Macron Booed, Jeered By Factory Workers In His Hometown After Le Pen "Ambush"

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Chaotic scenes broke out during a visit by French presidential frontrunner Emmanuel Macron to striking factory workers in his hometown of Amiens.

Macron was greeted Wednesday with jeers, boos and chants in favour of his far-right rival Marine Le Pen as he made a chaotic visit to the factory in northern France, after what Bloomberg said was "an ambush" by his nationalist rival Marine Le Pen forced him into a confrontation with some of her hardcore supporters.

Earlier on Wednesday, Le Pen had made a surprise visit to the Whirlpool plant on the edge of Amiens while election front-runner Macron was meeting with union leaders from the plant in the center of town. Le Pen told reporters on the picket line that Macron’s decision to meet the workers’ representatives behind closed doors showed his “contempt” for their plight, forcing her rival to change his plans and engage with the demonstrators live on television.

During the hastily arranged visit, some in the crowd shouted "President Marine!" and booed as the 39-year-old former banker stood outside the appliance factory in the rustbelt city of Amiens.

"I am here to speak to you," said the pro-business former economy minister, ringed by a horde of cameramen and journalists.

The Whirlpool factory has become a focus of the free-trade debate at the heart of the French election campaign because 280 jobs will be cut next year when the company shifts production to Poland.

As Bloomberg describes the scene, "with the black smoke of burning tires whipped up by a cold wind and cries of “Marine! President!” punctuating his remarks, Macron tried to mount a defense of the European trade regime in the factory parking lot as angry demonstrators crowded round."

“When she tells you the solution is to turn back globalization, she’s lying,” Macron told the workers, his comments picked by the microphones of more than 100 reporters witnessing the clash. “We cannot outlaw firing. We must fight to find a buyer.”

Judging by the response, the local workers did not find Macron very convincing.

Earlier, Macron was in his hometown of Amiens to try to counter accusations that he had made a complacent start to campaigning for the presidential runoff on May 7 after he finished ahead of Le Pen in the first round on Sunday. But his trip to the city was upstaged when Le Pen made an unannounced visit to the factory earlier in the day, arriving while he was meeting with workers' representatives elsewhere. She posed for selfies with workers and waved to supporters, AFP reported.

"Everyone knows what side Emmanuel Macron is on -- he is on the side of the corporations," Le Pen said. "I am on the workers' side, here in the car park, not in restaurants in Amiens."

Macron said after Le Pen's stop that he would also visit the site. He told angry workers at the factory that the only reason she had come was "because I'm here." As the following clip shows, it was not a good idea.

Macron spoke to the strikers for almost an hour, some still booing throughout, but many engaging with him, while France 2 television’s special correspondent broadcast behind the candidate from a temporary set they’d erected.

Patrice Sinoquet from the CFDT union, who met with Macron earlier in the day, said 90 percent of his members will be voting for Le Pen. “Macron is the worst of free-market politics,” said Clement Pons, a 32-year-old unemployed man waiting outside the town-center meeting. “He’s a globalist who will kill the working class. He makes me want to throw up. I don’t understand his ideas.”

Chantal Flahaut, a 57-year-old assembly line worker on the Whirlpool picket line, said she’s been striking on and off all week and she’s so sick of the situation in France that she didn’t even register to vote on Sunday. Her T-shirt said “Whirlpool Manufactures Unemployment.”


“I am so disgusted,” she said. “Macron is in favor of big companies like ours. Stop giving aid to multinational billionaires and give us our money.”

The theatrics continued on Twitter, where  Macron said that Le Pen had spent "10 minutes with her supporters in a car park in front of the cameras" whereas he had spent "an hour and a half with union representatives and no media".

"Come May 7, everyone will make their choice," he added.

Benjamin Griveaux, an aide on the Macron campaign, said Le Pen was focusing on political stunts rather than trying to address voters’ problems. “If this is about tweets and selfies, then she hasn’t understood what’s at stake,” Griveaux said. “She’s fueling her political ambitions with misery and suffering. What has she proposed? Nothing. We are trying to deal with the issues.”

Macron, who created his own centrist movement, was to hold a rally later in nearby Arras, a city in the northern rustbelt where Le Pen topped the first round of voting. On Monday, Macron drew criticism for what some saw as a triumphalist speech and then a celebratory dinner at a Paris bistro on Sunday.

Socialist Party boss Jean-Christophe Cambadelis told French radio: "He was smug. He wrongly thought that it was a done deal."

