Russia Bans Jehovah’s Witnesses As An "Extremist Organization"

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Russians will no longer have to dread the doorbell.

On Thursday, Russia's Supreme Court ruled that Jehovah's Witnesses was an "extremist" organization after the justice ministry applied for an order to shut down the group's national headquarters near St Petersburg, Russian TASS news agency reported. Russian authorities had put several of the group's publications on a list of banned extremist literature, and prosecutors have long cast it as an organization that destroys families, fosters hatred and threatens lives, a description the organization says is false.

In its lawsuit the Justice Ministry mentioned various violations, exposed by a snap check of the organization’s activities, including those of the federal law on resistance to extremist activities. The Justice Ministry wanted the organization and its 395 local chapters to be declared as extremist and outlawed and its properties to be confiscated.

The Administrative Center of Jehovah’s Witnesses told TASS it found this affair very worrisome, because a future decision would concern 175,000 practicing believers. ACJW spokesman Ivan Bilenko said the organization was prepared to seek protection of its rights in courts of any instance.

A court in Moscow on October 12, 2016 warned Jehovah’s Witnesses over what it ruled was extremist activities. Under Russian legislation the religious organization in question is to be closed down if it fails to eliminate the exposed violations within the required deadline or if new evidence of its extremist activities come to light. The Moscow City Court on January 16, 2017 upheld the warning over extremism handed to Jehovah’s Witnesses.

The Jehovah’s Witnesses group in Russia has said it will appeal against the court’s ruling.

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Dragon HAwk's picture

I have no problem with Jehovah Witnesses

I personally don't believe in Proselytizing, but they obviously think it is important enough to be hassled for it.

Around here they are the most Racially Tolerant group around

Never a good idea to Criticize any group that is trying to save the world, so few even try any more.

TheLastTrump's picture

The Bible makes mention of the "foolishness of preaching"- but also calls for it. GOD seems to enjoy pointing out to men how fucking stupid they are.


GOD is not a man. Never was, never will be. Period.

Akzed's picture

Jesus Christ is God incarnate.

cornflakesdisease's picture

John 14:28, RS: “[Jesus said:] If you loved me, you would have rejoiced, because I go to the Father; for the Father is greater than I.

Mark 13:32, RS: “Of that day or that hour no ones knows, not even the angels in heaven, nor the Son, but only the Father.” (Of course, that would not be the case if Father, Son, and Holy Spirit were coequal, comprising one Godhead. And if, as some suggest, the Son was limited by his human nature from knowing, the question remains, Why did the Holy Spirit not know?)

It is no wonder so many people have left the church.

Akzed's picture

“The Father is greater.” “Superior greatness depends on cause, quality depends on nature,” -Gregory of Nazianzus. The three Persons are of the same “substance,” but the Father is the begetter, the Son the begotten, and the Spirit proceeds from the Father and the Son. “The Father wills, the Son obeys,” –Hillary. The Father's is not a superiority of nature, but of economy.

"Why did the Holy Spirit not know?" How do you know He didn't, since He isn't mentioned as being among those who didn't know?


hutnela's picture

Its what you DON"T know about the organization that makes them dangerous. Trust me, as a former JW, there is nothing about them that has anything to do with saving the world. Sure the low level door knockers might appear to be spreading hope, but deep in their ranks, they're as sinister as... well ... the deep ranks of the government.

zippedydoodah's picture

Intriguing. Care to share a source that expands upon that?

activepatriot's picture

There is a God

And religion is man-made and is a corruption of gods law.

No religion on earth can claim god as theirs.  All of them twist and pevert the truth.  If not for religion, people would not be so quick to put their life and souls on the line to fight wars for bankers, elitists and their corrupt governmemts.

Organized religion enables never ending warfare and murder.

TheLastTrump's picture

Yes. But the Bible is His Word. You can drill down & know what HE wants.


Believe first, then you see. All are called, be sure to answer. If you're trying to get His attention first make sure your request is honest, then knock on His door hard, long & in the middle of the night.

