French Establishment Mount The Ramparts Against Le Pen

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Authored by Finian Cunningham via The Strategic Culture Foundation,

«Centrist» candidate Emmanuel Macron was no sooner announced winner in the first round of the French presidential election at the weekend, and with unseemly haste the political establishment rushed to close ranks against rival Marine Le Pen of the Front National.

Macron topped the poll in the first round winning 23.8 per cent of the vote. Le Pen came in second place with 21.5 per cent. Both candidates will now proceed to face off in the second round, to be held on May 7, with the other nine candidates having been eliminated.

The FN leader is entitled to call her electoral performance a «historic» achievement. It was the best result for the nationalist party in the French presidential elections since its foundation in 1972. But while her supporters were celebrating a landmark victory, the French establishment was desperately pulling up the drawbridge. Slings, arrows and boiling oil are being readied to make sure Le Pen is kept at bay from the seat of power.

Le Pen, who took over the party leadership in 2011 from her father Jean-Marie, has taken the FN from «fringe» status to now being a major mainstream political force, within a shot of winning the presidency of the French Republic.

But it is unlikely that Marine Le Pen will become Madame President – at least in the 2017 cycle. Her rival Macron is already receiving fulsome endorsements from the erstwhile two main parties, the center-right Republicans and the incumbent Socialists. Both parties suffered painful defeats at the weekend, the first time in 60 years than neither of them have a candidate going forward to the second round.

Republican candidate Francois Fillon, who won 19.9 per cent of the vote, immediately gave his endorsement to Macron, telling his supporters that Le Pen would be a «disaster» for the country. Socialist contender, Benoit Hamon, whose electoral performance crashed to scraping only 6.5 per cent of the vote, was even more vehement in endorsing Macron. In his defeat-acceptance speech, Hamon called on his supporters to get behind Macron because Le Pen was «an enemy of the state».

The so-called «hard left» candidate Jean-Luc Melénchon, of the France Unbowed party, came in fourth with a respectable vote of 19.6 per cent, narrowly behind Fillon. Considering that Melénchon was campaigning on a staunch socialist manifesto and that his party was only recently formed, it was a commendable result for the veteran left-winger. He can claim to have secured the mantle of the «genuine left» in France, and going forward has a strong base upon which to build a new socialist party. For that reason, Melénchon refused to endorse either Macron or Le Pen for the second round. To his credit, he is not selling out on political principles.

The final head-to-head election next month is shaping up to be a repeat of the 2002 presidential contest, when Marine’s father Jean-Marie caused a political shock when he made it through to second round back then. Similar to that occasion, as now, the establishment rallied to support Jacques Chirac, of the center-right UMP (forerunner of the present-day Republicans). In 2002, Jean-Marie Le Pen was trounced, winning only 18 per cent of the final vote, against Chirac’s nearly 80 per cent.

As before, the same maneuver of mounting the ramparts against Marine Le Pen is underway. Macron will consolidate voters from Fillon’s Republicans and Hamon’s Socialists, and he is projected to win up to 60 per cent of the final tally against Marine Le Pen.

In terms of votes, Le Pen’s FN has evolved to become an undoubted central political force in French politics. At the weekend, she garnered some 7.6 million, less than one million behind Macron, and well ahead of the other contenders. Her party’s performance exceeded that of its previous best in the 2015 municipal elections when the FN won 6.6 million votes.

Nevertheless, Le Pen’s FN is still tainted with its original association with fascism, racism and anti-semitism. Le Pen says that mainstream media labelling of her party as «far-right» is a smear. She prefers to call the FN «nationalist».

To a large extent, the 48-year-old lawyer has managed to «detoxify» the image of the party and has positioned it as a populist movement that stands against global capitalism and the European Union’s servility to corporate finance. Le Pen is campaigning on left-leaning economic policies of «social protection» and taking France out of the EU, in the same manner as the Brexit for Britain. She also wants to quit the US-led NATO military alliance and is openly calling for friendly relations with Russia. The FN aims to restore national control over French borders and implement big cuts in immigration numbers. Her strident denunciation of «Islamization» of French culture has earned her criticism of being xenophobic.