Macron served as economy minister in the Socialist government, after working as an M&A banker at Rothschild, before quitting in August to launch his presidential bid.

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Hollande’s got very few hairs left and yet, his haircuts are the most expensive amongst the World Leaders (price per hair).

Macron might win a few extra-votes by getting the “Dumb & Dumber” haircut, for free.

Oh, and Marine, not to be outdone, should get “the Yellow Squirrel”, too. Ya go, girl!  ;-)


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This is going to be as much fun to watch as Trump v Clinton.  Think I am going to need to find a good French to English translation site.

Looney's picture

The French dude from Matrix WAS right about the French language, “It's like wiping your arse with silk.”  ;-)


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Yes indeed: French is the silk,  American is the arse


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Sounds just like Hillary v Trump
The polls show that Sweetieboi is in the lead and he gets pelted by his own kind in his own town

                     They just don't get it.
       They don't understnd that we understand

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I love the smell of burning Michelin in the morning!

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Macron was heard cursing under his breath at the crowd of french patriots as he sneaked away......

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Being a woman, Le Pen personally is orders of magnitude stronger than Macaron, her speech delivery style is more assertive, her posture is less feminine [xoxo] than Macron's and more convincing to boot. If that office monkey wins, he will blow it under 1 month. He can win the elections, but sure as bloody hell he won't be able to govern. Not even his secretary will take him seriously.

jeff montanye's picture

i hope so.

but what of the race so far?  the two parties that have controlled french politics are out and the losing contender seduced his older drama teacher out of her marriage with three children.  and they are together.

those french.

BorisTheBlade's picture

establishment CAN win. That's for certain, pull all the strings, manipulate the polls, call Le Pen all the horrible names, win the post, lose the country. Marie Antoinette moment after that. Dude can't lead his own way out of a shoeshine box, not stupid, just not carved out of the right material.

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Rothschild scumbag

Vive la France!

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Bullshit, she is a paedophile and in every civilized country she would of been struck of the teacher registry and put in jail. He was 15 years old.

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Have a look here at how she responds in a BBC interview, with subtitles:

sixsigma cygnusatratus's picture

"Socialist Party boss Jean-Christophe Cambadelis told French radio: "He was smug. He wrongly thought that it was a done deal.""

So not like Hillary at all then...Macron should do a face plant in the cobblestone streets of Paris just to prove he isn't Hillary.  My read is that many people are vocal about preventing Le Pen from winning, but that will not turn into votes for Macron on voting day.

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The far left in France is also anti EU and took almost 20% of the vote.

So with FN there is arguably already a plurality in the anti globalist bloc.

France is a hyper censored police state so any polls coming from the French media are likely trash. They are also using blatant fraud and the expatriate vote to inflate Macrons numbers.

They will probably still win because France is simply far, far to the left compared to the US or Britain.

Change will come soon though regardless. The French working class has had it and the long knives will come out for Muhammad Dindunuffin. The French have always hated the bankers and zio cons too.

land_of_the_few's picture

He is so f**ed, how many campaign days left to keep surviving the obvious hatred towards him like Hillary?

Does he get empty rallies too?

If he wins, he is even more f**ed! Hope he likes Atlantic coast holidays!

action jackson 911's picture

  Franceistan and Germanistan are the most fucked-up police state in Western Europeistan, they now have no freedom and no security at all. But that`s what you get if you`re a stupid leftist useful idiot who trade their freedom for some security, you got nothing, shit, nada, zero :)) Ha ha ha, and they still think in Western Europeistan that they have and live in democracy. Wake up, stupid idiot morons, you`re nothing more just slaves of the globalist elite and their shills. Thay will kill you, if you don`t kill them first. What`s happening there from 2015 it`s called population replacement, they ships in savage muzzies and sand niggers, who will never ever work, just breed like rabbits, while they try harder and harder to silence their white native populace. Now, you will start and kill that motherfucker Macaron and their globalist pupeteers, or the invader muzzies will make you their bitch and after that will kill you anyway. If those stupid idiots from Western Europeistan have a death wish, now they will get it.

  And for Bayern Munchen and their stupid idiot pussyefied eurofagg fans, a big and nice Fuck You and a middle finger from Kassai and the proud people of HUNGARY. Fuck you, idiots, you will all die soon, but after that we`ll move in the organize soome fuckin` nice savage muzzie and sand nigger hunting parties. Now, that`s what I call fun :)) Ha ha ha, you`re fucked

Scanderbeg's picture

The far left in France is also anti EU and took almost 20% of the vote.

So with FN there is arguably already a plurality in the anti globalist bloc.

