"Everything's Worse" - Where India's Disintegration Is Set To Begin

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Authored by Jayant Bhandari via Acting-Man.com,

Everything Gets Worse  (Part XII) –  Pakistan vs. India

After 70 years of so-called independence, one has to be a professional victim not to look within oneself for the reasons for starvation, unnatural deaths, utter backwardness, drudgery, disease, and misery in India.

Intellectual capital accumulated in the West over the last 2,500 years — available for free in real-time via the internet — can be downloaded by a passionate learner. In the age of modern technology, another mostly free gift from the West which has significantly leveled the playing field, societies that wanted economic convergence with the West, such as Japan, Korea, Singapore, HK, China, etc., have either achieved it rapidly, or have strongly trended toward it.


More than 28,000 children less than six years of age have died in just one province, Madhya Pradesh, over the past year. Because these deaths were due to diseases resulting from malnourishment, the government attributed every single death to disease rather than malnourishment.


Given that Indian prime minister Narendra Modi has been at the helm for only three years, it is hard to blame him in general for any of the above mentioned monstrosities marring daily life in India. The best the head of the executive of an extremely diverse and complicated country can achieve is to nudge the Titanic in the right direction.

The problem is that Modi has actively sped the Titanic toward collision with an iceberg, from which he himself will not emerge unharmed. He must be blamed for his naiveté, his upside-down understanding of economics and a complete lack of awareness of the realities of life, his narcissism and obsession of making a hero out of himself, and an utter lack of self-respect that drives him to seek solace in Hindu fanaticism. He and his party have been a catalyst fanning the flames of nationalism and fanaticism among Indians.


Farmers demonstrating in Delhi to point out their plight. More than 12,600 farmers and agricultural laborers committed suicide in 2015 in what is one of the world’s poorest countries. On average, life is worse for Indians than it is for Africans.


However, sociopaths exist in every society. If you get rid of one, another one enters the scene. In the end, it is Indians who deserve to be blamed for elevating Modi and his BJP to their positions. In the end, it is Indians who deserve to be blamed for hollowing out and destroying institutions the British left behind over the past 70 years.

In the irrational and tribal society of India, Modi perfectly symbolizes and unconsciously exploits the thinking process of the common man, who tends to deal with problems by doing even more of what created the problems in the first place.

A rational person (particularly one whose perception is otherwise skewed by political correctness) faces a huge uphill task and high levels of frustration, when trying to comprehend the actions of irrational people and societies. He won’t be able to understand that the irrationality of some people is so pronounced it can keep them from connecting two simple dots right in front of them.


Some 3,000 children die every day from illnesses related to poor diets. Of those who survive, 44% of the children under the age of 5 are stunted. 72% of infants and 52% of married women have anemia. With respect to this India is ranked on the same level as North Korea and Sudan.

It is difficult or me to judge whether Pakistan is better or worse off by comparison, but I received many complaints in response to an earlier article in this series (in which I had presumed Pakistan to be somewhat worse off than India), mostly based on tribalism. But let’s try to bring some balance to the issue anyway.

On the World Happiness Report, India is ranked in 122nd position. Pakistan is ranked much higher, in 80th  position. Pakistan’s  per capita GDP is US$1,550,  India’s is US$1,719. The difference is very small. Moreover, Pakistan has to spend a fortune to cater to refugees, to defend itself against problems from Afghanistan, as well as a much bigger foe, namely India. Pakistan also suffers from instability spilling over from Afghanistan and Iran.

As a result Pakistan is spending a much higher proportion of its government revenue on the military than India. If the external conditions of the two countries were similar, Pakistan would presumably be richer than India.

I also received several introspective messages from Pakistanis, who averred that Pakistan was descending into chaos, and similar statements were made by Indians as well. Most Pakistanis asked me to keep their names confidential, as speaking out against the Pakistani army or Islam could easily lead to unwelcome consequences such as beheading. A small minority in India is less concerned about speaking out, but this is changing quite rapidly.

A silly, well-orchestrated routine that is conducted every day at Indo-Pak border. Ironically, both Indian and Pakistani forces work and practice this routine together, to keep it well-synchronized. The bravado and bravery is all superficial theater.


Demonetization Pain Continues Unabated

When Narendra Modi announced on 8th November 2016 that he was demonetizing 86% of the monetary value of all currency in circulation, he gave three major reasons for doing so: to end corruption, to end terrorism and to eliminate counterfeit currency. Ironically, all three are now in far worse condition than they were previously, and even worse than the predictions I made in this series of essays (Part XI is linked here).

