Republicans Said To Near New Healthcare Deal

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After weeks of fits and starts, Obamacare repeal may be back on the table. According to the Huffington Post, the chair fo the House Freedom Caucus, Mark Meadows and Tuesday Group co-chairman Tom MacArthur have reached a tentative Trumpcare deal. But while the two Republican lawmakers say they are nearing a deal on changes to the ObamaCare replacement bill that could move the measure closer to passage, doubts remain.

According to a summary of the amendment posted by Politico,  states would have the option to apply for waivers to allow them to repeal one of ObamaCare’s core protections for people with pre-existing conditions,. That means insurers would no longer be prevented from charging people with pre-existing conditions higher premiums because of their illness. The measure would also allow states to repeal ObamaCare’s essential health benefits, which mandate that insurers cover a range of health services, including mental health and prescription drugs.

Additionally, benefits like prescription drug coverage, pregnancy and mental health services would be included again in the bill, but states could get a waiver for that too if they prove it would lower premiums, or provide some other benefit to people.

Yet while the new agreement could find support among more conservatives, moderates are likely to remain an obstacle according to the Hill.

"There's no deal," said an aide to a moderate House GOP lawmaker. "I wouldn't be surprised if they started to lose more moderates" because of the new changes, he added.

Many Republicans objected to similar changes that were discussed before the recess earlier this month. Rep. Patrick McHenry (R-N.C.), the chief deputy GOP whip, called similar changes earlier this month a “bridge too far for our members.”

He said that he and much of the Republican conference wanted to maintain ObamaCare’s community rating protection for people with pre-existing conditions. Many moderate Republican lawmakers also pledged to protect that provision at town halls over the recess.


These new changes will be a test of whether moderate Republicans lawmakers will hold to that position.


Conservatives argue that funding for high-risk pools will allow for people with pre-existing conditions to get coverage. Democrats counter that high-risk pools were underfunded and did not work before ObamaCare.  The new amendment would also not change deep Medicaid cuts and coverage losses that moderates have objected to.

A previously scheduled conference call for all House GOP lawmakers on Saturday will be a chance to discuss the changes.

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My friend is looking at Chiang Mai for his hip replacment. Mostly British and well-trained Tahi doctors and the hopsitals look like the Ritz. Every review so far is very solid and positive. Total cost for surgery, hosp and rehab = $16,000 compared to over $65,000 here in the states.

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heart valve replaced in india a few years ago.  round trip airfare, operation, hospital stay,

meds, follow up, and 2 weeks beachside resort.  total cost $12,000.

cost in usa $150,000-$200,000




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I had a hip replacement here. The bill was over $24,000. Medicare and my supplemental paid a little over $8,000. Since the doctors and hospitals accepted that amount, that's what the surgery should cost for anyone.

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Too bad your post isn't at the top. That is the crux of the issue.

Bay of Pigs's picture

My buddy had his eyes done in Pattaya. One of the nicest hospital rooms I have ever seen. It was a third of the cost than in the USA.

Cognitive Dissonance's picture

Spoken by someone who can afford to travel overseas for affordable surgery and care. Thankfully we can all afford to do so.


new game's picture

becoming a reality that one can afford to. plane fares are cheap...

having opted out to a paygo healthcare self imposed savings plan, i would look at this option.

if i can do it why not you? (fear)...

Cognitive Dissonance's picture

I respect your opinion.

But tell me how many articles have you read here on ZH about how the majority of people can't afford a $400 car repair bill? Not all of those people are up to their eyeballs in CC debt. They simply cannot find a job that pays a living wage. And not all of those people are high school dropouts doing drugs.

The slave plantation no longer provides a means for the slaves to self support. Wages have stagnated or dropped over the last 20+ years. Healthcare prices have quadrupled since then. Everything else has doubled at a minimum.

What's wrong with this picture?

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Isn't that odd:  airfares used to be expensive in, say, the 1960s and medical services were not (at least compared to today on either a relative or absolute basis).  Now it's more or less the opposite. 

Both share in common however a general degradation in the level of service, courtesy, and respect afforded to those who actually pay the bills. 

how_this_stuff_works's picture

"Spoken by someone who can afford to travel overseas for affordable surgery and care."

I think your dissenters point is that even with factoring in the expense of overseas travel for any surgery and post-op care, it's still cheaper than obtaining those services in the USA. If you can't afford to have procedures done overseas at a substantial discount to USA prices, you won't be able to afford to have them done at all.

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<groan>  This shit again?  If these fuckers had half a brain in their heads they would pass single-payer government health care all on their own just to steal the issue from the Ds.  <---- I'm not entirely sure if I'm joking about that or not

Whatever.  If it clears the path to tax cuts, then do it.  We all know it's garbage, but it doesn't affect me so I don't care.  Tax cuts WOULD affect me.


