Mapping The World's Great Divides: "Chasms Are Widening Too Fast And Too Much"

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Authored by Raul Ilargi Meijer via The Automatic Earth blog,

Something hit me this week. The maps which came out on Monday and detailed the outcome of the French elections, were telling a story, and a familiar one by now. A story of deep division. There are a number of such maps now depicting the Brexit vote in the UK, the US presidential elections, and its French counterpart.

In all three cases they leave me wondering something along the lines of: ‘Are you guys sure you want to remain in the same country with each other?’ Because to me that is not all that obvious, and I think it’ll get less so as time passes. For instance in the case of France, the ‘ideological’ differences between Macron and Le Pen are substantial to say the least, they’re worlds apart.

And if you’re worlds apart, why live in the same country? Here’s that French map:


As you see, the country is sharply divided between west (Macron) and east (Le Pen). So much so that you wonder what these people still have in common, other than their language. There’s no doubt it’s also a dividing line between the richer part of the country, and the poorer.

Thing is, that same dividing line is visible in a similar map of the November 8, 2016 US election results, in a slightly different way.


In the US it’s not east versus west, it’s coast versus interior (flyover land). But the difference is equally clear and sharp. In fact, probably what we’re looking at is that France has only one coastline, while the US has two, and in both countries people living close to the ocean are on average richer than those who live more inland.

And in both cases there is no doubt that wealth is a deciding factor in dividing the nations to the extent that they are. We see that in an ‘urban versus rural area’ comparison as well. Cities like New York, LA and Paris are strongholds for the incumbent and establishment, the parties that represent the rich.

There can be no doubt that we’ll see more of that going forward. It won’t be there in smaller countries, Holland for instance is not nearly large enough for such dynamics. But Italy very well might. It’s always had a strong north-south-divide, and its present crisis has undoubtedly deepened that chasm.

Looking at things that way, it’s also glaringly obvious that Macron is Obama (and is Renzi is Cameron etc.). A well-trained good looking mediagenic puppet with a gift of teleprompter gab, fabricated and cultivated by the ruling financial and industrial world to do their bidding. Macron, to me, looks the most artificial of the crop so far, the Obama, Rutte, Cameron, Renzi crop. There will be more, and they will get more artificial. Edward Bernays is just getting started.

Of course there is also a strong move away from established parties. It is more pronounced in France -where they were eradicated at least in the presidential elections- than in the US or UK, but that may be more of a superficial thing. Trump and Bernie Sanders are simply America’s version of France’s ‘ultra’ right wing Le Pen and ‘ultra’ left wing Melenchon. And Trump is running into problems with the remnants of the established parties as much as Macron will if he’s elected president.

Anglo countries seem to take longer diversifying away from tradition than others, but they too will get there. The various deteriorating economies will make sure of that.

A third map is of the UK Brexit vote. Once again, a sharp division, and once again with a ‘character’ of its own. If you ignore Scotland for a moment, what you see is blue=poor and yellow=rich. Broad strokes, I know, but I’ve been doing that with the first two maps too. There are only a few pockets of yellow=rich=remain. But yeah, fewer people live there. Same thing as in the US and France.

That the whole Brexit thing should now be negotiated by the Tories is a cynical irony the country owes to its adherence to tradition. That is how that backfires, too little flexibility. How the UK will solve its many ignored issues is anyone’s guess. Will Scotland leave the no-longer-very United Kingdom? Will voters wake up in time to not present the Tories with a free hand to make the rich-poor divide even worse?


There’s one more, and more detailed, map of France, which shows even better to what extent ‘Le Pen country’ is eerily similar to America’s flyover land. It’s almost poetic, a poem about how countries fall apart, about centers that cannot hold. It also makes me think of a locust invasion, by the way.


Every French and European body and their pet hamster is presently telling voters in France to please please not vote for Le Pen, in a move that resembles similar calls against Trump and Brexit. And who knows, it might work this time around. The anti-Le Pen frenzy is even stronger than the others, and it has Marine’s crazy father to use as a warning sign.

But as these maps show, it’s not about Le Pen, or Trump, or Nigel Farage. It’s about people being left behind in ever larger numbers, susceptible to voices other than the ones they’ve known for a long time and who never listened to them. And nothing is being done to address these people’s claims; on the contrary, things are only getting worse for them.

