Unnamed Sources Tell CNN Fake News: U.S. Officials Preparing Charges Against Julian Assange

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I'm going out on a limb here and calling this one 'fake news' on behalf of CNN, Washpo and the other shills who are trying every trick in the bag to avenge the loss of Hillary Clinton and the hacking of John Podesta's email box. This is all about vengeance. Nothing would delight Pizza Podesta more than visiting Assange inside of a maximum protected prison.

The article that I am about to reference by CNN Fake News, oddly leaves out the President as part of the American government. It's as if he wasn't even a factor in all this Wikileaks business. By the way, Trump is on record saying he 'loved' Wikileaks and used them as a news source, continuously throughout the campaign.


But according to unnamed sources, deep inside of the government, CNN says the United States are preparing charges against the Wikileaks founder, Julian Assange.

The Justice Department investigation of Assange and WikiLeaks dates to at least 2010, when the site first gained wide attention for posting thousands of files stolen by the former US Army intelligence analyst now known as Chelsea Manning.
Prosecutors have struggled with whether the First Amendment precluded the prosecution of Assange, but now believe they have found a way to move forward.
During President Barack Obama's administration, Attorney General Eric Holder and officials at the Justice Department determined it would be difficult to bring charges against Assange because WikiLeaks wasn't alone in publishing documents stolen by Manning. Several newspapers, including The New York Times, did as well. The investigation continued, but any possible charges were put on hold, according to US officials involved in the process then.

The US view of WikiLeaks and Assange began to change after investigators found what they believe was proof that WikiLeaks played an active role in helping Edward Snowden, a former NSA analyst, disclose a massive cache of classified documents.
Assange remains holed up in the Ecuadorian embassy in London, seeking to avoid an arrest warrant on rape charges in Sweden. In recent months, US officials had focused on the possibility that a new government in Ecuador would expel Assange and he could be arrested. But the left-leaning presidential candidate who won the recent election in the South American nation has promised to continue to harbor Assange.
Last week in a speech at the Center for Strategic and International Studies in Washington, CIA Director Mike Pompeo went further than any US government official in describing a role by WikiLeaks that went beyond First Amendment activity.

CNN cited comments made by the new CIA boss, Mike Pompeo, last week, who said "It's time to call out WikiLeaks for what it really is: A non-state hostile intelligence service often abetted by state actors like Russia."
It's obvious to anyone with a brain, the deep state, DNC and the CIA loathe Assange and would like nothing more than to see him rot in an American cell. Assange is no different from any reporter at any of our fantastic media organizations -- relying upon sources to publish information. If we are going to toss Assange into a prison cell for publishing leaked documents, then what should we do with all of the journalists at the NY Times, Washpo and CNN --  who do that every single day of their miserable lives?
Here's CNN peddling the false narrative that Russia was working in concert with Wikileaks, an assertion that has never been proven. In fact, the only attempt the government has made to date to tie Russian hacking to our elections turned out to be a comical farce, widely mocked and jeered as non-credible.

US intelligence agencies have also determined that Russian intelligence used WikiLeaks to publish emails aimed at undermining the campaign of Hillary Clinton, as part of a broader operation to meddle in the US 2016 presidential election. Hackers working for Russian intelligence agencies stole thousands of emails from the Democratic National Committee and officials in the Clinton campaign and used intermediaries to pass along the documents to WikiLeaks, according to a public assessment by US intelligence agencies.

CNN then pivoted to today's presser with Attorney General, Jeff Sessions -- providing the smoking gun evidence they needed to confirm that the government was, in fact, going to file charges against Assange.

"We are going to step up our effort and already are stepping up our efforts on all leaks," he said. "This is a matter that's gone beyond anything I'm aware of. We have professionals that have been in the security business of the United States for many years that are shocked by the number of leaks and some of them are quite serious. So yes, it is a priority. We've already begun to step up our efforts and whenever a case can be made, we will seek to put some people in jail.

Notice how he never actually mentioned Assange or Wikileaks? Here's the clip. You be the judge.

