The REAL New World Order

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The REAL New World Order

Written by Jeff Nielson (CLICK HERE FOR ORIGINAL)



Regular readers are familiar with the Old World Order: the cabal of Western oligarchs who control not only our own puppet governments, but generally dictate events to most nations around the world. The vehicle used by these oligarchs to maintain their (economic) control over Western governments to keep them meek and submissive is the One Bank.


Regular readers are also familiar with this entity. The One Bank is a banking crime syndicate. Its dimensions have been previously defined in the computer modeling of a trio of Swiss researchers. The finding of that model is that by itself this crime syndicate controls roughly 40% of the entire global economy – all of the most important sectors.


What is one of the biggest problems for the One Bank? When you are a crime syndicate which controls 40% of the global economy, it becomes hard to continue to hide in the shadows.


The solution? The oligarchs resorted to the same solution they use to cover up all of the One Bank’s mega crimes: propaganda. In this case, it was disinformation. The oligarchs went and borrowed a metaphor which already existed in the extremes of conspiracy-theory writing: “the New World Order.”


They then began spreading this disinformation on a much larger scale than any of the previous conspiracy-mongering in this area. To give the disinformation a veneer of plausibility, the oligarchs of the Old World Order even allowed themselves to be (supposedly) linked to the mythological New World Order.


What is the NWO supposed to be? According to the propagandists (inadvertent and otherwise) who promote it, it is a secret socialist, one-world government being constructed “above” the level of our own pathetic puppet governments.


How do you hide if you are a crime syndicate which controls 40% of the global economy? Where do you hide? Inside a great, big lie.


Alert and intelligent readers should automatically dismiss this NWO as nothing but absurd propaganda. What has the OWO been doing, perpetually and ravenously? Stealing all of the wealth of the masses and piling it atop the own obscene hoards of the oligarchs.


That is not “socialism”. Socialism is “share the wealth”, not steal all of the wealth.


It has become so easy to fool most people with vacuous ideological labels. Barack Obama was frequently labeled a “socialist” by much of the brain-dead Right. What did Obama do for eight years? He stole from the bottom 80% of the U.S. population and gave to his Masters: the Top 0.01%. That is not socialism either. Just another reverse-Robin Hood, right-wing government: steal from the Poor; give to the (very, very) Rich.


There is no “new world order”. There is only the Old World Order, or at least this has been the case for many, many decades up until now.


There is great irony here. The Old World Order invented the myth of the “New World Order” to hide its raping-and-pillaging of the planet. But it is precisely this continuous and ever more rapacious plundering that has now resulted in the rise of an actual New World Order.


This NWO is not a crime syndicate of psychopaths like the Old World Order. Neither is it some totally ridiculous ideological contrivance like the (mythological) New World Order. The real New World Order that is coming into existence today is an association of necessity, led by China and Russia, to help the nations of the Rest of the World protect themselves from the psychopathic West, and the oligarchs in control of it.


Remember the demise of the Soviet Union and the end of the Cold War? Weren’t those happy times? The “evil” Soviets had been defeated, and now we were all going to live happily ever after. China and even Russia were wooed by the West – old enemies becoming new friends.


However, when the oligarchs of the One Bank learned that Russia and China had no intentions of serving the West (i.e. the Old World Order), this new friendship quickly deteriorated. The next thing we knew, the Corporate media in the West were back to Cold War rhetoric, simply substituting “Russia” for “Soviet Union”.


Russia was first in the cross-hairs because it had never really benefitted from the new (supposed) era of cooperation between East and West. Put another way, the oligarchs had invested nothing in their faux friendship with Russia. Meanwhile, their puppets in the Corrupt West had already begun targeting nations allied to Russia.


One of the ways these puppet governments have been covering up their own campaign of naked aggression is through fabricating a massive blanket of propaganda. Every act of naked aggression by the West was supposedly a “reaction” by these fascist governments to supposed aggression from Russia’s allies or even Russia itself -- or else “the terrorists” (the West’s mercenary henchmen).


It culminated when the U.S. staged a coup in Ukraine, Russia’s closest neighbour and ally. The coup was justified according to the West because the regime previously in power was corrupt. There are two obvious rebuttals to that pathetically flimsy argument.


