India Faces A New Challenge: Jihadist Radicalization

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Authored by Vinay Kaura via The Strategic Culture Foundation,

Jihadist terrorism in India is on the verge of acquiring a global footprint, as radicalization and recruitment have become more sophisticated thanks to social media and the Internet. This marks a clear departure from the past when jihadist terrorism was almost synonymous with the insurgency in Kashmir.

It was often held that ideologically motivated Islamist terror had bypassed mainland India and that even though there had been a separatist insurgency in Jammu and Kashmir state, Muslims in the rest of the country had spurned the radical revivalist movements plaguing other Islamic countries. This is no longer the case, as a growing number of Muslims from mainland India are becoming radicalized.

Last week, in a joint anti-terror operation by the police teams of five states, an allegedly ISIS-inspired terror module spanning Maharashtra, Punjab, Bihar, Andhra Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh was busted with the arrest of three suspected terrorists.

The police had received intelligence that some known terror suspects in Uttar Pradesh had become active and were trying to recruit new members to launch a major terror attack in the country. Initial investigations into the Bhopal-Ujjain passenger train blast in March convinced the security agencies that it was first major ISIS operation in India.

Saifullah, the alleged ISIS-inspired terrorist killed in a shootout with police in the first week of March in Lucknow, had also been tasked with securing arms and training facilities for a new ISIS-linked terror cell in Uttar Pradesh. The National Investigation Agency (NIA) first came to know of Saifullah from Mudabbir Mushtaq Sheikh, a resident of Maharashtra state. Mudabbir is now facing trial for his alleged role as chief of the Jund-ul-Khalifa-ul-Hind, an organization of Indian jihadists inspired by ISIS.

It is feared that India may become a soft target in the global jihadist plan of outfits such as al-Qaeda and ISIS, which are not only instigating violence through sleeper modules, but are also attracting educated Muslim youths through the Internet to spread their agenda. Though ISIS has declared its intention to expand its footprint in the subcontinent, it has not managed to make considerable headway in India. However, it is also an undeniable fact that a few of India’s misguided Muslim youth are being swayed by Wahhabist propaganda.

What has been most surprising is that many of the individuals arrested for involvement in some recent attacks are young men with good educations and prestigious occupations, such as doctors and engineers. These men are often motivated through the Internet or through Pakistan-based terrorist networks.

The majority of the home-grown terrorists are apparently self-radicalized, self-motivated and inspired by the extreme jihadist ideology of ISIS as well as by local grievances. The groups formed to carry out attacks are loose conglomerations, and it is still unclear whether there is an overarching commanding element directing the different cells.

To compound the challenge emanating from Pakistan-based jihadist outfits, there are believed to be many Indian Muslim youths fighting for ISIS in Iraq and Syria. The Indian Intelligence Bureau estimated in 2016 that ISIS’ Indian cell engaged more than 700 people in conversation – and raised more than 20 identified volunteers.

During the past two years, the NIA has arrested several persons accused of forming ISIS modules, whose members use social-media platforms for plotting terrorist attacks. The data suggest that people subscribing to ISIS ideology are present across India, making it increasingly difficult for the law-enforcement agencies to keep track of them.

The Ministry of Home Affairs informed the Rajya Sabha, upper house of the Parliament of India, in March that 75 people had been arrested for suspected links to the ISIS terror network. Of these 75 persons, 21 were from Kerala, 16 from Telangana, nine from Karnataka, eight from Maharashtra, six from Madhya Pradesh, four from Uttarakhand, three  from Uttar Pradesh, two from Rajasthan, four from Tamil Nadu and one each from Jammu and Kashmir and West Bengal.

The NIA has also revealed that it arrested 52 people for allegedly being ISIS terrorists last year, including a few converts from Hinduism and Christianity. While releasing data on the arrests, the NIA gave details of the religious affiliations of the accused: 50 per cent belonged to Ahle Hadith, 30 per cent to Tabligi Jammat, and 20 per cent followed Deobandi ideology.

Indian security agencies need to be worried on three accounts. First is the risk of a “lone actor” attack, similar to some recent terror attacks in European cities, including one in Paris just a few days before the first round of French presidential elections. Second is the presence of distinct terror modules that could be activated at short notice. And third, there is the concern of radicalized youth approaching other terror organizations for logistical support.

