Ron Paul Rages At Trump: "Assange Is A Hero... Don't Declare War On The Truth"

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Authored by Ron Paul via The Ron Paul Institute for Peace & Prosperity,

Candidate Trump: "I Love Wikileaks."


President Trump: "Arrest Assange!"

“I love Wikileaks,” candidate Donald Trump said on October 10th on the campaign trail. He praised the organization for reporting on the darker side of the Hillary Clinton campaign. It was information likely leaked by a whistleblower from within the Clinton campaign to Wikileaks.

Back then he praised Wikileaks for promoting transparency, but candidate Trump looks less like President Trump every day. The candidate praised whistleblowers and Wikileaks often on the campaign trail. In fact, candidate Trump loved Wikileaks so much he mentioned the organization more than 140 times in the final month of the campaign alone! Now, as President, it seems Trump wants Wikileaks founder Julian Assange sent to prison.

Last week CNN reported, citing anonymous “intelligence community” sources, that the Trump Administration’s Justice Department was seeking the arrest of Assange and had found a way to charge the Wikileaks founder for publishing classified information without charging other media outlets such as the New York Times and Washington Post for publishing the same information.

It might have been tempting to write off the CNN report as “fake news,” as is much of their reporting, but for the fact President Trump said in an interview on Friday that issuing an arrest warrant for Julian Assange would be, “OK with me.”

Trump’s condemnation of Wikileaks came just a day after his CIA Director, Michael Pompeo, attacked Wikileaks as a “hostile intelligence service.” Pompeo accused Assange of being “a fraud — a coward hiding behind a screen.”

Pompeo’s word choice was no accident. By accusing Wikileaks of being a “hostile intelligence service” rather than a publisher of information on illegal and abusive government practices leaked by whistleblowers, he signaled that the organization has no First Amendment rights. Like many in Washington, he does not understand that the First Amendment is a limitation on government rather than a granting of rights to citizens. Pompeo was declaring war on Wikileaks.

But not that long ago Pompeo also cited Wikileaks as an important source of information. In July he drew attention to the Wikileaks release of information damaging to the Clinton campaign, writing, “Need further proof that the fix was in from President Obama on down?”

There is a word for this sudden about-face on Wikileaks and the transparency it provides us into the operations of the prominent and powerful: hypocrisy.

The Trump Administration’s declaration of war on whistleblowers and Wikileaks is one of the greatest disappointments in these first 100 days. Donald Trump rode into the White House with promises that he would “drain the swamp,” meaning that he would overturn the apple carts of Washington’s vested interests. By unleashing those same vested interests on those who hold them in check – the whistleblowers and those who publish their revelations – he has turned his back on those who elected him.

Julian Assange, along with the whistleblowers who reveal to us the evil that is being done in our name, are heroes. They deserve our respect and admiration, not a prison cell. If we allow this president to declare war on those who tell the truth, we have only ourselves to blame.

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BadDog's picture

Ron Paul speaks truth to power.

Bigly's picture

He sure does.  I wish he had had more balls, a little more charisma and was 20 yrs younger

fx's picture

He betrayed his base. One of the greatest disappointments of our lifetimes. And it didn't take him a mere 100 days .FU, Donald! Cut off this zionist scum Kushner already, will ya!

InjectTheVenom's picture


>>>>    Paul

>>>>    Trump

Schlump's picture

I hate Ron Paul. He's a loser. SAD!

"The only difference between me and the other failed presidential candidates is that I’m more honest and my women are more beautiful." (actual quote)

"My IQ is one of the highest — and you all know it! Please don’t feel so stupid or insecure; it’s not your fault." (actual quote)

beemasters's picture

So you hate Ron Paul because he is honest and smart??? People like you are the reason the country is so fucked up.

Ranger4564's picture

Psst. That was "Donald Trump" talking, not Schlump.

And the quotes, were by Donald Trump, not Ron Paul.

beemasters's picture

I didn't think they were Ron's either. We know Ron Paul is much smarter and more honest than any politician in DC.

Laddie's picture

Bannon has been all but fired. He was the only one who really wanted MAGA.

We shall see if Trump stands up for Sessions:
#Hoaxgate is Now #Mossadgate: Israel Rejects Jeff Sessions’ Request to Extradite Fake Hate Crime Culprit!

Trump’s Latest Black Pills April 23, 2017

Message to the World Jewish Congress from US President Donald Trump
Apr 23, 2017
President Donald Trump delivered a video message the WJC Plenary Assembly in New York on Sunday, on Yom HaShoah, Israel’s day of remembrance for the victims and heroes of the Holocaust. Trump extended a warm welcome to WJC President Ronald S. Lauder

"Jews across the world have proved the truth of these words day after day. In the memory of those who were lost, we renew our commitment and our determination not to disregard the warnings of our own times.

We must stamp out prejudice and anti-Semitism everywhere it is found. We must defeat terrorism, and we must not ignore the threats of a regime that talks openly of Israel’s destruction. We cannot let that ever even be thought of.

To all of you tonight, who have come from around the world, let it be known, America stands strong with the State of Israel."

In 2003 the cost of Israel to US Taxpayers was THREE TRILLION DOLLARS!

An Expensive “Friend”

subversion's picture

Don has a very dirty past with Roy Cohn as his best friend and mentor (who helped setup the childrens charities that are linked directly to the CIA pedo ops), Ghislaine Maxwell a mossad agent who would acquire young girls from Trump's club and put them into Epstiens hands (let's not forget what a close friend of the Clintons she is as well.....gotta have those underage girls).....his business ties to Soros (160 million bailout "gift" and they co-own the GM Hotel together) and the countless people from the tribe who fill his administration, his businesses and his daughter.

