Google Market Cap Hits An All Time High $600 Billion

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Even as the US "brick and mortar" retail industry is in a tailspin of historic proportions, its ad spending must be better than ever, because on Monday Google parent Alphabet closed up 2.3%, hitting a new record high, and as Bloomberg pointed out first, the company's market value crossed above $600 billion for the first time ever.

Investors chose not to wait for GOOGL earnings due later this week, and bought up shares ahead of the announcement driven by positive analyst comments ahead of 1Q results on April 27 and as the S&P North American tech index rose 1.4% with broader markets rallying.

Whether ad spend, and earnings, will justify GOOGL's astronomic market valuation, second only behind AAPL, will be revealed later this week, but for now it remains clear that just five tech companies - the biggest ones - namely Apple, Google, Microsoft, Amazon and Facebook remain the backbone of the entire stock market, and carry the weight of much of the stock market on their shoulders.

As CNBC noted recently, Apple is up over 23% year to date, Google parent company Alphabet is up over 10 percent, Microsoft is up over 6%, Amazon has soared over 20% and Facebook is up over 25% just in the past four months. The relentless strength of these tech titans is why the overall market has been so solid in recent months. Meanwhile, some 130 stocks in the S&P 500 are trading below their 200 day moving average.

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Mtnrunnr's picture

I cant wait to get off work at my company that makes googles and get in my google, to amazon to my google. Then when I get home to my google I'm going to amazon my dinner that's delivered from my amazon warehouse, booked over google. You'd think that all that exists in this world is google and amazon. I mean all this insane capital is actively betting AGAINST local businesses and the average person. How can pensions and individuals invest in this. A world that supports a 600 billion GOOG market-cap is a world that has no room for humans.

doomchild's picture

Amazon and jewgle cannot co-exist IMHO. There can be only one. 

Mtnrunnr's picture

We need to have a thousand googles and amazons. It's just code and connecting people. Algorithms should be public because it is existing by STEALING and selling our data amd exploiting our humanity.

AllTimeWhys's picture

This is not okay. Period. The man in my avatar is probably seething in his grave.

Four chan's picture

so demonetizing conservative videos and those that go against the jew party line leads to record profits.


tell me how that works again without using the censor algo please. 


all those video content creators should sue google for 100 billion dollars for damages. its all(they understand)))

Four chan's picture


 this is the fall of youtube, what percent of google rev stream youtube?

BennyBoy's picture



Use uBlock Origin or AdGuard to block all that ad tech bullshit. Tell your friends. When about 50% of people use ad blockers Google goes down. So they will bribe congress to make ad blocking illegal.

Four chan's picture

after they robbed all those youtube creators. lol trusting jew tube. protip no advertizers left. 

HooRAY4rSIDE's picture

JOOgle owners & NSA spies, & shareholders get rich ~ Quel Surprise ~Tell me something that I don't kno

Barney08's picture

So when does the break up happen? When does GOOG finally go into distribution? The later can't happen until the former happens.

No way does an 860.00 stock hit Mom and Pop. One thing is for sure, there are too many exposed to Goog at that share price. The market forces will make it right for them.

markitect's picture

Ad words is a giant money sucking bottomless pit and their search engine is awefull.  Good luck with the space probes goog.

doomchild's picture

after the retail apocalypse, who are they going to "advertize" to ? there will be only one retailer and Bozos will say fuck-off I don't need your services to Jewgle. 

wcvarones's picture

Close to a record, but I think MSFT was over $600bn back in 1999.

sixsigma cygnusatratus's picture

No no no! It's different this time...!

RussianSniper's picture

US tech companies looking real good currently.
Always remember the laws of gravity; what goes up must come down.

Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Google, etc.... have been on a tremendous ride of late.

Mark my words, something is out there that will prove these products meaningless and virtually worthless.

pitz's picture

Says pretty much everything you need to know about economy, when a set of online ad spammers can become larger than the global mining industry.

Silversides's picture

Dear Kim,

Please EMP us asap so we can rid ourselves of these cunts.


Iconoclast's picture

Come on baby, rise up to one trillion, don't let us down, I'm sure in another dimension it all makes mathematical sense.

francis scott falseflag's picture


If I'm not mistaken (and I usually am) it was about 20 years ago that

Microsoft's market cap touched $500 billion for a day or two (and that was 

in 1990's dollars). 


It was the bell that the boys rang at the top


The Beloved Gonifs of Wall Street used that unfake news to sell and short

Microsoft's shares and by March 2000 a tremendous transfer of wealth had

descended upon Wall Street's Poor Players.


I hope the ZH chartsters review my claim and send me Wendy's coupons as a prize.