CNN then tried to get confirmation from Assange's attorney --  but got nothing instead.

"We've had no communication with the Department of Justice and they have not indicated to me that they have brought any charges against Mr. Assange," said Assange's lawyer, Barry Pollack. "They've been unwilling to have any discussion at all, despite our repeated requests, that they let us know what Mr. Assange's status is in any pending investigations. There's no reason why Wikileaks should be treated differently from any other publisher."
Pollack said WikiLeaks is just like the Washington Post and the New York Times, which routinely publish stories based on classified information. WikiLeaks, he says, publishes information that is in "the public's interest to know not just about the United States but other governments around the world."

This sums up how I feel about the matter.

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Has anyone else noticed that the Trumper Thumper has misspelled 'WikiLeaks' every time he used the name in those Tweets?

He doesn't capitalize the "L" and plasters an "e" on the end of the name. ...... That's not the way you spell 'leaks' (Brit version?).

Is this some sort of distress code Trump is sending out to us or is he just that cavalier about detail and displaying his egocentric 'inner retard'?

Live Hard, When I Misspell Words And Names It's Because I'm Too Lazy And Ignorant To Look The Damn Thing Up, Die

~ DC v5.0

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Guys, cover the other fake story this week:  Russian Jets getting "close" to Alaska!    I watched and listened really carefully, and one guy said, "technically they are in International Water Zones" or AIR ZONES and clearly then REALLY QUICKLY went back to the NARRATIVE:  RUSSIA IS BAD FOR FLYING AROUND OUR NORTHWESTERN territories...while it is fine for Nato to amass troups in Poland.

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Fake or not fake, DJT's a bigger Liar and Sociopath than Obama.

The only 2 sane picks in his whole Administration are Bannon & Conway and 'oh boy' how they must be feeling hugely disappointed & BETRAYED having contributed their time and reputations for the 'supposed cause', only to be shut out in favour of DJT's muppet kin-folk and sick bastards like Mattis, Sessions and Mutt-Chin.

Fuck 'LYING' Trump the Banker's Tool.

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If Assange doesn't get the big picture, then he can be easily used as a tool of subversion.

Terrorism: Theater to Demonize and Destroy a Target

Terrorism is rarely the work of people who are angry because they have been wronged. It is rarely waged for the cause that it is declared for.

Terrorism is theater that is staged by a state in order to demonize the cause that it is declared for. The goal is either to destroy what is demonized or to create an alliance for a bad cause.

Palestinian terrorism was created by Israel in order demonize Palestinians. The goal was to justify the killing and dispossession of Palestinians. We all know that by now.

The Gladio project launched communist red-brigade terrorism in Europe in order to demonize imaginary communists. The goal was not to destroy that imaginary communism in Western Europe. The goal was to push Europe into creating NATO and the European Community under conditions that are good for the controlling banksters.

Trump is smarter than all his voters and supporters. He understood this.

Radical Islamic Terrorism is state-sponsored theater with the goal of demonizing Islam. The ultimate goal is to exterminate Muslims, starting with Arabs who speak the language of the Koran.

After declaring that he will destroy Radical Islamic Terrorism, Trump embraced Arab nations (Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, UAE). Why? Because the goal of ISIS is to demonize and destroy Arab countries. Trump banned travel from Iran, Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Sudan, Libya, Somalia and Sudan because these countries are already under strong influence or control of ISIS.

Trump declared war on Iran and named Iran the top state-sponsor of terrorism because he saw clear evidence that Iran sponsors ISIS, Hezbollah, and other anti-Arab, anti-Islamic terrorist organizations whose name is Islamic but whose goal is obviously to demonize Muslims and Arabs. Khomeini actually created the Anti-Islamic Republic of Iran. The Shiite Amal militias in Lebanon, the precursors of Hezbollah, were the first to massacre Palestinians. People forget.

The ultimate goal of ISIS and other radical Islamic terror groups is to turn regional Arab-killing wars into World War III.

