The Simple Reason Why A Second American Civil War May Be Inevitable

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Authored by Daniel Lang via,

America has always had its divisions, and Americans have never really been a monolith. We’ve always been a nation of many nations. The culture of New England is different from the culture of the Deep South, which is different from the cultures in the West Coast or the Midwest. People living in the cities have different beliefs than people who live in the countryside. Within those areas, there are ethnic, linguistic, and religious enclaves. It’s always kind of been like that (probably to a lesser degree in the past), and somehow we’ve been able to find enough common ground to keep this country together for more than a century.

However, something has changed. You can feel it in the air. Our nation has clearly never been this divided since the Civil War. A lot of people noticed it after the last election, but the truth is that these divisions have been deepening for decades, and they’re just now reaching a very noticeable breaking point. That’s obvious enough when you look at how the left and the right have been going at each other. It used to be a war of words, but it’s turning into something very dark.

Consider what happened last week in Berkeley after Trump supporters and counter protesters clashed for the third time. 21 people were arrested and 11 were injured (that we know of), six of who had to be taken to the hospital. At least one person was stabbed. The police confiscated confiscated knives, stun guns, and poles. One Trump supporter admitted to being surrounded, pepper sprayed, and beaten with sticks by a mob of “protesters.”

But wait, that’s not the dark part. After these groups clashed, the leftist protesters took to Reddit and admitted that they lost this particular battle (I can’t believe I’m using the word “battle” to describe it), and that it was time for them to attain more combat training and better weapons, including firearms.

Do you see what’s going on here? Conservative demonstrations, which used to be placid affairs (remember the Tea Party protests?) are now turning violent as conservatives grow tired of restraining themselves, and are no longer afraid to hit back. Liberal demonstrators are responding by ratcheting up the level of force that they’re going to bring to the next street battle. It’s a tit for tat that keeps escalating, and I shudder to think of where it’s going to end up.

Honestly, I think we’re in the early stages of a second civil war. I can’t say what it’ll look like precisely, but I can tell you that our nation is on this path, and it’s not clear how we can get off of it. In fact, I fear that it may be inevitable, and there’s a very simple reason why.

It’s because Americans have been self-sorting themselves along geographic and political lines for a long time. A book titled “The Big Sort” made light of this trend back in 2008.

Basically what’s going on, is that Americans are moving to communities that align more with their politics. Liberals are moving to liberal areas, and conservatives are moving to conservative communities. It’s been going on for decades. When Jimmy Carter was elected in 1976, 26.8% of Americans lived in landslide counties; that is counties where the president won or lost by 20% of the vote.

By 2004, 48.3% of the population lived in these counties. This trend continues to worsen. As Americans move to their preferred geographic bubbles, they face less exposure to opposing viewpoints, and their own opinions become more extreme. This trend is at the heart of why politics have become so polarizing in America.

We’re also seeing the same trend emerge online with social media. Despite the fact that the internet allows us to be exposed to more opinions that ever before, people choose to follow online voices that they already agree with. They’re slipping into digital bubbles that are comparable to their geographic bubbles.

This trend is irreversible as far as I can tell. That’s because it’s tied to innovation. As our country became more interconnected with roads and Americans gained more mobility, we chose to move to like-minded places. We’re given the internet, the greatest source of information in human history, and we use it to seek out only the information that reinforces our current beliefs.

We’re self-sorting at every level. Because of this, Americans are only going to grow more extreme in their beliefs, and see people on the other side of the political spectrum as more alien.

You can see how this is creating the perfect breeding ground for a real, physical war. The polarization makes it easier to dehumanize the other side. The self-sorting creates definable geographic boundaries that are necessary for a war. It spawns two sides with beliefs that are so divergent, that they cannot coexist.

We’re becoming two distinct nations with two competing visions for what the country should be. Two visions that are diametrically opposed. We used to be a nation of many nations that was held together, because there was still some common ground on what it means to be an American above all else. Now we can’t even agree on that.

Once the last shreds of common ground and understanding dissipate, a moment that is rapidly approaching, another civil war will be impossible to avoid. I wish I knew what the solution is, but I don’t. All I can say is, unless Americans go out of their way to listen to people on other side, whatever that side may be, there’s going to be a lot of blood in the streets.

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TeamDepends's picture

The antifa commies got their asses kicked in Berkely.

Bastiat's picture

The FBI will have to give them better training and weapons.

zen0's picture

They actually had police munitions from somewhere. Those explosions weren't M-80's, and the smoke bomb was a restricted item.

Future Jim's picture

Exerpted from Trump Confirms He Is NWO:

"The NWO has already neutralized the peoples of other countries, and now, the American people are the last thing standing in their way because Americans ... well ... those who appreciate America's founding principles ... are the best armed and least friendly towards the NWO agenda.?