France is a hyper censored police state so any polls coming from the French media are likely trash. They are also using blatant fraud and the expatriate vote to inflate Macrons numbers.

They will probably still win because France is simply far, far to the left compared to the US or Britain.

Change will come soon though regardless. The French working class has had it and the long knives will come out for Muhammad Dindunuffin. The French have always hated the bankers and zio cons too.

jus_lite_reading's picture

How does one say, "guillotine" in French?


Bubba Rum Das's picture

"How does one say, "guillotine" in French?"


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I think it's the same word as Minister of Immigration.

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Je voudrais une champagne americaine, Monsieur.

Diatom's picture

The Merovingian's wife was awesome...

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Sooner or later the French are going to wipe their neck with the guillotine.

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Je suis un bon Français sacrebleu !

WTFUD's picture

The joy of Trump's victory lasted about 45 days for me. Not much after 20+ years of torture.

Le Pen's victory will be a million times sweeter. A Real, not faux victory for the People.

This Election is a no-brainer for the Sheeple-dip. Now if Le Pen can only get the Muglennials, to see the light, like Bernie did . . .

Yukon Cornholius's picture

Le Pen is a tool of the (((trillionaires))) as much as Red Shield Baby Macron is. Much like Trump, she has surrounded herself with (((their))) money and influence. Take your pick, goy. You lose either way.

MsrRobie's picture

Have a look at the second story here, where Marine Le Pen eviscerates Merkel in person:

(with translation)



fjcruiserdxb's picture

Macron is finally showing his true colours. he is an egotistical opportunist with little care for anyone but him. Look at any photods of him and he never look you in the face. his speeches are pathetic and addressed to his so called friends and supporters. he certainly does not behave like a future president. He is surrounded by a hord of long time politicians who are manipulating him. the best example is J Attali who refered to the Whirlpool issue in France as an 'anecdocte'. As a result Macron was barred from meeting with the directors and told to f...o....


Nexus789's picture

He is a French Tony 'tosser' Blair.  Just as repugnant. 

WTFUD's picture

To be fair to Blair (who like Sarkozy took Gaddafi's money) however, unlike Sarkozy, had the courtesy to call Gaddafi, advising him to skip town. That Gaddafi would prefer to be butchered in his own country, much like Assad and unlike the Puppet SHAM of Iran (looting the country on departure), speaks volumes.

This is a Good v Evil , Worker v Elite, that simple.

land_of_the_few's picture

It's allegedly even worse than that, Sarkozy and Hollande allegedly both separately took campaign donations from Qatar.

You know, the ones that want a gas pipeline across Syria and own Al Jazeera.

Then there was allegedly the L'Oreal confused but generous widow thing .....

I say allegedly because the whole thing is so convoluted who knows they may still all have been acquitted of any part of it.

Attempted political lynchings in France seems to be frequent and brutal from all sides, who knows what they think is actually important!

Squid Viscous's picture

definitely a Jew - why are they trying so hard to cover it up?

just like Sarkozy that little midget kike

besnook's picture

baptized roman catholic. he is a zionazi, however.

RICKYBIRD's picture

Whom his formerly Catholic wife left her husband with 3 children for after working in the Catholic school where she taught Macron!

HRClinton's picture

Not really, and an insult to an entire group of 20 million people.

However, it is fair and accurate to say, that he's a 'Ziborg drone'.

Words matter, semantics matter. If you want to add value to an argument, instead of just venting or stirring the pot. 

Squid Viscous's picture

20 million of who? 

time to break out your Almanac

and the kid in The Omen was also "baptized RC"

Mandel Bot's picture

Macron is a banker's puppet.

Vive Le Pen!

Oldrepublic's picture

French Obama:

Meet Emmanuel Macron-The Consummate Banker Puppet, Bizarre Elitist Creation  

Squid Viscous's picture

he was banging an ugly 40 yr old chick at 15, and then decided, it'll never get any better than this?

what a fucking weirdo, good luck France!

fishwharf's picture

About the time Macron gets into midlife crisis his wife will be hitting 80.  

DeathMerchant's picture

Removal of false teeth can be a wondrous thing.

aloha_snakbar's picture

Le Hopey, Le Changey, Le Merde...

Smedley's Butler's picture

Any ZHer's from France or spend an extended amount of time in France?

I am curious what the name Rothschild means in the country. Do they have issue with the family/businesses, or is it a symbol of French culture? Do they think it is all conspiracy? Have the Rothschild done philanthropic work that carries weight?

I also wonder the same about Israel.