  1.  There was already an election scheduled in Ukraine in less than six months. Are the Champions of Democracy (what the Corrupt West likes to call itself) telling us that a coup d’etat is better than simply waiting for an election?
  2.  If “corruption” was reason enough to stage a revolution, there would already be revolutions-in-progress all over the West itself.


After the U.S. staged that coup, demonization of Russia dramatically escalated, along with the military campaign against Syria – another Russian ally. Economic terrorism was launched against Russia’s economy. The ruble was ruthlessly attacked by the convicted currency manipulators of the One Bank. Oil prices were manipulated dramatically lower, with Barack Obama publicly boasting that this manipulation was “a part of the U.S. strategy” against Russia.


Soon, even China was targeted. China had outlived its usefulness as a (low wage) jurisdiction for Western multinational corporations. The Chinese people now wanted to be paid decent wages, so the oligarchs had already begun to shift their corporate operations to other even lower-wage jurisdictions.


The excuse for (once again) referring to China as an enemy was/is the South China Sea. While the West flexes its muscles by dropping bombs on the heads of people in Africa and Asia, the Western media has been relentlessly demonizing China for building artificial islands in essentially unoccupied waters.


Building islands or dropping bombs? Which is the more deplorable international crime? According to Western media, it is (conveniently) the “crime” of building islands.


This renewed aggression against Russia and China by the West did not spawn the Rest of the World’s “New World Order”. Instead, this aggression is the belated realization by the West’s psychopathic oligarchs of the existence of this new, world order. While the oligarchs have been busy destroying everything in sight, China and Russia were attempting to build something.


Here China has taken the lead with its Belt and Road Initiative. Loosely based upon China’s ancient “Silk Road”, it is the world’s largest project in terms of infrastructure and economic cooperation, even larger than the Marshall Plan at the end of World War II.


The Marshall Plan was an enormously successful initiative where the oligarchs actually worked on fixing all of the damage and destruction they had engineered after manufacturing World War II. In contrast, the Belt and Road Initiative is a plan to economically fortify (first) Asia and (then) the Rest of the World against the Corrupt West.


Along with this, China and Russia have constructed “parallel” economic institutions which now exist side-by-side with similar Western-based institutions. The great joke here is that while China and Russia have publicly spoken of these institutions existing in conjunction with their (corrupted) versions in the West, the oligarchs can clearly see that they are intended to replace Western-based institutions.


With which institutions would the Rest of the World prefer to do business: entities rancid with corruption like the World Bank and the IMF, or an honest broker like the Asia Development Bank?


Constant economic predation. Ever more reckless military acts from ever more-desperate regimes. The psychopathic empire of the One Bank has simply become so intolerable and so dangerous that the Rest of the World is being forced to unite as a mechanism of self-preservation.


This is the New World Order – the real one.


It really is “new”. It really does involve the “world” (except for the Corrupt West). And it really could/should lead to “order”, not the ever-worsening chaos as the One Bank regularly orders its puppet governments to destroy any nation that gets in its way.


What the New World Order is not is any sort of one-world government. What the New World Order is not is some (supposed) “socialist utopia”.


The new, world order being crafted by China and Russia is non-ideological. It is non-controlling. Another great irony here is that as Western regimes have gotten increasingly corrupt, belligerent, and simply evil, the Eastern powers have become relatively more virtuous.


Perhaps it was simply being able to observe how not to run the world (for several decades), but China and Russia have seemingly adopted the doctrine of Enlightened Self-Interest. By helping neighbouring nations and acting as honest brokers in the global community, China and Russia see the surest path to their own prosperity and security.


Another thing that the New World Order is not is perfect. As global powers, China and Russia do not resemble White Knights, merely the lessers-of-evil – much less evil. The New World Order coming into existence today is not some ideologically based pipe-dream. It is a construct of pragmatism, designed to help nations co-exist and (hopefully) prosper. In time, perhaps it will replace the United Nations – another corrupted Western institution.


The real NWO will succeed as the new “order” in the world because the Old World Order has succeeded in making itself obsolete.