The NWO doesn't want to damage America? any more than necessary because America is the goose that laid the golden egg"

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It will either be a war of the welfare recipients versus the taxpaying (mostly white) nationalists... OR - if the nationalists peter out... it will be everyone versus the 1% kleptocrats and their mercenary armies.  Place your bets... place your bets.

Keyser's picture

There will be no civil war in the US... Not when the majority of the alt-left combatants are nothing but a bunch of kids with no leadership, no resources, no moral high ground and not a fucking chance of winning... Just look at the numbers of protesters at these events, it's a joke... No, what we are witnessing is the death-throws of the democratic party as they go out with a wimper and not a bang... 

SWRichmond's picture

Urban vs everyone else.  We surround them.  They lose.  Who can complain about an enemy that fixes itself in small geographic areas?  Wiping them out is simple.  Who needs them?  They have successfully dehumanized us.  And themselves in the process.  Let the dying begin.

sincerely_yours's picture

"We’ve always been a nation of many nations."

With one glue: Christianity, which has been under attack.

The glue removed.

Donald Trump's picture
Donald Trump (not verified) sincerely_yours Apr 21, 2017 9:17 PM

Are you patriots prepared?

Because rest assured you won't fight the fat/stupid/ugly Antifa, those are the useful idiots, the cannon fodder used now to test the response and preparedness...just to asses the situation. The real enemies are silent, brought here and/or bred here throughout the years: MS-13, CAIR militias, other radical islam US militias, communist militias, just to name a few. Don't EVER think DACA and other illegal alien programs were accidental or just to amass DEM voters. The left always resorted to force if stealing votes wasn't enough.

5th Column: NGOs Create Manual for Sanctuary City Advocates that Lays Out How to Undermine Immigration Crackdown

Keyser's picture

Every time I see a link to this website it's an automatic down vote... Doesn't matter which troll posts it, it's a down vote from me... At what point do you trolls get the message? 

Pure Evil's picture

They'll get the message when people stop clicking on their links.

Future Jim's picture

All conflict can be used as a pretext to further the NWO agenda.

MK13's picture

Round up the welfare recipients and put them in places to work. You get food and bedding in exchange for labor.

Don't want to participate? No more welfare.

Suddenly number of welfare recipients grinds to almost nothing. Tried and true strategy in Central Europe.

Scuba Steve's picture

Gonna have to have that 1 night first ... 100 of the best retired special forces taking out the top 100 1% on the list, clean concise No fear, No tears.

A new beginning ...

(I type this chewing the special brownies, swiggin Fireball and listening to Gilmour - Comfortably Numb) you do the math ...

(And Knopfler, Brother in Arms- Mandela concert-Live 1988 "Simply making the guitar scream into bliss") the guitar, it talks to me :)

seataka's picture

yes, with Dire Straits, live at the Bayou...

 The Pig Trap

Bigern's picture

There is no motive to work them. The motive is to use them as partisans. When the real agitations begin. They will be used until they are no longer needed, or until they are all dead. For the unsaved, they will become vessels for unclean spirits. Since these evil spirits cannot fully interact with the physical world, they must find hosts to occupy. At that point, they are essentially a demonic entity (demos means "intelligence") in an environmental suit. Now, they can fully interact and dominate the host. This is how they will attack those who are sheltered under the blood of the Lamb. An evil spirit on its own cannot touch one who embraces the blood. The name of the Lord will send them scurrying. However, once these spirits are housed within a vessel, that vessel can cause harm. Look at these ISIS toons. They are inhabited. That is why they can murder, rape, and torture Christians unabated. Those without Christ are all fully open to attack by evil spirits. They have no protection. These things are pouring into the world as we speak, because people are literally inviting them in. That is how depraved the world has become. Oooh, ouija boards, lets play! Oooh, lights in the sky, let us investigate! Oooh, ghost hunting, let us try and find something! Oooh, aliens are real, let us hope they come down and solve all our problems!

People have no idea what they are playing with.

HedgeJunkie's picture

Good, you're thinking.  There's usually relatively few arteries into big cities.  Block their use physically or by destruction and lay siege.  After the first week  shoot survivors as they zombie walk towards you.  Out here, their food and water runs through canyons, roads and rail cross multiple bridges ... and the Commiefornia Aquaduct would be a prime resource diversion.


SoDamnMad's picture

I understand there is a small defense force guarding the Edmonston Pumping Plant (now deleted from Google Earth). This plant takes water from the end of the California Aquduct and pumps it some 1900 ft up over the mountains so that it can be a substantial supply to Los Angeles.

There are 14 4-stage 80,000-horsepower centrifugal pumps that push the water up to the top of the mountain. Each motor-pump unit stands 65-feet high and weighs 420 tons. The pumps themselves extend downward six floors. 

What a target. 

Arnold's picture

They burn cane fields to remove vermin.

