How Sane Cannabis Policy is Blocked by the Machine

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Via The Daily Bell

The federal ban on cannabis is one of those policies which make living in Americ feel like the dark ages. It wastes tax dollars with enforcement, and it tramples states’ rights to make their own laws.

Worst of all though, it threatens legal businesses in states which are pot friendly and threatens the life, liberty, and property of countless individuals who harm no one while using marijuana for recreational or medical purposes.

That’s why it is an exciting development to see Congress taking steps towards solving these issues. But it’s not all cut and dry yet. A provision expires next week that needs to be renewed in order to:

…prohibit the Justice Department from cracking down on medical marijuana companies that follow state laws. Reps. Dana Rohrabacher (R-Calif.) and Earl Blumenauer (D-Ore.) are teaming up to push the renewal of those protections, which will otherwise expire at the end of April.

This could spell trouble if the provision is not continued as it is hard to tell how the Trump administration will treat businesses in states that have legalized marijuana.

But at the same time other provisions are being introduced to expand these protections for marijuana companies to not just medical, but recreational cannabis businesses as well. If both provisions pass it would mean all businesses in the 29 states which legalized medical marijuana, and the 8 states which legalized recreational use of marijuana, would be safe from federal prosecution.

But again, it may not be as easy as it sounds. If these bills are attached to other more controversial bills they might get caught up in the fight over funding things like a border wall. While the marijuana bills each have bipartisan support, there is no guarantee they will pass in a hostile legislative environment.

McClintock and Polis want to attach their recreational marijuana amendment to the Justice Department’s funding bill later this year — and they believe it has the votes to pass — but if GOP leadership elects to lump all of the government spending bills together in what’s known as an “omnibus,” that could spell trouble for pot advocates.

So they’re hoping the Justice Department’s spending bill get its own vote.

“If the bill comes to the House floor, the McClintock-Polis amendment will pass,” said Michael Collins of the Drug Policy Alliance.

Root Issues

This whole marijuana fight highlights some deeper issues with the USA’s entire legislative and government process.

First, there should be only one subject per bill. A bill was introduced in January which would do that, but it hasn’t gone anywhere yet, and past bills have likewise floundered. But if this bill passes, it would not only bolster good reforms like allowing states to make their own pot laws, it would also stop bad bills hidden in the depths of other bills, like funding laws.

But it also points to the fact that states have lost basically all their power to govern. It’s not like their policies would be necessarily saner or just if states were released from their federal tethers, but there would at least be more competition to attract residents with better government policies.

So even though the majority of states clearly believe it is time to stop treating the use of marijuana as criminal, the federal government that these states supposedly control keeps them from allowing businesses to operate under normal conditions. Things might be different if the Senate was still controlled by state legislators electing representatives, as opposed to electing Senators by popular vote, which went into effect in 1913.

It is also still difficult for marijuana businesses to find banks to accept their money, based on federal regulations against cannabis. And furthermore, businesses cannot plan ahead, crippling long-term success. The worst thing for a business is uncertainty, and the federal and state sparring over pot laws creates massive uncertainty in the marijuana market.

The bottom line is that the federal government needs to back off states and back off businesses. Marijuana should not be restricted, as basically, everyone agrees. Yet despite the widespread approval of cannabis, government policies prevent individuals and businesses from being able to go exercise their basic rights.

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Heaven forbid you experiment with YOUR OWN conciousness through the use of natural compounds.



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"It is also still difficult for marijuana businesses to find banks to accept their money, based on federal regulations against cannabis. And furthermore, businesses cannot plan ahead, crippling long-term success. The worst thing for a business is uncertainty, and the federal and state sparring over pot laws creates massive uncertainty in the marijuana market." -snip

If you look in the index of the code of federal regulations, under section 1300 of the Food and Drug title, you'll see there are NO ENFORCEMENT REGULATIONS!

The federal gov. Has NO AUTHORITY to enforce marijuana prohibition outside of the D.C.

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Drug cop that tried to wreck my future years ago recently killed himself.  His obituary said that his dad was in the military and he moved around a lot as a kid.  So two things, daddy was a military type and likely an idiot/bad father, and junior never got a chance to form meaningful friendships/relationships as a kid.  

