Paris Shooter Update: Previously Convicted For Attempted Murder, Released On Probation

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Paris Prosecutor Francois Molins gave an update on what the French anti-terror authorities have uncovered about the attacker who murdered a policeman and wounded two others at Champs-Elysees Thursday evening. Here are the key highlights:

  • He name is Karim Cheurfi and was born on Dec.31, 1977 in Livry-Gargan, France; Cheurfi, 39, a French national lived with his mother in the eastern Paris suburb of Chelles.
  • A document found in attacker’s pocket after he was shot showed he supported Islamic State.
  • Francois Molins says Cheurfi was known to police and judiciary forces and had been convicted for previous gun attacks on law enforcement officers going back 16 years, including conviction for attempted murder on a state representative in 2001.
  • Cheurfi served 10 years in prison after firing on two plainclothes officers in 2001 as they tried to apprehend him in a stolen car. While in detention, he shot and wounded a prison officer after seizing his gun
  • “In Jan. 2017, anti-terror prosecutors received elements suggesting Karim Cheurfi sought to get weapons and would have said things that suggested he wanted to kill police officers” Molins says
  • Given lack of proof of radicalization, case was handed to prosecutors in Meaux - where Cheurfi lived - who opened preliminary probe in Jan. over suspected plans to perpetrate a murder.
  • Ceurfi was released on probation in 2015 from a further two-year jail term imposed for lesser offences, Cheurfi was arrested again in February after threatening to kill police officers - but released for lack of evidence.
  • Cheurfi was placed in custody and interrogated as part of probe in Feb. and his house was searched revealing that he had ordered hunting knives on internet in 2016 but that wasn’t enough to charge or convict him so he was released.
  • While investigators found no trace of radicalization at the time, investigation was handed to anti-terror investigators.
  • Three people linked to Cheurfi are currently being interrogated.

In other words, yet another unstable and radicalized ISIS sympathizer managed to slip through the fingers of the French police, despite numerous warning signs, leading to another police death.

Meanwhile a manhunt for a potential second suspect, identified as Youssouf El Osri, continues. Belgian security officials had warned French counterparts before the attack that El Osri was a "very dangerous individual en route to France" aboard the Thalys high-speed train. The warning was circulated more widely among French security services in the hour following the Champs Elysees attack. Brandet later told BFM TV that a man with that name had turned himself in at a police station in Antwerp.

According to Reuters, Islamic State, which has hundreds of French-speaking fighters, claimed responsibility for the Champs Elysees shooting soon afterwards, in a statement identifying the attacker as "Abu Yousif al-Belgiki (the Belgian)". El Osri's connection with either the downed assailant or the man named by Islamic State remained unclear on Friday.

"We don't understand why Islamic State has identified the wrong person," said a police source. "What does seem clear is that Islamic State was planning something."

Coming just days after police said they had foiled another planned Islamist attack, arresting two men in the southern city of Marseille, the Champs Elysees shooting dominated the final day of election campaigning.

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Boris Alatovkrap's picture

More attack from radical Christian terroris… Islamic State supporter? Never mind.

flaminratzazz's picture

no worries, we will all get along..

as soon as we are all "converted" to think correctly

winged's picture

"they tried to apprehend him in a stolen car"

So a petty thief with a long record is cornered, opened fire, but is labeled a "terrorist"?

According to that logic, every prison is full of terrorists.

Ignatius's picture

Doesn't matter.  The psychopaths are adept at using strawmen and border collies to manipulate the herd.

More theatre for the masses.

beemasters's picture

Another perfect candidate for the usual entrapment program.

SickDollar's picture

here is the confirmation of the false flag:

"A document found in attacker’s pocket after he was shot showed he supported Islamic State." --> reminds me of thee guys who go to blow themselves out and bring the passport and it is found in pristine condition




Boris Alatovkrap's picture

"they tried to apprehend him in a stolen car"

What… is French gendermerie so poorly equip is not even own car? Must steal car to chase terrorist? Maybe battle for Islamic occupation of France is already game over.

SmittyinLA's picture

In Socialist France all cars are the people's police car!

....and the Moslem's outdoor firepit and BBQ stand

No baby back ribs tho!

xavi1951's picture

new Winged -

Read it again.  that shooting happened 10 years ago.  He was not labeled a terrorist then.


Ex-Oligarch's picture

Illiterate and a fucking annoying multi-account nutcase spammer.  But yeah.

gladih8r's picture

Just think, if there was no George Soros to co-fund this muzzie invasion and subseqent mayhem, there’d be almost no exciting news this week.


CheapBastard's picture

Meryl Streep and Rachel Madcow are saying you are blowing all these slaughters out of proportion. Madcow confirmed "there is no immigrant problem in Europe."

Ignatius's picture

Rachel is paid to say that while Meryl is maybe just stupid.

I think reverse psychology may be at work here:  hype the "threat" while denying there's a threat.

"Nothing to see here,"  means LOOK (and thereby be manipulated drawing imprecise/incorrect conclusions).