SWRichmond's picture

A week without power and the cities will burn themselves, no outside action required

Teja's picture

If you look at the comments to this article, the article is proven right. ZH as "social media" is highly segregated, and the mood is towards civil war.

Biking through Yugoslavia in 1989, and following their media, the mood was actually more peaceful then as today in the US social media.

But I would like to advise those who think a Civil War II would be a piece of cake against the leftist sissies to read about CW I and the arrogance of the southern Whites, sure to win the war against an unprepared North. And of course read about the Yugoslavian Civil Wars and their costs and the result.

winged's picture

Not sure about that.

Luc X. Ifer's picture

USSA is already in civil war and world war - both, simultaneously.  why people don't notice it is because it is not the old, conventional dumb stupid style of war but the modern-day version of the chinese style of war fought without a single sword pulled or bullet shot. A war means radicalization of either social or economical division or both, if one still can't notice these divisions and their level of radicalization that one doesn't qualify as fit to survive what's comming.


Keyser's picture

All you need to know is that the heartland of the US is conservative... Always has been and always will be, plus they are armed to the teeth... City dwellers are in no position to impose their will on those that actually produce the goods the city dwellers consume... When it comes right down to it, conservatism will outlast the socialist left... 

Luc X. Ifer's picture

That sounds good as long as those dwellers would have the cojones to use their gear when pro soldiers would be sent against them with much superior mechano' toys. Don't want to oppose u, i want u to go a logical exercise

carlnpa's picture

You have no idea how pissed off the red countryside is.

ALL of their money goes to  taxes and health care without any offsetting wage increase.

We are very close to critical mass.

Oldwood's picture

Conservatism always outlasts collectivism as it is the only sustainable path. But like I have always told Christians when quoting scripture "the meek shall inherit the earth", sure, what's left of it. Conservatism persists because after all else has failed, after anyone with anything has been robbed, the act of actually WORKING to sustain one's self, to conserve and invest in one's own self in their skills a knowledge, is the ONKY thing that keeps them alive. Unfortunately there is always an easier way, until there is NOT.

Scuba Steve's picture

Conservatism = Individualism, a battle of attrition and in the end its all YOU got ... my rifle, my pony and me.

new game's picture

my legs, some night vision, a back pack and my skills. come and find me, i'll be keepen an eye(post and circle) out for ya...

Scuba Steve's picture

 my optics might beat your optics,  i would bet on it while not knowing you unless of course you get govt assistance in optics.

Arnold's picture

Until Uncle Joe or your Pal Pot has some other idea in mind.

Snípéir_Ag_Obair's picture

Def hope you're right, but I think there are likely dark pools of soros behind...

in re Soros - surprised ZH didnt pick this up:

Alt-Left terrorism is more of a concern than guerilla tactics.

What most of us here likely don't appreciate is that these people have been quite literally brainwashed to view anyone on 'the Right' (and they include those of us who are zealous civil libertarians if we don't but into all of the SJW/Cultural Marxist narrative.

But you have young ideologues who seriously think we are Nazis.

Wanting to stop illegal immigration and not wanting to sign on to demographic suicide they equate to wanting to exterminate gat orphans in camps because:

1) part of brainwashing is the hyperbolic elimination of nuance...

sit with that idea for a moment please then consider the msm.

2) The facile and pervasive indoctrination of Hitler as completely irrational pure evil (while the greater crimes of the zbolsheviks remain untaught because they were largely Jewish and did not target Jews), combined with the broad use of 'nazi' to describe merely nationalist or conservative positions means any dissent from neo-Bolshevik collectivist, statist ideology is pure evil;

3) This seems to have been engineered, whether or not explicitly, to engender hysterical zealots. The sort who sat on their asses during 8 years of Obama's wars, but lost their shit that Syrians might have to wait 3 months to escape US-backed takfiri mercs and bombs (nevermind that Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, UAE, and Qatar take essentially none).... because its just like jews fleeing hitler you see.

nevermind the reasons why - its all Hitler all the time on the Left.

I'm not eager to go out and listen to fucking youtube celebs pontificate, but as I mentioned a couple days ago, some of the shit Antifa did... kicking a guy in the head and ribs while he's on the ground...

I do think I will show up if there's a rally around me in Boston and I have a clean record and a couple shiny medals - I'll take an assault and disorderly charge in defense of free speech.

And I bet lots of people who are more moderate and libertarian than 'alt right' feel the same.

Free speech rights are non-negotiable.

So far as I know, the 'right' has not been violently trying to shut down the Left's speakers. The violence has mostly come from these hysterical cryptofascist SJWs.

Keyser's picture

At the end of the day, after all the pysho-babble, who would you bet on?  A 25 year old scrawny, brain-adled kid with a liberal education and no practical skills -or- an ex-marine from Kansas who wants to preserve the family homestead? I know who my money is on... 

gcjohns1971's picture


There are no "Ex" Marines.