RedBaron616's picture

So I guess God revealed all these things to you personally?  The definition of religion is "the belief in and reverence for a supernatural power or powers, regarded as creating and governing the universe." Doesn't sound like religion is man-made. 

zippedydoodah's picture

But man made the definition? The chicken or the egg?

shallwe's picture

Who has the balls to do the same with Islam?

quax's picture

Not the Russians. They'd instantly have another war on their hands.

Russia totally keeps its hands of Chechnya these days and let Kadyrov reign with absolute despotic power, so long as he keeps terrorism at bay and swears fealty to Putin.

JW is an easy mark.


MojoHoHo's picture

MSMs (globalist libtards) will not propagandize banning of a religion as a concern to the sheeple. (unless it’s Muslim) in fact, it appeases them & thus gains their protection. I’m sure the libtards will be told to cry this weekend about how happy they should feel defying traditional morality’s  or how sad they should be that Trump is working with the North Koreans.

Rzero0's picture

"Freedom of religion" over there. .. as long as you're Russian orthadox.

HenryHall's picture

>> "Freedom of religion" over there. .. as long as you're Russian orthadox.


Russian Orthodox is only about 40% of the population and a shrinking proportion.

Second largest group is atheism. Which is also the fastest growing group as Communism is now resurgent in Russia (even though the Communists have only about 15% of the seats in the Duma (Parliament)).

WitchCharmerrr's picture

It really seems that the hallmark of humanity is the stupidity and ignorance that comes from having a brain with unlimited reasoning powers and imagination, but being unable to use those powers without forming unfounded, haughty, unwavering, illogical opinions based on emotional, judgmental, self-righteous, and grandiose ideas. 
Nature itself should teach any meek and receptive person that life, as we know it, is not a cosmic coincidence. And furthermore, the brand of "intelligence" we know as earthlings is a very flawed, incomplete, and immature substitution for truth and enlightenment...Being that it is constantly open for debate about anything that exists, whether intangible or physical.
Humans have to base their entire existence on fragile theories of why things happen, or why things exist, or how they began....But One thing I am positive of is that it didn't just happen by blind chance....In my view, a human arriving at the conclusion that there is no possibility of life anywhere else in an infinite universe is the absolute pinnacle of brainwashed stupidity. To require concrete proof of anything beyond our conscious ability to comprehend is ludicrous, since we have to rely on faith in incomprehensibly complex phenomena just to exist and live in a world in which we do not have the ability to control even a fraction of the processes and interactions we depend on to keep us alive.
Make no mistake about it...Somewhere in the stream of our existence and our beginnings, there was a creative force at play that was guided by some supreme intelligence, and every facet of the forces that hold all matter together and dictate how the atomic building-blocks are organized were placed in their respective station by an intelligence with wisdom and understanding beyond anything our feeble minds can hope to comprehend. The creative awe-inspiring works of such an intelligence should be evidence enough that there is something beyond what we know. 
The heavens declare the majesty of the one who created them....And personally, I cant imagine trusting the word of any so-called intelligent person who denies that faith in a higher power is wise...The wisest and most studied among us are also the most opinionated and unteachable....In the end they will be proven fools....

zippedydoodah's picture

"Nature itself should teach any meek and receptive person that life, as we know it, is not a cosmic coincidence."

".... the brand of "intelligence" we know as earthlings is a very flawed, incomplete ......"

You destroy your own argument old chap.

Herdee's picture

Russell the founder of the Jehovah's Witness group also belonged to the Masonic Lodge and just like others on modern day TV who are mostly Masons as well, he was a con-artist sucking money out of people so that he didn't have to pay taxes or work.

Akzed's picture

Joseph Smith was a Freemason too.

Upland27's picture

your source says he wasnt a mason.

Aubiekong's picture

I admire the Russians more and more...

TheLastTrump's picture

Leftists & communists of all stripes hate religion of all stripes because THEY MUST BE GOD.

Shemp 4 Victory's picture


Leftists & communists of all stripes hate religion of all stripes

Because you're both a lefty and a commy, does that mean you hate religion of all stripes and solids?

Swamp Yankee's picture

Team Ruski not looking so bad these days.