I saw a headline today that said ECB president Mario Draghi’s “Stimulus Could Blunt Populism as Unemployment Declines”. There’s only one possible reaction to that: what happens when he stops his stimulus?

The growing divides that all these maps bear witness to will keep growing, unless someone decides that neo-liberalism has gone too far. But the only person who could make such a decision would have to be one who neo-liberalism itself has made rich and powerful. So don’t count on that happening.

Count instead on more Trumps and Le Pens and Sanders’s. And also on more Obama’s and Macrons for the rich to deploy to protect their power and hold on to their riches. Increasingly it would seem they have to limit democracy -even further- to remain in power. So count on that happening too.

But don’t count on all these countries surviving as sovereign nations. The chasms are widening too fast and too much.

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BullyBearish's picture

CHANGE = the powerful giving up power to the powerless


until the powerless start obtaining REAL power, nothing will CHANGE

new game's picture

only one state left, OK. 

tornado alley and quakeville.


Tom Servo's picture

Either I'm drunk, or France does have 2 coast lines.  One to the med, the other on the Atlantic?


Twee Surgeon's picture

You beat me to it. I think it could be argued that France has 3 distinct coast lines if you include the English channel coast as separate from Atlantic bay of Biscay coast, and the article was written by a guy with a Spanish name.

SolidAssets's picture

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HRClinton's picture

It's a Law of Nature, that only the Worthy obtain power. 

East Indian's picture

Only insecure seek power, and only sociopaths get it at any cost. 

AnimalSpirits's picture

It's a Law of Nature, that parasites kill their host --- basically, an evolutionary dud.

doctor10's picture

oh it WILL change-the only question is whether or not power will be given up -or taken

The world awaits the beginning of the 21st century-held hostage by dying 20th century institutions

Bill of Rights's picture

Now for some levity laughter cleanses the soul.

Deplorable's picture

Civil wars are coming....get out yout pitchforks baby!


peopledontwanttruth's picture

The world is dividing much like ancient Babylon or Tower of Babel. Families are ready to seek out kin,

Blood is thicker than water, aka the law of admirility.

Bigern's picture

"Brother will deliver brother over to death, and the father his child, and children will rise against parents and have them put to death"

Matthew 10:21


“Do not think that I have come to bring peace to the earth. I have not come to bring peace, but a sword.

For I have come to set a man against his father, and a daughter against her mother, and a daughter-in-law against her mother-in-law.

And a person’s enemies will be those of his own household."


Matthew 10:34-36



peopledontwanttruth's picture

Thanks Bigern for the reply. I didn't forget those scriptures that you copied. However with those, they were taken out of context. Christ was talking about the divisions in a household for those that accept his message compared to those that don't. This has taken place for almost 2000 years but doesn't apply as to what's going on with the rejection of globalization.
Blood is thicker than water. The world's pushing back at globalization isn't just because people are sick of it.

nmewn's picture

"Cities like New York, LA and Paris are strongholds for the incumbent and establishment, the parties that represent the rich."

...well, at least we're past that old tired "progressive" worn out lie that everything is owned by the eeebul republicans and we need to fight the man! ;-)

Cloud9.5's picture

Much of the divide here in the States is drawn up between urban versus rural. If it were not for the Electoral College, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Chicago and New York would rule the United States. Huge swaths of the population are dependent upon the state.  Huge concentrations of those dependents reside within the mega cities.  The cities are resoundingly Democratic strongholds.

Bill of Rights's picture

And when we the working class say we've had enough with supporting these cess pools we can sit back and watch them eat each other.

duo's picture

The next civil war will be between those that produce and those that don't. It will be over in 3 weeks.

Deplorable's picture

When the rich aholes hunker down in their bunkers, I will be welding their doors shut and pouring concrete down their air shafts.

NoPension's picture

Now that's just mean. You meany.

HRClinton's picture

Dream much?

Oh, the simple solutions of the simple minded.

peopledontwanttruth's picture

They'll never make it in, justice is coming.

Due North's picture

A college professor once explained to me in the late 80's that the "gaps" weren't the real problem, it was the perception of the gaps as related to the Theory of Rising Expectations. His bet was that society would tear itself apart by 2020.

nmewn's picture

His wager may not be that far off the mark. I take it he was tenured, retired with his pension and lived to a ripe old age.