Only active and inactive.

Arnold's picture

The 25 year old addle does look good in a vest, holding a detonation device.


detached.amusement's picture

so I click the link, page loads, then immediately goes to its home page and doesnt even have a back button

johngaltfla's picture

Bingo. There will be no civil war as long as everyone has their iOrgasmo devices, free drugs, welfare state, etc.

Unless we get nuked and forced into a primative recovery form, there will be no domestic conflict. It's a survivalist fantasy.

carlnpa's picture

Or the power goes out for any length of time.

This is the weak link and someone is testing it.

new game's picture

each man and woman will be fighting the fight for themselves. we are doing it to provide for ourselves.

one can delve into how we got here and who is funding whatever, but this struggle will evolve to 2 clear sides, which already is in place with a consortium of idealogs on each side.

it will evolve to a separate state affair with each side defending their territory. and it is ongoing til whatever time horizon you decide.

the natural cycle of life. just observing...

no different than gangs and turf wars for drug sales.

jaxville's picture

  You overlook the minor fact that the state is 100% behind alt left or antifa or whatever you want to call that which opposes decency.

   It is only a matter of time before the average person begins to see that those behind all the bad decisions are overwhelmingly of a certain group. 

  The civil war will be following by an exceedingly violent pogrom. 

goober's picture

And remember many are paid to be there to get it all fired up. So they are not a force to be dealt with, just pussies who are gonna get some serious ass whoopins ! Also this comment "and I shudder to think of where it’s going to end up". If this is what makes SHTF shudder, then you know they are pussies as well ! This is not exactly  serious battle , not even close. None of this is actually anything but frustrated folks who have had enough and are willing to stand up for freedom of speech and not really wanting to seroiusly hurt these fools. But that too will change going forward and heads will crack even more so going forward. The gloves are off when you hurt innocent old women hitting them with rocks and seriosuly hurting them, you pusssy MOFO's have gone too far and will get exactly what you sorry asses deserve ! 

Not sure which pussies are worse,  SHTF or ZH ? I think SHTF at least has some hope if they will get off the fucking couch and get fit and strong and quit talking and actually get their shit together ! But it may be a coin toss ? How many at either site will stand up against these NAZIs ? Maybe a few and that is about it. The current issue is all about free speech and crimianls refusing to allow such and being enabled by some DEM bureaucrats and elected officials. The democrats, liberals, progressives have become the brown shirt NAZIs for all to see in living color.

There are two very clear choices for all of us , this

or this

and we are not here yet

First you must go here or you are wasting your time and juist talking crap !






SilverBird's picture

Bought & paid for by filthy George Soros in money and methamphetamine. Jeff Sessions needs to stop fucking around and arrest Clinton, Obama & Soros. Seize their assets and we could balance the nat'l debt. Enough already. Declare open carry for any American who's not mentally infirm or a convicted felon. This shit will stop cold.

ersatz007's picture

By welfare recipients do you mean the military and the banks and the politicians and big pharma and the auto makers and wall street and big tech and giant corporations?  Or do you just mean poor people, some of which also commit welfare fraud, like the aformentioned?

sun tzu's picture

Welfare means getting something for nothing

ElTerco's picture

I thought that was the definition for CEO, not the welfare crowd. Have you looked at a proxy statement lately? The vast majority of proxy statements now contain details of how the executives will be compensated -- maybe ten pages. Sometimes the other issues up for vote only have two paragraphs.

chumbawamba's picture

This just seems to be a confirmation of Cluster Theory--like attracts like.

The whole idea of the original Union was that if you didn't jibe with the laws and mores of one state, you could move to one where you did, and be instantly recognized as a citizen thereof. Nowadays, the Federal government has been successful in creating a homogenized police state across the Union, so that distinction between states has mostly been lost, except for extreme cases like legal prostitution and gambling in Las Vegas, for example.

No more. The bankrupt United States is owned and operated by the international banksters now, and the States are now subservient, due to their indebted nature, as well as the debt of each State's inhabitants.

I am Chumbawamba.

Jubal Early's picture

US Persons are tax slaves.  And lets face it, these are jew taxes because the only real purpose the US serves anymore is being Israel's bouncer, thug, and exploited colony.   There will be no civil war, there will just be a lot of bullying by shabboz goyim against their brethren.  Expect to suffer loads of gloating feminists and queers.

The irony here is that North Korea is about the only country on the planet that still does not recognize Israel, and as such that means that North Koreans are really the only people whose money is not stolen to support Zionism.   Jews are not allowed to travel there.  The North Koreans are free of the yid, but the price they pay is that they have to be in a constant state of war.  Submit or Die.  What does that say about the tribe?  All the Nazi's wanted was to be left alone to make Germany great again, Hitler had renounced all ambitons for the Kaisers ex-colonies.