He knows damn well what he is doing after all he told you he was a snake.

TheObsoleteMan's picture

Back in the 80's I was more than feisty, but time does that to ya. Wears you down. You don't give a fuck as much as you used to I guess.

fbazzrea's picture

more balls?

look around... who else do you see standing up to defend Assange?

Dr. Paul is one of few public figures willing to speak out against the insanity. Kudos, Dr. Paul!

Mtnrunnr's picture

Bernie Sanders but fuck him because he owns 3 houses.

SoilMyselfRotten's picture

"that the Trump Administration’s Justice Department was seeking the arrest of Assange and had found a way to charge the Wikileaks founder..."


That you John Yoo? I'm sure we can find a way to torture him legally too.

supersajin's picture

Tulsi Gabbard has the biggest balls of'em all

loves the truth's picture

You tell him Osul.

Too late, he's already sold his soul to the Lucifer/Zionists

BennyBoy's picture


Assange Is A Hero.

And so are all the other truth releasers.

The fuckers who do all this lying and spying and murdering for "National Security" need to spend a few years in a "pound you in the ass prison".

unsafe-space-time's picture

Only psychopaths have charisma. Everyone with charisma needs to get shot.

nachochan's picture

Would be nice if Ron's son would only start speaking up too.

Mustafa Kemal's picture

If we havent figured it out yet, the Trump Train is over and headed off the rails, possibly bringing us all with it.

JRev's picture

What?!?! Politicians are lying hypocrites?

Surely the informed denizens of ZH can see through this. Oh, wait... 

Ignatius's picture

President Chump.  Get used to it.

HRClinton's picture

IMO, Donald went from

Mr. Hump, to

Candidate Thump, to

President Chump.

Eventually he'll go to...

Impeached Dump.

fx's picture

He betrayed his base. One of the greatest disappointments of our lifetimes. And it didn't take him a mere 100 days .FU, Donald! Cut off this zionist scum Kushner already, will ya!

yogibear's picture

He's turning his base against him.

Listens too much to his son-in-law.


DrunkenMonkey's picture

Chump & Dense, it makes no sense.

FIAT CON's picture

Tweet Trump non stop about htis reversal.

peopledontwanttruth's picture

He could care less about negative tweets. He got what he wanted a secure position for him and his family as he knows there's NO fixing this mess. He was looking out for what/who he has looked out for for 70 years. He suffers from the 2 thumbs disease. It's all about him.

new game's picture

"no fixing this mess" without dying before your tyme. at least he could have resigned and went out on his terms.

this is the the real trump- not fooled again, as posted before his election. confirmation suks though...

peopledontwanttruth's picture

New game I remember seeing a video of Trump several years back when he was asked about running for president and he said absolutely not. They asked him why? He stated accurately there's no fixing this mess and the day WILL come where it would take $100,000 for a loaf of bread if you could find one, said it will make pre WWII Germany look like a picnic. I've searched and searched everywhere for it. No doubt taken down. The only thing that's changed in Donald's mind about thais--What can I do to secure my family and me.

FIAT CON's picture

Nobody, can care less. It would damage his ego to see 30 miilion tweets calling him out.

Supafly's picture

No it wouldn't.  He thrives on attention, no matter how it's directed.  For people like him, any press is good press.  I'm still glad that Hillary's diaper isn't soiling the chair in the Oval Office though.

Mustafa Kemal's picture

I have no experience with twitter, but I just checked his twitter feed and it is 95% Trump with a few Drudges thrown in. Doesnt look like any feedback is there, but again, maybe I dont understand how it works

fbazzrea's picture

Thanks for speaking up, Dr. Paul!

HRClinton's picture

Ron Paul has a moral compass. 

DJT and many around him, do not. 

(I should know)

secretargentman's picture

I think the people might have another opinion. An attempted arrest of Assange could get messy. 

FIAT CON's picture

It seems that .gov will not stop until they get a major blowback from the sheeple.

Bullies will never back off until they get a real good smack in the head!

new game's picture

blowback could come from a cornered bear,

or a bigly pissed off towel head, or both...

FIAT CON's picture

May also come from within.

new game's picture

something gonna give. boiling pot runneth over...

philipat's picture

With an International arrest warrant in place, the UK lapdog will arrest Assange as soon as EITHER the statute of limitations on the made-up rape charged for which he has never been charges expires OR (As soon as the US warrant is in place) The Swedes drop the investigation and he walks out of the Ecuadorian Embassy in London.

He should instead be getting a Nobel Peace Prize, most recently for exposing the See-Aye-Aaaah for the genocidal and sociopathic criminal enterprise that it always has been.

logicalman's picture

That a guy who stands up for openness and truth is trapped in cage (even if the conditions are less than harsh) speaks volumes regarding the world we live in.

He should go down in history as one of the good guys, but you have to keep in mind that history is written by the establishment.

It will be an interesting test for society if TPTB get hold of him.

Mustafa Kemal's picture

Yup, Im thinkin we could get 10 million deplorables with pitchforks march goin

blue51's picture

The Zioscum have captured Trump with some blackmail shit , and his options are to either do as they direct , or resign and Pence the NeoNut bitch carries on . Nice call-out though, Ron .