Did Russia Shoot Down US Missiles In Syria

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Submitted by Jonathan Roth of RiskHedge

In an exclusive video interview with RiskHedge, a long-time geopolitical expert says there is an alternate story making the rounds about the United States’ April 7 missile strike on Syria’s Shayrat Airbase in response to the Syrian regime’s alleged use of sarin gas on its own people.

“Not all missiles made their target,” says Dr. Theodore Karasik, a senior advisor to Gulf State Analytics. “There were supposed to be 60. One malfunctioned on one of the ships. 36 made target, the remainder did not. And, there’s a question of where did they go?”

Dr. Karasik, a former senior political scientist in the International Policy and Security Group at RAND Corporation, spent the last decade in the Middle East and retains an extensive network in the region.

“The missing [missiles] were either brought down by S-300 battery or were taken over by Russian electronic jamming and were plunged into the sea,” explains Dr. Karasik. “Now, this alternative theory means that the US and Russia have already clashed if you will—technically—with the use of the TLAMs (Tomahawk missiles) and then being intercepted or taken over by Russian control.”

If true, this means the US and Russia have had a direct military confrontation for the first time in decades.

“This is very important,” says Dr. Karasik, “because it illustrates that we’ve had our first encounter with the Russians, and that sets the stage for potentially future encounters between Washington and Russia on the Syrian battlefield.”

In addition, the rationale for the missile strike in the first place—Bashar al-Assad’s sarin gas attack on his own people—may be based on faulty intelligence.

“Apparently, the location of the attack itself is in an industrial area where there are a lot of toxic industrial chemicals located,” says Dr. Karasik. “The attack on this location produced a toxic cloud that was deadly enough, obviously, to kill and maim hundreds. The issue here is that in this particular attack, where this industrial gas was released, this is not in any way related to a sarin-type attack.”

Dr. Karasik says sarin is an odorless agent while victims complained they smelled an odor. He also explains that medics who were treating the victims were not properly dressed to handle sarin gas.

“Yes, there was an industrial toxic agent that killed and maimed people,” says Dr. Karasik. “But, whether or not it was sarin still has not been proven.”

This alternative theory is coming from a number of different places, according to Dr. Karasik, including sources in Washington, the Gulf region, and Russia.

RiskHedge reached out to the White House, Pentagon, and Russian Embassy in Washington, DC to comment on this story. As of press time, the White House and Russian Embassy have yet to respond. Pentagon spokesman Major Adrian Rankine-Galloway referred back to the press conference held by Secretary of Defense Jim Mattis and General Joseph Votel immediately following the Syrian missile strikes. During the briefing on April 11, General Votel said the United States “targeted 59 locations on the airfield and struck 57 of those.”

Watch the full interview below.

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Does the pope shit in the woods?

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OT -

new 911 graphic footage of airplane, then fire, then raining passports, then collapse




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Why is he talking about only TWO ways the Tomahawks could’ve been taken down – Jamming and the S-300?

The third option is the Russian Su-30 and SU-35 planes.

Each of those multi-function fighters can carry up to 12 air-to-air missiles designed specifically to target the Tomahawks.

We gave the Russians a two-hour notice and that's more than enough time for 3 planes to take out the missing 36 Tomahawks. I think?  ;-)


Steroid's picture

The guy did not say anything new, these were all speculation!

He did not mention the great American foresight to launch the punishing ship a day ahead.

And he did not mention that the whole escalation started by downing an Israeli warplane.

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It doesn't matter if the guy said anything new.  What does matter is Russian capability.  AND, what also matters is WWIII is now game on.

tmosley's picture

Fog of war. We won't know what actually happened for years if not decades.

I would guess that if any tomahawks went "off course" it was actually because they were being targeted elsewhere, utilizing the confusion from the other strike to effect some other goal, hopefully striking ISIS, or even better, some of their Saudi/Israeli handlers. Wishful thinking perhaps.

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Sweet, another 600 lbs of unrecovreable silver. Good to see the gov't approves of boating accidents.