Theories and perceptions are great, then there is reality ;-)

RedDwarf's picture

America is now too fractured to sustain one massive nation-state.  The competing zeitgeists are simply too incompatible now.  That same problem exists in many countries around the world.

The Globalist answer is to do away with countries and have one world government.  That in fact compounds the underlying problem by a million fold.  It's not going to work.  Everything is heading toward a great splintering on the political front.  Technology however is globalizing information flows.  So we have two seemingly incompatible changes taking place, globalization and localization.

I think eventually how it will resolve is the 'voluntary tribalism' that has been discussed on ZH before.  A system not unlike what America was supposed to be, but on steroids.  More powerful and cohesive local governments and diffuse regional and global systems for defense, trade, travel, and money.  In the meantime however I think things will get very bloody.

Potato Farmer's picture

Notice too how there are "blue" hotspots around college towns where leftism is spouted and also state capitols -- Madison, WI; Boulder, CO; Moscow, ID; Iowa City, IA; Lincoln, NE; Charlottesville, VA,; Raleigh, NC; Columbia, SC; Des Moines, IA; and Little Rock, AR.

Native Americans tended to vote "blue" too.  Look at the little blocks of blue around Native American reservations in Wisconsin, South Dakota, North Dakota, and Montana.

Look at the blue along the border of Mexico--in Texas, New Mexico, and Arizona.  Immigrants voting blue??

Also, what sticks out to me is the blue around the mountain resort areas in Colorado and Jackson Hole, WY.


peopledontwanttruth's picture

In the near future people will vote food, left/right won't be considered.

