Somehow The US Has Killed 70k ISIS Fighters - Twice As Many As It Says Exist

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Authored by Darius Shahtahmasebi via,

In June 2014, around the time ISIS was making headlines across the world, the Wall Street Journal reported that the terror group had 4,000 fighters in Iraq.

In September 2014, the CIA released an estimate claiming ISIS had between 20,000 and 31,500 fighters combined in both Iraq and Syria, including 15,000 who were foreign fighters.

Almost half were foreign fighters? That’s some organic uprising taking place in Syria.

One month before the CIA’s estimate, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR) released an estimate of their own that placed ISIS’ membership at well over 50,000 fighters in Syria, alone (including 20,000 non-Syrians.) But SOHR is run by one man who owns a clothing shop in Coventry, England. He was once quoted as saying “I came to Britain the day Hafez al-Assad died, and I’ll return when Bashar al-Assad goes.” This bias is rarely reported in the corporate media, which regularly cites SOHR.

Regardless of the exact numbers, the U.S.-led re-intervention into Iraq had already begun in June 2014 (before these estimates had been released.) Understandably, the total number of ISIS fighters in Iraq and Syria has fluctuated somewhat — it has both increased and decreased over time — since the U.S. began a bombing campaign in both countries that was supposedly designed to “degrade and destroy” them. But they left the terrorists’ $50 million a month oil revenue completely intact. That’ll show them. For some reason, the U.S. decided to leave this task to the Russians, who targeted ISIS’ lucrative source of revenue on America’s behalf (only for a NATO member to shoot down their jets in response).

The number of ISIS fighters supposedly killed by the U.S.-led coalition has also been somewhat disputed. At the end of last year, U.K. Defense Secretary Michael Fallon estimated that the coalition had killed a whopping 25,000 fighters during the campaign. However, a senior military official told CNN at around the same time that the Pentagon’s conservative estimate was that the U.S. air campaign had killed a staggering 50,000 ISIS fighters.

In its most recent published numbers, the Pentagon claims to have killed over 70,000 militants since June 2014 while only killing a mere 229 civilians. That’s an alleged hit rate of over 99 percent.

Of course, we know this to be a false estimate. I’m not just referring to the ludicrously low number of civilians killed; the idea that the U.S. killed 70,000 ISIS militants is so outlandish it begs the question: What would actually remain of a terror group that initially had 30,000 fighters, if a total of 70,000 fighters (more than double their estimated membership) were killed just for good measure?

Further, as the LA Times extensively reported, the U.S. refuses to acknowledge the mounting evidence surrounding civilian casualties:

“But Airwars, a nonprofit with a staff of journalists and researchers who keep detailed records and conduct independent research, said its figures showed at least 3,111 civilians have been killed in 552 strikes for which it has significant evidence: Either the coalition has specifically confirmed the strikes, or it has confirmed strikes in the area on that date and Airwars has two or more credible sources.

As the air campaign intensifies, with direct decision making being delegated to generals on the battlefield with little oversight — courtesy of the Trump era — Iraqi civilians are being massacred by the thousands. In March of this year, an aerial bombardment killed well over 200 civilians in Mosul. Iraqi Vice President Osama Nujaifi called the attack a “humanitarian disaster.”

But it’s not a humanitarian disaster — it’s a blatant war crime.

Latest figures show that in March alone, the U.S. air campaign killed 1,782 civilians in Iraq and Syria (far more civilian deaths than Russia caused.) According to Airwars, the coalition’s death count grew so large that the organization was forced to put a complete halt to vetting casualties caused by the Russian military, as the coalition’s death toll had far surpassed that of the Russians.

According to the LA Times, U.S. Army Col. Joe Scrocca, a Baghdad-based spokesman, admitted its civilian casualty count is conservative. However, the real shamelessness of this is his rationale for not confirming civilian casualties. As reported by the Times:

“Military reports usually do not include accounts from the scene, he said, because many are in enemy territory. They don’t often include interviews with victims and other witnesses because they can be difficult to identify and find, he said.

Yes – precisely. Yet late last year, the media was sure Russia was committing an absolute massacre upon the civilian population in Aleppo in areas that were held by al-Qaeda affiliates — areas even the New York Times admitted may have only housed tens of thousands of residents to begin with. Who investigated these casualties in Aleppo?

Mosul is an enormous city in Iraq; as many as 650,000 civilians are at direct risk. The fighting is taking place in densely populated areas, and civilians are being buried in the process.

At least Lt. General Stephen Townsend, commander of U.S. forces in Iraq and Syria, has admitted the coalition has made mistakes, right? He also courageously made it clear that “we have never targeted them [civilians], not once.”

This warped rationale of justifying mass murder was captured brilliantly in Professor Noam Chomsky’s email exchange with attention-seeking atheist Sam Harris, completely unrequested on the part of Chomsky. Chomsky stated:

“And of course they knew that there would be major casualties. They are not imbeciles, but rather adopt a stance that is arguably even more immoral than purposeful killing, which at least recognizes the human status of the victims, not just killing ants while walking down the street, who cares?

