Massive Explosion Reported Near Damascus International Airport Following Israeli Airstrikes

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Israeli strikes have hit an arms depot operated by the Lebanese Hezbollah group near Damascus airport, Syrian opposition sources told Al Jazeera. Witnesses said a total of five strikes occurred near the Damascus airport road, about 25km from the capital, early on Thursday. Syrian state TV quoted a military source saying rockets fired from Israeli territory targeted a military area in the southwestern part of the airport which caused explosions.

Al Jazeera's Hashem Ahelbarra, reporting from the Turkish city of Gaziantep near Syria's border, said opposition activists posted pictures online showing a huge fire near the area.

"We do understand that the Israelis have been carrying out strikes in the past. The last one was in January targeting the Mezze military base.

"In 2015 they also launched attacks near the capital Damascus and in the Golan Heights, killing two prominent Hezbollah commanders, including Jihad Mughniya who is the son of the top military commander of Hezbollah Imad Mughniya who was also killed in Damascus in 2008," Ahelbarra said.

Israeli Intelligence Minister Israel Katz, speaking from the United States where he has been meeting US officials, told Israeli Army Radio: "I can confirm that the incident in Syria corresponds completely with Israel's policy to act to prevent Iran's smuggling of advanced weapons via Syria to Hezbollah ... Naturally, I don't want to elaborate on this.

"The prime minister has said that whenever we receive intelligence that indicated an intention to transfer advanced weapons to Hezbollah, we will act." Katz added. An Israeli military spokeswoman declined to comment.

Reuters news agency, citing an intelligence source, said the depot that was targeted handles a significant amount of weapons that Tehran, a major regional ally of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, sends regularly by air. The source said the arms depot gets a major part of the weapons supplied to an array of Iranian backed armed groups, led by Hezbollah, which have thousands of fighters engaged in battle against Syrian rebels.

Rami Abdurrahman, head of the UK-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, said the blasts were heard across the capital, jolting residents awake. Activist-operated Diary of a Mortar, which reports from Damascus, said the explosions near the airport road were followed by flames rising above the area.

This is the second Israeli attack on Syria in the past week: on Sunday, Israeli forces bombed a camp for pro-government forces killed three fighters near the Golan Heights on Sunday according to AFP. Two fighters were also wounded in the attack on the Al-Fawwar camp near Quneitra in southwestern Syria, adding that it was unclear whether the damage was inflicted by an air strike or shelling.

Israel's army declined to comment Sunday on the attack. On Friday the army said it targeted positions inside Syria in retaliation for mortar fire that hit the northern part of the Golan Heights.

Syria's official news agency SANA said Israel had struck a Syrian army position in the province of Quneitra on the Golan plateau, "causing damage". The Syrian government labels rebel groups and jihadists fighting the regime as "terrorists" and accuses Israel of backing them.

One thing is certain: the party behind today's attack on Syria was not the US - otherwise CNN would be blasting it in real time - although with Russia having withdrawn half of its warplanes and with the Syrian army eager to avoid further airborne confronations, it is easy to imagine why the IDF can now enter the sovereign territory unopposed and without fear of reprisals.

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Israel couldn't wait to try out its new F-35' jets.

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I must have missed the invitation. They were invited right? No? Well that's not legal.

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Legal is a term used on small weak country. If you are a top dog you can bomb and kill whoever you want. 

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Israel itches for its own destruction.

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Because Syria is beheading people, putting them in cages and drowning them, and selling little kids into sexual slavery.  Oh wait that would be ISIS you know the other side.

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Or should I say IsraHELL.

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Alright!  What can be done? Teach teach teach!  Stop this shit!  What the hell?  These genocidal mideast games need to stop now!  War crimes. Sad.

Zero Point's picture

Unpossible! The internet informs me that Syria is protected by Russias highly advanced anti air missile radars and missiles, making it impervious to attack. Internet experts have assured me that the S-300 missile system renders even the US airforce obsolete.

MEFOBILLS's picture

Not the S-300, perhaps the S-400, probably the S-500.  The Russians have admitted to being nervous about upcoming S-500, as it is still difficult to find a stealth plane with low radar cross section.

cheka's picture

Israel Makes It Official: The Destruction of Syria Will Legitimize Israeli Land Grabs

Israel argues that there is no Syria to 'negotiate with' — which means the occupation of the Golan is now 'legitimate'

Zero Point's picture

Seems pretty obvious that even F-16s are just getting around these things at will. Unless that was a cruise missile, in which case... Even more worserer.