Trump wants to nip all that warmongering and terrorism theater in the bud and prevent war.

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Its interesting that you used the correct title that I suggested in a comment to an earlier article which was posted on this site on the same subject. I suggesting that the title was misleading and this led to all kinds of indigent responses from gullible ZHers who failed to see the "anonymous sources" and "CNN" in the main body. And of course, that article got a lot more comments than your accurate title.

If people don't recognize that the tribe has an agenda implemented in lockstep with their control of the entertainment and media industries, they are going to be played for fools. I suggested you simply negate whatever title appears in a CNN or other well known fake news sources and you will rarely be far from the truth.

In logical terms, if P is a proposition from CNN then not P holds. Or if P then not P. (See they've forced us to destroy conventional logic-the first step to accepting socialism)

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cnn runs at least ten articles a day on russians. They really raised the bar on insanity.

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Asked whether it was a priority for the justice department to arrest Assange “once and for all”, Sessions told a press conference in El Paso, Texas, on Thursday: “We are going to step up our effort and already are stepping up our efforts on all leaks. This is a matter that’s gone beyond anything I’m aware of. We have professionals that have been in the security business of the United States for many years that are shocked by the number of leaks and some of them are quite serious.”

He added: “So yes, it is a priority. We’ve already begun to step up our efforts and whenever a case can be made, we will seek to put some people in jail.”

Campaign is over and the mafia Don has no more use for Wikileaks.  





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Mike Pompeo - "Julian Assange and his kind are not the slightest bit interested in improving civil liberties or enhancing personal freedom."


That's rich. Coming from the head spook whose job it is to infringe on personal liberty.



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 From Democracy Now:


MIKE POMPEO: It’s time to call out WikiLeaks for what it really is: a nonstate, hostile intelligence service often abetted by state actors like Russia. ... In reality, they champion nothing but their own celebrity. Their currency is clickbait, their moral compass nonexistent. Their mission, personal self-aggrandizement through destruction of Western values.

MIKE POMPEO: The days like today, where we call out those who grant a platform to these leakers and so-called transparency activists. We know the danger that Assange and his not-so-merry band of brothers pose to democracies around the world. Ignorance or misplaced idealism is no longer an acceptable excuse for lionizing these demons.

AMY GOODMAN: And CIA chief Mike Pompeo continued.


MIKE POMPEO: Julian Assange and his kind are not the slightest bit interested in improving civil liberties or enhancing personal freedom. They have pretended America’s First Amendment freedoms shield them from justice. They may have believed that, but they’re wrong. Assange is a narcissist who has created nothing of value. He relies on the dirty work of others to make himself famous. He’s a fraud, a coward hiding behind a screen.

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Mike Pompeo just added himself to The List.

Live Hard, The Ass Wipes Inc Aren't The Only Ones Building And Maintaining 'A List', Die Free

~ DC v5.0

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Start a squidguard "fake news squid blacklist" on github,
why not just another toggle-able db in /var/lib/squidguard/db/fakenews right simple.
You create the GitHub and take credit not me

okay go first figure out WHOIS fake

The New York Times The Washington Post CNN NBC News MSNBC CBS News
ABC News Salon.com The Huffington Post Rolling Stone BBC News Sky News Financial Times Politico
New York Daily News L.A. Times USA Today US News & World Report CBC Gawker Newsweek Time Business Insider Daily Beast VICE Yahoo News Daily Kos Young Turks Slate NPR PBS Raw Story New Yorker Buzzfeed MoveOn Think Progress Media Matters Wonkette Center for American Progress Little Green Footballs The Economist

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CNN just playing to their core audience of brokeback Hilary supporters

dexter_morgan's picture

Did I not say this yesterday?


CheapBastard's picture

"Unnamed sources" means Fake News from CNN.


Let Us Help You Identify Fake News(Lauren South does a great job and list the Fake News sites and gives great examples)

847328_3527's picture

That Lauren Southern is hot plus smart and conservative. I like the way she analyzes and summarizes in the video.

