Russia Ready To Send Ground Troops To Syria: FARS

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Iran news agency FARS reports that according to Syrian military sources, Moscow has informed Damascus of its preparedness to dispatch ground troops to Syria.

FARS - which like most US media should always be taken with a gran of salt - quotes the Al-Hadath news, according to whose sources Russia has announced that in case of the Syrian army's request it is ready to send ground forces to Syria. The sources said that special Russian forces are prepared to be deployed in regions which are experiencing the most pressures by the terrorist groups.

They added that the technical aspects of the plan have been studied and prepared by Russia, saying that the plan can be implemented upon Russian President Vladimir Putin's order after Damascus' official request.

A Russian daily reported earlier this month that the country's soldiers are about to shoulder the responsibility of restoring security to the Christian-populated regions during the Syrian Army's imminent anti-terrorism operations in Northern Hama.

FARS adds that according to Russian Izvestia, the Russian units will help popular forces in Hama province to restore security to the town of Mahradeh, whose population are mainly Christians.  The daily added that terrorists are under the Syrian Army's siege from all directions.

There have been fierce clashes between the government forces and militants near Hahradeh since April 4th. "Informed sources" believe that the army intends to complete the siege of the terrorists in Northern Hama to clean the region up to the border with Idlib province.

A deployment of Russian troops in Syria may coincide with a deployment of US ground forces to Syria. Two weeks ago, Bloomberg reported that Trump's national security advisor, H.R. McMaster was planning on sending between 10,000 and 50,000 troops to Syria. Needless to say, a showdown between thousands of Russian and US troops in Syria is unlikely to have a happy ending.

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John McCain is cheering. But for the wrong reasons. Be worried. Be very worried.

Quantum Bunk's picture

I called this a few days ago


They will just be shoring up security responsibilities so that SAA's can fight

Laowei Gweilo's picture

good for them ... they never learned in afghanistan; we never learned in afghanistan; we never learned in iraq

hopefully with russians on the ground it makes Trump LESS likely not more likely to intervene there -_- 

but i'm sure McCain has a boner  (or at least a stubby whatever the guy manage these days though i'm sure war still gets him taut like a winch cable)

sincerely_yours's picture

"unlikely to have a happy ending"

Understatement of the year!

DontGive's picture

Obligatory, Fuck John McStain.

That is all I came here to say.

AllBentOutOfShape's picture

Better to call him by his true name; John McStein.

To bad Russia can't get their troops into the areas that are illegally occupied by US intruders to drive them back across the borders from which they illegally crossed.

new game's picture

can we call the syria the bullseye?

BeanusCountus's picture

Russia knows that Syrian war is a potential win. Nothing more, nothing less. And not true they didn't learn from Afghanistan. US still in school. Lessons hard. All meant to spread US thin. Trump has hands full. Gonna take a lot of effort. US response key here, world order the prize. Trump not standing still. Like it or not, we will soon see who is leader in military influence. This is no drill, sorry gang but I'm backing Trump here. Not happy about it, but it was inevitable. And anyone who thinks it's US pulling chain is wrong.

Volkodav's picture

      doubtful you know much about Afghanistan

      Afghan Freedom Fighter in Donbass 

      this was Afghanistan he speak of 

      Kabul this Afghan knew before worst radicals were promoted by outsiders

      murdered the moderate leader violence against most educated Afghans

      with country thrown into destructions.

      Soviet only intervened to stablize, as Russian citizens were murdered

      and prevent takeover by extremist radicals.

      best account Englsh:

      Afgantsy   Rodric Braithwaite




Volkodav's picture

     already there more than anyone know

HowdyDoody's picture

There are military police training civilians in self defense. There are sappers training Syrians in the latest demining techniques. Whole SAA military groups have been trained to Russian military standards. Russian miitary medical teams are treating wounded and ill civilians. Four Su-34s have recently arrvied in Hymeim.

Russian troops vising a Syrian school

new game's picture

my bet goes with home field advantage. forget the over/under...

HRClinton's picture

Aside from sending diplomatic messages with this gesture, Russia is being smart to give the troops some real fighting experience. 

Probably as special forces, to get between the US special forces and ISIS, and thus cut them off from US ground support. Support that we keep pretending does not exist. 

MozartIII's picture

So Russia is defending the christians. America won't, as it is run by muslums and Saudi Arabia (the horor to the Jew world order people, Israel defends itself at all costs, you would to)). What comes next..... Who knows!

Freddie's picture

Jared Kushner-Soros-Trump

gunzeon's picture

One things for sure, the house shills and trolls will be unable to copntain themselves over this "news" !

therealestg9's picture

They are dead men walking in the eyes of the Washington neocons.

finametrics's picture

Lol. Who's gonna get em? The transgenders from the murican army? Hahahahahahahahahahahaha

therealestg9's picture

Both you and I know that the plan is to make the Russians pay for this by provoking attacks against them.