Many ATMs in India still dispense no cash. The economy is in shatters. This had to happen, as any new cash is rapidly moving under the carpets of the financial powerful that hoard currency. Small businesses are traumatized by the lack of access to cash – many are closing for good. People continue to avoid making non-essential purchases. Even food demand has failed to recover. Poor people very likely are still forced to go to bed half-hungry.

No-one knows whether there are famines in parts of India, as none of the  mainstream media are covering the issue. Not unlike North Koreans or the Chinese during the times of Mao, Indians today, particularly members of the so-called educated class, simply cannot see what Modi or their nationalistic paradigm does not want them to see.

Indian banks and other financial institutions are extremely unethical. Since privatization was implemented in the 1990s, they have charged fees and commissions for accounts that were never agreed upon. Indians never fight, so this continues. After the demonetization exercise, these mysterious charges have started to appear more often.

Then they deduct certain services and financial taxes, and most people don’t make the effort to try to understand them. Indians are getting very tired of the banks – not for moral, but simply for financial reasons. Bank websites are extremely unwieldy. They require a sequence of passwords and OTPs (one time pad codes), which have an automatic expiry date.

Getting the whole sequence right to make an online payment without having these websites freeze during the procedure leaves one with a sense of accomplishment. Most people prefer to walk down to their banks to get bank officials to perform such online transactions. India is simply not ready for the digital age. This experiment in going cashless will end in a disaster.

Similar to every tyrant, Modi likes to think that tax collection should be at the heart of society. He imagines a society in which subjects dance around the state. The problem is, one can perfect the tax system or minimize corruption, but with a per capita GDP  of $1,718, India simply does not have the required productivity.

Bank charges, rapacious tax authorities and massive amounts of time lost in dealing with the lack of cash have hurt whatever little productivity the Indian economy may have had. And by forcing digitalization, Modi has merely shifted liquidity from the informal to the formal sector.

Even in the western world, most big corporations are in bed with governments. In India, romping in bed with the State is all they ever do. For the moment, these corporations are huge beneficiaries of shift of resources to the banking system.

But without the spine that is the informal sector, the formal sector cannot benefit for very long. Eventually even the formal economy will succumb and take a massive hit.


Bank credit growth in India plummets to 60 year lows.


Corruption is bigger today, with most people complaining that they have to pay almost twice as much as usual in bribes, as bureaucrats and politicians try to make up for any real or assumed loses they faced as a result of the demonetization process. Counterfeiting of banknotes is a bigger problem today than it likely ever was.


Kashmir – Where India’s Disintegration Is Set to Begin

The last professed reason for Modi’s demonetization decree was to end terrorism and to solve the problems in Kashmir. The situation in Kashmir has deteriorated rapidly, while the law and order situation is generally worsening around the country, as vigilantes are given free reign.

An African student in India being thrashed merely for being African. Racism against Africans is rampant in India, and the hostility is growing.

Sacred cow enforcement squad: Cow vigilantes have become a regular feature of the Indian landscape, with Muslims and lower-caste people being killed and thrashed on a regular basis (one of the five men beaten up in this video later died). The Muslim community is increasingly isolated. This cannot end well in a country with the world’s second biggest Muslim population.


Hindu Yuva Vahini, a group of fanatics, founded by none other than the current Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh, Yogi Adityanath, roaming freely, with swords drawn (UP is India’s most populous state with nearly 200 million inhabitants). Once the genie of lawlessness is out of the bottle in this irrational society, it will be centuries before it can be put back in again. This is a disaster waiting to happen.


Immediately after his appointment, Yogi Adityanath created “Anti-Romeo” squads, whose job is to harass any couples deemed to be unmarried. In spite of the fact that the police has no such constitutional authority, the courts have been silent spectators. Vigilante Hindu fanatics have even dragged couples from private properties to the police station. Instead of police charging these fanatics, they end up interrogating the couples dragged to the station. As I have said repeatedly, only hollowed out structures remain of the institutions the British left behind.

There has been an unprecedented increase in human rights violations by the Indian army in recent days in Kashmir


Another short video showing the Indian army in action in Kashmir

The Indian army recently used a man as a human shield in Kashmir. Not only celebrities and journalists voiced their approval, India’s Attorney General, one of the main guardians of the law, justified it by saying: “peculiar situations require peculiar measures”.