Chomsky and Harris were discussing former U.S. President Bill Clinton’s decision to destroy a Sudanese pharmaceutical plant. The politics are the same some decades later.

B-b-but – we are liberating the Iraqis, so the price is worth it, right? The other horrifying aspect of this is that the propaganda we are fed through our television sets does not even mention the fact that for the Iraqis who survive the ordeal and don’t get buried under cement and rubble, this is not a liberation. In their eyes, this is the brutal takeover by one group of extremists from another group of extremists.

A poll conducted last year, as reported by the Washington Post, found that 74 percent of Sunni respondents did not want to be liberated by the Iraqi army on its own. One hundred percent of the respondents said they did not want to be liberated by the Shiite militias or the Kurds. The Shia militias, backed by Iran, have been documented carrying out numerous atrocities and revenge acts against the Sunni population of Iraq.

As noted by Luke Coffey, a former special adviser to the British defense secretary:

“These attitudes by Iraq’s Sunni population probably explain why even though Fallujah has been surrounded for more than a year by Iraqi security forces there has not been a popular uprising by the Sunni inhabitants against ISIL.

Iraqis’ lack of desire to unite against ISIS says more about the people attempting to liberate them than it does about life under ISIS.

This is not to say that the Iraqi people shouldn’t be freed from living under the reign of a terror group, but if they are being killed by the thousands in the process, I ask: Who is the terror group?

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Here is a very interesting look at how Israel feels that ISIS should be handled:


Apparently terrorism is fine as long as it doesn't directly impact Israel.


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One false move and the nigger gets it!

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Seasonal Adjustments?   ;-)


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Maybe we oughta get some Asian kids to keep score.  They're smart.  At least the ones on Jeopardy! are smart.
Alex Trebec's a dick.  But he's Canadian so dat's OK, eh?

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If they are within range of a bomb aimed at terrorists, they are terrorists. That thinking gets you right up to 99%.  I'm not sure about the 1%.

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"Bad math! That's a bad, bad math! Baaaaad math! Now sit down and shut up! You don't want me to get out the car aerial again, do you?"

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Every one, stop doing math.

Especially that notoriously inaccurate pair, addition and subtraction.

That kind of new math is best left to the experts in DC.

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So the Russian, Syrian, and US armies and air forces can't defeat ISS. It's almost like they must be fighting different enemies...


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Is that Jimi Hendrix driving that tank?  I thought he was airborne.

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It's prob some idiot Rasta Belgian

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What if these people in the Government are lying to us ! Has anyone ever considered that possibility ?

I know they are all patriotic winner types looking out for the USA's best interests, but what if some unseemly fellows creeped into the Government and they started promoting some alien agenda ? We would all be in dire straits quite quickly, I assure you.

What would happen if people who gave 'not a Toss' about the Constitution were to Secret themselves within the Governments Elected ranks by Fraud and Deceptions and go about in diverse and incomprehensible way's ? Surely, the Press should be examining this possibility for the National good ?

Let us hope it never happens and all my suspicions are wrong.

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The government numbers are easily reconciled. They have killed 70,000 people, minus 30,000 terrorists, leaving you 40,000 civilian casualties who need to be reclassified. The order of magnitude seems about right, we are only talking air strikes here. The 210 people killed was just a single incident on a single day.

Obviously the Russian strategy in Aleppo, using human intel and liaisons to make deals with the factions caught in East Aleppo, was a far superior strategy at saving lives. In the end bussing out the terrorists left tens of thousands alive. Notwithstanding the white helmets and the official story that the war is just an excuse for Assad to commit as much genocide as possible.

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Sorry I know your posts a bit.

I'm just feeling a bit thick.

Currently I am listening to Adverts on TV & Radio... Narrative:

"I am living in sucha great country, what an opportunity".

"Wow, I am so Educated by the Drivel presented to me by Millionaires, Wealthy Editors, Oligarchs, Lobbyists, Influential Rich Advertisers!"

"Wow, the Details provided to me REALLY allow me to decide between a War, a Strategic Strike with Missiles, and lack of facts and the need for zero actions in a detente or impasse.

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Anyone who runs is ISIS. Anyone who stands still, is well-disciplined ISIS!

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Do you know what the truth is?

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I am cynical and suspicious of everything this point but it is not my fault!

I still have a thinking brain and sadly the majority seem to no longer think critically, question authority or think even of consequences of actions. They are all emotional brain stems

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Another one:

The thermosphere lies in top of earth mesosphere at the height of between 120 and 600 km. The temperature out there is between 600 and 2500°C. 

Nothing survives there, nothing. Heat shields will turn into white glowing liquid and disappear.

Yet, if we can believe NASA and Musk, all kind of space crafts are happily pendeling up and down the thermosphere at if it is a Greyhound bus.

Also, ever wondered why Russians and Chinese have never been to the moon?

Any critical thinker out there? Or is the truth what the gubbermint says that it is?

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Don't know about the Russians but the Chinese are plannnig to head up there sometime between 2020-2030.  They need to build their space station first before heading to the moon.