However, to label Le Pen and the FN as «an enemy of the state» seems to be an hysterical caricature. The suspicion is that it is her party’s policies of opposing global capitalism, the EU and NATO which is the real source of establishment animus, which is concealed by hollow accusations of «racism, xenophobia and fascism» and «enemy of the state».

It is notable that EU leaders also joined with French establishment figures in rushing to endorse Macron at the weekend. European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker and German Chancellor Angela Merkel responded quickly to congratulate him on winning first place in the initial presidential round. With two weeks to go until the second and final round, those public comments from EU leaders seem to be a flagrant interference in the French election. Nonetheless, they underscore the urgency for the political establishment within France and across Europe to keep Le Pen from entering the Élysée Palace on May 7.

As for Macron, the branding of the «centrist» politician has the unmistakeable air of slick marketing by the powers-that-be. Of course, being avidly pro-EU, pro-NATO and frosty towards Russian leader Vladimir Putin makes Macron a keen favorite in the eyes of the status quo.

The 39-year-old Macron claims that, politically, he is «neither right nor left» and the mainstream media have glowingly dubbed him a fresh-faced «outsider». Corny comparisons are made to John F Kennedy, Tony Blair and Barack Obama. There is a palpable sense that Macron’s image is being intensely manufactured as the golden boy of politics who, it is advertised, will bring «hope and change» for everyone.

Only in a crass, superficial sense could Macron be described as «an outsider» who is forging a «new politics». It is true that he has never served in elected office. And he formed his political party, En Marche, (Forward) only a year ago.

But everything else about Macron is deeply establishment and status quo. With an elite education, he worked as a former Rothschild investment banker on a multi-million-euro income, before being appointed by Socialist President Francois Hollande as economy minister four years ago. In that post, he was the architect of the widely hated pro-business labor «reforms» (hire-and-fire), which the Hollande government forced into law last year by decree, despite massive public protests.

Macron cleverly stepped down from his ministerial post in anticipation of entering the presidential elections, and thereby gave himself a modicum of distance from the despised governing Socialists. The latter, by the way, is really a misnomer, as Hollande’s government (2012-2017) served as ardent proponents of neoliberal capitalism in the service of global finance. That is partly the reason why Hollande’s would-be successor Benoit Hamon received such a drubbing in the latest poll, while Jean-Luc Melénchon of the Communist-backed France Unbowed emerged with respectable support.

So, Macron is certainly no «outsider» nor fresh-faced «challenger» of the status quo. That’s just all superficial marketing and branding to ensure that he prevents Le Pen winning power. Macron will eventually prove to be a willing servant of global capitalism, the EU and NATO, and a ruthless economic hitman against the working class.

In his first-round victory speech at the weekend, Macron declared that he would create a France that is «fair and efficient» for everyone. The use of the word «efficient» is a creepy harbinger of the priorities that this establishment-technocrat will deliver in his presidential service to big business, global capital and US-led transatlantic militarism.

Macron’s endorsement list tells a lot. It includes: incumbent President Francois Hollande and current prime minister Bernard Cazeneuve, the foreign minister Jean-Marc Ayrault and defense minister Jean-Yves Le Drian. As well as the entire center-right Republican leadership. These two parties were solidly rejected in the first round of the presidential election at the weekend. And yet they are now cheerleading for Macron, the supposed «outsider». This amounts to failed French politicians begetting more failed French politicians. Wow, plus ca change!

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johngaltfla's picture

If you thought the Soros smear job against Trump was bad last year, it will pale compared to what Rothschild and Georgie have in store for Le Pen. Before this next vote they will have her eating babies and other such extremes. The NWO will not be denied.

StopBeingParanoid's picture

it doesn't take a smear campaign to understand the the medieval economic doctrine of FN is a recipe for disaster. I don't care about social issues, I'm extremely worried Le Pen would *actually* try to do what she promised with the economy, which has no sense whatsoever.

philipat's picture

I love the smell of "Brexit" in the morning....