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The REAL New World Order

Written by Jeff Nielson (CLICK HERE FOR ORIGINAL)

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VooDoo6Actual's picture

The article doesn't address much of historical factual events that caused & allowed the events & tyranny to take place & occur. Those immutable & incrovertible facts don't & doesn't mean it's over or won;t mutate / hybrid onto something else either. Zigyy Brzezinski & KissmyASSinger's plan to play Mephistopheles & offer the Faustian bargain hasn't happen yet. Not until a WWlll & after exhausting geo-resources in the fight of attrition does that maifest. We simply aren't there yet to make any predetermined assumption or impolitic assessment that it's over. The Rothschild Zio-Tribe managing the Deep State government of the US isn't going away until they get their new digital currency system w/ SDR's / Baskets of the corrupt countries in collusion w/ the raping - pillaging & plundering of the geo-resources collapse or are usurped by humanity which I suspect is coming & enroute. I fully exect becasue of the exposure they are under to be made world social pariah's. All it takes is for Trump to UNMASK the MSM by doing his own Fireside chats form the WH on Sunday evenings BUT, notice Trup wants to opine about the MSM injustices & Fake News BUT, is not doing anything to stop it either. He's playing JANUS for a reason. Both Deep State agendas are still in play. The Zio-Tribe managing the COUP'd US since at least 1913 isn't done just yet. Looks pretty carelessly pureile & impolitic to me by the Zio-Tribe & it's cohorts / coterie not to consider the future societal ramifications of they're actions once the truth catches up to them & it will. PNAC - Hagan - Wolfowitz - Cheney - Bush - Rotheschild -  Rockefeller et ala etc. all busted & exposed to be societal pariahs of some fashion. The whoe Wolrd Governments scham & underbelly is openly on display for the those out of Plato's Cave to see the objective truth. Like a Itch or Hunger it is what it is... The duality of man using evil to justify the actions for power & Greed. Absolute power corrupts absolutely & money is the root of all evil. And so history repeats itself over & over despite the consciously awakened countless other's throughouot history that warned humanity through the ages of this duality of man's nature. Some where consciously awake to figure it out & other's were insiders. Plato - Nietzsche -Jung - Hegel - Descatrtes - Camus - Lennon - JFK - Phillip K. Dick - Orwell another insider of course) - Huxley (insiders of course).


Ruth116's picture

This 'World Order' thing is nothing new, it has been going on since the beginning.  Just like how Judas had the money bag and gave over Jesus to the mob, it will be with the next 'Judas'.  Only this time this Judas will think to take over the entire world for himself and cause all to be worshipped as god.  This man will be fully possessed by Satan himself and in Revelation chapter 6 when everyone thinks 'peace and safety' sudden destruction comes. The White horse rider is Satan, the red horse rider takes peace from the earth, the black horse rider is resonsible for famine, the ashen horse or pale is responsible for sickness, and death, sword, famine and wild beasts who will kill a fourth of the earth.  While wondering about the future, the Bible says what is coming shortly.   There only one way out! 

MrBoompi's picture

A world order is a world order, above the level of sovereign states, regardless of whether it's new or old.  The world order hates socialism if it provides benefits to the general population at the expense of the world order's profits.  The world order does a great job instructing and indoctrinating people about the evils of socialism.  Remnants of socialism such as healthcare in England are constantly being attacked and degraded by these people, who then have their hired hands report how bad socialism's performance is.  The system that is rigged and engineered to provide benefits to certain economic sectors such as banking, drugs, energy, and banking at the expense of the general public could be considered socialism for the rich, but technically we live under a system closer to fascism or totalitarianism.  The majority of this government is unelected, and for the rest we return over 90% of the incumbents.  Where will changes come from?  And now we will be forced to wait another 4 years for the next new savior who promises manna from heaven but serves up the same turd pie.  

Dg4884's picture

I just keep stacking my silver and lead.

IranContra's picture

Meanwhile, back on earth, Iran is "defending its interests" by expanding militarily all over the globe, with much help from the neocons, Putin, Obama, Hillary, and their "Arab Spring" which brought Iranian militias to power everywhere, the right wing and left wing Iran apologists, most zionists, banksters, the media, etc.

The puppet masters are the ones that nobody is allowed to talk about without being heavily ridiculed: The pro-Iran Lobby. The real king of the false Jews is hiding in Iran behind the ayatollahs.