Vilfredo Pareto's picture

Unnamed sources spouting hearsay.


Talk is cheap.  Let's see the indictment

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I'm going to take a pragmatic view on this.

Which is better?  Living in perpetuity under Kafkaesque "house arrest" with no charges ever being filed?  Or having charges filed in an actual court and bringing the matter to a close even if the outcome makes the US (or at least certain actors within the US govt during a certain time period) look bad?

Assange said numerous times that he would be tickled pink to step outside and face actual charges in an actual court.  He has refused to surrender himself to face charges in a secret military tribunal or worse to be renditioned and then never heard from again.

Bear with me on my closing thought because I'm old.  I admit to being accustomed to a much simpler and more quaint time.  Every time a country acts extrajudicially, that country diminishes their own citizens' respect for that country's own internal legal process, laws and institutions.  After all, what incentive really is there to follow the law except only when absolutely necessary to avoid being whacked by the State?  If that country's leaders, by their actions, sneer at the idea of being subject to the laws as enforced against their constituents, then the inevitable outcome is simply a matter of time -- which is also the slogan for this fine website.

Vilfredo Pareto's picture

Even if he were convicted for failing to obtain consent to forego the condom (look at the case) he wouldn't have likely spent five years in a Swedish prison.  I think he miscalculated even though he seems mostly afraid of a US indictment and extradition request.

blindfaith's picture




Assange should convert to Islam or Judism, then they will leave him alone and he will be untouchable.

Le_Zabroso's picture

Do not trust a single word those whores have to say.

Librarian's picture

Whores are understandable.  They have an unwavering single-mindedness.  Even Jesus had no qualms with being in the company of prostitutes and speaking to them.

It's career politicians that I can't trust.  What with superPACS and other secretly sourced money, it's completely impossible to know for certain who has funded their current viewpoint.

FreedomWriter's picture

Listen Mike, you have read it all wrong. We voted to see Hillary, O and Podesta in chains, not JA.  But whatever...... check your email

divingengineer's picture

My, my, my, the betrayal is nearly complete.
When will he come for our guns?

Peak Finance's picture

He is not up for treason like Manning or Snowden, right?

In that case just Arrest him, let him spend like one night in prison, spring him on bail, and let him go back to fucking normal life. 

Years later when the case makes it to suprean court he will be found innocent

They can't actually hold him in a real prison on these bullshit charges, right? 

Reaper's picture

Bail can be withheld if danger of no show, or judge's whim.  It takes years to get to Supreme Court.  And, the Supreme Court rejects hearing the vast majority of cases.   Reality in the courts: http://faqusajudicialcorruption.blogspot.com/

divingengineer's picture

I don't think this case would qualify for the Supreme Court, it is not that ambiguous.
He received and distributive classified material, that's illegal. The real question should be, is he a whistle blower that has protection from prosecution? Once again from my experience, there is a procedure you have to follow to maintain your whistle blower status and protection. You can't just go dump the information to the local news. You have to exhaust, and be able to document that you have exhausted, existing oversight procedures.
I don't like it anymore than any of you, but he may be fucked.

Stinkytofu's picture

illegal?  maybe.......you might make that argument, were assange a us citizen on us soil.

he's not and he isn't.  us has no jurisdiction.


unless you can show otherwise, he hasn't broken any laws either of his country of

origin or of the country in which he resides.


but if the usa can claim jurisdiction over foreigners in foreign countries, then

erdogan is fully within his rights to push for the arrest of german comedians,

and the ayatollah's death sentence against salmon rushdie must be accepted

as righteous, and so on.



DuneCreature's picture

Correct, no jurisdiction over Assange and furthermore there is no lawfully 'declared war' so he can't be held or charged as a potential enemy combatant or enemy agent under the Geneva convention either. .......... No war, no POWs.

These are pure terrorism tactics by the US dot gov. ... Pulling law and claimed jurisdiction out of your ass is outright Terrorism 101.

Live Hard, Not That Pirates Have Courts, They Have FISA Secret Fuck Everyone But Them Farces, Die Free

~ DC v5.0

Grumbleduke's picture

the Empire went full fatwa!