TheLastTrump's picture

Putin cannot abide by any individual or group that he cannot control. JW's owe their allegiance to their GOD, and that's all there is to it.


If you want to help families in Russia put the vodka distillers out of business, tovarich.



"Russian authorities had put several of the group's publications on a list of banned extremist literature, and prosecutors have long cast it as an organization that destroys families, fosters hatred and threatens lives, a description the organization says is false."

MrSteve's picture

This incident shows that the Rooskies can't tell the difference between Pussy Riot and some holy rollers. That is classic nekulturny!

pocomotion's picture

Well then, they got rid of one bad thing but how about getting rid of "Judaism for Gentiles"?  The MASONS

Ms No's picture

The witnesses might be being used by the spooks in a Red Cross fashion.  Russia is quite serious about defending Christianity for strategic purposes.  Like the defector Yuri Bezmenov said, this Marxist/Communist infiltration system will systematically take the structure of your society apart.  Christianity provides strength and cohesion, as such it is a priority target.  This is why JP Morgan airs funded the Humanist movement that started all kinds of committees in science that were extremely hostile to religion.

There is no need for science and religion to be hostile to one another as quantum physics is likely to discover God, if they haven't already.  I favor the theory that somehow something (God) became conscious and that matter was created by consciousness and continues to be.  There are all kinds of crazy and seemingly impossible things going on.  The double slit experiment essentially proved that consciousness affects matter.  There are particles that exist and yet don't exist.  Some particles seem to teleport and possibly enter in and out of other dimensions that may be overlapping our reality.

We don't have any clue what is going on.  You cannot get something out of nothing, so whatever the hell happened to start existence and matter it was incredible and is mind blowing no matter how you look at it and what theory you subscribe to.  Since existence coming into existence from nothing is essentially impossible, no matter what theory you prefer, you could be looked at as insane because it's impossible that we are even here, but here we are.

runnymede's picture

Ms No: Excellent  ^^^^^^

Friendly tip----The last chapter (14 I believe) of Chartres by Henry Adams is one of the best things I've ever read. 

logicalman's picture

Most  of quantum theory is, to say the least, unintuitive, but for me, the biggest head-bender in quantum theory is entanglement.

Human senses evolved to deal with things on a human scale. Once you get to the Very Large or Very Small our in-built senses start to struggle.

We'll never figure everything out, I don't think, but its worth the effort to increase knowledge and understanding.

Trouble is, every technology seems to be a double-edged blade and those in the driver's seat seem to always want to use the destructive side.

There are more stars in the observable universe than grains of sand on every beach on earth. I am one of approximately 7 billion examples of one species on a rock going round one of the less remarkable stars. I don't think I'm all that important in the overall scheme of things.


zippedydoodah's picture

I started thinking like this when I was about six years old. I was relatively religiously unbrainwashed at this point, just by school, not by family. With my new found curiosity I stopped believing any mention of this "God" or "Jesus" that we had to sing about every schoolday morning. I read "science" books all the time. Nobody pushed me in that direction, I was just very very curious and perhaps my father's profession of Chemical Engineer had something to do with it.

It was my personal age of enlightenment but scarily a vision of insanity revealed itself to me by me trying and failing to resolve what was at the very edge of the Universe. Something or nothing or was there even an edge at all? How could you have nothing? I still think about this fifty years later.

Rikky's picture

Are you people still touting how open and accepting Russia is in terms of religious liberty?  Russia is still a pig even though they slapped some lipstick on themselves.

brazilian's picture

Jehova's Witnesses should be banned from every country in the world.  And so should all those other ignorant "born-again" Christian sects. They do nothing but dumb down their believers.

Rikky's picture

How about we ban you for something others don't like.  Once you go down that rabbit hole you end up in Wonderland my friend.

RedBaron616's picture

"Born again" is a Biblical phrase.  Apparently, you don't like anyone who uses the Holy Bible. That is your right, but if you believe that everything on earth just happened, that is your religion and it is built on myth. All this matter just appeared.

SwaziRed's picture

Will they also ban Michael Jackson's music?