Fortunately there are honest Iranians telling us what is really happening, by quting Iranian leaders themselves, who say this in Farsi, never in English:

Iran Chief of Staff: Our military presence in Iraq, Syria and overseas is our security shield

"Revolutionary Guard General Mohammad Bagheri, Chief of Staff of the clerical regime’s Armed Forces: ... Iranian Revolutionary Guards … [are] the security shield ... of the Iranian people ... the deterrence power ... the defense power ... to the world beyond Iran’s geography ... If the IRGC did not exist, the country would not have existed” (State-run media April 23, 2017). Khamenei had said earlier if we did not stop the enemy in Syria "we had to stop them in Tehran, Fars, Isfahan and Khorasan" (State run news media Januray 6, 2017).

Open acknowledgment of the highest ranking Iranian military officials clearly shows that as long as this regime is in power, its intervention in the whole region including in Syria, Iraq, Yemen Lebanon and Bahrain will continue."

Iran is pre-emptively "defending itself" by advancing militarily all over the world. Hillary and Obama put Iran's agents even in the White House (Huma Abedin and others) and all over America.

IranContra's picture

Since even before Iran-Contra, the US got into bed with Iran in conspiracies against the Arabs, and the Israelis helped. What was the result? The US lost tremendously in every imaginable way.

Now Russia got into bed with Iran in conspiracies against the Arabs, and Russia also will suffer tremendous losses from that unwise alliance.

Even Israel, Rothschild's agents, were in bed with Iran against the Arabs, and now Iran is Israel's biggest worry.

Iran is just bad news for whomever gets into bed with Iran.

Iranian agents killed Sadat and are now working hard to destabilize Egypt. Egypt caught ship loads of Iran-made weapons both in the Red Sea and the Mediterranean. Iranian agents are killing Christians in Egypt, trying to turn Christians against Muslims, trying to sabotage Trump's alliance with Arabs.

Trump is the only president in recent history wise enough not to get into bed with Iran.

Ocean22's picture

Bullshit. The BRICS and a "reformed" UN ARE the REAL NWO. A covert Bolshevik, communist global take over.... sacrificing/imploding the "old NWO" [ the west ] TO GIVE BIRTH TO the new system ( a phoenix ). The USSR never fell, but faked its colllapse to lull the west into a false sense of security. The Bolsheviks has NEVER LEFT POWER. What do you think this means for the worlds citizens and the worlds Christain's ? How many people did the Bolsheviks kill? 60 mill? Now you know who is behind the depopulation agenda....

Oscar Entrepreneur Venture's picture

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Economiffed's picture

Another know it all, telling us nothing but BS!
The Chinese are already controlled by The Family. (Rothschild)
The BRICS is another method of financial control. It's a financial left right paradigm! East vs West! If it has a monetary symbol, it's owned by "The Family" PERIOD!

JailBanksters's picture

The Jew World Order is now in 4th Gear, all the ducks are all lined up,

it's just waiting for Trump to slam it into Over-Drive.

Only Two and a Half Minutes to go .....

It's going to happen, they haven't done all this to NOT make it happen.


Bananamerican's picture


New World Order works just fine as shorthand for the establishment of global control

Raging Debate's picture

I stop reading the minute I see China and Russia supposed 'alliance being the new savior. Moving the reserve currency slowly from the US to China doesn't make it a savior. I like the Chinks and Russians cultural positives but geez people... The chinks are traders, they are good at it again these days. The EU and US are $30 Trillion economy. Russia, $4 T. Who do you really think they will favor? Now, I think the Russians offer far more value than energy in scientific prowess. But this would take a longer conversation than a comment. AND the US and Russia have been doing deals for many years on energy and space. SO much bullshit, so little time. 



WarPony's picture

See: - imagine the night sky filled with stars, a thousand points of light and yet still pretty damned dark.  

ndree's picture

"The real NWO will succeed as the new “order” in the world because the Old World Order has succeeded in making itself obsolete."

Not just obsolete, but disgusting & repugnant.

I am LITERALLY afraid to turn on my telivision.... if I want to keep my sanity.... it spews vulgarity, lies, deceit, hate, conflict.

WhackoWarner's picture

TV does not frighten me.  Mass media only disappoints and is so completely hopeless in even looking unbiased or even "reporting a fact" let alone "checking a fact"...


Thank you Jeff.  Always appreciated.   I can always tell your articles via Sprott by the titles alone.  I suggest every single ZH reader explore the links to Bullion Bulls.