BingoBoggins's picture

(rubs hands together) "I can't wait?!"

1stepcloser's picture

"NExt up, buying fire insurance after your house burns down!!"


No buying fire insurance on your neighbor's house and you burning it down.  CDS anyone....

There's picture

We actually tried a version of that which led to the 08 financial crisis. The big banks were selling mortgage traunches that were efectively insurance  risk plays on other peoples mortgage investments.

Same fuel... Greed..  different industry.

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Pre-existing Condition...LOL...

Can you imagine living in a property that has flooded 10 times? How about 20 times? It’s hard to fathom enduring that kind of situation, yet owners of 2,109 properties across the United States experience just that. Not only has each of these properties flooded more than 10 times, but the National Flood Insurance Program has paid to rebuild them after each flood. One home in Batchelor, Louisiana flooded 40 times and received a total of $428,379 in flood insurance payments. 

These 30,000 Severe Repetitive Loss Properties represent a disproportionate burden on the NFIP. Despite only representing 0.60% of the 5 million homes in the program, these properties have received 10.6% ($5.5 billion dollars) of all flood insurance claims since 1978. That’s an average of $181,444 paid over the life of each property. Nearly half (13,499) of these properties have been paid more in flood insurance money than their house is worth.

In 2017 Congress will have a chance to reform the NFIP (the National Flood Insurance Act must be reauthorized every five years) and NRDC will be pushing them to consider this option. Among the 30,000 properties examined, NRDC estimates it would cost about $2 billion to buy out those properties that are still insured, unmitigated, and at-risk, a not-unreasonable amount considering these same properties have already collected about $2 billion in flood claims. The NFIP is currently $23 billion in debt

NFIP was created as a result of the passage of the National Flood Insurance Act of 1968. Congress enacted the NFIP primarily in response to the lack of availability of private insurance and continued increases in federal disaster assistance due to floods. At the time, flood was viewed as an uninsurable risk and coverage was virtually unavailable from private insurance markets

whatamaroon's picture

Same ole shit different day. Just moving the pot around. IOW gobbernment still controls 'health care'.

PleasedToMeatYou's picture

"Republicans Said To Near New Healthcare Deal"

Sounds like a near death experience to me.  Follow the lie------t. 

jamesmmu's picture

per HUffington post? We need to hear it from Rand Paul. 

To Hell In A Handbasket's picture

Dear Americans, please engage your brains and stop this anti-Universal healthcare solution. For the record, what is the profit margin in the USSA healthcare system? Your premiums should be no more than $2.5K a year each, the access they charge over this amount is pure price gouging and daylight robbery and the pre-existing condition charge, is never offset by those who never use the system getting lower premiums, so the system is fucking rigged.Never-mind, I'll just stick to the UK system. It works extremely well for me and my family and I don't have a bad word to say about it.

PS: And it's cheap.

new game's picture

if only ussa could delete and copy/paste. where is the easy button?

ne-tiger's picture

Americans are too stupid to do that, including many brain washed anti-socialists here.

yogibear's picture

From bad to worse healthcare.

Ricki13th's picture

Watch how this will crash and burn in the do-nothing Congress. If the bill caters to freedom caucus republicans watch how all the centrists will vote "no". Personally they should just repeal and not replace period.

shamus001's picture

I'd rather watch Obamacare go down in flames and totally implode spectacularly!  Don't force some other socialist crap down our throats.  let ALL THIS SOCIALIST CRAP crumble, and GIVE US NOTHING! Let us BUY insurance on a free market with national competition, but whatever you do:

GIVE US FREEDOM OR GIVE US DEATH! (we'd prefer our freedom)

To Hell In A Handbasket's picture

How stupid can you get? Free market? Competition?  Laughing my fucking arse off. Insurance companies collude and rig healthcare prices. Good luck with your utopia, of a free market with genuine competition. Go universal, cut the costs, buy drugs and equipment in bulk, incentivize doctors not to refer patients to hospital for a cold, or a broken toe-nail and everything will run smoothly. Why do you think the private healthcare industry has run a unsuccessful campaign in the UK, to privatize the NHS? It has been privatization by stealth, because the private sector wants access to to all the excess reserves in the UK public healthcare system, to top up their profit coffers. The UK public healthcare system is slowly dying because of the PRIVATE ELEMENT in it. Do some research on the public private partnerships in the NHS and what contracts the private sector signed and under what terms.

Thomas Paine's picture

....AND Tort.Reform.  Fuck all the lawyers.