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tough crowd this weekend.


swmnguy's picture

I thought your clip was great, actually.

Zero Point's picture

Hmmmm.... What do you do if you have 4000 obsolete missiles that are on the verge of replacement by the MIC? Missiles that are now old, slow and becoming vulnerable? Send 5 at every target instead of 1. It's safe to say we'll be seeing more mass Tomahawk attacks very soon.

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Not a bad idea.


Oops.  Unintentional lol.

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We already know what happened just by looking at Google Earth and commercial satellite imagery... and the Russians are full of shit.  If only 23 missiles made it to their target, how were at least 44 targets hit?

nachochan's picture

Everyone is a liar in this situation most likely.  Clearly more targets were hit than the russians wanted to admit and it certainly possible less targets were hit than the US said were hit as well.  

tmosley's picture

Very nice article. Penetrates the fog of war nicely.

That is, unless Google is in on it.

Volkodav's picture

       more like war of fog

Hope Copy's picture

then why does that article only show 10-12 hits? 

Vageling's picture

Yeah... Fair enough, I guess. The reality is somewhere in the middle. Still leaves missiles unaccounted for.

Mentioning Goebbels, the CeeYaEye toy, doesn't add to credibility. Some dots on a map. As if Goebbels Earth is always up-to-date.

Shall we stick to the real point? The USN bombed an Syrian AFB based on very questionable "evidence". Meanwhile everybody is waiving their dick about " muh war toys".

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So far, the most detailed assessment I've seen is the one at lostarmour.info, which shows that 30-35 cruise missiles hit targets at the airbase. It includes satellite images as well as frame captures of videos made after the cruise missile attack.

It is in Russian, but the link below is to an automated translation to English via yandex:


Volkodav's picture

    lost armour infinite more credible than todays trolls sources...

    such as the ISI sat images..'anyone can check out ISI site..then decide

Volkodav's picture

    that SAT imagerys is ISI creation

    always check the source

    look ISI site>contact info>location

    that will explaine much




Jubal Early's picture

I don't think the game is on quite yet.  2 Israeli f-16's got shot down near damascus at the end of March by Syrian missles and there was a big spat between Russia and Israel and Putin said "next time we will fire on you".  So Bibi staged this false flag sarin attack and then told his US puppet deep state to fire 60 tomohawks at that airfield to demonstrate to Putin that if Russia spanks Israel the US will spank Russia back.

Someone in the US military command probably leaked the jew "start that war now" orders to Russia in order to prevent WWIII.  Russia and Syria were able to react.  But the US intelligence and Military still remain firmly under Israeli control.

Future Jim's picture

We can deduce with certainty that they exist.

You know … the globalist elite, also known as: the New World Order, the shadow government, the deep state, etc.

Blankone's picture

No Israeli jets appear to have been taken down. They were shot at and missed. The missiles fired at them were not the S300 either.

Have a link where Putin actually said "next time we will fire on you"? Because all I remember is the typical statements of possible escalations and diplomatic complaints.

Jubal Early's picture

If you look deep enough you will find claims of f16's being shot down, probably rt, sputnik.  As far as Putin's direct quote, I am not going to find it, I just remember.  This is why it is so important to follow "events" because if your don't you will never know if they changed them.  Why, do you recall events unfolding differently?  Syria fired missiles at Israeli jets in Israeli airspace (of course that exclude golan or west bank)?  Post your links.

Blankone's picture

Post your links of Syria shooting down two Israeli jets. If such a thing ever happened they would be easy to find. And not from the 3rd rate blogs etc..

I watched RT regarding the event and did not see them ever claim the jets were hit. I believe they noted that some ground troops made a claim and I "think" a Syrian rep insinuated it as well. But the info was that missiles were fired, they missed, they were not S300's and Israel warned that if their jets were shot at again they would then openly attack all Syrian ground positions.

Volkodav's picture


      one each destroyed/damage








thisandthat's picture

There's quality pictures online of at least one Israeli F16 downed and surrounded by arabs, don't know when/where it happened exactly, but that's undeniable.

