U.S. Preparing Charges To Arrest Julian Assange

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In a stunning new report, CNN has just revealed, according to anonymous sources at least, that US authorities have prepared charges and will seek the arrest of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange for intelligence leaks dating all the way back to 2010.

US authorities have prepared charges to seek the arrest of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, US officials familiar with the matter tell CNN.


The Justice Department investigation of Assange and WikiLeaks dates to at least 2010, when the site first gained wide attention for posting thousands of files stolen by the former US Army intelligence analyst now known as Chelsea Manning.


This latest revelation comes after CIA Director Mike Pompeo ramped up the Trump administration's rhetoric against WikiLeaks describing it as a "non-state hostile intelligence service" earlier this week.  Ironically, as we noted this morning, Pompeo's comments can just days before the FBI and CIA admitted that they are searching for an "insider" at the CIA (not a Russian) who exposed thousands of top-secret documents that described CIA tools used to penetrate smartphones, smart televisions and computer systems.

Last week in a speech at the Center for Strategic and International Studies in Washington, CIA Director Mike Pompeo went further than any US government official in describing a role by WikiLeaks that went beyond First Amendment activity.


He said WikiLeaks "directed Chelsea Manning to intercept specific secret information, and it overwhelmingly focuses on the United States."


"It's time to call out WikiLeaks for what it really is: A non-state hostile intelligence service often abetted by state actors like Russia," Pompeo said.

Pompeo's comments were, of course, met with an immediate snarky reply from Assange over twitter.


For the past several years, U.S. prosecutors have struggled with whether the First Amendment precluded the prosecution of Assange.  In fact, in what now appears to be a very prescient opinion piece, Julian Assange recently penned an article in the Washington Post defending his publications by saying that his motives are "identical to those claimed by the New York Times and The Post."

Quite simply, our motive is identical to that claimed by the New York Times and The Post — to publish newsworthy content. Consistent with the U.S. Constitution, we publish material that we can confirm to be true irrespective of whether sources came by that truth legally or have the right to release it to the media. And we strive to mitigate legitimate concerns, for example by using redaction to protect the identities of at-risk intelligence agents.

During President Barack Obama's administration, Attorney General Eric Holder and officials at the Justice Department determined it would be difficult to bring charges against Assange because WikiLeaks wasn't alone in publishing documents stolen by Manning. Several newspapers, including The New York Times, did as well. The investigation continued, but any possible charges were put on hold, according to US officials involved in the process then.

All that said, CNN's sources seem to believe those same prosecutors have now found a way to move forward...though we're sure the New York Times won't receive similar arrest warrants.

Of course, it's unclear what immediate purpose the charges will serve given that Assange is holed up in the Ecuadorian Embassy in London for the sole purpose of avoiding political persecution.  That said, somehow we suspect that some form of 'leverage' is about to be applied against Ecuador to help them 'remember' that they have other immediate and critically important uses for Assange's London bedroom.

And this pretty much sums it up:

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mcl2177's picture

This would be a bad move by Trump.

The_Juggernaut's picture

It doesn't matter.  Another will take its place.

Dabooda's picture

It's time to call out the US Government for what it really is: a malevolent conspiracy promoting mass murder, plunder and enslavement.

Truth is treason in the empire of lies.

stizazz's picture

"non-state hostile intelligence service."


"He's giving all our secrets away, not good for us."

InjectTheVenom's picture


>>>>  Assange :  swamp-drainer

>>>>  Assange :  criminal

Four chan's picture


Well that's it folks. Trump has failed us.

Donald Trump's picture
Donald Trump (not verified) mdr attitude Apr 20, 2017 6:22 PM

Creepy Deep State is getting creepier.

Let's arrest a freedom messenger and in the same time let's promote the 5th Column with taxpayer money.  Nothing underlines Land of the Free better than Sharia Law

Taxpayer-Funded College Hosts Sharia-Loving Speaker Tied to Terror Group

J S Bach's picture

If Trump allows this to happen, then he shows himself to be a complete traitor to his word and his people.  After all... it was Assange and all that he revealed which catapulted him to the Presidency.  By his choice in this proceeding we shall know him.

baghead's picture

I sense a big wikileaks file dump coming..

Manthong's picture

Some patriot in the FBI or maybe NYPD should leak the whole contents of the Weiner Dog/Obladee-Obladin computer And someone at the National Spooky Agency should dump the rest of the bag of dirty tricks..