Jeff has been posting great mind food for years.  And I thank him for it.


momprayn's picture
Interesting --- Per Daniel Estulin, expert on the Globalist Elites, NWO - saying paradigm changing in that they realize capitalist system won't work anymore and need to find not the (old) "new world order" but a new order to survive.  Rothschilds supporting, working through Trump to strengthen America, more jobs, etc. while Rockefellers disagree.  Maybe this explains some things going on in his Admin.? Snip of that part: Total interview

TePikoElPozo's picture

do you ever wonder why it's called "cargo" when delivered by ship

and "shipment" when delivered by car ?

aloha_snakbar's picture

So my cargo pants were delivered by a ship? Or I have a cargo ship in my pants? Im so it 4:20 yet...

aloha_snakbar's picture

New world order...

Same as the old world order...

gdpetti's picture

Yes and no... the real NWO as per the SG, is hyperdimensional in nature... next level of the 'game'... think of all that scifi stuff.... add another physical dimension to our current setup with a change in the DNA for those ready to 'graduate' to this next level.... a few percent usually, everyone else will get recycled, same as usual before any reset can occur much, much later. Money is OWO, not NWO... think teleportation, telekinesis, telepathy etc... that's the real NWO... most of the establishment and deep state won't be needed.... they have served their purpose. Many of them think they can engage transhumanistic AI and robotics to survive... seems they haven't been properly informed, but then they are taking orders from those 'darker' than themselves... did they expect the truth? It takes some time to finalize this NWO setup for the planet, which is going next level, with or without us.... or rather most of us.... same situation why all the birds and animals and plants seem to be dying off... transitioning.. that's what the Mayans talked about... it was some German and American that put that 2012 date on it... the Mayans didn't put any date on it... just told us to watch the signs.... first major one is the crossing of the dark star/brown dwarf... discharging, etc.... then the pause before the real storm... and the transition withinn that chaos.

Promises to be 'fun'.  That's the definition of the NWO... the only problem for the OWO, is will their leadership be able to control the chaos they've started? This charge 'dark' charge attracts other 'dark' elements ... etc.

aloha_snakbar's picture

Ive heard that theory before, in regards to the galactic alignment that took place in December 2012. Dont know if is true or not, but I DO know that life lately reminds me of that old joke, about life being like a roll of toilet paper; the closer you get to the end, the faster it goes. For (not much) apparent and painfully obvious changes in life on this planet, things DO seem to be spinning weirdly out of control....

1.21 jigawatts's picture

Someone sounds lost.  Here's a hint:

(((New))) World Order

LOL123's picture

I would never want to be under Communist rule.

1- vietnam- Cambodia

2- USSR- Bolshaviks

3 -China- slave labor for " currupt" west... Kinda like the african kings who sold their people to the "corrupt" west and then decades later the "corrupt"west takes the heat for disinformation about "slave trade...

Slave labor, while black market rules and the top officials live high on the hog without any regard to the masses. This is the reality of commuinism.

ersatz007's picture

"The real New World Order that is coming into existence today is an association of necessity, led by China and Russia, to help the nations of the Rest of the World protect themselves from the psychopathic West, and the oligarchs in control of it"

I guess there are NO oligarchs in Russia and China and their leaders only exist to do good in the world and save us from the evil power mongers of the West?



Jimbeau's picture

Great article... wraps the problem up nice and tight.
Now what do we do about it?

r0mulus's picture

I guess we just protect our own interests/people, and attempt to preserve our wealth against global competitive devaluation, to the best of our ability, for as long as possible.

DuneCreature's picture

The NWO are nowhere near gone yet.

