F-18 Fighter Jet From Carl Vinson Carrier Crashes Off The Philippines

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With the USS Carl Vinson finally on its way to North Korea after some initial "miscommunications" between the White House and the Pentagon, on Friday the aircraft carrier suffered another embarrassing moment when a F-18 pilot was forced to eject during an attempted landing on the deck of the Vinson in the Celebes Sea, south of the Philippines, the US Navy said in a statement. The pilot was recovered safely.

According to the US 7th Fleet Command, the incident occurred as the fighter jet was on final approach after "conducting routine flight operations" and is currently under investigation. The pilot is being assessed by the medical team on board USS Carl Vinson and there are no apparent injuries at this time. Full statement below:

USS Carl Vinson Pilot Ejects Safely at Sea


A pilot safely ejected and was quickly recovered by a helicopter assigned to HSC-4 aboard USS Carl Vinson while conducting routine flight operations during a transit in the Celebes Sea.


The incident occurred as the F/A-18E assigned to Carrier Air Wing 2 was on final approach to USS Carl Vinson. The incident is currently under investigation. The pilot is being assessed by the medical team on board USS Carl Vinson and there are no apparent injuries at this time.

The carrier group, currently located in proximity to the Philippines, is “steaming out toward the Sea of Japan” the White House said earlier this month. On April 15, however, the Navy posted a photograph on Flickr with a description placing the Carl Vinson in the Sunda Strait, several hundred miles south of Singapore. The Carl Vinson battle group was deployed in East Asia in January. According to the US Navy, the carrier is accompanied by the missile cruiser USS Lake Champlain, and destroyers USS Wayne E. Meyer and USS Michael Murphy.

As showed yesterday, the current active deployment of the US naval fleet is as follows:

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... reliability and precision ...

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The pilot successfully executed the John McCain Crashing Maneuver.  ;-)


Creepy_Azz_Crackaah's picture

Wouldn't it be safer to just drive our jets around runways the way Iran does? Flying is risky...

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next rung on this pilot's career ladder is flying cargo planes full of rubber dogshit out of Hong Kong !

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Donald Trump (not verified) InjectTheVenom Apr 21, 2017 1:33 PM

So they are still looking for the way to North Korea. GOOD.

By the time they'll reach Lil' Kim backyard, no planes will be left on the carrier.

MSM War Propaganda: How Did the Whole Misleading Vinson Carrier Story Get Started


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order a new one. 1000 x 1 moab=winning!

a neocon is smilling.. moar graft...

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John McCain Crashing Maneuver. 

No, he didn't to do the complete  John McCain Crashing Maneuver.  ;-) you also need  to be a traitor to do the complete maneuever! 

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...calling Goose and Maverick!

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Too bad that had to happen on that pilot's last day. . . 

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The pilot surrendered to the North Koreans after he ejected??

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no, he didn't cause the ship to burn. 

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I wonder if his name was Orr...

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"This business will get out of control. It will get out of control and we'll be lucky to live through it."

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The carrier is still afloat so i think he only half executed 'The McCain'

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Do you think McStain gets royalties on that maneuver?
Like reruns of Gilligans Island or something?

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Must've been a Saudi Exchange Student pilot.

They don't need to practice Takeoffs or Landings.

He executed a perfect 911 Maneuver.

Someone else will get blamed.

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The pilot is a graduate of the Kamikaze Pilot School – TAKE OFF ONLY.  ;-)


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While I recognize that failures and breakdowns are commonplace in many industries worldwide, it's still notable to point out that the US military seems to be losing its aura of invincibility in recent years.

jughead's picture

how old are you?   I don't think you remember what it was like in the late 70s.  

seek's picture

No kidding. The disaster that was Operation Eagle Claw was the culmination of the US military back then (and a signficant contributor to re-investment in it in the 1980s as well as newfound emphasis on special operations.)

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Operation Eagle Claw was Delta Farces's first mission. Their recent actions in Yemen show they have perfected the technique.


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Back in the 70's a neighbor was a Navy Sailor. He said our ships were all rustbuckets next to the brand new shiny Soviet ones.

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Obama racked up 10 Trillion in debt. Accidents happen.

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At least some good news for Friday. 

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This is what happens when you get jammed by the Russian. 

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Stop and think about this story. The military has succesfully blocked or obfuscated so much information about it's actions worldwide yet this event, which could have easily faded away is blabbed freely. This is a non-event as it is reported.

So why has this "embarrasing moment" been heavily distributed on the news wires?  What is the purpose of this distraction?

froze25's picture

fain weakness prior to a attack perhaps, but we can speculate all day.

Mr Perspective's picture

No attack: "Just one day ago, Sputnik reported that Japanese forces were connecting with the US First Carrier Strike Group in the West Pacific to conduct joint drills."

Joint drills.

seek's picture

On one level you can look at it as "embarrassing moment" -- but if say North Korea repeated this news to show how weak the US was, they'd also be inadvertantly communicating to their population carriers were nearby.

It could also just be general anti-Trump sentiment in the press, picking up any bad news and amplfying it to make the US look incompetent.

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As reported they are off the Phillipines. Not exactly in the neighborhood of the DPRK yet. They are in the middle of the goddamn ocean. It is doubtful they have embedded journos on board so it is safe to assume this press release was put out by the Navy. You have to wonder what is the purpose for this distraction?

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The closer they get to to the Rooskis, the greater the chances the power switch gets turned off. How about a carrier floating around like the Donald Cook ? I'd like to see that.

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They have to publicly account for any servicethings deaths and equipment loss.

They could have easily lost the plane in some  unpublicised operation and are accounting for the loss of plane here.


fyi. I wrote "servicething" because in today's fucked up military I have no idea who or what was in that cockpit. Could have been a black female transgender that self-identifies as a albino Eskimo gay male.

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Increase annual $$$ for MIC to rebuild air force?

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An Israeli pilot would have crashed it in his brother's scrapyard

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An Israeli Ace would have crash landed it in a Palestinian's Olive Grove destroying his trees, then slid into his brother's scrapyard. 

Then the Minister of Defense could send the Palestinian the bill for damaging their aircraft that US taxpayers paid for.

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After they destroyed the guys farming village with bull dozers and white phosphorous of course.

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If John McCain had a son...

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hmmm, wonder if a russian EM jamming weapon was used to just give a little taste of what is to come?

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In the Philippines? I think that's a reach. Most of the water around there is too shallow for subs I think.

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Did the pilot have a vagina?


Chicks and carrier landings don't mix well.

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if this truely did happen. then it just shows that the information about pilots in the military air industry are either to old or under trained. also it may sugest that our aircraft may be way past time for retrofitting new tech on to them. what ever the circum stances we have a big problem on our hands that our greatest enimies now know.

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Maybe he felt like a woman and was on his period?

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Bullshit! Carrier landings are inherently risky. Every  so often you"'re  going to have a failed landing