Time for a new "Les Miserables" or was that updated to "Les Deprorables"?

new game's picture

2 parties as i see it: retards and realists

majority of population are retards.

retards manipulated by deep states.

deep states are banksters, military types and msm(not msg).

explaining this to the retard party is impossible as they are retards.

simple shit maynard...

847328_3527's picture

Has le Figaro said Macron has 98% chance of winning yet? Maybe htey need to consult Woof Shitzer.

froze25's picture

So Le PenN isn't getting endorsed by the very people that have taken France to the hell it's in now. If that sways the French voters then they are truly screwed as a nation.

fleur de lis's picture

Macron will get it but only because the media back him and lie about her, the banks fund him and will not cooperate with her, and the NWO is working furiously to put out another populist fire that would put a crimp in all their plans for social destruction and reformation.

On an even playing field LePen would crush Macron. 



avid reader's picture

Do they drug-screen the presidential candidates? Wouldn't surprise a bit if Macron showed positive for cocaine.

baby_tone's picture

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HenryKissingerChurchill's picture

Le Pen still being alive is a good indicator that she is another minion ready to win and turn into another Trump.

Just because there is plenty of evidence acknowledging Macron as a Rothschild bootlicker, does not mean Le Pen is not on the right side, too. It is only the same Hegelian dialectic, a false dychotomy.

If voting made any difference they wouldn't let us do it. Twain

dark fiber's picture

The main reason Wielders did not score a clear victory in Holland and LePen has very little chance of winning in France is that orange headed idiot Trump.  Mark my words, that narcissistic self obsessed assclown will do damage  in ways no bunch of SJW libtards ever could.

lew1024's picture

You make assertions, claims and call names. No evidence. No reasoned argument. No context.

Do you think people will take you seriously for comments like that? You don't come up to the level of a competent hasbara, imho.

AvoidingTaxation's picture

Why France should not go medieval?

Harry Vederchi's picture

Economic policy is a disaster throughout the French political spectrum.

Le Pen wants to end 3rd world immigration and that is vital. Borders are bad when they're used against trade, good when they're used to protect from invasion and migration.

You can't defend property and immigration. 

Rory_Breaker's picture

Le Pen is as much NWO as Macron

Hubert Lambert of the Samuel Lambert dynasty - an agent of De Rothschild Frères in Belgium - funded LePen's family by giving them ?20 millions. Louis Alliot, [Marine's jewish boyfriend and FN's vice-president] founded "Union des Patriotes Francais Juifs" and his mother was a high ranking member of the france's communist party. Four of her highest advisers own the french-israeli dual citizenship. Jean-Luc Schaffhauser, ardent zionist banker and anti-palestinian activist, gave multiple loans to LePen. If it wasn't enough, Marion Maréchal LePen, second head of the party, her father was a fucking Mossad agent.

Yukon Cornholius's picture

Good info.

(((They))) want their war, and they're gonna get it.

East Indian's picture

After seeing Trump's about-face, I am not sanguine about Le Pen. Even if she wins, she may not do much / may flip to the other side.


Solution lies elsewhere, not in endless rounds of ballot. May be an economic collapse. May be a decapitation EMP. May be a solar flare. May be our member, the Giant Meteor. 

Democracy did not fail us; we failed democracy, by being less vigilant. 

I will forever regret 1991.

East Indian's picture

If Le Pen is not mightier enough, may be Le Sword?

jefferson32's picture

The whole thing is a charade. Nothing is real. The people who are doing this are master storytellers. In every story you need a villain, and a hero.

The fact that Macron is so overwhelmingly supported by the establishment is a tell. Also the fact that the French media criticizes Le Pen so disingeneously, ineffectively. It's reverse-psychology, 2nd-degree propaganda, don't know how to call it, but it is clear. Macron is the French Hillary Clinton (everything is superlative in the US, so Clinton was a real super-villain).