So junior decides, in NINETEEN SEVENTY-TWO, mind you, to enlist in the armed services and goes to Vietnam.  Volunteered for Vietnam in 1972.  So we can see he isn't very bright to join up during the last days of the war. Probably bought into the military horseshit from his dad and thought he was going to fight for freedom and not big business.  

And so the war ends.  Society is not impressed with what went on in Vietnam, and this eager enlistee is treated not as a hero but as a programmable, useable, govt thug.  He doesn't have the ability to examine the merits of the war and his role in it, never accepts that his ghastly views were the problem, and not the antiwar crowd that he believes stole his valor.  What kind of job would a pile of shit like this take next after he leaves the service?   Narcotics officer at a local liberal arts college PD.  Going after the same type of peaceful people that protested his Vietnam experience, a la Richard Nixon, and getting revenge on all the kids that rejected his Vietnam service as an ugly mistake and not something worthy of pride.  A predator taking out his anger on 19 year old college kids with the full backing of the same govt that sent so many kids to die in Vietnam.  Truly a dangerous individual that was raised in a cold, unnurturing, unthinking, uncaring, environment.  

Its my opinion that this clod's brain eventually developed a conscience.  There has been an ongoing awakening in this country that has been hard to miss, lies and propaganda of the past have been exposed, in turn exposing the drug warriors like this for what they truly are, simple minded, easily manipulated, garbage.  Its hard to face up to a whole lifetime lived on lies, manipulation, and govt propaganda, but that was Pigpen's life history.  He finally started to grow and learn but it was too late.  He realized how much evil he willingly participated in and how many people he pointlessly hurt, whole families' futures altered in horrible ways and it caused massive conflicts in his brain.  

I actually feel bad for and pity the guy.  Suicide is awful and poor Pigpen was ill equipped for living from day 1.  He was a victim of low intellect, bad parenting, and bad, bad, government. The drug war eats its own, I guess.  I just wish it had a bigger appetite. 

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There isn't a single word in the Constitution that allows the Federal government to ban anything.

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“Experts are telling me there’s more violence around marijuana than one would think,” 

USAG Jeff Sessions


What chance have you got?

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If that's true it's the direct result of black market economics, which include violence as a matter of course, because black markleteers can't call the po-po when they get ripped off, shook down, threatened. etc.

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It is hypocritical (big surprise NOT) for the US government to be anti marijuana when it has been growing and distributing marijuana since the 70's.

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Dark ages?

Oh, you must be talking about utah, the most frigging worst state in the nation to ever ever visit.


Tell you this, if that Pres Trump guy was serious about making America great again, he would with due haste make the simple weed legal in the country with no restrictions to further profit from other than say, a 2 % sales tax in a state owned store among many free enterprising others(not mosad agent owned) so he could pay off the national debt in five years, and also pay for gold lined streets all across the land. Talk about putting America back to work. Heck, the hemp industry alone would be an amazing historical boon time.

Between completely shutting down the MIC, closing almost every American Military base around the world, bringing home all our troops, and making it legal to let everyone profit in a fair trading way from the legal weed, he could truly make America great again and actually fulfill his promise on that one. The added boot would be the new support from both sides of the political divide that has America at such odds with each other. This one action alone could mean both sides coming together in a common cause to promote a better peaceful transition into a better future for all. What a historical opportunity to truly make a real difference not only in America, but also int he world for setting the example of a successful country without the marijuana/hemp probation and freeing of. If only he was smart enough to actually understand this and then to actually do it. It could also lead to world peace after all.

Gee, Peace. What a concept.




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The President and the Attorney General should go on retreat to an Indian Sweat Lodge for a few hours. You know, where Pot is used freely in religious ceremony?

The Coca gods would never allow it!

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The Rules to Canada's legalization are out and what a Fucking disgrace!!!!

It seems that the only reason they FAKE legalized it was to increase the penalties for those caught with it.

  1. 2 nanograms in your blood means dui charge.
  2. If you have your weed in a baggy (a non licensed producers bag that it comes in from the licensed grower)  you must prove that you grew it yourself or you are charged.
  3. get caught giving ditch weed to a minor and a maximum penalty of 14 years in prison!
  4.  each Household can grow 4 plants with a maximum height of 1 Meter
  5. Police can now swab your cheek without any suspision whatsoever.
  6. If you use a "solvents" to make concentrates (ie Butane propane) you are breaking the law!
  7. It is illegal to have seeds or clones unless they came from a licensed provider!....