SHADEWELL's picture

teah the ones that will fuck u in the ass...shit on you, then throw u a way like a used piece of toilet pape

You fucking CUNT

meditate_vigorously's picture

The GWOT weeded out all of the warfighters. All that is left are the scrubs.

Freddie's picture

All maimed Murican soldiers get a service dog and a few ball game tickets.

alsm777's picture

Just want to open the top secret information to you.

Professional Russian Army since 19th century (I do not know when that happened exactly) is the bunch of lazy useless cowards, they are stupid and zero-cultural m-m-m... beings without any moral. They only need big salary, pension at 45, get free apartaments for them and their families and othger priveleges. Actually they are not Russian army (colony do not need own army), they are putin's mercenaries. They are not going to defend their motherland (against any strong enemy like US, NATO or China), because they have not balls and all they can is jist kiss their superiors in the arse and making some "military show".

In case of war they will easy become POWs or even HiWi. The same thing happened in 1941 - one strike and most of the professional army fled or surrended. Stalin called for civil people and they saved Russia.

YourAverageJoe's picture

I fully support having the Russians clean that mess up.

Ignatius's picture

I stand with Syrian sovereignty and the elimination/expulsion of the invading mercenary ISIS killers.

Freddie's picture

The Russians and Putin are trying to protect innocent people.

The USSA-Neocons has been engaging in genocide for the past 28 years in the middle east.

This follows LBJ's genocide in Vietnam.

Wars for profit, banksters, the elites, MIC and drug running.

Schmuck Raker's picture

"Russia Ready To Send Ground Troops To Syria"

...ain't we all.

Omega_Man's picture

it's about to see chinese troops there too...fighting together alongside russians

man of Wool's picture

The Chinese aren't that stupid. 

Glad to see he is sending some troops in. Russia needs to remove the SFA so that the war can concentrate on ISIS/America. Russia withdrew support for Assad too soon.

Volkodav's picture

      chine be there, you would not know


stecha's picture

bout fucking time. this shit needed to happen 40 years ago!!

SAE6065's picture

Ok i agree with you on this.  However i have a tendency to say this. If a person fucks you over just a little bit in time you will likely forget about it. That's why i say FUCK THEM REAL HARD. That way you will probably never forget it and if you did shame on you.  Hahahahahaha


Davidduke2000's picture

I went on FARS news and there is no story there, nor on Russia's sputnik no RT nor TASS

VWAndy's picture

 If I was fighting mercs. Id go after thier payroll dept first. jus sayin

The Ram's picture

Good move on Putin's part.  Force Trump and the neocons to consider whether they want Russian casulties.   One of the principles of the neocons is to only go up against far lesser foes.  They will not confront the Russians and Iranians directly.  

booboo's picture

Is America ready to have plane loads of flag draped coffins arriving on transports? I think not. Washingtons favorite first couple John McCain and Linda Graham may be in for a downfall if things go south. Evan Reagan knew it was best to turn tail and haul ass out of Lebanon after the barracks bombing that killed a mere 241 Marines.

East Indian's picture

There wont be any plane loads returning to America. Most of Syria is a vast desert. 

Go to fight there uncalled for; lie buried there unwept. 


Blankone's picture

As if Syria did not want Russia forces 2 yrs ago. The problem has not been Syria not wanting them. Syria will now only make such a request if Putin tells them to do so.

And a few troops for show it not needed. Putin needs to commit a fully outfitted force with armor and artillery.

Each hour that Putin does not now send the troops makes this announcement look more and more like a face saving excuse by Putin. "I did not send troops because Assad never asked for them." Or Putin can send them to just the west coast to try to hold his naval port and airbase. Or it just another desperate attempt by Iran and Syria to slow down the actions of the US with a BS announcement. If that be the case then Iran is getting increasingly fearful.

francis scott falseflag's picture


You know as much about what's going on in Syria as a pig knows about Sunday.

BarkingCat's picture

That ptetty much covers everyone here, including you and me.

rejected's picture

Yea,,, Saw an article on SouthFront about that. Pretty much the same sources though.

SAE6065's picture

Does anyone here forsee a conflict of interest between our troops and the Russian troops? Get your popcorn ready and kick back to watch the action. BTW FUCK THAT ASSHOLE TRAITOR John Boy McCain. Wish the fucker would just end up disappearing like right now.



Incorporated by inference's picture

Yep I wonder what sensational name they'll come up with for this adventure?
We've had
desert storm
Shock and awe
Iraqi freedom
Hope they name it shock and con

Cracker Pipes's picture

The US Syria campaign is called "Sand under Foreskin"...

Laughing.Man's picture'll be "Operation: Fuck it!  Yes we're assholes.  Deal with it."