One must reflect on what it means if the country’s Attorney General has no clue what the rule of the law actually means. Voting was almost non-existent in recent elections. The army is stressed out and desperate. Those not in Kashmir and with no skin in the game happily pass judgment from their couches.

There is no political mechanism in place for Kashmir to secede. Secession through violence – which looks increasingly inevitable, particularly in view of Modi’s heavy-handedness  – will be extremely chaotic. Its reverberations will be heard across the world, and might start the fragmentation of India as a political entity.

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turnball the banker (not verified) Apr 21, 2017 8:26 PM

Indians are absolutely fucking disgusting vile pos

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no, you are the absolutely fucking disgusting vile pos!

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Pahjeet, my son, I must beg you, if you wish to become a world superpower, you must poo in the loo.

But I know that you can not, and I despair. For when any of our blood sees a clean street, we must poo in it.

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Yep, totally incompetent government is killing Indians.

Good thing we in the US were able to rise up and say with the last election...

"NO MORE!" to the Liberal Socialism of Obozo & Hitlery and their ilk.

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Interesting topic. One big difference between Indian and Chinese curlture is there is no dominate religion in Chinese history. Buddhism and Daoism were mild and Emperors were way bigger than any fucking religions. And dynasties were changing every 2-300 years: when people were fucked too bad, they riot and killed the whole top class and replaced it with a new one. So there's no fucking permant higher class in their culture.

Of course, now Christianity,  Muslim and other cults are all trying hard to change this and US of A is constantly pushing China to let all the fucking religons spread so to create chaos there.

Fuck all religions! 

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the UN has decreed that everyone should have plenty to eat

so it is everyone's duty to feed all the people described in this article

if that means GMOs and agrochemicals, then so be it. 

becase Whatever It Takes.

luv n hugs,
s.o.r.o.s. "say it backwards" 

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One thing I'll never understand about third-world peoples is this...

When you're lot in life is so bad that you can barely feed yourself, WHY would you have child upon child upon child upon child?  I understand the instinctive natural desire to fuck and thus procreate, but it's not IMPOSSIBLE to forego this urge for the sake of an innocent baby who is more than likely going to suffer and die as a result of your uncontrollable drive.  White people, in general, tend to THINK about whether they can provide an adequate life for their offspring BEFORE they have them.  And this, in the long run, may be our ultimate undoing, because our birthrates are dropping precipitously.  But, the equatorial races seem to be totally oblivious to these thoughts and feelings.  Thus, it makes it hard to feel much sympathy for them when they continue to screw like rabbits in their already over-populated lands without the slightest concern for their children's plight.  I just don't get it.

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because only your kids can drag you out of the shithole.  reproduction is a response to a stress it is an economic function,  an economic security for old age where social security system is absent.

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Firms that hire H-1Bs tend to notice an extreme rise in employees doing "#2" in the urinals. 

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Years ago, my father told me about the time his firm hired one of them, and consequently about all the diareah that was constantly finding its way all over the commodes on their floor.

Eventually they caught him squatting on the lid, so they kicked his ass.

The lesson is, don't be a janitor at a company that makes use of H1Bs.

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The 100s of millions of Indians will flood the US and turn this country into a third-world shit hole. It's already going there.

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Indeed. And they are voting 70% Democrat/socialist and that's how they lead when they get into positions of power. The "ruling elite" mentality is a part of Hinduism and especially the Brahman caste.

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Little britain was a superpower once. And supposedly, they never had a shortage of toilets.

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turnball the banker (not verified) VD Apr 21, 2017 9:35 PM

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You've never been to India have you?

Childish rant.

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How about a beach vacation to Mumbai?


Yes, they are fucking disgusting.

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And after sunning on the beach, take a lovely river cruise:


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turnball the banker (not verified) man of Wool Apr 22, 2017 12:23 AM

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I've been to India and i would NEVER go back.  

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Don't laugh. This is reality there.

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In among those vile POS, are a small army of indigenous CFR's who suck-up a hefty chunk of the country's resources, facilitated by the usual vultures at the Central Banks. Modus Operandi Modi like DJT is a shill for these Western Professional Parasites.

BobEore's picture

Our author's determination to place his EXTREME Anglo-phile tendencies front left and center of his screed ...

makes for a jarring read in this day and age of supposed 'post-colonialism.' According to him, everything bad about contemporary Hindustan is due to the complicity and moral bankruptcy of Indians themselves...

while everything good[mostly past tense in his lexicon]is/was an accretion of the British period of over rule.