DuneCreature's picture

~~~~ )))) Who In The World Is Driving This Bus? (((( ~~~~

Who knows what to believe from our bankster overlords and the MSM they control.

For example, this from:
The senor legal consul for 20 years at The World Bank who asserts that:

i) There is 170,000 tons of gold in Bank of Hawaii (at 27.30)
ii) That 60% of IRS tax revenues go to the Vatican after a bankster skim (at 16:30)
iii) There are 'loose nukes' floating all over the planet. (about 29:30)
iv) The banksters sell you into a lifetime of slavery at birth.(at 22:40)

And plenty more crazy assertions and details...

Drug induced hallucinations? ... Perhaps. =

A bankster lawyer tells you that crazy stuff...........Then one of the banksters spills his guts and tells you things like this:

An interview with a Dutch currency trader Ronald Bernard at the top of the pyramid. (About 10,000 assholes)

(Warning spoken Dutch with English sub titles)
Listen (watch) to it all, about 40 minutes for the dark heart of the matter in detail. =

Or this next banker dude trying to do the right thing and getting locked up instead.

Brad Birkenfeld is a real whistleblower 'good guy'. =

Stuff you will never see on CNBC.

And then the banksters say, "Trust us, we are the banker class with all the integrity you could ever want to see. ... Here are the facts. Here are the numbers. .. Don't you insult us by questioning what we tell you either. .. After all, we wear three piece suits and have very fat bank accounts (full of stolen loot). ... Oh, and we're the Fed and everything we do is a big secret."

I don't know about you, (and I'm a business man in scruffy jeans) but every time I encounter some Bozo in a three piece suit and he starts to spew, it takes him about three and a half minutes and he's on my 'to do' list. .... Or if he's only mildly irritating and not totally oozing evil he's on my 'NOT to have anything to do with' list instead of my 'to do' list.

I think Clif High has nailed it:

"These people (TPTB) are wackos. .. They're batshit. ..They're crazy. They don't behave like normal regular humans. People at the top are pedophiles. .. Many of them are being blackmailed. ........Probably most of them at the top are constantly stoned out of their minds on bazaar drugs we've never even heard of. ... And that's our world." ~ Clif High at

The rich thieving is not new news. .. Max Kaiser, Matt Taibbi, Greg Hunter, Perkins, Corbett, and dozens of very competent reporters and investigators have been telling us about the stealing and lack of SEC/DoJ prosecutions for years

BUT recently.............

The rich are getting more delusional by the minute. .... This is going to end badly for everyone. ... The wealthy included. ... The banksters better up armor their limos and make sure those secret bunkers are well hidden.

Live Hard, We Have Crazy, Rich, Blackmailed, Drug Addicts, With Guns Calling Themselves 'The Good Guys' Running The Planet Earth, Die Free

~ DC v5.0

AnimalSpirits's picture

Yes, I have ordered Birkendeld's book - wonder how he is still alive!

I also, just today listened to the video of the Dutch trader. It is difficult to believe such rituals are taking place. I hate to admit it but I am starting to believe it. Can you imagine the karma? Imagine them before God trying to explain their actions....I bet they will pull their complex financial instrument magic and turn it into a derivative...which they will try to sell to God...all the while picking up a swap in case all goes sour. Fools!

DuneCreature's picture

Welcome to the asylum, AnimalSpirits.

We get a hour and a half in the library before lights out in the evening.

No checking out the books. ........ You can take back to your room all you can remember or jot down on your arm with a sharpie. .. I recommend the washable not the permanent marker if you have sensitive skin.

Live Hard, Read Brad's Book Before Reading Subversive Literature Is Outlawed, Die Free

~ DC v5.0

AnimalSpirits's picture

Thank you, Dunes! Welcome to the asylum -- Funny.

Cliff High has some interesting insights - I listen to him also (talks a lot about Bitcoin, though)

I just started Tower of Basel - Adam Lebor. Trying to educate myself on monetary policy and sovereign money vs.private. 

So much madness going on, though...can't take anything at face value anymore; and the more one digs, one arrives face to face with the wicked side of humanity.

Sometimes I wonder whether to expend energy in hopes of change or just grab some seeds and bug out into the wild...listen to the river (while I still can)

Live Hard, Stay Pure, Die Free!

Jim in MN's picture

The true global elites are far above the cute colored counties or parishes in these maps.

The true global elites don't give a fuck who you vote for.

The true global elites are corrupt, vicious, criminal, and all the stuff that Dune Creature just said up one comment.

The true global elites are the enemy and they will kill us if necessary.

Corruption is simply the elites being above the law.

Corruption = tyranny

Yes it really is that simple.

Until forcible justice is brought to bear on the perverted and sociopathic elites, things will only get worse.

And if this ends up in a social bloodbath like so many here are salivating's the global elites that will lock the gates and wander off laughing.  For a while anyway.

If things get violent, waiting in your compound or marching into a blue city are equally useless.

Only one thing will be useful, for you and your children and the world:

Find them.

DuneCreature's picture

I think the fog is slowing lifting for some people.

I hope.

You have it exactly right.

Keep preachin' it, dude.

Live Hard, It Is A Tight Race For The Numbers Now, Die Free

~ DC v5.0

ebworthen's picture

The divide is between those who base their sense-of-self on hopes and dreams vs. those who have to live in the real world.

If you are a college puke or a .gov or bank/corporation/insurer shill you can base your self-esteem on fantasy ideals.

If you have to live in the real world and know bullshit from broccoli you are pissed off and ready to revolt.

The juvenile narcissism infecting a large % of the Western population is an epidemic. 

It makes the Spanish Influenza look like the common cold.