Blankone's picture

Have a link because such a thing would have been on RT and I have never seen that.

Sounds like just another myth of what some people wished had happened. Similar to the Iran "ray cannon" myth.

Jubal Early's picture

Nope.  It sounds like you are a jew obsessed with gaslighting your victims.  Israel has an agenda of full spectrum dominance to its neighbors and a strong desire to keep itself at arms length removed from the havoc they are wreaking.  For that reason there are thousands of Israeli Hasabara agents like you sent out to spread your lies and your discord.

Blankone's picture

If Syria shot down two Israeli jets it should be easy to show that with reliable sources such as RT.

While RT is not always first with the info the do pick up if such an event has happened and would have carried it.

So, now it seems you and the other poster think RT (Russia Today) is an Israeli Hasabara news outlet disinfo site. I doubt that.

Maybe you people should tell us more about Iran's "ray cannon".

Volkodav's picture

     actually very little on RT in real

     you just dumb think otherwise

     RT is mass media...just better, but still not detailed info

dogismycopilot's picture

Alex Jones' ex-wife (Jewish) is trying to Jew him out of millions. 


maybe she knows the war is starting? Eitherway, the timing is bizzare that she now decides to take his millions and his kids.

Steroid's picture

It was always game on. The Americans throw in a few obsolete Tomahawks, the Russians shat them down. They are testing each other. It is all good for the MIC, the politicians and the plebs.

BTW, why do you think Lavrov said "we do not want to see another attack, you know our capabilities"?

It was all a show. They talk about tubes and smells and gloves and winds. If they really want the plebs to know what happened they would investigate the victims. The symptoms for sarin are so charachteristic it could not be missed with anything, especially chlorine or phosgene. Let's hope the reason for delay is not that they still have to produce a few authentic victims.

Volkodav's picture

      id plates evidence on site show tomhauwks was latest version known

Steroid's picture

In the first Iraq war the hit rate of the Tomahawks was over 90%. The hardware might be new but the technology is obsolete.

Raytheon will be happy to upgrade for a low-low fee of...

lew1024's picture

What is the evidence for the 59 missiles being fired?  Radar available to the public, from an independent country?


Winston Churchill's picture

While we are speculating;

Did Union Carbide happen to have a plant there ?

Just wondering.

We know the Russians are way ahead in the EW game, theyre already deploying jamming pods

to every cell tower in Russia.Probably not many cells towers still functioning in Syria so if they did bring down that %

of TLAMs its quite a feat..

Volkodav's picture

     yeh and s200 according to close source

     with another damaged

     of course denied

     found this little about English, not much info but with expected denial








Heliotential's picture

Or  pantsir- 1 and 2 platforms - more medium range range type air defense. Rumor has it obama shot some tomahawks and never announced cuz they were all downed. 

cowdogg's picture

Yea Obama fired off a few tomahawks and a couple o ballistic missiles as well after the Ghouta false flag sarin attack. All were directed into the sea. The latest tomahawk attack was an attempt to overwhelm the Russian EW defenses and somewhat worked but it won't next week after Russia increases it's radar units in Syria. Tomahawks are 1950's technology being met with 2015 techology but that is ok because Raytheon will just replace them with more of the same. More profitable that way.

therover's picture

The 4th option is they just fucking missed their target. 

LibertarianMenace's picture

5th option: they were programmed to self destruct in 5 seconds. The secretary, however, will no doubt disavow any knowledge of this action.

New_Meat's picture

6th option, they went fucking stupid.

TheRideNeverEnds's picture

I like their math: 36 missiles made it to their targets hitting 57 targets.

Laddie's picture

Once again ZH commenters are often more informed than the articles. ZH is the BEST place on the web.

A very good article but the comments are even better!
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Flemish Father Daniël Maes (78) has been a witness to the “civil war” in Syria, but he says Western reports on the conflict in Syria are completely misleading: “The Americans and their allies want to completely ruin the country.”

TheLastTrump's picture

ZH is the BEST place on the web. For Russian Propaganda. Fuck off tovarich.