In reality both Le Pen and Trump are high servants to the NWO. Marine's victory has already been pre-ordained. You'll see for 2 weeks happen in France what happened in the US for 6 months (counter-productive diabolisation, Russian hackers nonsense, the medias' target climbing in the "polls", to finally secure an "unexpected" victory).

Remember, for a new world to be born, the previous order needs first to be utterly destroyed. Ordo ab chao.

847328_3527's picture

Trump is still 100% better then Hillary. Take for example Hillary promise to pass the "Reparation Tax" on crackas. And her plan to force integration of all white suburbs because she expalined, "white suburbs are raycist" same as Barkey said.

Hillary supports Obamacare even though she knows middle class working people are suffering from it.

There's many more examples but Hillary is completed disconnected from the American middle class.


So Trump is not perfect but still 100% better then Hitlery.

mrbyrite's picture

I think you've got the right idea.  Story-telling is exactly what it's about, and how they conceive politics.  My only objection is the idea that they are 'master' story-tellers. I'd say they still have most people lapping it up, but increasingly they seem to be like bad story-tellers, churning out stuff that no longer completely convinces. The Trump debacle hasn't helped them either if the longer term purpose is to persuade people that there are titanic struggles going on

sinbad2's picture

In the long run it doesn't really matter that Trump was a fraud/failure, it disrupted the status quo, same with Le Pen, it's symbolic.

The Trump victory has ended Hillary Clinton's career, that's something to be proud of.


But will Americans vote for somebody with a vision, or will they vote for a personality?


jefferson32's picture

You rejected the (real) villain (Clinton), and elected a (false) hero (Trump). Disrupting the status quo is part of the plan; they'll make sure their solution is the one we answer their manufactured problem/reaction with.

The only moral political party is the party of absentionists. It is the largest party btw.

Hyjinx's picture

Ummm... Trump has only been in office 100 days and is still focused on getting what he can of his platform when he can. He isn't king we have an asshole congress.

Rory_Breaker's picture

Hubert Lambert of the Samuel Lambert dynasty - an agent of De Rothschild Frères in Belgium - funded LePen's family by giving them ?20 millions. Louis Alliot, [Marine's jewish boyfriend and FN's vice-president] founded "Union des Patriotes Francais Juifs" and his mother was a high ranking member of the france's communist party. Four of her highest advisers own the french-israeli dual citizenship. Jean-Luc Schaffhauser, ardent zionist banker and anti-palestinian activist, gave multiple loans to LePen. If it wasn't enough, Marion Maréchal LePen, second head of the party, her father was a fucking Mossad agent.

Le Pen is not going to be the saviour that the French nationalists are looking for.

jus_lite_reading's picture

STFU. Trump didn't do any about-face. You simply have no idea how big the swamp is and what is involved.

BorisTheBlade's picture

Macron will make Sarkozy look good.

johngaltfla's picture

"Macron" is French for "Rothschild whore"...

Peter K's picture

Now that Renzi has crashed and burned, Macron can be the new "spiritual" force behind the "rebirth" of Euroland.

nationalist_aj's picture

Macron is the chosen one for EU globalists. Marine Le Pen had a good run, but I don't think she'll win.

StopBeingParanoid's picture

Macron could have been a sentenced pedophile drug trafficker assassin, he would still be better than the fascists. Besides their unrealistic claims about public order (5 million muslim citizens cannot be taken out of the country, terrorists came from within, they weren't migrants), FN has an extremely stupid approach to trade and blames everything on the euro, while we all know France public finances have been severely mismanaged through the decades and that lack of competitiveness has a lot more to do with soviet labor laws rather than currncy. 
The antidote for populism is education and luckily in continental Europe education is more evenly distributed than Anglo-Saxon countries. She's not gonna win. 

rondellio's picture

An ignorant use of the word fascist and a trivilisation of child abuse.  Compelling reasons to support Le Pen.  