There were some very fine and noble Englishmen involved in the early days of the Raj's occupation of the sub-continent. They worked hard to stave off the rapacious aims of the stockholders who controlled the EIC. The legacy of men like Warren Hastings serves to remind us in these dark days, that not all white men served in the court of the moneypower.

Yet these men - and their vision of a common humanity for all us - were ultimately defeated... their legacies and achievements replaced by the vision of the Montefiores, Rottenschields, and the rest of the tribalists who usurped the political power of England to employ in their own campaigns of disenfranchising all of us. India has suffered from the yoke of the subsequent rule by sionist sabbateans - but so have all the rest of us.

The author is barking up the wrong tree in his analysis of the roots of India's impoverisment and social discord. Muslim & Hindu were set against each other a purpose - by the usual suspects who have used the template since to divide and rule in the middle east and else where.

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Hinduism is demon worship, and cow dung is more precious than children.

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hinduism is some seriously fucked up shit and shuld by banned to practice in any semi civilized country. north korea is a champion of human right compared to india. A fucking cattle is worth more than a christian. Very hard to find any rational paralels, fucking gippos.

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Appolinious is the true founder of christanity. Jews have already dismantelled the protestants & the catholics. Whole world is moving to hinduism.

Peterman333's picture

LOL, nope, not where I am, there is a world wide movement of traditional old school Catholicism which is growing like mushrooms and which could never be wped out by the ones that call themselves jews today. They can convert and join us, we would welcome authentic converts to the one true faith.

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churchmen, little c are not the Church.

They'll be long gone and the Church will remain, until the last day.

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Desert block (including the church) is a hoax and a lie. Right from birth,  Donation of Constantine. The ONLY way u r going to survive is to return to Hinduism, that u call paganism, which is undergoing a revival (green shoots)



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When Modi was "elected" everyone thought he would save India and especially the economy.

Is absolute silence on central banking and the financial cartel told me he was just a puppet and the country would continue its downward spiral.

Truth is eventually exposed over time.

Modi is just another shill.

His allowing what will eventually be the elimination of paper and coin currency (to be replaced with a digital currency) is all the proof the people of India needs that he is not there to help them, that he is allowing his country to be used as a guinea pig for digital currency, and that he puts globalism above his own country.

Nexus789's picture

Having grown up with indians in the UK I tend to agree somewhat. 

Jeffersonian Liberal's picture

The problem is the complacency of the lower castes. The entire caste system was designed to ensure a single ruling caste (the Brahmans) would forever hold control over education, religion, and government.

Does that sound familiar?

And are we surprised that as they flood America they are seeking and taking these same positions?

That caste system with a single ruling elite (guaranteed by bloodline and therefore purely racist) is no different than any other ruling oligarchy, monarchy, or tyranny.

The Indian masses need to overthrow the entire system and replace the criminals they call their political leaders with those who truly represent the people.

Until then, stay the fuck out of my country and don't bring that racist, tribal-mentality dictatorial bullshit over here.

kalki1234's picture

everything the Albinos have and know is thanks to the Hindus and blindly copied. Pakistan is a shit-show created by the jews. Every condom thinks it is strategic till it is flushed down the chute.

CC Lemon's picture

This is a test by elites to see what happens when they pull the rug out. A first run. Fine tune the parameters. 

doctor10's picture

The banker brutes basically ripped out out what little functional infrastructure there was to be had. We're now all gonna get a parade of sad stories and images from India showing us all what happens if you don't do as your told by your betters..

bruno_the's picture

What's up in Venezuela again? Ah Communists right. Hungry and shit. That's much better. 

This is nice hustory lesson. The Stonehenge - old video


SoDamnMad's picture

I wonder what the government shutdown will bring???  ATM limits, delayed payments (further) to suppliers and gov. subcontractors, what???

Nexus789's picture

I guess if a place India 'survives' then the thinking is it will work elsewhere.  Probably not as more advanced societies are more connected'.

LetThemEatRand's picture

What made America great was a population that was born from individuals who risked everything to come here.  If you came to these shores, you did so because you were fearless and you were willing to risk it all.  And you were willing to kill anyone who got in your way such as the natives.  It's not what American history teaches (other than Manifest Destiny, which is a watered down version), but it's the only thing I can figure out that makes sense.  India is a caste society where most people accept their own subservience.

Over the generations, America lost what made it great.  We are now just another empire of sheep ruled by wolves.  Like India, but we speak better English for now (that's changing too).

