Why We Have A 2nd Amendment: Venezuela Plans To Give Firearms To Loyalists To Purge Growing Resistance

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Authored by Daniel Lang via SHTFplan.com,

After enduring shortages of food and medicine for years, as well as a total collapse of their currency, the people of Venezuela have had enough. Last week it was estimated that 2.5 million people marched against the Maduro regime, which had previously tried to strip away the powers of the opposition-led parliament. It’s estimated that as many as 6 million people may have taken to the streets to protest throughout the country.

In the lead-up to the protest, which had been planned for weeks by opposition political parties, President Maduro issued an alarming proclamation that didn’t receive nearly enough press. He promised to expand the nation’s armed militia, and hand out firearms to as many as 400,000 loyalists.

The Bolivarian militias, currently at approximately 100,000, were created by the late Hugo Chavez to assist the armed forces in the defense of his revolution from external and domestic attacks.


Speaking to thousands of militia members dressed in beige uniforms gathered in front of the presidential palace, Maduro said that vision remains relevant as Venezuela continues to face “imperialist aggression.”


“A gun for every militiaman!” he cried.

If you know your history of communist regimes, you understand what comes next. Maduro’s response to millions of hungry pissed off people, is to arm his die-hard supporters, who will be able to purge the starving masses that dared to cross him. They may not face much resistance, because in 2012 Venezuela banned private firearm ownership.

Venezuela has brought a new gun law into effect which bans the commercial sale of firearms and ammunition.


Until now, anyone with a gun permit could buy arms from a private company.


Under the new law, only the army, police and certain groups like security companies will be able to buy arms from the state-owned weapons manufacturer and importer.


The ban is the latest attempt by the government to improve security and cut crime ahead of elections in October


Venezuela saw more than 18,000 murders last year and the capital, Caracas, is thought to be one of the most dangerous cities in Latin America.

Do you see how that works? Maduro’s socialist policies turned that country into a crime-ridden hell hole, (and eventually turned their capital city into the most violent in the world). Instead of abandoning their centrally planned economy, which would bring prosperity to all and lower the crime rate, Maduro took away everyone’s guns. Now that his socialist policies are bringing Venezuela’s population to brink of starvation and revolution, he decides to arm his violent and dimwitted loyalists. He has set up the perfect conditions for a genocidal purge of everyone who opposes him.

I’d say that this would be a fine lesson for any would-be socialists in this country, but they don’t seem eager to learn. Neither did many Venezuelans, who elected these control freaks nearly two decades ago. They could have looked at any socialist experiment from the 20th century, and realized that it always leads to starvation and mass murder. Instead they let themselves be conned by what is now the oldest and most deadly political trick in the book.

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Someone needs to gift Manure-o a lifetime membership in the pink mist club...with that abnormally large head should be an easy target...

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Title: Why We Have A 2nd Amendment: Venezuela Plans To Give Firearms To Loyalists To Purge Growing Resistance

My response: We have the 2nd Amendment because the 'HUMAN HEART is deceitful above all else and desparately wicked. Who can know it????'


NidStyles's picture

Somewhere near the capital a Jew is rubbing his dry raspy hands in glee over the thought of these people killing each other.


All the government is doing is arming the opposition through proxy. Every single one of them that falls will be another weapon in the arms of the opposition which easily outnumbers then 20 to 1. This is why weapon bans never work.

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Funny how the worlds most powerful military is always involved on the other side of the world when Venezuela is going to shit with a shit ton of oil in it. It's almost like "Israel First"...

Chupacabra-322's picture

@ nuubee,

My same thought & sentiment.

Yet, we're expected to believe Assad is some kind of Butcher like Qaddafi.

Oh, yes. That's right. Deep State is using the exact same False Narrative Script with Assad as they did Qaddafi.

Never One Roach's picture

This is very very bad....however, if he buys those weapons from Ruger or Smith and Wesson, the badness may be temepred a little...

Most important take-away is that the 2nd Amebndment keeps Americans free, or at least relatively free.

City_Of_Champyinz's picture

I have stated this a few times already but it is quite relevant now:

Communism begins with a gun in your face, Socialism ends with a gun in your face.

Orc from Mordor's picture

Communism begins with a gun in your face, Socialism ends with a gun in your face

And Capitalism is always with a gun in your face. US police shooting people is a constant proof.

By the way, there has been no Communism so far, you bullshit-fed ignoramus. Communism is the final aim of Socialist society and means a society where people don't need money and don't have to work unless they want to, e.g. as artists or something, and it was what USSR declared as its goal. 

eforce's picture

Has Maduro forgotten who's in charge of the US at the moment and that they have oil? Genocide would just be inviting a US invasion...