All of the penalties have been made stronger but you can now grow/smoke.

Vancouvers big dispensarie market will be shutdown it seems.

It seems that canada does not want to lose any police jobs with this new law, they want more money!!!!!




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The people simply don´t commit real crimes like  rape, theft or robberies often enough for a police state to be built and installed into the society, For this goal the governing elite has no alternative but to prohibit attractive natural drugs and thus motivate why they have the need and right to control You. 

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There is a Canadian company that is going to invest $25 M into florida to provide medicinal MJ . HA I think they will go broke, just as Floridians will die trying to aquire a medicinal MJ license in Florida!


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If you look into what the founding fathers wanted. A system where the federal government had no power, ran the military and that's about it. Each state was to be like a collection of independent countries. Make their own laws, even have their own army or militia. I think they would be shocked what it became.

Kat Daddy's picture

The South was right. Thank Abe Lincoln for the Federal government, slavery was dead in 1863. The war was about the reconquest of the South.

Kat Daddy's picture

The South was right.  Thank Abe Lincoln for the Federal Government, slavery was over in 1863.

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How are police departments gonna buy margarita machines and cool tricked out camaros with a lightbar and police paint jobs if we decriminalize a common ditch weed! What would the DEA do once Marijuana is decriminalized?

Think of the poor folks in law enforcement won't you?


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If you use weed, tell them to go FUCK THEMSELVES when they demand a pee test or try to seize your assets.

If you DONT use weed, tell them to go FUCK THEMSELVES.....

The War on Drugs is a FARCE: greedy fat cops seizing assets while waving through the heroin....

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Cheech: What are you doing with pee?

Chong: It's for my probation officer.

Cheech: Why, does he drink pee?

Chong: No man, last week I was supposed to bring some in, you know? and I forgot the wash the jar out first. so they see all that mayonnaise floating around in there, and they think I'm on some kind of weird drug again!

Cheech: [laughing] Alright!

Chong: And I'm really going to fuck with his mind this time.

Cheech: Why, what'd you do?

Chong: I had my sister pee in it.

Cheech: Yeah?

Chong: Yeah, and she's pregnant man!

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Now I could be wrong. After all, I have been in the past, and most assuredly, will be in the future. That said, please bear with me.



My understanding is, the very first revenue producer for the federal government, was the tax on alcohol. MJ, given its relative ease of production, conceivably, puts a damper on our majesty’s income. Call me crazy (you’ll have to stand in line.)

Free Spirit's picture

Actually You are right. Pls see my comment above to TePikoElPozo (2nd comment to the article).

In that comment  I mention about a research report by professor Kettil Brunn where he notes this fact.

On top of this I want to point out that the western owners of todays very profitable alcohol industry ALSO own major parts of the global financial establishment. People like the Rotschild family - wellknown for their exquisite and very expensive french wines as well as for building up a major wine industry in Israel - has very large financial resources as well as political power. And it seems they just don´t care about people that like marijuana (or other drugs from the third world). Thus You are NOT crazy, I think  ;-)

By the way the "same people" also own the pharmaceutical industry that actually legally sell some of the third world´s drugs. 

Abaco's picture

Where do these fuckheads (at any level) think they get authority to tell us what we cannot do if what we do isn't hurting anyone else?   The states, and everyone else, needs to stop submitting to this abuse of authority.

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In the lawbooks, the last volume of the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) is the index, which contains the; "Table of Authorities". If the fed. Gov. Had authority to enforce a law then it would be cited on these tables. But, because there are no implementing regulations for the enforcement of Section 1300 (the address of marijuana prohibition) under title 21 Food and Drug to be found in the CFR, then it stands to reason that, marijuana prohibition can only be enforced in the D.C.

Didn't the D.C. make it legal there too?