Reaper's picture

There are no qualifications for Supreme Court Review, it's the judges' whims.  You file a WRIT of CERTIORARI and hope 4 judges will agree to hear it.   Less than 1% of writs filed are heard.

Librarian's picture

WHAT?  Is it illegal?  What is your authority for that premise?

There was a case just a few years ago against two Israeli lobbyists who passed information they knew to be classified over to Israel.  They were were charged under the Espionage Act.  The prosecution gave up the case and dismissed the charges when it became clear that they were going to lose.  That was in 2009.


Vilfredo Pareto's picture

"He received and distributive classified material, that's illegal."


 Depends on the circumstances.  I think he has a solid case backed by supreme court precedent.  All investigative reporters manipulate their sources for information, even if at times it is just the use of flattery.


I would have walked out of the embassy a long time ago.   That is a self imposed indefinite sentence lol.

4 wheel drift's picture

Hitlery Clitoris, Pedoesta, OBOMBO, and the rest of the leftist = CRIMINALS

Assange & Snowden --> Patriots

Grandad Grumps's picture

Made for TV, B/S. People are really not that interesting.

Lynn Trainor's picture

Received an email, "That happens I will no longer be a Trump supporter!"

hoytmonger's picture

Trump is fake news.

It's irrelevant that Trump said he "loved" Wikileaks, he said a lot of things that he's flipped on since the inauguration.

SAE6065's picture

Trump = Flipper.  Perfect name for this bullshit artist

dizzyfingers's picture

My vote is NO to charges. 

tangent's picture

If someone belives in the freedom of speech then they believe you can say any secret you want to and its a civil matter, not a criminal matter. The USA corporation wants special rules just for them self as a ruling class. Well, I reject the ruling class wholesale and reject their disgusting hypocrisy.

Shemp 4 Victory's picture

Yep, fake news from anonymous sources, brought to you by the paragon of viewscreen infotainment, CNN (Can't Name Names).

In his evasive response to the question about Assange, Sessions dances through a legalistic minefield in an attempt to avoid making any statement of fact. His answer can be summed up as, "leaks are serious things, and we take serious things seriously."

The CIA director, on the other hand, as he does not represent the US Department of Prosecution, is free to spout all manner of totalitarian, anti-Constitutional ludicrosities with no regard for facts or truth. Because the core criminal nature of his agency is being revealed, Mike Pompeii has become a butthurt-belching Vesuvius.

The_Real_Fly's picture

(adjusts microphone)




It's fake news. You'll see.

SixIsNinE's picture


(adjusts microphone)




It's fake news. You'll see.

(drops mic)  !!!!

Zer0head's picture

It's not Trump's call

My initial reaction was more fakenews but then realized that this is a perfect gambit by Deep State, discredits Trump with his base and gets revenge for Hillary and perhaps addresses an impending file dump. Pompeo set the table last week. So no,  it's not fakenews but it is bad news for Donald and freedom lovers everywhere

meditate_vigorously's picture

In your fantasy world the President is not head of the executive branch and the DoJ is not an executive agency? That BS didn't fly when Obama was President and it is no more believable now.

The media has been lying to you about impartiality or "independence" in the government, and you are gullible enough to believe it.

Casey Jones's picture

It's worse than bad my friend. It's to be a true litmus test which direction this thing goes. From the outcome of this we will learn who is really in charge at the White House. You are right, this has discredited Trump big-time . He actually needs to step up and defend WikiLeaks and whistle blowers in general. Or else he's just sold out the core of his election base. WikiLeaks releasing the Hilary emails put him in office. He cannot have forgotten that. Trump is looking more like a tool every day.

FreedomWriter's picture

mmmm.... file dumps....... I love the smell of compromising photos in the morning.........


Smells like Victory!

stubb's picture

I have thought of this too, but the fact is that Trump needs no help from anyone in discrediting himself with his base. He's doing it brilliantly all by himself.