Peterman333's picture

Somewhat disagree, what were you "risking" in Ireland in 1844 to get on a boat to go to America? Your choice was die of starvation in a gutter on the side of the street or potentially die on a boat at sea from smallpox or cholera but..but..perhaps be rewarded  with a new life (assumming you survived the trip). Most chose the latter and it likely wasn't even a hard choice.

LetThemEatRand's picture

I get your point, but a lot of people stayed in Ireland.   Roll the dice on a group of people who 1) get on a leaky boat to try something better vs. starving; or 2) stay and starve and hope for something to change.   The winning bet would be on group 1.

Peterman333's picture

A wise history professor I once had (Prof Curtis Anderson R.I.P) said "nobody came here cause they had money." 

You could correctly say the ones who came to the US/Cananda were the most financially hopeless. At least back then they had leaky cholera ships to take people to a new life. No boats and nowhere to escape to today.

emersonreturn's picture

not that i'm proud of it but my paternal grandfather to canada was a remittance man, a second son to a brit fortune...not in canada because he had no money.  he died before i was born but one of the few things i remember my father saying was his father was one of the first brits (whites) to have arrived in alberta & the grass reached his horse's chest & that the sky was black for days in the spring with the flocks of birds migrating, their sound deafening, the water was supposedly a sweet never again matched, the air, the soil unspeakably pure, in places the top layer a 100feet deep...all gone to the winds of the 30s.

Peterman333's picture

I'm of mostly Irish/German descent but I will admit there is one English grandmother in the wood pile. The English of course catch hell for what they did to the Irish or the Boers or Indians but, on the other hand there are many today with convenient memories. Their ancestors benefitted from the crown rule immensely in places like Canada, Australia, India. Yes there were bad things but Pax Brittanica brought order from chaos and a way for people to live fairly well.

Killdo's picture

the Americans I know are far from brave. 

it 13 or so years I spent in the US I met maybe 1-2 really brave men. 

In my expereince overall (and I've lived in DC, Chicago, LA, SF, AZ) - Americans are probably the biggest coward I have ever seen anywhere. 

Maybe it was different in the past?

One of my best friends (from Finland - he is a director of one of biggest IT firms in SF) used to be married to an american girl (whose parents moved here on H1 from India  - father had an IT business).

He told me that overall Indians and Americans are pretty similar in how they are trained to follow orders submissively etc.

He's lived in the US for most of his life (moved here during his highs chool). 

MEFOBILLS's picture

 what were you "risking" in Ireland in 1844

Some traitor Irish were rolling wheel-barrows full of high value food to waiting ships, while their countrymen were starving.  Why?  The nation had been put into debt and had become renters to  English landlord class.

High value food was plentiful, but was exported to England to acquire foreign exchange.

 Irish then went into debt to pay for passage to America.  They went into debt to Bank of England, the worlds first debt spreading bank which had caused the problem in the first place.  

Once in America, Irish normal tight-knit family structure broke down, and they became un-moored.  Many Irish died doing work that was too risky for Negroes.  Negoes represented a large expense to acquire and house.  Irish debt slaves could be had for very cheap, so they were useful for draining swamps and handling dangerous explosives, rather than risking valuable negroes.

Irish eventually became American's because genetically they similar to British.  Irish are white people, as if it needs to be said.

Debt spreading "jewish"  banking finance capitalist system infesting London, has since jumped worldwide.  Most Irish are completely unaware that they didn't need to starve, that there was plenty of food grown in Ireland.  Potatoes were cheap and plentiful, feeding the debt burdened underclass, until the blight.  

Peterman333's picture

That's some good background for sure and in the 1650's Cromwell sent Irish to Barbados as full on slaves, none of this indentured stuff. See "To Hell or Barbados" by O'Callaghan

During peak famine indentured servitude was a thing of the past, then it was just die of starvation or scrape together then money to get to the new world and work your A$$ off.

MEFOBILLS's picture

Cromwell was funded by Jewish stock market Capital out of Amsterdam.  The orange king revolution was full spectrum, and  attack on England was planned for at least 200 years.  They finally got their way with advent of Bank of England in 1694.

I'm sorry, but one cannot understand history,  especially monetary history, without understanding the role of our ((friends)).  Many people do not want to look at the ugly truth, they would prefer to take the blue pill and go back to sleep.

Henry George is source for my understanding of Irish economy during the famine period.  Henry went there to check it out for himself.