Assange might consider that a priority vetting task.

And Trump should shut Pompeeo up and let this one alone.

Keyser's picture

I cannot believe no one has said this yet, it's CNN for fucks sake, it's FAKE NEWS... Jeff Sessions was questioned directly about this "news story" and he side-stepped like a career politician... Not going to happen... 

philipat's picture

Trump's base is not, like Shitlery's base, indoctrinated to the point that all inconsistent actions are overlooked and/or forgiven for the sake of the progressive Libtard cause. In fact Trump's base is altogether smarter and will hold him to account for deviations and hypocrisy. So Shitlery's base is still with her and Trump's base is now against him.

He MUST understand this and so one has to conclude that he cares little for his base and has decided that he only wants a single term. The way he is going about things, his wish for a single term will certainly be granted and he risks going down as one of the worst ever Presidents, along with Carter.

What a tragedy; he could have been a great President, one the the greatest Presidents and he had a committed base to support him if he had just stayed with his stated agenda. Looks like the only hope for change now is war. Perhaps he recognises that? But war will play right into the strategy of the Globalists and they will have everyone wrapped up in the flag shouting USA, USA, USA. Change that is not..

PS. If The Deep State gets away with this it will be so that when the statute of limitations expires in Sweden on the so-called rape charges against Assange (for which charges have never been filed and the alleged victim has denied that it ever took place), Washington's UK puppet will be able to arrest him and extradite him to The US as soon as he sets foot outside the Ecuadorian Embassy in London.

Tarzan's picture

There's an old saying in the newspaper business often incorrectly attributed to Orwell,

News Is What Somebody Does Not Want You To Print. All the Rest Is Advertising

Assange is in the News business, a dying industry, in more ways then one.

If the American Government arrests Assange it will by one more nail in it's coffin, one more thumb in God's eye.

Jailing people for bearing the truth, is the act of a desperate nation, and deserves zero loyalty!


Loyalty to the Nation all the time, loyalty to the Government when it deserves it. 

Mark Twain


All of this is prelude to world war.

George Orwell wrote the following in a book review published in August 1937 in the London journal “The New Statesman and Nation”. In 1937 Orwell believed that Britain and Germany were moving toward war. At that time, he was unhappy because he was sympathetic to pacifism and strongly opposed to war with Germany. The book he examined was written by a former Brigadier-General in the British army named F. P. Crozier who had embraced an anti-war stance. However, Orwell was unimpressed with the arguments presented, and he offered two alternative planks for anti-war activists.

The two facts which even now are not very widely grasped, and which should be made the centre of all anti-war agitation, are quite different from these. General Crozier is aware of them, but only intermittently aware. They are:

1. That war against a foreign country only happens when the moneyed classes think they are going to profit from it.

2. That every war when it comes, or before it comes, is represented not as a war but as an act of self-defence against a homicidal maniac (“militarist” Germany in 1914, “Fascist” Germany next year or the year after).

The essential job is to get people to recognize war propaganda when they see it, especially when it is disguised as peace propaganda."

HowdyDoody's picture

"I cannot believe no one has said this yet, it's CNN for fucks sake, it's FAKE NEWS..."

Just like the 'Russian hacking'. It's called 'preparing the ground'. Now he has let them get away with this once, Trump will be boxed in so he does what is expected of him.



VinceFostersGhost's picture



The British couldn't stop George Washington......and the CIA won't stop this.



Freedom will always prevail!

Tarzan's picture

where is freedom prevailing? 

It seems to me the land of the free has become, or is rapidly becoming, a land of unaware slaves!

The world is in a downward spiral, but I agree, in the end, Truth will win.


“The arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends towards justice.” 


ReZn8r's picture

wrong, the magic nigga was the worst and will always remain the worst POTUS. If DJT keeps it up he can be a close 2nd, but so far he is only a liar.

Manthong's picture


"it's CNN for fucks sake, it's FAKE NEWS... Jeff Sessions was questioned directly about this "news story" and he side-stepped like a career politician... Not going to happen... "

Glad to hear that…

It makes sense.

But I still hope some patriots in the deep dark secret state blow the lid off of their whole evil scam.

They do not deserve the leverage over us, much less the rest of the world that they have wasted so much of our time, money and resources on.

In my wildest dreams I never thought I could think like this but the whole security state is out of the control of the Constitution of the United States of America.