Because of these factors, ISIS is seen as posing a serious security threat, as its ideologues are not part of an organized syndicate such as the Indian Mujahedeen, which was relatively easy to crack. ISIS is a different phenomenon, as every module is different and is handled by different operators abroad. As ISIS has been under pressure in Iraq and Syria and many of its members are on the run, a major worry of security agencies is about their return to India.

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Stares straight ahead's picture

Does this mean Indian restaurants will be expanding their menus?

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John McCain: "I just want the people of Pradesh who are striving for liberty to know that America stands with you and we support your struggle and when I return to Washington, I'm going to make sure that these freedom fighters are given whatever assistance they need."


It's kind of hard to be sarcastic regarding McCain. No matter how exaggerated and ridiculous you make it sound, you just know the shriveled old coot may have actually said it.

Luc X. Ifer's picture

"Let them eat radiation" - not a smart choice by Islam to challenge India. Indians are as fanatic as the Islamists when their identity questioned so, this is a good sign, hopefully India will engage full-force to eradicate the scum of radical Islam.

Oh regional Indian's picture

Joos are pushing global turrorrrrism to 11.

Inda's radicalization is not new, it's been in the works since the Brutish left, in the way they divided the states, kept muslims poor and un-educated, gave them special rights to do their 4 wives thing, underage marriages, instant divorce etc.

The cancer on the world is obvious..... it si not Islam but Islam's daddy Moe Sesburg....

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Suck my dick yo fascist muslim in disguise.


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Reducing population growth by letting Indians and Pakistanis kill themselves? Please throw Bangladesh in the war there too!

Scanderbeg's picture

The Hindus and Sikhs have always had antipathy for Islam and for good reason. 

The Muslim invasions of India were a horror show of rape, murder and religious intolerance. 

And yet the left always wants to conflate Islam with race.

Buck Johnson's picture

It means that India is going to be a major hotspot in ISIS terror attacks.  And what they fear is that once they start attacking Indian anything, the non muslim indians will start attacking muslim indians as revenge.  This has been done more than once in India.  There's a reason why Pakistan was cut from India by England.





Stares straight ahead's picture

Can't wait to see if they might add "Aloo Palak-bar" potatoes and "Taliban Tamarind" Chicken as an ISIS/Indian fusion on one of those cooking reality shows.

Davidduke2000's picture

I am not worried much, the Indians will gang rape them before killing them. 

LN's picture


"Jihadist terrorism in India is on the verge of acquiring a global footprint, as radicalization and recruitment have become more sophisticated thanks to social media and the Internet."

Some folk just need killed, I think we've found our poster boy.

Crusades 2.0 here we come, and rightly so.


GestaltNine's picture

the Hindus don't put up with that stuff like the Europeans do 

Volaille de Bresse's picture

"the Hindus don't put up with that stuff like the Europeans do"

Absolutely they had turned fascists even before Muslims went into "Jihad" mode.

Since there's one billion fuckers in India what can go wrong in case of a civil war (sarc)

OliverAnd's picture

There is nothing more peaceful than a couple of billion Jihadist...  we're fucked.

IranContra's picture

Forget labels. What is it about? It's like raping children. Why do they do it? It's about doing evil, selling one's soul to the devil.

What we are looking for is recruiters of murder and rape. Who could they be? Anybody, any race, any religion. For these people, principles don't matter.

It is stupid to think that it is rooted in a religion taught by a prophet of God.

We have to accept that there is Satan, and that those who don't want to worship the Creator will end up worshiping this abnormal creature called Satan or Lucifer or whatever, and then he would inspire them to murder and rape.

The only way to understand this phenomenon is to forget labels and try to understand the nature of the Devil's work and why some people would rather worship the Devil than worship their Creator.

Shemp 4 Victory's picture

You just knew it wouldn't take long for this kook to appear.

Hongcha's picture

Overstated.  India is intractably Hindu.  A few states may have a few wild-eyed, ululating youths, no big deal.  That would also be a lot of guns for somene to sell - like Mexico, Venezuela and Austrailia, India is gunless.  Distasteful to type that last line - as if discussing a neutered male.  Which we are , in a way. 

Keep dry powder.

Shemp 4 Victory's picture


Overstated. India is intractably Hindu.