Only problem being, it is a psychological disease.

Golden Showers's picture

Excellent write up.

The salt of the earth voted for Trump in the US. This character in office in the US is one thing. What is another is that the US is not alone in it's sentiments. Scotland obviously has some issues, but look at the land. All that land supports and feeds the high populations in the cities. Bordeaux can fuck off. Like Sonoma. They don't do shit.

What these maps tell me is that a country is exactly what is shown: it's the country. People in cities, with their office cubicles and lattes would take a huge shit on thier own country because they have zero clue about thier relationship to the Earth, to their people, to their homes, to each other, and to thier own language and culture.

Neo-liberal douchebags are the equivalent of the frozen dinner. Every so often they get tossed in the microwave to report in. Their opinion of nature is given to them at the Zoo. They can't touch or smell humus dirt. They are entirely cut off a the head. They have hands and feet but no brains. They don't appreciate the finer scents of horse shit and can't smell it over their disgusting over applied parfum.

These high density urban areas with warm bodies to vote as they are told are simply unable to sustain life without the permission and complicity of donors. The life support systems they rely on can be pulled.

Regardless of what happens with the Trump Administration and his crazy shit... I can speak because I voted for him, this much is true: The red US and the other colors you see on those maps, they don't run. We're stuck with them. Once they realize that no one gives a fuck about them, perhaps they will not switch... they won't commit suicide. They'll buck. You can count on it.

Listening to NPR this morning some ass hat said he hadn't found even one Trump voter who was dissatisfied with the first century of days. Well, that's to paint a picture about us deplorables: we're unthinking and stupid because we don't repeat what NPR tells us.

It's gonna happen. People are just waiting for it. All that red shit you see on the America map. The neo-liberal whores don't have enough Obamas and Marcons to buffer their sorry asses from the reality they are going to experience. So just keep pushing, keep poking us. Keep it up.

FoggyWorld's picture

Hate to say this be we the Deplorables are in fact now the Disposables.

BrownCoat's picture

Disposables? NOT! Who is going to finance their welfare state? You and me. The Left wants to eliminate the Deplorables, but their system already is insolvent. The Deplorables are the Exploitables.

quax's picture

So now the salt of the earth gets pissed on, by the one they put in charge.

I guess nobody ever accused them of being particularly clever.

Poked enough yet?

kuwa mzuri's picture

By "clever", you must mean deceitful, manipulative and evil, as are the self-appointed, satanic righteously "in power" types.

Thank God, we don't all buy into Luciferian genius and can still be duped...  because we don't lie, cheat, thieve and torture like the power-mongers who con everyone, we still have a chance in this realm and the next.

quax's picture

"... we still have a chance in this realm and the next".

If you say so.

Xena fobe's picture

I recall Obama throwing his voters under the bus at just about the same pace. 

Animal Mother's picture

I voted for him as well, and am overall pretty disappointed with him thus far. I like the fact that Gorsuch made it on the Court, that alone was worth the election, but otherwise he seems to have flip-flopped on some serious issues. Bombing Syria over that BS chem weapons attack was stupid, and could very well wind up costing him his job if the demos were to retake the house and senate. If they had evidence of Assad using NBC they should have shown the world, our congress and the US people, then blown the shit outta Assad. But they didnt because they had no proof. Im guessing they showed Trump the pictures of dead women and kids and told him they knew it was Assad and he couldnt hold back. He should have. On the other hand, dropping the MOAB was a good move. To the primitive pashtuns living in that area, a bomb that big is like having a blinking neon sign advertisting your huge testicles. This shit with NK Im unsure how to feel about. Kim Dipshit had needed to be dealt with for a long time, and letting them have nukes is a big no-go, but Trump might want to work a bit closer to the SK's as its they who will get blown up if Trump pulls the trigger on this one. 

frank further's picture

Simple.  Effete, social-science-educated, city-living folks interested in snobbery, money, finance, "good" restaurants and barriers from the po' folk vs sensible, hard-working, nature-loving, practical and freedom-loving country folks.

Oversimplified?  Yes.

TSHF coming.



quax's picture

You mean the educated who create most of the technological progress versus the simpletons.

OK. Got it.

Rock On Roger's picture

I'm not so sure technology is progress but I do know for sure that education is not wisdom.

Xena fobe's picture

Tbis is such a widespread misconception. Only a recent college grad could possibly equate school with being educated. They only know what they know.  School is 30 or 40 classes.  Like a grain of sand in a universe. 

True Blue's picture

What technological progress? $400.00 "juicers" that squeeze a pre-juiced plastic bag of fruit pulp (that retails for $8.00?) "Facebook"? "Smart TV's" that turn themselves on after a power outage and take it upon themselves to change channels, fail to recognize devices plugged into them like DVD players and which spy on you in both audio and video and communicate with whomever they 'feel like'? "Windows 10"? Technological 'progress' like Tesla blasting you into a truck it thought was 'the sky' like a bug on the windshield? 'Progress' like DieBold voting machines? The 'educated' who cannot tell you the day this country was founded, or which form of government it has? The 'educated' who buy pre-muddied jeans at Nordstroms for $425.00? The 'educated' who think their coal powered 'electric' car is 'saving the environment'? The 'educated' who believe in 'free' stuff like 'free' food, 'free' housing, EBT and 'free' college 'education'?

Shall I go on?