ManTheMan's picture

Et l'évasion fiscale, tu connais ?

jefferson32's picture

Oui, et elle est vertueuse. Payer des impôts signifie entretenir le train de vie des criminels qui croient nous gouverner.

East Indian's picture

First, the powers that be admit 5 million Muslims into France, legally and illegally, and now they claim "removing them is unrealistic" ?



risk.averse's picture

First, the powers that be admit 5 million Muslims into France, legally and illegally, and now they claim "removing them is unrealistic"

the point needs to be made clear: it WAS NOT they were/are Muslims, it was that they were of a culture that was always going to struggle to integrate seamlessly into modern European society. Multi-ethnic societies can work bu they need to be engineered skillfully and wisely. Many cultures blend harmoniously with Western-European-US society.Islamic-based cultures are generally not one of them. Throwing up the occasional exception does not disprove this.

Politicised multi-culturalism was a metaphorical hand-grenade designed to disrupt peaceful, integrated Western societies before they wrote social contracts that made globalized elitist takeovers impossible. Social contracts that are for the benefit of their communities (at the expense of the oligarchs) are now difficult to frame in our polyglot, everyone-looking-over-their-shoulder societies.

Divide-and-conquer works. It's one of the oldeest and most effective strategies.

vologogo's picture

Well said, saving this comment for future reference. The question now is, what is the end game, and what steps must be taken in order to reverse what has occured? Hyper nationalism, or a complete collapse and reforging of borders along new lines seem to be the only ways to me (barring an alien invasion from outerspace, which would drive all of humanity together as per the usual human tribalism).

Barney Fife's picture

Never underestimate the common man's utter loathing for the Elite. Remember, it was an endorsement of the Establishment for anyone but Trump that got him elected. 

These people still do not realize just how badly the average serf  wants their heads on a pike. They think that they are loved. 

jefferson32's picture

I think they realize it quite well, and actually want it that way.

Have you ever wondered why they haven't planted WMDs in Irak? Or why the propaganda-movie about the Irak war (starring Matt Damon) expounded the corruption and "faulty intelligence"?

Or the Lehman collapse / subsequent TARP? 800 billion is nothing for the Fed, it monetized much much more, still they needed public anger. All the propaganda movies/documentaries on the "financial crisis" confirm this view (and none denounce the money system and those behind it).

Or why they'd have/promote a show like House of Cards (eventhough Netflix is 100% behind the mind control / propaganda agenda)?

The answer: they are trying to destroy any remnant of public trust in existing institutions. They are doing a great job at it, and we haven't seen it all yet. Remember that to build a new order, you first need to utterly destroy the existing one.

Victor999's picture

The most insightful comment I have read today.  This is precisely what is taking place in all Western countries today.  A profound and deep destruction of trust in the government.  The Jews have a goal and have for millennia - go into all the nations and utterly destroy them, taking no prisoners.  And when that is done, rebuild the world based on Judaic (Talmudic) law - Jews rule, Goyim serve.  To accomplish this, however, the people must be moved to the point that they will accept ANYTHING to relieve the pain of living in a continuously degenerative and chaotic world which to taking away their future and that of their children.

Ghordius's picture

interestingly, your theory would entail a "profound and deep destruction of trust"... towards the EU, too. and NATO, of course

meanwhile, I joined this blog, ZH, exactly for it's profound distrust in all kinds of ".gov" (whereas I prefer skepticism)

before a lot of this new propaganda even started

before the Zionist "Walls are beautiful, look how beautiful Israel's walls are, you have to build some, too", for example

LA_Goldbug's picture

The Elites have a huge problem. People live too long and are starting to see through their theatrics. Hence the methods used to get their people in are more comical with time. Macron is like Kushner in the Orange Parrots administration. He's so handsome that he must be good for the people. Are the French that stupid or are the elections manipulated. LePen is a french version of the Trump.

Victor999's picture

Easy.  The French are that stupid.

Swamp Yankee's picture

If "They" hate her then maybe she is just what France needs.

Victor999's picture

She is what France needs, but not what France wants.