A tentacle of the Open Soros Foundation will appear to make sure that the tracts flow.

dogismycopilot's picture

i disagree and so do most of my Indian friends in the Middle East. See my math below.

Mediocritas's picture

Pop quiz:

Following the partition of India in 1947 and subsequent decade of resettlement:

#1: what happened to the Hindu populations of Pakistan and Bangladesh?

#2: what happened to the Muslim population of India?

therealestg9's picture

1) Murdered, forcibly converted, women raped.

2) Fostered by the (mostly Hindu) Indian taxpayer for generations and given affirmative action. A few well respected Muslims even made it to positions of power in the Indian governments, like former President Abdul Kalam. You will never, ever, ever see a Hindu become a President of Pakistan, Afghanistan, or Bangladesh. Yet somehow Hindus are "persecuting" Muslims in India.

Source: I'm Indian.

dogismycopilot's picture

India has a large population of people and the scale of events there is not fathomable by Americans and while you may not care, I can assure you there is a fucking tidal wave of Indians that want what you be in America. 

the solution is for them to make India a better place and to have their people stay in India.

Lifeboat Economics are now in play. People in the US need to wake up.

Benjamin123's picture

Whats the solution for ignorance and apathy?

Volaille de Bresse's picture

"Don't know. Don't care"


Don't tell me... you're American?

kindasketchy's picture

India-one of the few places where a muzzie takeover might actually advance the culture.

unsafe-space-time's picture

Islam killed hundreds of millions of Hindus. India was very advanced because they had some spirituality and intelligence.  Muslims stole their math and science.

BrownCoat's picture

Surprised? NOT! 
Pakistan broke away from India because of religious strife. They did not segregate people by religion when they created East and West Pakistan. Muslims breed faster than other groups. It was only a matter of time until another religion war was going to break out in India.

Ironic that Muslims hate Christians because of the Crusades while contemporary Muslim warriors travel far and wide to kill for their beliefs. 

dogismycopilot's picture

1.3 billion people in india.

about 15% are Muslim as I recall or 170 million people which is half the population of the USA.

So imagine of those 170 million 10% are hardcore Radical Islamic Assholes.

That's 17 million ISIS supporters.

Of those 17 million imagine 3% are willing to pick up arms.

That's a 500,000 man army.

I keep telling people Radical Islamic Assholes are the cancer of the world but no one is listening. 


unsafe-space-time's picture

Every pagan, humanist, feminist, irrational and atheist society will be destroyed by the Creator. Doesn't matter how. Since Christianity got perverted Islam will do it's job. Islam is like HIV. It will be used to destroy sick degenerates.

BarkingCat's picture

Fuck you and you so called creator.


GraveDancer's picture

India has a fiercely anti-Islamist leader in Modi. 

India is where Radical Islam will come to die. The West is a pussy, can't handle this monster. 

Luc X. Ifer's picture

Agree, as mentioned before, big, fatal mistake by radical Islam to engage India, that's radical Islam's doom.

East Indian's picture

Hinduism is an intractable mess of spirituality, superstition, logic and inhuman indifference. But it is impossible to remove it from Indian psyche. Islam waged an incessant ideological war with Hinduism in India and Buddhism in Central Asia, but after one thousand years also, it could not progress much. 


Hindus of all ilk live by their identity - clan and caste. Caste is so much into Indian mindset (and Pakistani, and Bangladeshi mindsets too) that it has percolated into Islam and Christianity also. There are Hindu Jats, Muslim Jats, Christian Jats and Sikh Jats; there are Hindu and Christian divisions of many South Indian castes. Christianity has compromised a lot with caste system, but Islam is still offering somewhat spirited resistance. 


India will be Hindu. To be a Hindu is not to worship a particular God; it means certain dogmas seep into your sub-conscious mind - karma, rebirth, clan before self, etc... And here in ZH there are a lot who understand karma!

Luc X. Ifer's picture

So, do you agree that Hinduism/religion is the source of all trouble - especially poverty and let's be fair filthiness, of India? I know this is not on topic but I think I noticed some hints in your coment, which I agree with totally. Had few high educated colleagues from India - all atheists, and all of them blamed religion/hinduism and the myth of karma/reincarnation as the core of the India's society problems.

Hongcha's picture

Indians are good fighters when they are in the mood - the Sikhs, the Bengal Lancers, etc.  Jihadists would bite off more than they could chew there.