Giant Meteor's picture

Wikileaks Sampson option ..

Dead mans switch ..

Maybe we'll see what he has really got going for him in the "insurance file."

Although, with the open air lawlessness that increases by the day, with no cost to the perps, perhaps they truly do feel, no big deal, cuz they appear to be holding all the goods cards ..

Something with snap, sooner or later ..

Of that, I am certain ...

Time will tell if it is Julians neck, or other's neck, doing the snapping ..

TwelveOhOne's picture

I think they already got him, just as lack of a dialysis machine got bin Laden years before the "operation".

This is the "operation" to get Assange, a show of force to impress, just as the "burial at sea" was the show of force in Pakistan.

Manthong's picture

They might not be able to get away with a similar “bin Laden snatch”, Yugoslavia or Ukraine scam the next time around.

Akzed's picture

I dunno... does the photo in the tweet above look like Assange?

Zorba's idea's picture

Bring it! Bring ALL of it Julian!

Nexus789's picture

I think l recall assange saying that he had a 'nuclear' release option if terminated or locked up.

SomebodySpecial's picture

Time to arrest JA. What about the clintons, bushes, and all the progressives in govt.

johnduncan78's picture

I'm new to this. I have a great cartoon of Trump dressed as a clown-painted face and all. Don't know how to put it on here. Perfect for this thread. We voted for him to keep Hillary out. All we got was Hillary with a dick..............

beemasters's picture

I would thank the brave whistleblowers too. True altruism! Assange has done his best to protect their identities and helped look after their interests. Kudos to all of them.

hedgeless_horseman's picture


Me too!

God bless you, Julian, Chelsey, Ed, and all others!

Let freedom ring!

OceanX's picture

Yes, file charges and arrest him. Then Trump could pardon him?   ...

DollarMenu's picture

Better they should arrest Hillary.

Hata Mari's picture

The creatures that slither in the night go free?

But the sun that exposes them gets charged?

Should this happen, we will have gone totally Orwellian.

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caconhma's picture

Trump just shows his real face: a low-life liar, a buffoon, and a scumbag.

Apparently, the Deep State has so much compromising material on Trump and his family that they literally hold him by the balls. Trump's 100 days is a complete failure. Obama looks like a giant in a comparison with Trump.


The Deep State was afraid of Hillary and this is the reason why they put this POS into the White House.

new game's picture

trumped up two party tyranny.! worse to worser. 

get assage to russia asap...

would that piss off the deep state off or what?

enemy within>beware, they lurk about...

Lanka's picture

That was easy: Pompeo is a deep state asset.

BullyBearish's picture

when the bankers found obummer they thought they had the PERFECT tool for their nefarious deeds, someone who could cross color and gender boundaries to convince everyone that he would never do all the things they had planned for him to do...and he did it all so well...BUT

trump has made the bankers realize that obummer was just a piker...although he did MOST of what they wanted him to do, he still proved to have a slight conscience when it came to invading syria and making a deal with iran...BUT...this GINO, goyim in name only, is absolutely the PERFECT tool...his ego is so large his head has no other room for compassion, critical thinking, conscience...and the bankers KNOW exactly how to exploit this ego/lack of intelligence combination so that he thinks all of his actions are correct, right, approved by the majority of the people and of course designed to make him even more popular.  

Unfortunately, his first real attaboys, good job donald came from bombing someone...of course he'll want to do it again, and often because those that are controlling him are in charge...if you are still clinging to this POS, just start the count down on iran...the real prize for the bankers.  iran, not saudi arabia (head choppers, isis funders, 911 perpetrators, women beaters, etc.) is such a huge threat to the world...it won't take long before trump is doing GOD's work for his handlers...

new game's picture

well said, betrayal. fuking liar, just a trumpted up two party tyranny sponsored by the deep state...

simple shit maynard.

Is-Be's picture

Prosecute Assange And .  .  . we've just got ourselves a secular saint.

"Let me be judged by the Quality of my enemies."

Some Roman dude.

Paul Kersey's picture

Perhaps Julian has a few Trump cards to play. Sometimes, even The Donald has to be careful about biting the hand that fed him.

MonkeyKnutz's picture

I sure hope so.  If this clown (Trump) lays down the "law", I would hope Julian smacks the kill switch and dumps it all. 

Not that anything would make the MSM...

Zorba's idea's picture

Sponsored by one of Owhatshisname's favorite sponsors..RBS. Loverly!