Omen IV's picture

Chuck Todd did the same yesterday in response to Trump calling them terrorists - he said no one knows

so they want to manage the news rather than report the facts - doesnt pay to listen to any of them anymore - all organized fraud

they want VOTERS for Neo Liberal agenda - free shit agenda until they are in control again  - (Andrew Cuomo Gov NY) - free worthless Education / free student loans forgiveness / free medical / section -8 free housing / food stamps / government welfare jobs / endless


so just sit back and wait for the end of time

tuetenueggel's picture

This joo asshole should be hanged first.

landauer's picture

Nothing to do with a muzzie invasion. This is primarily blowback for French colonial thuggery and incidents such as the Paris massacre of 1961 (South Belgium is ethnically French, so they get to play too). Saudi Arabia builds mosques where thousands of these unemployed guys live. They staff them with Wahabbist Imans and suddenly these guys have an identity and a jihadist mission from God. It's only surprising that there are so few terrorist attacks.

Swamp Yankee's picture

Since nobody in the French government or law enforcement were accused of being raceist, then obviously this was all a complete sucess.

Piranha's picture

I feel so safe having the intelligence community looking out for bad guys

flaminratzazz's picture

just leave your intelligence at the door.. you will be just fine. No need to worry, big brother will protect you..Trust is a must and you cant fight progress..

Now go back to sleep..sleep,,sleep..

Sam Spayed's picture

"convicted for previous gun attacks on law enforcement officers going back 16 years, including conviction for attempted murder on a state representative in 2001."

And still out on the streets???? Holy Crap!!!!

tuetenueggel's picture

Is there anything more stupid then european police ?

Boris Alatovkrap's picture

Dysregulated Muslim Terrorist. There just are more of them.

DosZap's picture

This is even worse than the SWEDES, they have lost their minds.

Muslim Avoids Jail For Anally Raping Teen Because He “Couldn’t Understand No”

Were  are these kids Dad's, this SOB would be a DOA.

man of Wool's picture

If this guy did do it for ISIS he was either paid or conned by them, as he seems like a full time criminal. Funny ISIS got the name wrong. They didn't know the gunman! Things didn't go to plan.

orangegeek's picture

root cause this!!!



jet20's picture

So many alleged liberal certainties are being uprooted by the hard facts of reality these days, among them the idea of "second chances" and "forgiving" for the rightfully convicted perpetrators  in their minds standing high and above care for the victims, punishment, protection and retribution to society. Why do we need to give second chances to people who have deliberately and cynically spit in our faces and abused the mildmanneredness of our open societies to further their rotten inclinations?

So many times have we experienced liberals - who claim to care for nothing more than humanitarianism - take party for the (illiberal) animals of this world, but now it seems their entire house of cards comes crashing down and the rotten seeds they planted are flying right back into their faces!

PitBullsRule's picture

I was in Paris and other parts of France back in the mid 90's.  You could tell even then that they had a problem.  There were blacks and middle eastern people standing around in Paris doing nothing, listening to their crappy rap music, and throwing garbage on the ground.  I decided a month in France was enough, and I never wanted to go back, so I never did.  

The US has its problems, but we have all the different races here, so none of them get the upper hand.  When the blacks get out of line here, then the Mexicans step up and straighten them out.  When the Mexicans get out of line, then the Philipinos or the Vietnamese straighten them out.  That is the secret of a melting pot, everybody is keeping the other guy in line, because nobody wants to get shafted, and they all know, there's no place left to run to.  

MEFOBILLS's picture

There is little in the way of melting pot.   It is a salad bowl.  Some of the elements in the bowl are indigestible and need to be ejected.

Democracy in the U.S. is a joke.  It has devolved to a racial headcount.  Interest groups jockey to see how much they can steal from the Treasury.

The U.S. is a feast of vultures picking at the carcass of the few productive people left.  

On balance, how much benefit has Mexicans, and Phillipinos brought as benefit to the U.S.?  Are they creating new industry and blowing the top off of intellectual endeavours? 

No?  Then why import them?  Are they somehow better than the native population?

They are imported by finance, to then take wage arbitrage.  Melting pot BS is just that... BS.  It is hypnotic suggestion to then make it seem OK, to passify your mind and fill your head with nonsense that doesn't comport with reality.

Melting pot only works with like type people, and that most definately is a racist statement.

tuetenueggel's picture

I yesterday was told by an insider, that both, German and French police use their heads only to let hairdressers do their work and prevent from raining into their trunk.

He might have been totally right.

Bytor325's picture

If Dreyfus hadn't assigned Clouseau to the case a few years ago, Cherufi would have been behind bars already.

MEFOBILLS's picture

He name is Karim Cheurfi and was born on Dec.31, 1977 in Livry-Gargan, France; Cheurfi, 39, a French national lived with his mother in the eastern Paris suburb of Chelles.


All successful countries are more than "proposition nations."  Real countries have radiating waves of kinships.  Real countries are like large families.

