working like dogs because your too cheap to hire people. My dad made almost what I made working 30 fucking years ago. 30 years ago, when rent was $300 and gas was 50c a gallon, and you could eat like a king for $5 and taxes were halved.

And fuck you for being such shitty parents that your kids are couch potatoes. As they now say, "you are what your parents ate."


2_legs_bahhhhhd's picture

In 30 years they will be saying the same shit about your generation. They call em the good old days because it never gets any better.

Thumbs up for the rage tho.

inhibi's picture

In 30 years, the US wont be a superpower.

Also, my 'rage' is due to the fact that the generation that fucked up America's internal economics is constantly ridiculing their kids. Its pathetic. We didnt vote in Clinton. We didnt vote in Obama. We didnt vote in Trump. They are all sub-human idiots.

Blame us when we are in power & majority, but for now, kindly go back to your mortgaged homes and crippling debts and pat yourselves on the back for raising asset prices through your QE shenanigans & shitty choices in leadership. And allowing universities to saddle you and your children with massive debt. And allowing manufacturing to go to East Asia. And allowing corporations to consolidate across industries. And allowing taxes to rise some 15% in the last 30 years.

The Baby Boomer's track record is so dismal they should be constantly apologizing instead of complaining. Want to know why your kids are Snowflakes that get butthurt over nothing? You taught them well, that's why.