Also with Capitalism the guns point both ways.

Orc from Mordor's picture

Really? Both ways? I've heard very little evidence of that if any. Only words. And thousands killed by your police is always there.

eforce's picture

I suggest watching some police shooting videos, it changes ones perspective, the amount of people that "had it coming"...and yeh some cops are bad and murder people but they aren't the majority.

East Indian's picture

Maduro has the full backing of the US rulers.

"Socialism" - when you get the handouts

"Capitalism" - when the banks get the handout. 


eforce's picture

Both of those are "Socialism".

nmewn's picture

lmao!...and Mao, with his little red book and the millions of bodies, forced gun-in-the-face "collectivization"...what exactly was that, some random capitalist mistake along the road to becoming "artists & poets"?

If that was black humor it escaped this bullshit fed ignoramus.

Orc from Mordor's picture

Do you really find it so hard to remember millions of people killed by Capitalism in your own USA? Maybe you should remember the Great Depression and millions of people starving, lots of "commies" killed and tortured to death, lots of negros killed and tortured to death, all in the 20th century. I don't mention what your capitalism did to other countries which you've been robbing, because it's too difficult for your self-complacency to understand, but millions killed in your fucking USA you should remember.

Specially for you: the Great Depression killed 7  394 000 people. It can be seen from your population statistics, even though your authorities tried to hide it. The page about this fact was in Wikipedia, but it existed not too long and was censored, in a very democratic way, of course.

SgtShaftoe's picture

Yea, you should look into that. You'll quickly find the culprit: central banking and top-down command and control systems.

I see "the creature from Jekyll Island" in your hands.

IRC162's picture

Hey look!! A Eugene Stoner AR variant, wonder what country those came from??  

Bwana's picture

It sure didn't work out for them; or anyone else who has tried. Like China millions of Soviets starved to death. The saying in the Soviet Union was "they pretend to pay me so I pretend to work."

Whether it is socialist, communist or any other name you want to hang on an all powerful central government has never worked and never will work. It has been tried since the Spartans in 400 BC and in on place or another since then and it always ends up the same. Right now the combined local, state and federal governments are too expensive for the working people in this country to afford and on top of that we have millions who do not work. Our government has thrown in the towel and has borrowed over 1 trillion dollars every year to keep the system intact but it is only getting worse. If we went to a socialist system or a communist system we would have to take about 25% of the productive people and have them increase the various levels of government workers which would necessitate borrowing another 1.5 trillion dollars on top of the present 1 trillion dollar for a total of 2,5 trillion dollars annually. All productivity would suffer The debt would spiral out of control and production of everything would cease to be adequate for the peoples needs. That's what happens in socialism or communism. Mathematically there is no way the system of central governments in socialism or communism can work. You can't add 2 + 2 and get 5 no matter how many times you try.

Orc from Mordor's picture

Specially for you, too: the Great Depression killed 7  394 000 people in the USA. It can be seen from your population statistics, even though your authorities tried to hide it. The page about this fact was in Wikipedia, but it existed not too long and was censored, in a very democratic way, of course.

Mathematically, the system of central government successfully worked for 70 years in USSR. And the system existed without robbing other countries, unlike the USA's system which is unsustainable unless you rob somebody.

SgtShaftoe's picture

Yes, if "working successfully" includes a body count far exceeding Hitler's death camps and war dead. Mao and Stalin murdered innocent women and children, citizens of their own country, just because. Just visit your favorite search engine and look at the historic pictures of all that freedom being shoved in the back of a helpless person's head and pulling the trigger as their body falls in a ditch.

You should read this book from a fellow communist spilling the guts of dozens of people he lived with in the Soviet Gulag:

“And how we burned in the camps later, thinking: What would things have been like if every Security operative, when he went out at night to make an arrest, had been uncertain whether he would return alive and had to say good-bye to his family? Or if, during periods of mass arrests, as for example in Leningrad, when they arrested a quarter of the entire city, people had not simply sat there in their lairs, paling with terror at every bang of the downstairs door and at every step on the staircase, but had understood they had nothing left to lose and had boldly set up in the downstairs hall an ambush of half a dozen people with axes, hammers, pokers, or whatever else was at hand?... The Organs would very quickly have suffered a shortage of officers and transport and, notwithstanding all of Stalin's thirst, the cursed machine would have ground to a halt! If...if...We didn't love freedom enough. And even more – we had no awareness of the real situation.... We purely and simply deserved everything that happened afterward.”

- Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, The Gulag Archipelago 1918-1956

Orc from Mordor's picture

That's the point. You have nothing but Solzhenitsyn's bullshit. But you don't want to know how many people have been killed in YOUR country during the Great Depression. You don't want to notice how many people are being killed in YOUR GULAG right now, when prisoners have become a comodity. So take your Solzhenitsyn's books and shove them, they are as full of truth as your CNN reports.

And about pretending to work:

According to Forbes, 63% of Americans don't have enough money to cover a $500 emergency in savings...

Go right ahead! You've reached success!

City_Of_Champyinz's picture

Hey shit for brains, your idiotic ramblings are quite humorous.  Seriously, wow.

Orc from Mordor's picture

The happiest of all stupid slaves are those who are sure they are free. We'll see what you'll say when you are given to eat much less than now. Your system based on robbing other nations is collapsing, so, as we say in Mordor, the spring will reveal who shitted where.

UmbilicalMosqueSweeper's picture

More regurgitated, stinking shit from a wanna-be elitist mass murderer. Eat your own shit. We can smell your rotten breath over the internet! Your broken-record is boreassing everyone to death!

Cynicles II's picture

Trump used the Øbama election narrative (script) to be placed in office.

Tyranny has no face. 

pugilist's picture

"if all else fails, start a civil war"

SgtShaftoe's picture

Nobody would win in a civil war but the regime would lose the most. It would be a nightmare come true with the only consolation that the regime would be gone. Tears, heartache and suffering would be tremendous.

UmbilicalMosqueSweeper's picture

...but it does have a hooked-nose behind a black mask?

eforce's picture

So did Hitler apparently.

IndyPat's picture

Pure happenstance, I assure you.

Ms No's picture

The world seems to be full of constant coincidence these days.


SoDamnMad's picture

I think Columbian FARC has abunch ofweapons they could part with and maybe even get some employment as Yemen is pretty far and the Houthi were too well armed.

Reverend.Pajama.Pants's picture

Give it a fucking rest.  No one cares. Does the ADL pay you to post this inane crap?  Your racism uglies the place up, and at the same time dumbs down the conversation.

wren's picture

We should sanction them so they can't export GM products anymore! Oh wait, they beat us to it.

NoPension's picture

Civil war, coming right up.

I'm all for helping arm the citizens. 

pilager's picture

True storey. Debating with a few coworker lid tards the thought pattern ended here.

"I pay good taxes and the police better be there when i call 9-11 or thier going to here from me."

I lost the debate..... speechless after that.


Tunga's picture

Except the Constitution doesn't say shit about "firearms".

Once a gun is defined as a "firearm" it loses Constitutional recognition. Regulated, for the most part, means; in good working order.

sixsigma cygnusatratus's picture

Socialists.  I hope they run out of bullets...

Number one country on the planet for proven oil reserves, even more than Saudi, and the socialists managed to make everyone equally miserable.



Edit: I'm hearing that many Cubans are infiltrating to prop up Maduro's regime.  

918pigpen's picture

Where's Sean Penn???  Rob Reiner??

Danny Glover???    Barry Soweto??

Come on fellas, Cat got your Tongue???

action jackson 911's picture

  Where is Jamie Foxx, that piece of shit :)) to take out that stupid former bus driver Maduro ? He is a better cab driver than anyone else in the world, like you could see in Collateral. Now, civil war is a certain thing, but what comes next will be like in those post-apocalyptic novells. They stealed everyting there, I mean the regime, after the war they will become cannibals, most of them, and that`s the end of a shithole called Venezuela. But the biggest fun will be in that big shithole called Caracas, being even there will be deadly, with capital caonsequences. Let`s the Hunger Games begin, motherfuckers, the majority of you will not survive it, and those who will will wish they never would. Ha ha ha, idiots, the game is over, fuckers :)

pilager's picture

Your a conspiracy theorist. the government wouldn't do that to the people

takeaction's picture

Wow...Hand out firearms to a starving populus...what could go wrong?


Are you LOYAL???  (Small speedy gonzalez hispanic voice...)  "Si Senor...."

OK...here is your gun.


a Smudge by any other name's picture

And it's an AR model???? What happened to the great communist tool of liberation the AK?

And where the fuck are they getting ARs from?

Croesus's picture

The AK was just a ripoff of the STG-44...There you go, Evil Nazis strike again.

N0TME's picture

Huh, interesting, learn something new every day.


eforce's picture

Fedorov Avtomat says otherwise.

CNONC's picture

AK 47 and AKM is very different in operating mechanism from STG-44.  The SKS is actually the weapon inspired (maybe) by the STG-44.  The stamped receiver of the AKM is probably the only significant element of the STG-44 in the AK family.