Maybe General Sessions needs to clean up his own neighborhood first?

izzee's picture

As long as you are forbidden from growing a few plants in your yard or on your balcony----In The Sunlight, some organization will be making a Yuge amt of money.
For no other reason than the organization has "muscle" behind it to keep the profits flowing.

aloha_snakbar's picture

"Medical Marijuana" is a racket, at least here in AZ. $300.00 A YEAR gives you the ability to buy some VERY overpriced weed, and puts you on a secret list that guarantees permanent unemployment...

izzee's picture

you forgot to mention that you can no longer legally own a firearm if you are a "drug user"

pine_marten's picture

There is no reason to piss test for pot.  If you live in a legal state but have a commercial drivers license,  you get piss tested. There are all manner of prescription drugs being prescribed that are not disqualifying from an employment standpoint but are more impairing than pot consumed a week or two bfore the test. People generally don't go to work drunk and neither do they stoned.

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Why is everybody so afraid to admit that almost all the world’s economic and political problems revolve around the hegemony here in America of the global corporate cartel, which is only headquartered in the US because this is where their military arm resides. The only way to regain our (we People) sovereignty as a republic is to strictly curtail the privileges of any corporation doing business here. The government must be reconfigured to represent the Middle Class if we are ever to restore sanity, much less prosperity. There will be no peace and prosperity in America until we, the good folk, drain the "swamp" created by the US Constitution. The "swamp" can't be drained at this point because the Constitution  does not contain a “drain plug". This is the kind of "plug" it needs. And it needs to be pulled ASAP:




28th Amendment


Corporations are not persons in any sense of the word and shall be granted only those rights and privileges that Congress deems necessary for the well-being of the People. Congress shall provide legislation defining the terms and conditions of corporate charters according to their purpose; which shall include, but are not limited to:


1, prohibitions against any corporation;


a, owning another corporation,


b, becoming economically indispensable or monopolistic, or


c, otherwise distorting the general economy;


2, prohibitions against any form of interference in the affairs of;


a, government,


b, education, or


c, news media, and


3, provisions for;


a, the auditing of standardized, current, and transparent account books, and


b, the establishment of a state and municipal-owned banking system


c, civil and criminal penalties to be suffered by corporate executives for violation of the terms of a corporate charter.




The biggest hurdle to convening an Article 5 convention will be to silence the 24/7 corporate media propaganda machine which will “guarantee” that a constitutional convention is the sure path to anarchy and chaos. There are so many issues that need addressing that it will be extremely difficult to focus on just one issue: draining the swamp; first and foremost. Just that one thing: get the idea of incorporating business enterprises (or political movements) out of our collective thought process. Incorporation is a subtle, inconspicuous little glitch in our collective philosophical evolution and, as appealing as it is to join groups and let them do your thinking, such groups immediately assume identities of their own and become eternal super-groups with their own agenda and more money than the sum of all members’ total investment. Corporations can’t even be controlled by their own executives; they’re “fictitious persons”, legally, morally, and tangibly. Yes, corporations are comprised of good, church-going, honest, people, while the corporations they belong to, work for, administer, or own, go about the planet (and at home) committing genocide, or worse. You can spend a lifetime fighting legal injustice, global warming, illegal immigration, racial disparity, Democrats, Republicans, Joos, globalization, and bathroom assignments, but nothing is going to change so long as corporate media has your brain in a bottle. If nothing else or until a better organizational plan comes along; try whispering in your neighbor’s ear: “Article 5 Amendment 28. Article 5 Amendment 28. Article 5 Amendment 28” until we all understand what’s necessary and act in unison when opportunity presents….


Free Spirit's picture

"Why is everybody so afraid to admit that almost all the world’s economic and political problems revolve around the hegemony here in America of the global corporate cartel, which is only headquartered in the US because this is where their military arm resides."

You are absolutely right. I think the answer is that people have hope for their future in the established society and if they realized the truth about how little influence/power they actually have they would lose their hope.  That´s why politicians are such hopeless cases. Their income and future totally depends on their ability to submit to the politically correct but false view of the world that the governing elite wants them to have. While "outliers" like You and me have no hope tolose for the future that we base on success within the established society. 

decentralisedscrutinizer's picture


Accept our fate and bend over?