Squid Viscous's picture

Drumpf first 100 days = FAIL

Bill of Rights's picture

Cunts I mean Obama's wasn't no picnic either. But I don't expect you to remember most Liberal Dopes such as yourself are one track minded.

Squid Viscous's picture

umm, what? I would like to drive a bulldozer over Obozo, was hoping for more from Trump, alot more

when you assume...

how's the wall coming along dipshit,

hotrod's picture

They will settle for a patch because no other agendas can be considered until ObamaCare done.  Put lipstick on the pig and let is explode during Trumps second term.

It needs an overhaul so desperately and we Trump voters thought Trump was the DECISION MAKER to do it. My 24 year old son who avidly supported Trump will not listen to political speeches anymore as he feels they are all lies to get elected.

how_this_stuff_works's picture

Yes, this is nothing but a bandaid and will do nothing to address the disparities in charges by providers. Unless and until there is an equalization in expenses and consumers themselves don't have to do their own cost analysis in order to find the best price for a service, and not have to "trust" medical providers will not overcharge them, this is doomed to fail.

Ignorance is bliss's picture

I read "Huffington Post" and stopped reading.

silentboom's picture

The global monetary system depends on us printing HUGGGE amounts of dollars and dumping it into every shitty and evil cause imagined displacing market forces and true charity around the world.  If we stop this, the debt will need to be purged in a HUGGGE collapse and global reset.  This means that Trump won't do shit about it and we will continue to lose our property and rights since growth of government is enabled by this system.  An entire monetary system based on theft and deception is why everything is shit and will get shittier.  Why would health care change direction now going completely against the grain?

VWAndy's picture

 Yes they are playing us all. They dont call it the affordable health care act for nothing. It is just an act/pretend.

FreeShitter's picture

Big ass tax on whats left of the middle class.

VWAndy's picture

 A dirrect assult on mom and pops nation wide also.

WillyGroper's picture

here's better news.

doc's know their job is being squeezed with NP's & PA's, not to mention 1 size fits all algo diags/meds & idiocracy icons...student loans.

imu, only 7% belong to the crooked death by injection ama that owns the patent on the digitizing of medical records of which they're paid handsomely.

milo_hoffman's picture



Best strategy is just to DO NOTHING and keep blaming the Democrats for it failing for the next decade.


Eventually it will die of its own weight, it will be priced so no one will want to use it and people will eventually find alternatives.



hooligan2009's picture

1. if you have a pre-condition that requires (expensive) treatment, you are not seeking insurance, you are seeking a loan to cover the cost of treatment.

2. that is a matter for doctors, banks and potential state and/or federal subsidies. it has nothing to do with insurance companies UNLESS the condition has been caused by treatment of another condition that insurance conmpanies have paid for.

this (second round) treatment of "side effects" needs to be covered by a previous insurance policy; if not covered, go to point 2

aloha_snakbar's picture

Fuck .gov... they have lost all credibility with me... what little they started with. I took my own 'vote' this morning and voted them OUT of my personal healthcare...

Davidduke2000's picture

They are saying this because paul ryan is not in town, once he's back he will destroy any semblance of a deal , he is in europe getting programmed 

Insurrector's picture

lmfify -

He is in Europe getting reprogrammed.

Falconsixone's picture

Fuck your health care tax.

oldguyonBMXbike's picture

Eliminate insurance altogether and focus on affordable cost services.

chosen's picture

If Obamacare is going to fail, as most Republicans say, then let it fail.  After it fails, then start over with a new plan.

VWAndy's picture

 Just treat the industry like any other non monopoly.

MrBoompi's picture

It's hard, in fact impossible, to pass a bill that provides great healthcare, to more Americans, at decent costs while protecting the profits of the healthcare industry cartels.  If they still allow collusion and price rigging by insurance companies, no checks, ie no competition or price negotiations, on drug prices, and price gouging by hospitals and most other private healthcare providers, this bill will be as much of a failure as Obamacare was.  We should ask the GOP leadership who is really writing these bills they consider.  If it's industry lobbyists, you know it's a steaming pile.  

amor terra's picture

There is nothing--I repeat, NOTHING--that will "save" a for-profit, insurer-based, "healthcare" system in a country where people are sucking down as fast as they can poisonous chemicals from paper bags and wrappers, aluminum cans, and cardboard containers, eating record quantities of health-destroying sugar, drinking liver-killing alcohol, smoking cigarettes laced with god-knows-what, and driving their cars when they must cross the freaking street. 

Medicine doesn't give health.  It just covers up the symptoms of chronic ill-health.  And it will bankrupt the nation until or unless people grow the hell up and start taking care of THEMSELVES.

However, a system that encourages people to stay obese, malnourished, and unhealthy by forcing others to pay for the consequences of their choices will hurry the job.