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lol. c'mon little shlomo, you know that's not true, atleast you should anyway. don't spread fake news. ;(

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The first time I flew on an IL-76 (ex Sharja to Kabul) immediately after takeoff the flight manager walked over to the closed hatch we had used to enter the plane with a bucket full of rags soaking in water.  He proceeded to stuff wet rags around the hatch, which froze as we gained altitude and 'sealed' the hatch to maintain cabin pressure in the cargo area where I was sitting.  I jokingly asked him how effective that method was. "Fifty-fifty" was his dead serious reply, after which he told me that in the event that pressure dropped, to please walk forward to the hatch for the cockpit area and bang on it with a large wrench to alert someone.

I wish I were joking.  Did I mention I was paying for this aircraft?

That, in a nutshell, is Russia.

OverTheHedge's picture

But still better service and more attractive staff than United Airlines.

Did anyone drag you screaming from the plane? Enquiring minds wish to know.

Shemp 4 Victory's picture


I wish I were joking.  Did I mention I was paying for this aircraft?

That, in a nutshell, is Russia.

Bullshit. IL-76 was made in the Ukraine.

Libtard's picture

I believe the Tomahawk strike proved the capabilities of the "impenetrable" Russian air defenses.

fleur de lis's picture

The Tomahawk strike might have been only a test to see if it could be intercepted.

With that strike being a DC success, the Israelis can do more damage without fear of the missiles being taken down.

The whole DC/media uproar about the fake sarin fiasco was a decoy.

What they really wanted was a weapons test and they got it.

Nexus789's picture

I don't think the isreal air force has to cross the border if they use air launched missiles.

fleur de lis's picture

No but if the Syrians intercepted their planes it would make them look bad.

The Syrians shot down an Israeli jet a while back but it came down on Jordanian territory so the plane and its pilot were returned to Israel.

They Israelis and DC are only using Syria to test weapons and at the same time wear them and the Russians down so they cannot fight back.

They don't have to worry about the media -- they are concubines and only concern themselves with their ratings and paychecks.

The end goal is a pipeline -- that's what all this killing is for.

And the Gulf Arabs are just as complicit as the West that they claim to disdain.

That whole Islamic civilization will collapse in the next few centuries.

Gone like so many others.




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another bunch of jews caught harvesting organs for sale the other day. their inventory must be running low. more people have to be killed so people can be saved.

AllBentOutOfShape's picture

F**K Israel and F**K all that support that rogue, ISIS ball-licking, CUNT of a state.  May they all burn in hell with their god (Satan).

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I've lost more fake friends over this topic than I care to count. I love ZH, though. I can count on a majority here to see through the satanic Ziobullshit.

Southern Baptist Freemasonry holds a lot of sway, unfortunately, in my part of the USSA, and teaching the people the truth has become nearly impossible.

These threads are a bright spot in the darkness of ignorance that abounds.

peopledontwanttruth's picture

False religion has served Satan well in misleading the masses as they "assume" when the Bible speaks of Israel that it's fleshly Israel. That apostate nation lost God's favor long before Christ and has never apologized for the worst crime in history. Killing God's Son.

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@tchubby - You wanna piece of me bro?

philipat's picture

The US and, by extension Israel, never took any notice of Internation law or UN resolutions unless they suit them. They are "exceptional" see?

Blankone's picture

How can that be? You and the other Putin fan club/media outlet told us never again would Putin allow Israel to fly in and bomb or allow the US to bomb with missiles. Over and over you tell us "Next time Putin will do it". You tell us Putin has given his final warning and will shoot down any plane who attacks Syrian troops or infrastructure and will sink any ship that fires missiles again.

Well, if the report is correct, it just happened again. Regardless if it was planes or missiles an attack happened. And what does Putin do. Fly his jets back to Russia. Putin runs away, backs down, shows he has not backbone.

When will be the promised devastating response by Putin? Oh, I know. "Next Time" If it was by planes or missiles where was Putin's defenses his fans promised were now in place?

Damn, how many times can you promise Putin has drawn a red line that will be defended, only to see it wiped away?

Putin has no balls.

Shemp 4 Victory's picture

Buddy, your self-perceived elegance in the weaving of words I continue to be amazed, but with the logic you have... whatever. Actually, not at all.

edotabin's picture

I have never jumped on the "Putin Rah- Rah-Rah" bandwagon.  Actually, I think Russia is a frozen shithole. That being said, look at all the lies coming out of the US and west in general. It is a giant shitshow. Oh, and nobody tells Israel what or when to do it. More than likely, it is the other way around so this has little to do with Putin and his balls. It appears balls are in very short supply worldwide when it comes to Israel.