During the 60's Italy had a large depression.  There was no rioting and upheaval.  Why?  Because large italian families worked together to take care of each other.  They didn't demand things from the government, because they already had social stability.

Immigrating unlike peoples, who are difficult to assimilate, is a disaster.  This guy was probably second generation:

He name is Karim Cheurfi and was born on Dec.31, 1977 in Livry-Gargan, France; Cheurfi, 39, a French national lived with his mother in the eastern Paris suburb of Chelles

The successful American experience of immigrating LIKE peoples worked. The 1926 immigration cut-off was passed, so that Eastern Europeans who had immigrated in large waves 1880-1924, could be assimilated.  These people were sufficiently different than the former West Europeans, that Congress wanted a pause, so they could assimilate.

 Unfortunately, many of these Eastern Europeans were Jews from Pale of Settlement (where Ukraine is now), and Galicia (poland).  Many pretended to be Christians by using Kol-Niedre deception.  

If one examines Neo-Con's today, one will find their genetic lineage to this Eastern Immigration Wave.

Multi-culturalism is a lie.  It doesn't work.  It destroys kinship relations.  

The only racial theory that would work is importing only Japanese women, or perhaps some Chinese women.  Since they would be under control, they would then norm to  dominant white European culture, thus fitting into kinship relations.  But, why import women at all? Evolution births more girls than boys for survival of the species.

Immigration, legal and illegal to then gain low wage workers, is entirely unnecessary - actually destructive.  Finance capital wants to import labor for wage arbitrage, it wants to export jobs for wage arbitrage.

Joebloinvestor's picture

Time to start pitching muslim fuckwads off the top of the Eiffel Tower.

geeves's picture

I feel bad for that kid in the picture and the cops that were shot for no reason.

sheikurbootie's picture

Reminds me of a story about The Snake....

"'Oh shut up, silly woman,' said the reptile with a grin. 'You knew damn well I was a snake before you took me in.'"

gdpetti's picture

But that woman knows already about the snake, and its role in this game... that's why it was allowed to run free, to create chaos... as that is the name of this en-times game. THey want to create as much negative charge as possible to enable their version of the NWO.. as there will be one, the question is who's form will it take.

sheikurbootie's picture

Is he Algerian?  France made the grand mistake of allowing 100,000's of muslims from Algeria immigrate in the 1960's.  They never assimilated.

Tipsy's picture

Homogeneous culturally Christian nations can afford lenient sentences because their citizenry is largely self-governing and cooperative.  Multiculturalism and secularism destroys the solidarity in a nation, and as a result, more corruption and violence enters public life.  The consequence: laws will become more severe.  I fully expect to see the reintroduction of capital punishment in Europe within a decade.


Omen IV's picture

what France needs is MORE Muslims so they can take the country by force - the French want government jobs so they will go along with the vote until the Muslims break them like little boys

its over for France and Germany, Sweden, Norway and probably Italy

dogismycopilot's picture

Converts to Islam with a history of violence and drug use are the most deadly converts.

They are morally weak and are more susceptible to using violent jihad and becoming a Radical Asshole.

Never ever fucking turn your back on this sort of person. 

IranContra's picture

Terrorism: Theater to Demonize and Destroy a Target

Terrorism is rarely the work of people who are angry because they have been wronged. It is rarely waged for the cause that it is declared for.

Terrorism is theater that is staged by a state in order to demonize the cause that it is declared for. The goal is either to destroy what is demonized or to create an alliance for a bad cause.

Palestinian terrorism was created by Israel in order to demonize Palestinians. The goal was to justify the killing and dispossession of Palestinians. We all know that by now.

The Gladio project launched communist red-brigade terrorism in Europe in order to demonize imaginary communists. The goal was not to destroy that imaginary communism in Western Europe. The goal was to push Europe into creating NATO and the European Community under conditions that are good for the controlling banksters.

Trump is smarter than all his voters and supporters. He understood this.

Radical Islamic Terrorism is state-sponsored theater with the goal of demonizing Islam. The ultimate goal is to exterminate Muslims, starting with Arabs who speak the language of the Koran.

After declaring that he will destroy Radical Islamic Terrorism, Trump embraced Arab nations (Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, UAE). Why? Because the goal of ISIS is to demonize and destroy Arab countries. Trump banned travel from Iran, Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Sudan, Libya, Somalia and Sudan because these countries are already under strong influence or control of ISIS.

Trump declared war on Iran and named Iran the top state-sponsor of terrorism because he saw clear evidence that Iran sponsors ISIS, Hezbollah, and other anti-Arab, anti-Islamic terrorist organizations whose name is Islamic but whose goal is obviously to demonize Muslims and Arabs. Khomeini actually created the Anti-Islamic Republic of Iran. The Shiite Amal militias in Lebanon, the precursors of Hezbollah, were the first to massacre Palestinians. People forget.

The ultimate goal of ISIS and other radical Islamic terror groups is to turn regional Arab-killing wars into World War III.

Trump wants to nip all that warmongering and terrorism theater in the bud and prevent war.