David Wooten's picture

JW could have been infiltrated with US intelligence officials.

hutnela's picture

I was raised a die hard JW until my family left when I was 12. I never celebrated a single birthday, or holiday as a kid. The JW are worse than the Catholic church when it comes to child molestation, but since they're a closed cult they are able to keep it under wraps more. One of the "elders" molested my older brother when he was 11, as he told us later in life, but nothing was ever done about it.

When my little brother pulled a hot deep-frier on himself at 12 months old, the JW refused to let him have a blood transfusion, but were overruled by a judge, since without it he would have died.

They also pushed my parents to get divorced (literally demanding they get divorced) when the biggest problem they had at the time was that we were poor (even though my dad worked 2 jobs).  Then the "elders" had the bright idea to force my brothers and I to choose which parent we wanted to live with even before my parents divorced. I was only 4 at the time, but I remember it. Once my parents were divorced my mom went off the deep end, tried to kill herself, got put in a mental asylum, and only 2 families stepped forward  to give my siblings and I a place to stay, (one of these families also eventually left the JW). My father ended living in a 5 foot x 8 foot plywood shack with no insulation, eating half a can of soup a day, but the elders did nothing.

Eventually the state took over and we were placed in government foster homes. Then when my mom decided to leave the organization, they had the audacity to say they were an organization of love.

My grandmother convinced my father to get back in towards the end of his life, and they kept making him give and give (money, a lot of money, time, etc..) each time making him believe he was almost reinstated, only to make him give more. He died without ever getting the reinstatement he really wanted. He gave so much to them, that they pretty much took what little inheritance we would have had from him.  Fuck them, they are a wicked organization, all take, and give nothing. I'm happy that Russia is kicking them out.

artytom's picture

All remote control organisations are wrong by default. They play God by default and dumb down the people they control so it becomes an ever decreasing circle of intelligence by default.


artytom's picture

Great Fucking News.
Thanks be to God.

CYBERTOOTH's picture

The JWs were started by Charles Russell, a high-level illuminati from a Satanic illuminati family.  They were yugely funded by secret wealthy backers.  The Greek Orthodox accuse the JWs of being financed by agents of International Zionism.  Russia has simply been reading "The Masons and the Watchtower" or "Bloodlines of the Illuminati" by Springmeier.  Many JWs lost their "faith" after reading these books.  Most religions that sprung up in the '20s, '30s and '40s were funded and sometimes started by the Illuminati families.  Russia is trying to go back to its Orthodox Christian roots and who can blame them.  Stupid people that's who. 

The Gladiator's picture

" Mr.Putin. Have you got a minute to talk about Jesus?"

Hope Copy's picture

If one has followed this legal situation, they are aware that any organization that has originated from outside of Russia, receives any monetary support from outside of the Russian Federation borders is going to be severely scrutinized, but in the case of religion, they also have to have a meaningful legal relationship with the Russian Orthodox Church.  Apparently these Jehovah Witnesses have failed in their acceptance of having reasonable dialog with the appointed predominant religion in Russia (, as it was in the Imperial times). 

natashav's picture

Some of the most lovely people in the world are JW's and can be great allies is our quest to take back the USA.

In the USA, it's best not to expel them from our circles because they do have a strong belief in family and values.

They have a strong community,

and can be useful allies when enough people

have had enough with the evil and actually decide to do something about it.

They already know POLITICS IS BULLSH+T. They're ahead of the curve on that one...

They're not aware or awake that the JW church was created by the Zionists.

It's not because they're stupid, far from it.. they're often more informed than the lay folk.

I suppose that many of them have grown up in the church and have cognitive dissonance on the Zionist issue.

Many of them are horrified by Russia stance toward's the JW organization,

but do not understand that the JW organization at the top are utilized to subvert nations who strive to not be subverted.

wisebastard's picture

world tyranny is right around the cornor....if you peacefully go door to door and annoy people you are an extremist but you bomb the boston marathon you get the cover of rolling stones....

sinbad2's picture

They peacefully separate gullible people from their money. It's called fraud, lockem up and throw away the key.