Ever since the "Syrian" situation started, I have maintained that Israel will wind up taking a portion of that country when this is all said and done. This is just a theory at this point. Actions speak louder than theories or words. Let's see what happens.

Blankone's picture

It has everything to do with Putin having no balls. He has tried to bluff NATO and the US several times with statements or insinuations that he will act to prevent further attacks on Syria. And his bluffs keep being called.

And where were the S300's that are said to be under Syrian direct control? Did Putin of give Syria control of restricted capability S300's?

Each time Putin chickens out it increases the likelihood of aggression elsewhere, such as Uke.

Multi's picture

Last time I checked Israel didn't attack a Russian Navy ship, neither killed 34 of its crew members.

So, I think Israel have pretty much figured out who has balls and who hasn't, and who they can fuck really deep up their asses and who they cannot.

Talking about people who doesn't have balls, shut up and keep working! Those billions in financial aid have to keep flowing into Israel.

harrybrown's picture

Putin knows any serious response will be the official full start of WW3... & nuke may well be being primed
now ready for such an event of events.

Putins in a tough spot, because he's trying to keep the piece

Son of Captain Nemo's picture


Please tell me the Russians didn't sell the Syrians out?

HRClinton's picture

They didn't sell out.

They chickened out.

SubjectivObject's picture

Or are colluding at a deeper level than expected, even here.

Son of Captain Nemo's picture

But perhaps our worst fears are being realized for the Russian Aerospace's "second pullout" coinciding with this "shit' (!

I'm with 'Sector Catalyst'

If the Russians have the intel that the U.S. is ready with there "First Strike"...

Then Russia needs to bring out the BIG DAWGS ( and CALL IT A FUCKING DAY!

Time to slide on my Bain De Soleil 1 million block 'lead' sun tan oil with my sand bucket of Corona(s)!!!

Shemp 4 Victory's picture

This sort of blind idiot chaotic flailing was to be expected at the onset of the US Empire's death throes.

Shemp 4 Victory's picture

I don't believe they did. The Russians have consistently behaved honorably and rationally. I can't see them doing something like that and instantly scuttling this reputation.

My personal impression is that Russians tend to look rather harshly on betrayal.

BTW, here's an interesting article you might like:

Blankone's picture

Russia betrayed Iraq, Libya, Serbia, Yemen, EUke and Syria. And they will betray Iran.

Have you already forgotten that Putin was given advance warning of the last missile attack and not only did he do nothing he would not even warn the Syrians.

Shemp 4 Victory's picture


Have you already forgotten that Putin was given advance warning of the last missile attack and not only did he do nothing he would not even warn the Syrians.

This is the classic definition of the logical fallacy known as begging the question. By asking if the claim has been forgotten, it presents an unsupported assumption as an established fact.

How much advance warning were the Russians given, by whom, and via what chain of communication?

he would not even warn the Syrians.

This claim cannot be supported.

Dismount with fall counted.

PrometeyBezkrilov's picture

I think in this interview Steele mentioned that the missiles were lunched at abandoned airport.

adonisdemilo's picture

Of course they told the Russians.

They sent them a letter----  by snail mail.

Son of Captain Nemo's picture

Thanks Brotha

I'm not or have I ever been a religious man.

But I've been praying the rosary since February 2014 and I haven't been disappointed at how evil this Country the United States of Israel continues showing itself and the rest of the World it truly "is"!

God Damn the U.S. for what we've done and what we keep doing to that Region relentless and with impunity while we preach to the rest of the World how enlightened we are in our morality?!!!

We really do need to be wiped off the fucking map!

Shemp 4 Victory's picture

Yeah, I've been praying a lot more than usual since February 2014. I'm still convinced that the devastation of the Ukrops in the Illovaisk cauldron in the summer of 2014 was answered prayer.

The biggest real national security threat faced by the US is answered prayers for justice.

Blankone's picture

Oh boy. Now you have gone from promising us Putin would never allow another attack (which kept happening over and over) and that Putin was ready to go to the limit - TO telling us some supernatural thing in the sky is going to come down and take action. And that the power of prayer is the new super weapon.

Shemp 4 Victory's picture

I understand your impotent rage, it pleases me even.