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Troy, I know nothing of space, but high tempurature does not imply that it will burn you. that is a function of the heat capacity, which is the amount of energy required to change tempurature one degee.. That is why very hot air is much less dangerous than mildly hot steam. And hot rarified air probably has a very low heat capacity.

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Almost a vacuum,,, there are not enough atoms to conduct the heat necessary to cause the problems you suggest.

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 Even though the temperature is so high, one would not feel warm in the thermosphere, because it is so near vacuum that there is not enough contact with the few atoms of gas to transfer much heat. A normal thermometer might be significantly below 0 °C (32 °F), at least at night, because the energy lost by thermal radiation would exceed the energy acquired from the atmospheric gas by direct contact

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The thermosphere lies in top of earth mesosphere at the height of between 120 and 600 km. The temperature out there is between 600 and 2500°C.

Yes, the few molecules there certainly take a beating from the sun.

Nothing survives there, nothing.

Nothing dependent on respiration, that's for sure.

Heat shields will turn into white glowing liquid and disappear.

Ummmm... no. The thermosphere is technically considered a part of space. It is a vacuum, with a density too low even to allow the transmission of sound. Even though the atoms and molecules there are at a very high temperature, they are so sparse that very little heat transfer is possible. This is why vacuums are ideal thermal insulators, and why Thermos mugs maintain the temperature of their contents for so long.

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The the ISS not a dense enough pile of atoms to accumulate heat as it orbits in this particular sphere?

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Higher sodium intake associated with lower blood pressure. You read that right.

What's next? That climate change is bullshit? 

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He meant to warn you about the boiling Custard-O-Sphere atmospheric layer that rockets have to make it through without a spoon or impact drill, and the roadsigns after that warning "Here Be Dragons"

The skin on that Custard-O-Sphere can be a bitch to get through even with a good spoon.

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The truth is...high numbers of civilian casualties should always be assumed in any action and why it should only be done via congress. Putting politicians on the hook for killing civilians is in of itself a check on the military but we don't do that anymore.

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Putting politicians on the hook...

I'm not sure that matters either. Any casualty figures just make McCain and Lindsey cackle and drool.


That is a bigly MAGA tremendous beautiful number of dead tearristahs. 

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"Oh, it's twoo, it's twoo."

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Easily explained:

ISIS fighters are also Al Qaeda, dead ones are counted twice.

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Only ear lobes, strung on paracord, and turned in for ice cold softdrinks, or porn, can give a good count.


No 5 lobes, no Coke-Cola.

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I could be wrong with the constant propaganda but it seems far more people in the world do know who did; 9/11, the stux net virus, Fukushima, and planned Wesley's 7 wars.  Above POTUS is the BIBI - he's got video of yellow rain and the big off-switches to whatever system needs to be compromised or collapsed.  The Donald is Bibi's bitch. 

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Math learned in the Viet Nam War. Divide by half and add 32. Simple.

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OK, so how would I handle I find 2 upper and 3 lower torsos. 
How would that have been counted? 
And how would that be impacted by an additional 3 unmatched heads?  I know the heads don't match because they're not the same color.  So ignoring them is not an option.

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Damn I like that!  Government simplification!

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Viet Nam my first thought also ..

Body counts, like most everything else, suffer from "inflation."

Winning !


Losing !

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Ivy League was the biggest Recruiting Ground for Wild Bill Donovan (OSS, CIA)

- So... Harvard & All Ivy League Schools were focused on Metrics, Measuring Performance, Measuring Each Job Position for Performance...
- Military LOVES Ivy League and Highest Caliber Student Graduates!
- And the Military Always got the best Graduates as far as I can see... Except some of the Original recruits to the OSS/CIA were ill Suited to the tasks... and were vulnerable to Blackmail, Sedition, Treason

What is the Name of the US Intel Agency and how many men have betrayed the Federal Govt & Executive Office??? List of US Espionage Prosecutions is needed here....

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Someone added up all those KIA figures the pentagram released during vietnam.

Just a tad under 4 billion vietcong were killed.

Whoculdhadnode how overpopulated the world was back then.

Then again, the pentagram cant count trillions either.

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Vietnam redux bitchez

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You will not see any real push back against any of these conflicts by the American people until they try to institute a draft. Given the pathetic economic condition of our country and the willingness young men and women who can't get a descent job to join the services, a real antiwar movement is not likely to happen any time soon. 

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Seriously? These assholes can't get their noses out of their phones long enough to wipe their asses.

Gonna get run over.

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This time they'll cull the universities. Can't draft young men with families. Sarc

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A solution is to not interfere at all.

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It would be comical if it wasn't so sickening.

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When a totalitarian government wants to pull random numbers and statistics out of its ass, in an effort to further their agenda, then all one can do is sit back and laugh.

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Didn't Hillary after coming under fire, with her detail all killed, launch an attack single-handedly on a DAESH command-post, killing 152 and wounding another 256? Brian William's the sole surviving reporter in Hillary's media circus, er entourage, was on the spot, fortunately, to witness and record her heroics.

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Bomb Langley and kill a whole bunch more?

Just more lies from a system built on lies.