It’s long been my theory that autonomous systems like the “Beast” we alternately refer to as the “1%” , The “elite”, the “MIC”, “Wall Street” or “Deep State” continuously steamrolls over sovereign nations, whole generations of princes and peasants, plus any political movements brought forth to challenge it for the past 200 years because it doesn’t proclaim itself: “I/WE are your masters! You will obey anybody wearing this badge, uniform, crest, banner, logo, secret handshake, etc” Seriously, do we know who they are or how they get on that list. No, they don’t know who they are. It’s just an anonymous “they” with an unwritten code. It’s a system. And an absurdly stupid system that doesn’t even know when it’s killing itself. I believe the only way to change such a system is to take control of the culture that supports it by simply talking to each other without waving any banners, badges, logos, or crests and not organizing any such entity as would want such banners, logos, or crests. The “system” we know is totally blind to anything that it can’t identify by flag, banner, logo or badge. That’s why the “insiders” didn’t see Trump coming, didn’t foresee Brexit, and are only slowly coming to terms with Frexit. I don’t think “we-the-peeps” should organize or DO anything; just knowing how it works is enough to end it. We have a much better chance of laughing it off than confronting it. Just as corporate philosophy has ratcheted its way into cultural dominance over time it can be worn down (eroded) by millions of disrespectful little jokes and insults over time. We know what’s going on, just pass it on. Truth has a way of floating to the top no matter how turbulent the teacup. No serious adult is going to listen to network news entertainment and take what they say as truth anymore. That’s already happening. Our collective world view has already changed. I believe we’ll eventually gain the confidence to hold another Constitutional Convention. Don’t do it now. Just talk it up! How can we improve the wording of what I have so far? Eliminate any ambiguity. That’s what I’m doing here now. I put a lot of thought into my 28th amendment; all I ask is for ya’ll to think about before you tell me how impossible it is. It’s getting possibler and possibler every day. Keep posting the Federalist Papers etc. Educate each other. That’s how our Founders did it. Patience.


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Florida "legalization"....


Medical marijuana bill bans smoking, edibles



A Florida House committee passed a bill to implement Florida's medical marijuana constitutional amendment Tuesday. But pot advocates are already decrying the bill's restrictive nature.

HB 1397 is the only bill in the Florida House to implement the amendment, which was approved by 71 percent of Florida voters last year.

The bill bans smoking the medical marijuana and bans pot edibles. It also restricts vaping to people with terminal illnesses.

The bill also limits the number of marijuana dispensaries in the state to the seven currently registered. More dispensaries would be allowed as more people register with the medical marijuana registry.

dr kill's picture

Pot in FL is like slots at Aqueduct, until the pols finish fighting over how to steal all the revenue nothing moves forward.  The Colorado model is the gov-free model, the FL model is textbook government grab. Guess which one benefits the residents more?

Chupacabra-322's picture

So basically, Florida legalized absolutely Nothing.

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If pot was legal and the federal gov't. was banned, the world would be a much better place to live...

SixIsNinE's picture

thanks TDB - one of the MILLIONS of rational commonsense responses over the last 60 or 70 years to the fraud that is the war on cannabis, and other plants and consciousness enhancers.



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drugs became illegal in the USA (and the entire world) because the U.N. said so

Free Spirit's picture

THAT is really true. If You read the research report by professor Kettil Bruun on how the UN work with alcohol and illegal drugs it becomes clear how alcohol is promoted as a drug monopoly through the UN.

However it must be added that the UN mainly is a tool for the western elite to control the global society. As such the prohibition of the drugs from the third world and then especially cannabis/marijuana is directed mainly by USA, England and France with USA as "the principal force" . It should also be mentioned that USA, England and France are the worlds leading alcohol manufacturers/distributors.

You may read my book review of this report on Amazon:


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There are a lot of interests against hemp. It has a lot of enemies especially in oil and forestry along with big pharma. It might create a lot of jobs. This is against the global agenda.

wildbad's picture

well, they don't really WASTE tax dollars... the leverage them to bolster confiscated goods and cash to police agencies. the lverage them into private prison projects which demand 90% fill rates. they use the laws and agencies to prop up the poisonous pharma lobby and their poisonous, dedly and truly addictive drugs.

cannabis is a miracle plant and its continued ban should embarras every american.

cannabis extracts can CURE disease as well as relieve symptoms which pharma cannot touch.

rockerfeller medicine is as bad as everything they touch