DelusionsCrowded's picture

In grinding poverty , surrounded by images of sex and success , with nothing to live for , people find something to die for .

onmail1's picture

I dont know why very negative propaganda is
being spewed out on this site
whereas lndia is growing like anything
Today's news :
lndian stock mkt indicator crosses 30000 mark
The highest till now in history

It appears that the writer has vested interests
there are many foreign(west) funded NGOs working in lndia
and the west wants this == money, disturbance, war, terrorism

The ISIS is a puppy of west
ISIS was created by west
ISIS was funded by west
ISIS was armed by west
ISIS fighters were sent from west

lets not forget that Indian muslims & others were living in harmony
in past before independence ,
it was the evil vampire former cannibal British
who in 1940's before leaving lndian subcontinent(in disdain)
orchestrated the hatred along religious lines
by calling Jinnah to Britain and promising him big
if he would toe their line of divide & rule (lndia & pakistan)
and while it was being done the evil Congre$$Nehru became PM
Gandhi was shot as he was not provided security
Congre$$Nehru fckked up foreign policy
Congre$$Nehru created kashmir problem by taking it to UN
& UN is a puppy of west , UN wants division
Congre$$Nehru was a womanizer who wanted different one everynight
Congre$$Nehru fckked up /exploited poor women coming due to partition
Congre$$Nehru lusted after others wives
Congre$$Nehru got sexual disease (syphilis) which ate his brain
Congre$$Nehru became insane and then he decided to attack China/Tibet
thinking that Buddhist dont fight, giving asylum to tibetans
but china fought back & grabbed big lands of lndia
Congre$$Nehru promoted ppl of his own caste in polity
Congre$$Nehru went to Pakistan, enjoyed their whores and being pleased
he gave away 80% water to pakistan in water treaty as well as millions of british pounds
later his family started dynastic rule which caused extreme poverty to India for 50 years

So this is how the things stand now
The hatred created by west between lndia & pakis costs them huge monies
India has become the world's largest importer of arms
throwing away all the money earned every year in purchase of arms

besnook's picture

the possible reason is india's growing relations with russia and even china. only countries that disagree with zionazi policy are targeted by isis.

LA_Goldbug's picture

Don't forget Mumbai and how they setup Benazir Bhutto. If they want to destabilize Indian they sure as hell can do it. However at the moment they have too many dishes being juggled in the air.

Benazir Bhutto on Osama ....

DelusionsCrowded's picture

lets not forget that Indian muslims & others living in harmony?in past before independence ,

This is a romantic view . The British were suppressing and manipulating both groups. But in those days ignorence of the world was the norm . The average person view of the world  was very limited , constructed by tradition and religon ,life was simple and fatalistic .?
Personally I think partioning is the only way the British could deal with Islamic Socialization and Islam which is Very fixed code of conduct .Even in Western countries Muslims bring their feudal ways because at heart it is a feudal sociological construction : the power goes up the chain through from wife to husband to  Imans to the feudal lord or top Imam . Its this fixity that makes is so intractable . History is replete with societies first colonised and eventually taken over by Islam . Usually its followers cause so much trouble the Ruler gives in and converts . Look at Thialand , endless trouble with southern muslims? .

Hindus have a large range of gods that can serve different needs and means , it makes it practioners Flexable , pragmatic to the service of personal psycological needs & realities . Many human-social-personal problems come done to the individuals being able to see into their problems and designing a strategy to change the outcome . Good advice can be gold .
None of the Levant Religions make much sense anymore . Some of the social philosphies are useful tools for humans to guide .

Anyway at the bottom of both courntries have massive problems with Over Population . This makes it impossible for a male to invisage being able to have a human existance of life experience .Sex drive can make men insane , especially when supressed .

Joe A's picture

Religions (whatever kind), the elitists' favourite tool to keep the peasants poor, ignorant and stupid.

financial apocalyptic contagion's picture

india/subcontinent is one of the most irrelevant places in the world. The west couldn't give less of a fuck about that hellhole. So I'd appreciate it if the India articles are kept to the absolute minimum.

OTMPut's picture

Is that why the barbaric fuckfaces from England occupied it for 300 years and plundered it? Thank God Americans were kept in their place back then.


Jultorsk's picture

Radical Islam, death threats and a whole lot more. Great interview with Tommy Robinson.