They just shape shift and pop back up under new management.

~~~+ [][] The Problem And How 'To Fix It In Place' [][] +~~~

Before you can successfully engage an enemy you have to 'fix them in place'. .. Pin them down. ...... Cut off all of their avenues of escape.

If every time you start gaining the upper hand on a problem the problem simply morphs into a new shape and slips away out an unguarded exit, you are left chasing your own tail. ... Burning resources and energy, spinning in a circle and not getting anywhere.

They (the enemy) are leading us around by the nose. .... And we fall for the same tricks over and over and over.

Sick of that negative feed back loop yet?

Brendon O'Connell has a few suggestions:

We need that 13% awareness tipping point.

Who are the cretins making 98% of the trouble in this world?

You figure it out.

Live Hard, I Can Only Hold And Assault One Front At A Time But That Front Is Melting, Die Free

~ DC v5.0

Dave Whiteman's picture

Dutch financial insider spills beans about his evil career, and how he got out alive.

DuneCreature's picture

Yep, that's a good one.

Not stealing your thunder, Dave, just backing you up. (I already had it on clipboard for here LOL!)


Here is an interesting video link I found at Jim Stone's
(www. website.

It is an interview with a Dutch currency trader Ronald Bernard.

(Warning spoken Dutch with English sub titles)

It's not too long, however, about 40 minutes.

My take away? ....... The whole worldwide banking system is so corrupt it will never be fixed with band-aids and new regulations.

It's a follow the money tale, is it always is.

Bankers don't follow rules but they DEMAND that you do and are absolutely indignant if you accuse them of any wrong doing.

This is the story of the foxes, weasels, and hawks all running the giant Gulag called Chicken Coop Max where we are the chicken and we get mechanically harvested on an production assembly line and our carcasses sold to McPredators fast food restaurants and our feet cut off and shipped by the container full off to China where a spindly fried chicken foot to suck on is considered a delicacy.

They don't waste any of our parts and no one gets out into the barnyard for fresh air either. If you so much as point out one of the wolves wild dingoes in the guard tower you are tossed into the fowl processing hopper forthwith.

The money changers (banksters). ........ Isn't their some old parable about how evil money changers are somewhere?

Live Hard, At Least Banksters Don't Burn Off Our Beaks As Chicks,......Yet, Die Free

~ DC v5.0

webmatex's picture - well worth the time!

Chilling stuff but no surprises.

Babylonian banking, 12 "lost" tribes, Elders of Zion, Luciferian crap, hatred, death., MKUltra

I know all this stuff is real, there are no conspiracy theories, the shit is there under close cover of the money  printers and lenders.

Our world where everything exists  to be exploited and sold including our kids.

The REAL humans WILL demand justice and retribution and it will not be pretty.

Think of the  children.

PIZZAGATE you fucks.

BobEore's picture

Russia and China are as in the bag - of the finacialists who pay folks like Jeff here to bullshit us with BRICS MYTHS and silly stories - as any of the Five Eyes countries or other satrapies of the moneypower.

Agit-prop taken to a new... higher piled and deeper distorted level. "Never been a better time" ... to pull the plug on that stale-dated meme.

Cabin boyz... to yur buttons!

Duc888's picture



BRICS myths?  You do realize Saudi Arabia just joined BRICS.  Let that sink in for a moment.  SA, whom the "petrodollar" was created with, is walking away from the PetroDollar and has joined BRICS.



"Myths" indeed.

BobEore's picture

Luv it!

Which "fake news" source do you draw your exciting revelations from? Err.. "the Millennium Report">...."Dr." Jim Sillie>.... ZeroSwampDredge?/??

Ruskies and the Saudis in the same Sandbox huh? You guys never give up on the desert mirages and coloring book geopolitical fantasies. Onwards!

BobEore's picture

Learn to read moron...

the date - 2015 - of your "story" indicates the timeframe in which your fake news has been recyling through the fake press.

Desperate much?

. . . _ _ _ . . .'s picture

2015 was when this phase of negotiations started. Do you actually think that that was their only meeting? Do you think they haven't met since? It's still going on.

Your rantings were wrong even two years ago. They are moreso, now.  Get with the program.

Besides, I wasn't going to do all of your homework for you.

HalinCA's picture

What a fucking useless link ....  the only thing worth hearing was that some languages lik eEnclish place the burden of concise, clear communications on the writer, where as others place that burden on the reader ...  


... sigh ... I want my 15 minutes of life back from you, asshole.

BobEore's picture

Judging from your full and complete admission of zero reading anid comprehension skills brianiac,

you should prolly be applying for a full refund on the entirety of your wasted and useless existence...

from whatever 'asshole' brought you into it in the first place!


15minutes? Think... bigger!

Kayman's picture

"an honest broker like the Asia Development Bank" ?

Every nation is corrupted. No such thing as an honest broker, in nations or in life.


Victory_Garden's picture

Money, or Love?

Which is God/god for you?